Smallwood, Richard - Bless The Lord Lyrics

Bless the Lord, oh my soul,
and all that is within me.
Bless the Lord, oh my soul,
and all that is with me.

With my whole heart I will bless Him,
with my spirit, I will give Him the praise.
Bless the Lord, oh my soul,
and all that is within me.

He is worthy of the glory (praise Him).
He is worthy of the honor (I will bless Him).
I will bless the Lord at all times,
and my heart shall sing His praise.


Bless His name,
bless His name,
bless His name,
why don't you bless His name.

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Smallwood, Richard Bless The Lord Comments
  1. Danger Radebe

    bless his name

  2. elainescott1

    I arise today with this song in my Heart. Elder Gino Scott

  3. Victoria Esther Pines

    You can't hardly hear the Altos..but nonetheless absolutely LOVE the song and Richard Smallwood and Vision! !!!!!

  4. Yvonne4o

    Exceptionally captivating, meaning-filled, melodious. What joyous singing! Thank you Richard Smallwood & Vision for this truly inspiring song.

  5. jermil45

    Thanks so much for posting!! One of my favs...I have subscribed.....

  6. Ulisses Araújo

    simply love this! I was born in the wrong place, lol

  7. Jeremiah Williams

    This Jay song

  8. Ja'Nelle

    We used to listen to this cd ALL THE TIME!! Omg, brings back soooooo many memories.....This was one of my favorite songs too!!

  9. PrazHymn83

    @F4bio82 Not....

  10. tay rucker

    Richard smallwood and kirk franklin had the best choirs in the 90s

  11. John manaaho

    great choir, awesome confidence

  12. xlxAbby0Princessxlx

    man I love this Choire.. like i keep coming back lol

  13. Cibele Maria

    why don't you bless His name? .. His worthy, Halleluiia !!

  14. camilledm

    Wow. I am 19 and I love all of his songs!!

  15. P.Rodgers

    @musicteachjw Same here...When I Was Little , My Church Choir Used To This Song .

  16. musicteachjw

    Love this song. Not only is he a chosen man of God, awesome composer, and probably the best gospel pianist EVER ! (And I've heard him play classical as well,) He comes from DC, went to MCKINLEY TECH (the best of all the rest), and graduated from the MECCA - The Howard University. It don't no better that.

  17. K_Hughey

    One of my Favorite songs...I use to think I was the only young person that listened to Richard Smallwood growing up. I'm only 37 now. He is an awesome songwriter and I just love it!

  18. MsSNSmith05

    @JonellStarTV Yea it is

  19. JonellStarTV

    Is that Maurette Brown Clark at 3:24 Lol you go girl!

  20. internetfan2005

    same here! They had that down.

  21. Christopher Mazen

    How were the rehearsals??

  22. Siobhan Lawrence

    i dunno if kurt carr writes his own music and stuff... but minus some of the vocals his music is outstanding... but Richard Smallwood is at the highest... mixing classical and contemporary so very nicely... astounding

  23. John Dobbs

    I was the stage manager for this album. I can tell you it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Richard Smallwood just blessed everybody.

  24. Okebaram E

    I loooove this song and from 2:49 down to the end, WOW!

    Richard Smallwood is a genius at those goosebump-giving, hair-standing varying harmony bridges... He did it here, he did it in Total praise (Amens), he did it in Calvary...

  25. Tiffany Holloway

    All Of You are write they are all genioues in their own special way.

    I love this song

  26. Tiffany Holloway

    This is my song OMG!!!

  27. myra lee

    don't forget Donnie Mcclurkin and Donald Lawrence! Truly annointed song writers!