Smashing Pumpkins - Girl Named Sandoz Lyrics

Well I met a girl called sandoz
And she taught me many many things
Good things, very good things
Sweet things

I met her on a sunday morning
It was hot though the snow lay on the ground
Strange things, very strange things
My mind has wings

Sandoz sandoz
Will you tell me no?
Sandoz sandoz
Will you tell me why?
We could all learn something from your mind, yeah

She is very old yet many think she's young
One kiss from her and you know your time has come
Good times, for all times

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Smashing Pumpkins Girl Named Sandoz Comments
  1. AH M

    Super underrated Pumpkins song. Billy's early noise solos are the best.

  2. J-F Pilote

    Jimmy Chamberlin proving why he's the best pure musician in this band...

    even Corgan himself would admit to this.

  3. Joe Chadwick

    This song rocks, first listen on this day

  4. Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

    Eric Burdon and The Animals’ original versión is much better...

    N.Z. Storm Waver

    Well duh..but this is a cool cover to me.

    Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca

    Nostalgic Storm Waver no doubt! I like it too.

    N.Z. Storm Waver

    @Carlos Arturo Sousa Garrido Lecca Oh okay. Sorry I misread you.



    Stephan Hacker

    A tribute to a swiss company :-)......It was the flipside of "When I Was Young", MGM 1967. A very strong single! "When I Was Young" was also Tina Turner.

  5. hankscorpio666

    acid is a helluva drug.

  6. Miss Winter

    Good things, very good things...sweet things.

  7. Pat Bateman

    It was hot but the snow laid on the ground. Strange things, very mind has wings!

    N.Z. Storm Waver

    Awesome lyrics.

  8. Paul Wright

    I enjoy a beer as well sir.

  9. Paul Wright

    LSD. The breakfast of champions.

    Michael L

    I prefer a beer...tho watever floats your boat.

    Matthew Riser

    Acid floats my boat . Beer is garbage

    Ben Ringenberg

    My favorite 3 letter abbreviation

    Kane Munro

    Fuck yeah