Smashing Pumpkins - Jellybelly Lyrics

Welcome to nowhere fast
Nothing here ever lasts
but memories
Of what never was
We're nowhere, we're nowhere, we're nowhere to be
Nowhere, we're nowhere, we're nowhere to see
Living makes me sick
So sick I wish I'd die
Down in the belly of the beast
I can't lie
You're nowhere, you're nowhere, you're nowhere to be
Nowhere, you're nowhere, you're nowhere to see
There's nothing left to do
There's nothing left to feel
Doesn't matter what you want, so
To make yourself feel better
You make it so you'll never
Give in to your forevers
And live for always
And forever, forever, you're forever to be
Forever, forever, you're forever to me

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Smashing Pumpkins Jellybelly Comments
  1. Yoziey

    damn, imagine hearing the album from the top
    instant hearth attack perhaps ?

  2. Mattteus

    I think this just singed my eyebrows off

  3. Matt Goodwin

    This shit rips so hard

  4. Mr. Freddy Roblox Nerd gamer 51

    VOKLA :) 4/20/199 ❤️

  5. Dark Requiem

    Overlooked gem in my opinion, especially the drum performance and guitar riff.

  6. Martin Herrin

    Everyone needs to know how good this song is. How can we do that?

  7. Liddy Doo

    This one never lets me down. I am a slaughtered pig.

  8. cass xo

    Saw them live and have massive respect for them. Jimmy Chamberlain is amazing to watch playing drums.

  9. Kristey Fry

    This song literally saved my life.

  10. Jamie Smith


  11. Limits98


    Welcome to nowhere fast
    Nothing here ever lasts
    Nothing but memories
    Of what never was

    We're nowhere, 
    We're nowhere, 
    We're nowhere to be
    We're nowhere, 
    We're nowhere to see
    To see

    Living makes me sick
    So sick 
    I wish I'd die
    Down in the 
    Belly of the beast
    I can't lie

    You're nowhere, 
    You're nowhere, 
    You're nowhere to be
    You're nowhere, 
    You're nowhere to see
    To see

    There's nothing 
    Left to do
    There's nothing 
    Left to feel
    Doesn't matter 
    What you want, 

    To make yourself 
    Feel better
    You make it 
    So you'll never
    Give in to 
    Your forevers
    And live for always

    And ever, 
    You're forever to be
    You're forever to me
    To me

  12. Le Beurrichon

    Always in my ears in 2019 :-) And you?

  13. HelloKittyHellFire

    One of the most amazing drumming of all time. Time to enter the Chambo.

  14. AWG*59

    Kinda sounds like Megadeth in a way... anyone?


    I'm getting chills. this album is incredible and I don't know why I've never listened to it before.


    I'm glad you have! It's my all time favorite album and has helped me through loads of rough times in these years.


    Beautiful album man

  16. jekk23

    Perfect set opener

  17. HelloKittyHellFire

    63 people will never know joy.

  18. Michael Lynch

    This is one of the greatest songs ever made, clearly

  19. A BCDEFG

    welcome nowhere fast, nothing here ever lasts

  20. Lord Illu Vondy

    anyone else find that final chorus absolutely amazing?

  21. themreyeballs

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  22. Spurritik

    Mellon Cholie is an absolute masterpiece; to my eyes and ears, anyway. Jellybelly is such a fucking wicked song, like a bat out of Hell. How can one song, so loud and obnoxious be just so melodic and beautiful?

  23. Patrick

    Jimmy Chamberlin's drumming and Billy Corgan's music are a perfect match. Amazing how stars align like that sometimes.

  24. Matt Goodwin

    Basically the best song I've ever heard,

    Fuck you

  25. Phil M


  26. Phil M

    This song makes jimmy he is up there with Stewart Copeland and John Bonham

  27. Peter Sutherland

    Welcome to nowhere fast
    Nothing here ever lasts
    Nothing but memories
    Of what never was..
    We're nowhere... nowhere
    Living makes me sick
    So sick I wish I'd die

  28. Kristopher Ryan

    Jesus, i can only imagine what sort of craziness transpired when they played this song in recording for the album would have looked like. that ending is insane.

    Jellybelly is without a doubt one of their greatest and heaviest songs.

  29. Francesca Sugarpills

    Welcome to nowhere fast
    Nothing here ever lasts
    Nothing but memories
    Of what never was


  30. Live Archive

    This was the song that made me a proper SP fan.

  31. Robert Marmeaux

    Used to whack this on to wake up all the (other) sleeping stoners during those long teenage summers when everyone had free houses to rinse. Good times!

  32. Evan Adams

    Set to 1.25 speed. holy shit

  33. Jacob Dandy

    The first time I heard this song was Christmas of 1995. I was 10 years old, and got a new boombox and this album on TAPE...listening through, came to this, and just sat in stunned fucking silence. I think it must have been like what hearing Jimi Hendrix in the 60's was like.

  34. Spooky Mulder

    Makes me wanna smash...a pumpkin!

  35. Cris tina

    Isso é tão anos 90❤

  36. Chris Butch

    Jimmy Chamberlin is God.

  37. Treyworld

    This is a contender for my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song. It's that damn good. <3

  38. Jason Barbush

    given new insight that i suppose the comment section needs criticism just as well as praise. as negative comments as well have their place in the world as they are for a higher purpose.

  39. Random Me

    This is my favorite song from that album.

  40. Alisa Kenas

    JellyBelly.  One of the best!!

  41. Phil M

    I had the flu the day this record came out. I listened to it a lot. I was like a weird dream

  42. Phil M

    Jesus Christ Jimmy..... wtf .😃😂😃

  43. Ryan Dooner

    An odd choice to follow 'Tonight, Tonight'

  44. a1duzit

    I don't see why people listen to more of this. I think this should have 8 million views. Damn if it don't have a video

  45. Krisna S

    when i was 14/15 i used to listen to this song at night.. past lights out in my boarding school.. looking at the fans above and watching the teachers walk past my door late at night checking on us.. listening to this album was like a nightly ritual.. brings me back..

  46. Zé Kielwagen

    Awesomest song ever!!

  47. jeff 9000

    not dubstep

  48. Casey In MI

    Cannot just listen once . . Like potatoe chips

  49. wtf? wtf???

    One of the only albums I can listen to all the way through without skipping any tracks. The Smashing Pumpkins will always remind me of my childhood.

    Matt Goodwin

    Love you man


    wtf? wtf??? 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity!!”)

    Steve Land

    They don't make albums like this anymore, totally agree wit ya. Wish i could find it tho, it's here somewhere🤔

  50. James Meskill

    Bought this CD when it first came out....and 5 seconds into the start of this song, I knew i made one of the best purchases of my life. Still get chills when this song pops up on my Spotify

  51. beepst

    The Smashing Pumpkins is one of those bittersweet bands whose songs can be aggressive and raw, and at the same time dreamy and beautiful.


    beepst like their inspiration, the cure

  52. Rob Robberson

    2.20 bliss

  53. Pygmalion

    Even though it's dynamic and heavy, there is still something very sweet and pretty in this song.

  54. Javier Fernandez

    Good stuff.

  55. stratocluster

    I can already hear Zero taking off afterwards

  56. Jellybeantiger

    Jimmy Chamberlin grooves like no other and Corgan’s guitar ,both made for each other.

  57. antibling

    1996, lolz.

  58. Wesley Mitchell

    immature people always crying because people do the things people do because they came to the same conclusion,
    that which ends people's problems is that which ends people's problems... duh...

  59. Combo872

    shhh... Jimmys working!

  60. gooseballz86

    tone XD

  61. Peter Sutherland

    Yeh metal

  62. Sportracer956

    "To make yourself feel better
    You make it so you'll never
    Give in to your forevers
    And live for always
    And forever, forever, you're forever to be
    Forever, forever, you're forever to me"

    This still gives me the chills. Such a fantastic buildup to the last couple of lines. Teen years be dammed, this song (and album) will forever be in my playlist.

    Peter Girard

    Sportracer956 couldn’t have said it better myself!

  63. Martin Vang Kjær


  64. killbotone

    Im not a drummer,i play guitar but ive seen that opening ending drum lines performed by Chamberlin and other incredible drummers. When you hear it isolated and performed in front of your eyes you realize how much of a physical and mental achievement this song is.

  65. John Andrews

    Jimmy Chamberlain is inhuman.

  66. SynthGuy777

    Jimmy Chamberlin is an extremely underated drummer.


    That's not true at all. He's very widely celebrated.


    1:48 to 1:57 - what rock music should sound like.


    Ferocious opening with Tonight, Tonight and Zero. Great start to the album.

  69. Gage Probst

    Best pumpkins song in my opinion

  70. gary abbot

    Heavy as fuck

  71. youtert

    Vocals are too low in the mix. Sounds muffled.

    Nicholas Sans Pasty

    I would have mixed them lower personally, like zero.


    It’s kinda the sound of Mellon collie and the infinite sadness

  72. Brian St. James

    Last great double album and IMNSHO best album of the 90s- The last decade of listenable music for the most part

  73. Scumbox

    no fucking about with those drum fills at the end, jeeeesus.

  74. Ryan Minnich

    The number of dislikes on this is like Lady GaGa's penis. It's really small, but it still shouldn't be there.

    Xashadellic _

    i hope you make better jokes now ..a year later

  75. max no

    Dylan Klebolds theme song

  76. John Jones

    Should have been the 6th single. lol

  77. Shanebagel

    Best pumpkins song imo

  78. Matt Goodwin

    Pretty much the best shit of all time

  79. Jerico Apuli

    d'arcys signature bass i miss her

  80. Jerico Apuli

    bass .drums .lead guitar and voice is perrpeckto

  81. IsThisTheKrustyKrab?

    The DRUMS.... so good.

  82. TheGameGuysBlog

    This was always one of my favorite songs on the album. Unfortunately they didn't play this when I went to see them in Chicago back in 1996.

  83. RockNight

    me and my friends

  84. Shanebagel

    This song is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Babidi

    suicide is not the solution.

  86. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    That intro hurts my fingers thinking about it


    Neil McLaughlin I think he's pertaining to the way you have to use the sticks to get a good enough rebound to go that fast

    Kristopher Ryan

    @Neil McLaughlin the intro can be played with even just one finger, technically :)


    If you’re talking about drums then more than likely haha, this song on guitar though is actually surprisingly easy

    xd girly

    @joenewmantv song is easy, i still can't do the intro. what do you do? is it just because i havent practiced enough? i just cant nail it


    xd girly It is hard to explain, I would look up a cover though because it is simple and if you see someone play it you will be like ohhh yeah, but I understand why you’re having issues with it.

  87. MultiJamesman

    Great recording.

  88. KingWTFuck

    I enjoy consuming feces.

    Kristopher Ryan

    Poop eaters anonymous.

  89. Steve Jackson

    Thank you, Billy, for finally letting this be on YouTube. Not that I don't already own the album. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is, ironically, one of the purest sources of joy that there is.


    MCIS is such a dreamy album.

  90. Claude Perts

    I was walking home. My stomach suddenly got sick and I had to run.

    Then this song played from my headphones.

  91. Leon Menezes


  92. J S Ellis

    One of my personal favs off the album!

  93. Im Peppa Pig And this is my little brother George This is Mummy Pig And this is Daddy Pig Peppa Pig

    2 much noise


    Everyone knows that you're only a kunt, Peppa

    Millennial Smark

    I will fucking eat you.

  94. clownnookie

    These songs are so well-written that they stand up great when covered. Check out A Thorn for Every Heart's cover of Jellybelly" off of The Killer In You: A Tribute To the Smashing Pumpkins.

  95. Ink Mage

    One of the greatest bands of all time, and one of my favorite songs. I love that guitar and those drums. I especially love how the song is dark and hopeless in the beginning, but turns light and hopeful at the end.

  96. Bri Pope

    How do the Smashing Pumpkins make emo so badass!

    Tracey Dockendorff

    Bri Pope wat

    Zakariah Russell

    you contradicted yourself


    Bri Pope objection. Foundation.

  97. Gregory Smith

    One of the best intros in Rock history...

    Chris Lauria


  98. gfrp


    Bel Marz

    :S Bullet for more :v