Smash Cast - Hang The Moon Lyrics

If our lives were a movie
I'd know what to do
I'd write every scene with my heart
An R.K.O. Picture that stars me and you
And this time I'd learn my part

I'd paint you some scenery
We'd sing, and we'd dance
From morning to late afternoon
And when that scene is done
Then I'd take down the sun
And for you darling, I'll hang the moon

We'd wake up to sunshine
Like lights on a set
You'd reach out and there'd be my hand
All day there'd be music, a perfect duet
That flows from the white baby grand

At night when you're frightened
I'll play you to sleep
That melody from Clair de Lune.
And to fill up the sky,
Past the clouds I would fly,
And for you darling, I'll hang the moon.

Hang the moon forever
So you'd never fear the darkness
The darkness I've known
Moon, protect Norma Jean
So that she'll never be alone
Never alone

If our lives were a movie
Then you'd be the star
'Cause now I know the role I should play
To applaud all you do
All the things that you are
And just be there on opening day

I know in the past
That the lines were all wrong
And the music was never in tune
But the wish that I make Is for just one more take
Because then darling I'll hang the moon

I'll hang the moon above you
So that you'll never fear the darkness
The darkness of night
Then you'll know I love you
Each time that you feel the light
Feel the light

If our lives were a movie
Then I'd cut away
All the moments when I wasn't there
The scenes that are happy
Are all that will stay
The rest will dissolve into air

As the final reel ends
We might both shed a tear
For the ending is coming up soon
But when the screen fades to black
We can smile and look back
And for you darling I'll hang the moon

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Smash Cast Hang The Moon Comments
  1. daleebread

    Just a beautiful beautiful song (lyrics, melody, music).  I WISH some rich investor would put SMASH on Broadway!!! 

  2. Kate nHeather

    @Lucia Scarrone this song touches me deeply too ! I hope your wish comes true, it's means alot to be validated, particuarly from our mothers.

  3. Lucía Scarrone

    I cry with this song so much it reminds me of my relationship with my mom and what I'd hope she'll say sometime of me being an actress

  4. Robert Owen

    I love this - cried when i saw it on Smash - which i absolutely adore

  5. Kate nHeather

    @Jackie Ramirez it's one of the best songs composed for the series and we enjoyed their performance too

  6. Jackie Ramirez

    I love this song. It is so beautiful. I love Bernadette and Megan singing this song.

  7. Kate nHeather

    @shrika9 me too....even when I listen to the CD...a beautiful original compositon and performance by Bernadette and Megan

  8. shrika9

    i cried with this scene :( and even more now since i know i wont be getting more TT_TT

  9. Kate nHeather

    @Solar Chapel like us you are a B'way baby too ! yes, reflections !! ty for stopping by :)

  10. Solar Chapel

    This role is perfect for Bernadette is so many ways... not just as a reflection of her performance as Mamma Rose.. but also this song has vague haunting nods to Mabel in 'Mack & Mabel'... in this song..."... if our lives were a movie.. an RKO picture..." etc... and this costume is very 'Mabel'.

  11. Kate nHeather

    @LastChanceLife...I feel the same, it's my go to glad I bought the DVD and CDs. !

  12. Gay as Paint!!

    I;m sick over it. I constantly play the Bombshell/Smash soundtrack on a loop.

  13. Kate nHeather

    Shabannie, this is a farewell to our favorite TV show that allegedly won't return next season. The melody is hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics are so moving and the performances were outstanding. Miss Peters as Norma Jean's mother is beyond words and Miss Hilty is destined to be a Broadway legend, she played Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 on Broadway. Long live Smash on DVD and CDS

  14. Shabannie

    I enjoyed the beautiful song!

  15. Kate nHeather

    Yes, incredibly sad, no doubt it weighed on Marilyn emotionally throughout her life...a beautiful song scored for the scene between Gladys and Marilyn

  16. Gay as Paint!!

    This was so sad because Gladys gad mental illness that prevented her from being present 'for Norma Jean. Her mother's best friend who Norma Jean called Aunt Grace, primarily took over visiting NJ in the series of foster homes during her childhood

  17. Kate nHeather

    Undoubtedly one of the best songs from Bombshell and scene from Smash's season 2....sorry to see the show come to an end