Smallwood, Richard - I'll See You Again Lyrics

Seems like only yesterday
That your laughter filled the air
And whatever I was going through
You were always there
How you gave of all your
love and time to those who were in need
In my heart, you'll always be a part of me.
Though sometimes it's hard
to deal with you not being here
I rejoice that you have
reached that place of peace
Where there is no fear
Heaven has become a little sweeter
Just because you're there
And we'll meet again in that place
So bright and fair

I'll see you again
where the sun is always shining.
I'll see you again
Where sorrows are no more
Where we'll join hands together
And we'll sing around the throne
can't hardly wait till the day
I'll see you again


Till we meet
Till we meet
Till we meet
At Jesus' feet
Til we meet
Till we meet again
God be with you
Till we meet again

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Smallwood, Richard I'll See You Again Comments
  1. Nikkia Bonaparte

    R.i.paunty anita i will see you again and i love you endlessly❤❤😇

  2. Mela Asefa

    My Dad and the love of my life has graduated🖤

  3. Mela Asefa

    Daddy, I will also see you again. I am so ready🖤

  4. Mela Asefa

    I lost the absolute love of my life in July. This song brings me peace, lifts the burden a little of dealing with him no longer being here with us. Til we meet my love, my errrrrything as he would always say to me🖤 I love you Devin.

  5. Antoine Williams

    I been listening to this since 96 some things never get old!

  6. Mimi Harden

    The Churches of Christ Salute You Romans 16:16 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯

  7. Mimi Harden

    YES YES YES LORD 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Mimi Harden


  8. Thembe Dlamini

    it still hurts Dad...May,4,2013 feels like yesterday.I miss you.I will see you again 💌

  9. Tyrus Eaves

    I always wondered who the song was a tribute to; Then again, I don't know who passed that year....

  10. AngelsPicks

    🥺 I can NEVER listen to this song, past the 1st verse, without breaking down in tears... 😔🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Minnie HAAHAA HAHA

    You see, This is the time the Audience should've been shouting!!!

  12. Debra Brown

    Joanna read with such feeling and expression made me want to shout it moves me everytime.

    Minnie HAAHAA HAHA

    Debra Brown that should've been The best time to shout!!

  13. Craig Louw

    What was the cause of Joanna's death?

  14. Tracy Murry

    My mom passed Jan 5 2018. Thus song just reassures me. I'll see you again mommie!

  15. Laurel Williams

    I never get tired of hearing this song.

  16. Daphne Martin


  17. Mr. Muzic

    Sing Richard!!!

  18. Julie Owen

    This song has a real ministry to me every time I hear I’ll see you again. I want this played at my funeral. ❤️

  19. Hayes Moses

    Tramaine Hawkins. It takes strength and skill to sing through tears. A true legend.

  20. Bruce Brown

    Mom and Dad

  21. angelica Vaughn Harris



    angelica Vaughn Harris I lost 2 of my aunts last year

  22. J. Errol Lewis

    always moved by this performance

  23. im4Christ4life

    The alto that's preaching in the video (Joanne Johnson) passed away in 2000


    Cat Wallace Yes the lady reading the verses. She passed away back in 2000. She’s one of Vision’s altos named JoAnna Johnson.

    Debra Brown

    Thanks for the info I always wondered what happened to her.

    Minnie HAAHAA HAHA

    Next week will be 20 years since Joanna has been gone!!

    Craig Louw

    @Minnie HAAHAA HAHA isn't it 19 years?...She passed in October of 2000 right?

    Minnie HAAHAA HAHA

    @Craig Louw It'll be 19 years this October!!!

  24. Willie Perry

    To my bestie Brytani Smith. I miss you so much. I cant wait to see you again

  25. Holly Wilson

    Tears..every time

  26. William Clark

    To my brothers in arm. All those that gave their lives for something greater. See you again.

  27. Yan-Xia Stirling- Rogers

    this is for my new friends they know who i mean god bless you

  28. MsQueenPattiTv

    I Just Love THis Song,, It Sit's WaaAAAaaaay Down In My Spirit,'!" Thank You Richard Smallwood again 4 These Powerful Lyrics,'!"

    La Kangri


  29. Lerato Raganya

    I 'll see you again ........ love u guys

  30. Darian Stephens

    Uncle Cleodis, Uncle Mac, DeAndre and many others, I'll see you again!

  31. Mz Nicole Caffey

    Forever in my heart and on my mind I will see you again Emma J. Caffey 3/20/2015 I love you mommy

  32. Sheree Dupree

    I will see all of my loved ones one day Rip to each and everyone of them I love u always

  33. Dashia smiles

    I'll see you again Momma I'll see you again granny soon rest well my loves.. Tanya Stokes 07/24/12 and Rita Turner 01/14/05..

  34. Tonya Terrell

    I definitely understand your pain my mom passed back in 06 and I still struggle with the pain, loss of not being able to see or touch her. I miss her so much that words can not express what I go through on the daly. I encourage you to have faith and a very strong relationship with GOD it's been real tough.

  35. MsQueenPattiTv

    Thank You Richard Smallwood 4 This Awesome Song!" 1 Of My Favorite!" 

  36. Sheis2Die4

    My mom just passed away last Saturday and I'm just so hurt. She was my bff for real. But she's not sick anymore.


    Hi Sheis2die4, I know the pain you are feeling.  My mom passed in 2007 and their is not one day that I don't think about her.  I was dealing with a lot two weeks ago and I said, "I sure wish my mom was here because she would make me feel better."  I will not tell you it is easy, but it will get some better.  I am glad to know your mom is no longer suffering and folks don't understand when we say things like that.  We want to keep them around forever, but if they are sick and suffering, we do have to let them go with dignity especially if they are not the person we have known.  We must live our lives so that we will be able to see them again.  Take as much time as you need to work through your loss.  It will take time and I am praying that God will place people in and around you that will give you strength and encourage you.  May peace and love surround you.  God Bless!


    @Lady561025, thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging words. I believe that this will get to be easier to handle with time....I told mom before she passed that I would make her proud of me. So I press on, because that's what God - and mom - want from me. I have work to do so that when I stand before the Lord I can hear 'well done.' My pastor always says, "You can't hear 'well done' if you haven't done well!" Be blessed...

    Natisha Giles

    My Sincere Condolences to You
    May God give you strength and peace
    I'll keep you in my prayers


    @Natisha Giles God bless you...Thank you.

  37. chrispleasantable

    From 4:47 to 5:51, you'll hear what the bible says in I Thessalonians 4:13-18 

  38. chrispleasantable

    This was tracks 14 and 15 and the last song from Richard's 1st vision album "Adoration: Live in Atlanta" and was the 14th song I learned by this amazing singer, songwriter, and musician with Tramaine Hawkins by his side. I know that someday I'll see Jesus face to face!

  39. bigfinewomanful

    My mother passed away 10 years ago on today....and I look forward to seeing her again. I love this song....... where the SON is always shining. 

    Connie Pastel

    Me 2-- Mine MOMMY 9 years ago..Bless You BFW


    My mother passed in 2007 and I am always thinking of her.  Nothing like a mother's love.  God Bless!

  40. twinPaula12

    The love of my life passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago and I am having a  hard time coping with the loss of the sweetest and dearest husband any woman could ever want. He was always there for me and my days feel so empty now and the road ahead looks so long without him. He was a man whom every one loved.  I pray for guidance and know our dear Lord has him in his loving care and I look forward to being with my darling some day.


    I am sorry for your loss, your words touch me and cried when I was reading it, I hope and wish you well, God bless you

  41. Eugene Harper

    I just lost my granny this week I rejoice hoping I'll see you again

  42. Ally Raymond

    Very moving, Tramaine. Peace to you in your loss.

  43. Thembe Dlamini

    This song reminds me of my dad who passed away last month, I will see you again Daddy.I t is painful right now , but I will see you again.

  44. classydancer84

    I knew someone well and she was 26 and just died two days ago. As I cry, I know that she is in a better place. And I know that I will see her again.