Small Faces - Wham Bam Thank You Mam Lyrics

Well she was a lady of charm
A string of young boys on each arm
She was good to those
Who took off all their clothes
And played guitar

Love comes, stays, grows, any ways your mind blows
Wham bam, thank you mam
We'll boogie till the rooster crows his thing

He lived alone, love for none
You said pain never hurt anyone
Oh no no no

Surprise surprise, consumption on the floor
Stretcher out the door
And that was it it it

God forsaken empty shell forgotten in a bad smell
Wham bam look out sam
The devil claims his own to moan in hell

Shang a lang a shang a do lay shang a lang,
Said ma moon said I ma moon, said I gris gris

Close your breath and hold your eyes
Turn the corner of surprise, and there you are
Well, our lives are run by ego freaks
A walking book of rules who seeks
To keep you in your pigeon hole
And sus you when your soul steps out of line


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Small Faces Wham Bam Thank You Mam Comments
  1. len apter

    Greatest rock n roll; balls to the wall song of all time

  2. André Bonolo

    Im here because ocs

  3. Todd Lutz

    gonna boogie til the rooster crows his best!

  4. Mne Nadoelo

    The band were unreal. Kenny's drumming on this especially the last minute is unbelievable, marriots voice, the key parts and the and inventive bass bouncing around......just mental good

  5. Todd Lutz

    why is it hard to hear steves vocals?

  6. Andrew Koster

    sounds like a Humble Pie track

  7. John Costello

    Wham Bam Thank You Mam .....or Wham Bam Thank You Man ?? The record sleeve says the latter

  8. Flavia Vassallo


  9. Page

    If you understand chord progressions, riffs and song writing. They were ripped off majorly.

  10. John Paul Harrison

    Über Mods. Cool as fuck

  11. Rick Rozoff

    When this cut first became available to me on the (if you will) posthumous Autumn Stone LP I played it for friends who, only having heard Small Faces 45s on the radio, thought they were lightweights. This cut immediately disabused them of that misconception. With a vengeance. God bless Steve and Leafy.

  12. Jayne Hewitt


  13. bassistlearningdrums

    Love this song. Very powerful.

  14. John Paul Harrison

    Well she was a lady of charm
    A string of young boys on each arm
    She was good to those who took of all their clothes
    Or played guitar
    Love comes, days go, any ways your mind blows
    Wham bam, thank you mam
    We'll boogie till the rooster crows
    Oh yeah
    We lived this way for so long
    You said pain never hurt anyone
    Oh no no no
    Surprise surprise, sunshine on the floor
    Stretcher out the door
    And that was it it it
    God forsaken empty shell forgotten in a bad smell
    Wham bam look out sam the devil claims his own to mourn in hell
    Sha la la la Shang a dorang shang a lang lang
    Shang a lang mama, Sing it mama
    Say it yes yes
    Close your breath and hold your eyes
    Turn the corner, a surprise, and there you are
    Well, our lives are run by ego freaks
    A walking book of rules he seeks
    To keep you in your pigeon hole
    And bash you if your soul steps out of line
    C'mon !!

    Captain cope

    thanks for putting up those lyrics really appreciate it was trying to figure out what some of the things that were being said in that song good job

    do br

    I hear 'he lived alone, loved for none, he said pain never hurt anyone' rather than 'we lived this way for so long, you said pain never hurt anyone'.

  15. Soulman id

    I remember buying their 'Small Faces' LP in 1967, still got it and still love playing it. R.I.P Steve.

    John Costello

    I was 2 / 3 at the time. I was born about 17 years too late

  16. Steven Massey

    The neighbours used to listen to this about twice a day 35 odd years ago ..wether they wanted to or not kicks was way ahead of its time .

  17. Peter Jones

    Never has a guitar bass, drums and Hammond organ played such harmonious music

  18. Julian Vickery

    Hard to believe that this was a B-side to the "Afterglow of Your Love" single in 1969, but it was. Rest in Peace Steve, thanks for all the wonderful music you created during your time on this earth. 26 years and counting as of today but certainly not forgotten.

  19. bassistlearningdrums

    This is a song that you have to listen twice in a row

  20. cuppateadee

    wham bam thank you man what a great bass line and bassist ronnie lane was. the harmony between ian on hammond steve on guitar and ronnie on bass plus kenny drums with vocals was fantastic. they were for me one of the great groups in rock music. I never tire of it like beatles stones dylan. its great and timeless . prince is the best of for me since the 60s

    Ody Slim

    John Paul Jones is my favorite bassist. Ronnie LAne is pretty damn good too.


    "Wham Bam Thank You Man" is actually a misspelling of the title. It's "Wham Bam Thank You Mam"

    Ody Slim

    , look at the album cover, sister mary elephant"


    Ody Slim yeah, it's wrong.

  21. Landul Cosme

    referenced on Bowies "suffragette city"

  22. Ciaran Kelly

    The older I get, the better these guys sound. Man, I am sorry that I discovered them AFTER they broke up

  23. Darkie Lawless

    That is one Kick-Ass Heavy Metal Jam from Small Faces!

  24. Saffa

    2018 and still here

  25. Craig Jones

    Great song!!!

  26. idaslpdhr

    so this where Marc bolan nicked it from  ?

    Negus Negast

    You mean Bowie, right?

  27. Fritz Idler

    Wham bam thank you mam, indeed. For years, I thought Rod Stewart did the vocals on this. Because his picture was on the front of the album I found in a remainder bin. Not until I heard this on the best of the Small Faces, did I realize my mistake. I had bought a bootleg. Still awesome either way.

  28. placid renegade

    If only the rest of the faces followed Steves direction! We owe everything to Steve & Small Faces

    Karl Edwards

    Steve was the absolute guvnor & sad to think they were robbed financially !! In 65 they were doing 2 live gigs a night & pulling in £1000 on average per gig but on a wage of £20 each per gig (200 £30) with a clothing allowance & accommodation in pimlico!!!!! shame

    Will Adapter

    Whaaaaat? Humble Pie/Everything Steve Marriott did after The Small Faces is like, a 4/10 at best. Boring blues/boogie rubbish

  29. Noodles37UK

    Several versions.

  30. PrizewinnersPaws

    The bass in this is fantastic...


    Well, Plonk was one of the greatest bassists of all time so it's expected...

  31. Lichtenstein1961


  32. cxpm777

    I arrived here from a thai scam video: look for : wham bam thank you scam. LOL.

  33. Doxx Diggler

    Wham bam thank you mam, let's boogie til' the rooster crows...

    Terence Stone

    Doxx Diggler it’s actually wam bam thank you man not mam

  34. Steve R. Janes_Berlin

    The Kinks getting hippies ? Damn you are wrong man, because they couldnt play over there in the states from 1964-1969, so they missed the time - on one hand bad, on the other hand:
    They created their OWN BRITISH STYLE, and didnt did the same (that wasnt bad too) like the others - but i prefer the Kinks and CCR (as US group--these were in woodstock !)

  35. gerry bohemians

    the who.small faces,action,johns children,kinks,creation-all the mods grew their hair and became hippies.except the hard mods,peanuts,lemons.....hahahah there was ambrosia slade,the jook,the neat change,odd fellows,ska....the beginning of the skins!!!!

  36. Rich Erb

    Great lost classic cut, but this is a poor mix; the swirling organ and Marriott's amazing vocal and guitar are much more prominent on my CD. The Small Faces were right up there with the Stones and the Who in the sixties, just a notch below the Beatles.

  37. phreeesubz

    A moment of silence..

  38. Burton James

    A monster of this calibre should have been a no. 1 on the charts, instead of which it was almost totally ignored.

  39. Bama Dillert

    starting to the end of the small faces

  40. phreeesubz

    the guy from the office said "wham bam thank you mam" i looked it up, and found out it was a song..awesome.

  41. Layla LinQuinto

    Hell yes, Steve you are so missed.

  42. salvatore giglio

    Is that a misprint in the title?

  43. salvatore giglio

    It's "Man" not "Mam"


    buon giorno da oggi torna il sole

  45. John Robertson

    totally agree

  46. spizzardo

    The birth of heavy rock?

  47. matelot95

    You wouldn't believe it but this is where Glenn Matlock borrowed Pretty Vacant from!

  48. mopbrush1

    Bob on this

  49. mopbrush1

    cockin magic xxxx

  50. John Robertson

    one of the finest rock songs of all time

  51. Kevin Largaespada


  52. John Robertson

    amazing band..awesome oldie...and another b side

  53. steven ross

    Wham Bam, Thank You Mam!....not Man as album states! However, we'll boogie 'til the Rooster crows! Timeless, yes. My fav SF tune with Tin Soldier and of course, Itchycoo Park neck-and-neck.

  54. bluesage10

    Such a good song, love that riff

  55. Lynda Karr-Mitsakos

    I'd actually not heard this before. One of their best! (although, like ahorwood, my favorite is Tin Soldier).

  56. merseymain

    @JackIsYourRipper- you have style, son, even if your username is a bit suspect lol.

  57. Kelly14UK

    @TheClarkey19 Well you've got mine for a start. Wish I had more money when I was younger so I could've found Humble Pie too.

  58. Kelly14UK

    @Khultan Saw it! Thanks, man!

  59. American Born Patriot.

    Ronnie, Kenney, too! How the fuck are you gonna forget them?!? Hunh?

  60. Usurped

    The title on the cover says Wham Bam Thank You Man!

  61. David Robson

    My god I love this song! Bangin' down the freeway rockin' my arse off. Marriott was god!

  62. Rory Clarke

    Vote up if you think Steve Marriott is a legend

    No One

    He should be an American legend too with this band.

    Darkie Lawless

    Steve Marriot is a legend in my book

    Mark Macdonald

    They were all great. I think it was more than one person effort. I may be wrong. Playing the guitar I love the support and McLagan's organ (if you know what I mean)gave the sound and Ronnie Lane was a talented songwriter and Jones went on to play for The Who. But they were best as The Small Faces and they really seem to represent that change in society or the breakdown in the class system where being working class meant you where good at something. Whereas nowadays you get a zero hour contract or work through an agency. They have a confident optimism that created a wealth of genuinely great music. The other thing I think that when these guys were young there was no telly so learning how to play an instrument along with some music theory was a must. A lot of the bands at this time managed to improve and change very quickly were as bands more recently can play the exact same style for 20- 30yrs. This was a great time and the Small Faces could hold their own.

    Revolt live Rocks in Maryland

    I do not Think he is , .... I KNOW HE IS.

  63. merseymain

    Loving it LOTS

  64. devilslaya25

    * laughs like the stooges*

  65. John walsh

    I'd love to say "wham bam thank you mam" the next time i make love and empty.

  66. Dame Frances Yates Fan Club

    Yeah, you can really hear the Humble Pie blues heavy sound here alright. It's too bad and sort of weird too since Steve Marriot was such an animating force in the first version of Small Faces that its impossible to imagine the group without him but he changed and not for the better. I really avoid listening to Humble Pie but I love the early SF. All things must pass I suppose. Sad though..

  67. Hannn Spanner YNWA

    stunning song ♥

  68. hydraIX

    Plus They had been getting Ripped off By Don Arden (Their Manager, and Sharon's Father / Ozzy's Father in Law) .

  69. hydraIX

    Totally...I couldn't agree more. I often thought about the fact that This was the beginning of Steve's career with Frampton and Humble Pie...The Heaviness (Even though The rest of " The Faces" would form their own supergroup with Ron Wood and Rod Stewart just fresh Jeff Becks Group and also Stewart had his own solo gig. It was hard to be Humble

  70. innocenti67

    foreign picture cover, obviously jolly foreigner had to design the text by only listening to the lyrics & turned it into a Gay Anthem !!

  71. xJayWalkerx

    obviously Steve was inspired by Dr John's 'Mama Roux' :)

  72. Jen Slusarski

    Anyone else notice that that says, Wham Bam Thank You Man?? Isnt it Mam?

  73. sfdog1369

    Very Cool Post Thx!!!

  74. Vidwatchuk

    So who invented Hard RocK??? this is close and way ahead of its time

  75. joe szymanski

    ....this is a pre-view of the Humble Pie to come, pure over the top kick-ass ROCK!!!