Smash Cast - Don't Forget Me Lyrics

They thought they could dispose of me
They tried to make me small
I suffered each indignity
But now rise above it all

Yes, the price I paid was all I had
But at last, I found release
And if something good can come from bad
The past can rest in peace

Oh if you see someone's hurt
And in need of a hand
Don't forget me
Or hear a melody crying from some baby grand
You don't forget me

When you sing happy birthday to someone you love
Or see diamonds you wish were all free
Please say that you won't;
I pray that you don't forget me

But forget every man who I ever met
'Cause they only lived to control
For a kiss they paid a thousand
Yet they paid fifty cents for my soul
They took their piece
The price of fame that no one can repay
Ah, but they didn't buy me when they bought my name
And that is why I pray

That when you see someone's hurt
And in need of a hand
You don't forget me
Or hear a melody crying from some baby grand
You don't forget me

When you sing happy birthday to someone you love
Or see diamonds you wish were all free
Please say that you won't;
I pray that you don't forget me

There are some in this world who have strength on their own
Never broken or in need of repair
But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone
So protect them and take special care
Take care

And don't forget me
Please take care
And don't forget me
When you look to the heavens with someone you love
And a light shining bright from afar
Hope you see my face there
And then offer a prayer
And please let me be
Let me be that star

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Smash Cast Don't Forget Me Comments
  1. Blogger Boy

    I am on holiday. I just came out. My parents told me I have a medical problem, clearly. There is a lot that is not right. The amount of cyber bullying I have gone through is through the roof. But I listen to this, I cry on the inside and everything is all right.


    Sorry you're going through all that, man. I feel you xx

  2. Susan Brogan

    After all these years, this song still gives me chills! Can't believe this show didn't last.

  3. maga Encina

    I cried the first time Ive watched this... still get chills!

  4. Nestor Basuel

    The way I saw it, bombshell season 1 with Katherine told the story of a girl named Marilyn Monroe who really was just Norma Jean, whereas season 2 with Megan told the story of a girl named Norma Jean who really was just Marilyn Monroe.

    Honestly I found the former plot to be a lot more captivating. Both great in their portrayal, but Katherine felt like an authentic person, not just a Broadway impersonator of Marilyn.

  5. JT Nobleton

    Had to be the worst decision NBC ever made, cancelling this TV classic. Have the 2 season DVD package & just finished re-watching both seasons (3rd time).Wish Netflix would pick it up, so more people could see it again, or for the first time. The songs are some of the greatest songs written for musical theater. The performances by the cast are timeless. If you can watch Bernadette Peters & Megan Hilty in season 2, episode "The Parents", the song "Hang The Moon", you'll never forget it. They have been talking for years about Bombshell going to Broadway. With all the mediocre shows that have made their way to Broadway through the years, it's time for another epic to hit the stage. I hope they can get it done.

  6. Blogger Boy

    I cry like a baby every fucking time. This is one of those songs that prove to me there is a higher power.

  7. DegrassiInstantStar

    NBC did this show so friggin' wrong.

  8. Tony Westbrook

    So powerful even now! When I saw this I was just blown away! I feel like Marilyn would have said yes this is me this is it you got it! The first season was so wonderful and I still liked the second season seems like the good things only last a short time

  9. Bob Diepold

    The music of "Bombshell" was so good which included this song, too bad the writers of the show were not as good as the songwriters.

    maga Encina

    season 1 was perfection

    Meghan Sullivan

    You can thank the executives at NBC for firing Theresa Rebeck that wrote and created the show. Then they hired some Gossip Girl hack for season 2 and that’s what ruined it.

  10. CDG

    2019 and I still can’t believe this show only got 2 seasons. Unforgettable... to me, anyway

    maga Encina

    Season 1 was perfect... they destroyed season 1 in season 2 when they changed showrunner.

    maga Encina

    @Tara Colquitt they changed showrunner and he destroyed everything they built in season 1.

    Tara Colquitt

    @maga Encina What a shame. smh Now I know the importance of the showrunner.


    I loved this show

    Barb Spellman

    CDG just watching this AGAIN!!!! I loved the show and this song,in particular!!! Wish they’d bring it back!!!!

  11. R Smith

    How could this not be a Broadway hit?????

  12. R Smith

    American Idol voters idiots not voting her #1

  13. Mildred Goolsby

    This girl is an amazing singer she did a great great job I love the song she did it beautifully

  14. Sergio Alvarado

    Megan Hilty wipes the floor with this version.

  15. Joseph Saetveit

    Incredible voice! Gorgeous! KAT McFee is an unbelievable talent!

  16. Leigh West

    Outstanding, but I still prefer Ivy's version. To me she was always more Marilyn than Karen.

  17. Howard Kornblum

    I luv kat signing this. Megan is wonderful but kat has the vulnerability we associate with marilyn. This and let me be your star are both incredible numbers

  18. John Walias

    This was a great show, the orinal music was fabulous. I have seen Megan Hilty since in concert and she sang the popular Smash songs. Just fantastic!

  19. Ann Fotlyan

    such a great song and voice

  20. MShine KTunes

    Between the two I honestly prefer karen more it didn't seemed forced and natural where as Ivy looked like she tried a little too hard to be marilyn monroe some parts looked more forced then others

  21. Luanny Fernanda

    I do understand love <3

  22. WBFbySteefen

    Fosse/Verdon is better than Smash and better than All That Jazz. But excuse me while I worship this SMASH video.

    Meghan Sullivan

    WBFbySteefen to be fair, if Smash had come out now with the current platforms of Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix this series would’ve been at a very different level and wouldn’t have network executives getting in the way and stupidly firing the creator and writer Theresa Rebeck and replacing her with some Gossip Girl hack for season 2.

  23. MizzReed19

    Fuck you production who took this show off, I LOVED this show and Katherine was OUTSTANDING!!!

  24. Adam Jones

    its just so sad when this show didn't get another season... its a perfect way of introducing broadway through television.. I love this show!!! 🍸👏😎

    Strahinja Maćešić

    I think it is good that they knew when to stop. Usually when producers carry on it is because profit and they ruin the show. I think it is an art to know when to stop. :)


    I only recently discovered this show. For some reason, I had Never heard of it but there was a commercial for it on a dvd I recently bought and it looked interesting. Now I’m obsessed! I really wish I could see “Bombshell” as a real live musical!

    Anna Cairns

    The second season hardly touched on Marilyn, there could have been many parallels with the characters and Marilyn. But they (for me) turned the second season into another well known musical without actually saying the name. Then threw an odd Marilyn song and reference. Which is sad. Such a fascinating woman and again (for me) you only saw it in the first season.

  25. Matthew Henneberry

    I’ve watched this at least twice a day for the last 20

  26. reine

    Idk, but I feel like Katherine has Marilyn's soul in her. I completely see why Derek chose her over Ivy (Ivy's totally great tho). Karen's more innocent in the story than Ivy, but if I see her as Katherine and not Karen, I totally see a Marilyn somewhere there.


    i always say that ivy played the perfect “marilyn” character (like on national past time or lets be bad) but karen played the real marilyn and that’s why i always prefered her

  27. Roxanne Gutierrez

    Why can't you do Wicked!?

    Marcel Maślanka

    Yess! Megan Hilty is Glinda!

  28. Richard Meyer

    Meghan is so much more interesting. This girl is a karaoke pop singer at best

    Somewhere in Time

    richard meyer Richard....I am a are so wrong!! Catherine is by far an amazing singer and I applaud her singing such a powerful song!! I don’t know many karaoke singers that can match her style or range!! Sorry you don’t hear what we all heard from this performance!! Have a good day!!

    Somewhere in Time

    amelia edwards Totally agree with you Amelia!! She was OUTSTANDING!!

    amelia edwards

    Somewhere in Time I am also a singer and she is incredibly

    Peter Burton

    Wow such hate. Have a listen to Kat singing The prayer with Andrea Bocelli and you’ll change your mind.

    bernadette lettner

    Wow. You must not know much about singing. because she is magnificent.

  29. queen Jessie 122 Gonzalez

    i love it

  30. europa65

    Big Version with Katherine

  31. TVGeeky

    Ohh i remember watching this for the first time when it first aired. That precious time when it hasn't been picked up yet for another season and it's future was quite bleak.
    Watching this, and seeing her in that platform solidified the entire season for me. I remembered having chills the whole time. It was golden.

    Ivy's version was great too, but for this story, for this series, Kathryn's performance was just excellent. Bravo. Oh Smash, a show full of what-could-have-beens.

  32. Jo W

    I aspire and hope to God I can write music this beautiful. Just wow.

  33. WBFbySteefen

    To succeed, you have to transport: Katharine McPhee transports me in this directed version of the performance. Megan doesn't transport me, she just has a great voice.

    Rebecca Elliott

    i agree. i think katharine mcphee is a generally bland actress. but when she sings here it does transport you. Whereas as you say Megan is more of a powerhouse but without that special something

  34. Jody

    I like this better.

  35. Anna Bała

    Team Ivy :D

  36. Christophe Pilaire

    Can t wait to get the Broadway musical, and hope she gets the main part

    Erik Alexander Silva Rojas

    Are they going to make a Broadway show?

    Christophe Pilaire

    @Erik Alexander Silva Rojas I heard it s on the way...wait and see

  37. ShoMeSho

    When I hear Katherine’s version, I am emotionally heartbroken and feel the bittersweetness of a death of a beautiful soul who left before her time. When I hear Megan’s version, I feel vindicated and proud of a broken woman who has stood the test the test of time to become a legend. Honestly, I love both versions because they both pay homage to an amazing person whose complexities are near impossible to perfectly capture.


    I side Karen because it's more the truth, but Ivy is like if Marilyn could've been tougher, so it's a more idealized her. Both versions kill it with vocals and passion, though.

    Alice Lu

    ShoMeSho hell there is no one letting them destroy those songs