Small Faces - My Way Of Giving Lyrics

I've been told it's just a matter of time
Before you meet someone who'll open your mind
But time's on my side and nevertheless
I know the pain of too much tenderness

It's all part of my way of giving
And I'm giving it all to you
More than love it's a way of living
So what more would you have me do

Although I'm not a guy who means to hurt
And if at times it seems our love won't work
I tell you honey, you must realise
And see confusion in my rounded eyes

It's all part of my way of giving
And I'm giving it all to you
More than love it's a way of living
And it's me that you're looking through

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Small Faces My Way Of Giving Comments
  1. Ezidio Alves

    Ouvi o album Small faces 1967 no spotify,excelente disco!

  2. meistertynemouth

    I could cry for the way it all ended for Steve.

  3. halcyon289

    What a, that's how you do it.

  4. Tracey Crossman

    Wonderful ,simply wonderful. Such a great band.

    Brian Burke

    Ditto every time I hear I get goose bumps

  5. n m 101

    Musical talent best GREAT BRITAIN has ever produced R.I.P. The three , Kenny keep going fella

  6. Noel Doran

    Class is Class I am gifted to be there they cant take that away........

  7. Captain MidKnight


  8. Werner Bluhm

    Super, wie alles von den SF!!!

  9. David Bailey

    There will never be another Steve Marriot RIP Steve

  10. Paul Vallance

    Its impossible to take your eyes off Steve Marriott. He gave so much to every performance- physically and emotionally. There was so much talent around in the sixties, even the lesser stars of then would burn brighter than the stars of today. Sadly Marriott never quite got the recognition he deserved.

  11. jesus rocknroller


  12. Jayne Hewitt


  13. Craig Jones

    Your welcome!!THANKS SO MUCH

  14. Craig Jones

    Great song and video !! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

    Edward Kemp

    Thank you

  15. Andrew Millar

    What a voice !

  16. All Or Nothing The Small Faces Musical


  17. placid renegade

    The greatest English band ever! Marriott a genius


    placid renegade - They were great but I feel The Kinks were easily the cream of the crop of British bands - and I'm not only referring to the early hard rock numbers but even more so for The Village Green Preservation Society material and countless others!!

    Sara Sarah

    @MrGoldenthroat a fine comment you make bringing up The Kinks...they were very special indeed..

    Beverley R

    I loved the Kinks, but have to agree with placid renegade on this point. Steve Marriott's voice was something very special indeed and he never hit a bum note, he was always in tune. Has anyone else noticed how on some songs the range in his voice sounds like he's almost yodeling! It's amazing, but also very sad as the 28th anniversary of his untimely death is almost upon us!

    Vickon Oreign

    They're the honorable mention for sure.

  18. thewickedpickett

    Thomas despres this is the definitive version 😉

  19. Thomas Despres

    Great, underrated Small Faces song! Rod Stewart did the definitive version on his 1970 album Gasoline Alley.

    Alan White

    Rod's is better. Ther SF version could have been much tougher - perhaps they rushed the recording, rather than perfecting it through rehearsing?

  20. Pedro Ventura

    the drum's sound is so organic!

    Pedro Ventura

    @Edward Kemp
     really? i didn't know small faces.. i just listen to their work today! for me is amazing!

    Edward Kemp

    East London band from the mid 60's

    Pedro Ventura

    @***** Thanks for the HINT !

    Pedro Ventura

    @***** Yeah ! You're Right ! I'm a huge fan of the Brit Bands, especially those between the 60' and 70' !