Smash Cast - Broadway, Here I Come! Lyrics

I'm high above the city
I'm standing on the ledge
The view from here is pretty
And I step off the edge

And now I'm fallin', baby
Through the sky, through the sky
And I'm fallin', baby through the sky
It's my callin', baby
Don't you cry, don't you cry
And I'm fallin' down through the sky

Toward the street that I'm from
Oh, Broadway, here I come
Broadway, here I come

The pressure it increases
The closer that I get
I could almost go to pieces
But I'm not quite there yet
See, I've been bravin' crazy weather
Drownin' out my cries
I pull myself together
I'm focused on the prize

I'm fallin', baby
Through the sky, through the sky
I'm fallin', baby through the sky
It's my callin', baby
Don't you cry, don't you cry
'Cause I'm fallin' down through the sky

And it's a tune you can hum
Oh, Broadway here I come

Will I remain the same
Or will I change a little bit?
Will I feel broken or totally complete?
Will I retain my name when I'm the biggest, hugest hit?
Or will I blend in with the rest of the street

The people all are pointing
I bet they'd never guess
That the saint that they're anointing
Is frightened of the mess
But even though I fear it
I'm playin' all my cards...
Baby, you are gonna hear it
When I give them my regards

I'm fallin' baby
Through the sky, through the sky
Now I'm fallin', baby through the sky
It's my callin', baby
Don't you cry, don't you cry
And I'm fallin' down through the sky

And I refuse to go numb
Oh, Broadway here I come
Broadway, here I come
Broadway, here I come
Oh, Broadway, Broadway, here I come
Here I come!

And the last thing I hear
As the impact grows near
Is it a scream or a cheer?
Well, never mind, I'll never find out
'Cause Broadway I am here

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Smash Cast Broadway, Here I Come! Comments
  1. DontDoSadness91

    My only favorite version! I forgot Leslie was in this show!!! His parts in this always gave me chills!

  2. Faith Vinson

    Does anyone know where I can find sheet music for this version?

  3. Kai Talbot

    i may like the original more but this one is really good too

  4. Kate Diuguid

    Fav song atm

  5. Rafael Ramos OFICIAL

    Amo tudo isso.... smash😍😍😍😍

  6. Victoria Nee

    My heart

  7. Mrfoo2002

    This song is awful. The melody is okay but the lyrics are so unbelievably terrible. Compare this to Stephen Schwartz, Sondheim, or any other significant lyric writer.. these are 2/10. Bland, redundant metaphors. Non-sensical logic.. Cringe.

    Gemma Lea

    They didn’t write it 👍🏼

    samantha johnson

    burn very good point lol

    Jess Kendall

    although this is the original version, i would recommend listening to the George Salazar and Joe Iconis version, it seems to tell the story of the song a bit better

  8. Sommertime42

    I've been looking for the full version of this song for a long time. Thank you so much!

    Ann G.B

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  9. FuckUKas

    I love this show

  10. Leah Shankman

    I love this show SO MUCH

  11. Poli Rosas

    Loved this, tho it was better with the piano


    i love this song

  13. Shaida Azwa

    so best

  14. Taime

    This version really gives me chills! Can't stop listening to it!


    Taime Natti Same here

  15. stlynum

    I loved this show, the only thing coming close with some singing, great voices is Nashville, so now I am stuck on this, but really miss Smash.

    Alexis Zendejas

    I miss it too I love this show

  16. David Raymore

    I have found that you can purchase Smash Season 2 music from iTunes for $45.  It has about 51 tracks, and includes all the songs from Hit List.  It also contains songs from Bombshell.  I missed this show very much, and I wish it could have continued.

    Davina Lord

    Not available in the oz iTunes Store :(

  17. Gerardo Nevarez

    Love this show and this version is amazing!

  18. 98guitarchick

    This is my favorite song from this show, possibly ever <3 so sad it got cancelled it was a really great show, especially for an aspiring actress that loves broadway <3<3

    Paige Hazeldine

    same love this song singing it in school all day 
    oh they cancelled the show coz  Karren died in real life

    Brissa N Lopez

    @Paige Hazeldine UH, she didnt die


    +Paige Hazeldine no she didn't she's on the shoe Scorpion and Jimmy is on Supergirl


    +blkjem21 I meant show

    Thomas Willers

    +Paige Hazeldine Pity there isn't a report for being an idiot setting

  19. Kate S

    Where to get those songs??? they are not on Music from Smash :(

  20. Katie Tanner

    Exactly! Now there is some new show called "Dracula", trying to come up with shows that are already created on different networks will not bring in bigger reviews.. Silly NBC!

  21. Suzannah Grey

    I like better jeremy jordan's version. It's really amazing :)

  22. Ethel May Gonzalez

    Smash was ok. It wasn't amazing, but I stuck to it. :) Loved the songs and will always go back to them :)

  23. scoobasteve

    Is there anywhere that this can be downloaded as an mp3? On the soundtrack it's just Jeremy Jordan singing this, but I like the entire cast version

  24. Lovesick_Austen

    Because that is what NBC does best.

  25. Arek J


  26. brencon07

    This version from the finale was incredible.

  27. Jen H.

    I still don't understand how a show that is so loved can be cancelled.

  28. Kenneth Long

    This show will be missed :(

  29. Josvâine Pontes

    i love Smash! *-*

  30. Will Parry

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!