Smash Cast - Our Little Secret Lyrics

[John F. Kennedy:]
Nobody asking me questions
Nobody planning a coup
Nobody with their suggestions of what not to do

Nobody taking our picture
Nobody turning the screw
It's our little secret, just us two

Outside of this room there's a cold war
But you'll never know it in here
There's just no defense, the heats too intense
And oh, how it rises whenever you're near

Yes, every president has one
A pleasure that's strictly taboo
It's our little secret, just us two

Come here, baby

[John F. Kennedy:]
No FBI getting nervous ([Marilyn:] Mmmmm...)
No CIA peeking through ([Marilyn:] Peeking through)
I have my own Secret Service to take care of you ([Marilyn:] To take care of me, yeah, me...)
No one from Time or from News Week...

To document our rendezvous
It's our little secret, just us two

[John F. Kennedy:]
In politics you must be careful

You bedfellow may be a shot

[John F. Kennedy:]
From the left, from the right
Baby, turn off the light

It's easy to do what you must in the dark

[John F. Kennedy:]
So let's do it now for our country ([Marilyn:] Oh, for our country)
And raise the old red, white and...

It's our little secret, just us two
Just us two
Just us two

[John F. Kennedy:]

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Smash Cast Our Little Secret Comments
  1. 1DJSkittles

    This is my show

  2. MrTy2121

    Karen was better

  3. Ariany Donato

    Cafeto da juventude...

  4. Charlotte D

    loved him as captain von trapp in sound of music live, i knew i recognised him from smash

    Charlotte D

    I mean the British Sound of Music Live, I'm from the UK, his name is Julian Ovenden, wikipedia him, he was captain von trapp in the british sound of music live, he was in downton abbey and he's jfk here

    Charlotte D

    I saw both versions, but the UK one live obviousley, I didn't particularly like the american one to be fair

  5. Nina J R.

    His voice is super similar to Gene Kelly's.

  6. Marge Hope

    Julian Ovenden, the actor, can sing in any style required. Notice his Boston accent when he says "parties." He studied music his entire life, including Cambridge, in England. He's a singer without equal ,who might play the role of Frank Sinatra in a Scorsese film.

    Lilliana Gonzalez

    very cool! when might that film come out?

  7. Daleylife

    I'm not sure the actor speaking on screen is the same actor singing. 


    It is. His name is Julian Ovenden. He is a wonderful singer, but I particularly like him singing this song, because he sounds so masculine and sexy. 

    Charlotte *

    He is :)

  8. El último acto

    Who is the guy D: ? nice voice !

  9. FeetThatTravel

    Oh god, his voice is just gdsjghj

  10. EmileeLorraine143

    Simon is so perfect. My god. 

  11. TheGuyWithGlasses

    His voice is ORGASMIC

  12. xaria davis

    Kennedy is really sexy in the first place and this guy did a really good job of playing him

  13. sensei bean

    i luv his vioce

    Emily Polite

    how many times can I watch thi😍😍😍😍

  14. Chloe Salins

    Oh how I wish to sing like her

  15. Jeneva1

    His voice is addictive, and very sexy. Thank you for posting this fantastic tune!