Small Faces - My Mind's Eye Lyrics

I sit here everyday
Looking at the sky
Ever wondering why
I dream my dreams away
And I'm living for today

In my minds eye
Things are clearer than before
Showing me the way
Asking me to stay
I'll never close the door
To all these things and more

In my minds eye
Everybody I know says I'll change, yeh
Laughing behind their hands
I think they're strange
People running everywhere
Running through my life
I couldn't give a care
Because they'll never see
All that I can see
With my minds eye
Aah - ha - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Ha - ha - ha - ha
In my minds eye
Aah - ha - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Aah - ha - ha
Ha - ha - ha - ha

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Small Faces My Mind's Eye Comments
  1. Frederik Laureys

    WOOW, Can we please go back in the 60's . Their songs bring back so many wonderful memories...

  2. Rico T

    Top Mod song, this was The Small Faces Christmas offering for 1966, reached No.4 in the charts in December 1966 and was the UK's No.93 of 1966.

  3. CommonGroundser

    It's a grim rainy day and circumstances are such that I'll need to be inside, alone, for much of it. But I hope I never have a day so grim that I feel I must downvote a perfectly pristine, magic two minute performance like this.



  5. michael parker

    Bought one of their albums just because this song was on it

  6. David Lea

    I agree that this is a great track. It's only half a song,I wished it was finished. I imagine having a few bars of the 'ahs' followed by middle eight and last verse again. Surely with permission a good mixer could do it.


    This was my first record , I got it from Santa 1966 and played it on a Dancette record player that I had to share with my brother and sister. I love this song and Steve Marriott.

  8. Rachel Rosen

    I still love The Small Faces.

  9. michael parker

    My favourite small faces song and I liked a lot of them

    Jackie Harcourt

    the best band ever !

  10. craig kleber

    This song and this band are way overdue for greater respect

  11. 61mod

    Fantastic I remember singing this in 1977 my 1st day at work,because there'll never see ...

  12. David Wilder

    YES ✌

  13. Frederik Laureys

    Beauty Christmas memories, with tears in my eyes....back in the 60's....

  14. Melanie Herbert

    Excellent song by the small faces! Ogden's but gone flake psychedelic! Great to listen to! I've known them since I wed my husband 23 years ago! Just wish he was still here for Humble Pie 2. Sad tragic loss of a fantastic rock group! My husband misses you Steve! Brilliant clothing too! We love mod clothing too, and forvme bohemian wear just like Stevie Nicks. 💜

  15. Craig Jones

    Great song thanks for sharing this with us!!!

  16. manchild3479

    this was a demo disk rush released by decca,before they left them.still a masterpiece.a better version may have been longer.


    Cheers. Discovered them in '96. Turns out this was a demo? Yeah maybe it does sound a bit rough. Maybe why i liked it.

  17. Björn Haglund

    Geniuses at work

  18. For Your Consideration

    Ripoff of the Beatles and that Christmas song.. But somehow still good



  19. James Martin

    One of my favourite Small Faces songs. R.I.P. Mac.


    +James Martin One of my faves too

    David M

    And me.

    Jackie Harcourt

    just the best band ever

  20. James Wells

    So nice to see the last remaining member of the Smallfaces Kenny Jones back in the East End last Sunday . He was greatly received by a lot of his old pals at the Brayford Club, off the Commercial Road.


    Top track. Something to drift away to.................

  22. KevMuso

    Listen to the bass.  At the time that this song was recorded there was only one bass player in the world who sounded like that, playing on heavy-gauge roundwound strings, wide tonal range, melodic, great phrasing, perfect rhythm and timing, clever interplay and counterpoint with the other instruments.  I guess that Ronnie Lane must have sat this one out while Mr Johnny Thunderfingers stepped in for the session.


    Well spotted, KevMuso...that's definitely 'Thunderfingers' on that...


    I've never heard any stories of him playing on Small Faces tracks.

    Pat- Clarke

    Excuse my ignorance, but who is 'Johnny Thunderfingers'?

    Pat- Clarke

    John Entwistle?

    Pat- Clarke

    I think you are probably underestimating Ronnie Lane - this bass line fits with the sound and style of all the other tracks the Small faces recorded ...was 'Thunderfingers' sitting in on every one?

  23. John Teale

    Not a Christmas song - but it's the only way I can get them onto my festive compilation.

  24. Just Leeds - steakandsid

    Great 60s Mod Record



  26. lancelovecraft


  27. mossy1

    Haha yea I hear that. I think with the Byrds it was a homage but in this case with Small Faces it was probably just a coincidence. I often write melodies that I think are so great until I later realize its already been written. (then I call it a homage) haha


    Marriott admitted it was intentional.

  28. mossy1

    Don't hate me for this but does anybody else hear "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"?


    I do indeed :)

  29. Nik Reid


  30. Kai Honkanen

    SORRY Ronnie and Steve for those that didnt understand you!

  31. james parr

    great single from a great 60s mod band

  32. trashiscool1


  33. alice elegy

    when i listen it i go to past =_=

  34. Gazolba

    No matter what the Small Faces thought of it, this is one of the best songs they ever wrote. Love the tune too. If you want rubbish, what about Sha La La La Lee ???


    much better than sha la la la lee

  35. electricrussell

    Yeah I heard that this was the demo version, they were supposed to rerecord it but Don Arden released it anyway as he wanted another hit after All or Nothing.

    This is what Steve Marriott said in 1967 "We recorded rubbish like My Mind's Eye because we knew it was commercial and it would sell"


    Steve mightn't have liked it, but I think it's great.

  36. Greger Hornline

    sweet tune, got that glitching in the eye I always aimed for,

  37. Andrew Whyte

    @gropingwithastoker Yes, I had noticed that too.

  38. Tornfreedom

    What is the classical riff that this song ends with (and seems to be composed from, though you don't realise it until the end)???? Is it the Alleluiah Chorus????
    A true Genius at work. and all in a 2 minute er "pop" song!

  39. High Number

    One of the great LSD songs

  40. Linda Quinn

    I agree with @xoxosuga keep the small faces going they were one of the best of the 60's music

  41. bebinonins

    Woow!! I love this song, it's my favourite... I'm a young girl too and I listen to this fantastic old music and I'm proud of it.

  42. Gazolba

    My favourite Small Faces song.

  43. Luca G

    i love this song

  44. demonsbutterfly

    Love that Album cover. Brilliant

  45. Salguine

    Webb Wilder did a great version of this on his/their "Town & Country" album about 1995 or so.

  46. lkijju

    lol brism

  47. Alison Hammill

    One of my favourite Small Faces songs (but difficult to choose as so many of their songs are good - especially Tin Soldier). I listen to them still, now on my iPod shuffle and blast the sound out of my 1972 Mini - heaven!! I have the single myself, very scratched now. Thanks for the posting. Alison

  48. richard trethewey

    I was still alive when this single was about..and I remember it well, as I do their subsequent releases. Now that I am 'dead' so to speak, I must search the ether for their sounds and the sounds of others I can remember during my residence on 'planet earth'. One thing in my favour; I have an infinatessimal amount of time on my as a human is difficult, and full of problems. Once rid of the 'human' or 'earthly' containment..........the universe is your oyster.

  49. Reinke0812

    song makes you wanna smoke weed

  50. Elizabeth Cooper

    As a kid about 6 around 1993 I remember playing this song on repeat and going to the corner shop to get cobbers then coming home and still hearing it. I just loved it! Strange child! Short and sweet, could hear it about 10 times on repeat in 20 mins :D

  51. Paul Soulsby

    Mine too, quality.

  52. Sarahfreckle

    My favourite Small Faces song. Steve Marriot was a great lead singer.

  53. stOOpid68

    HA HAA!!
    shoulda known u'd post this mate!!
    deffo *****

    The Sawdust Caesar

  54. twiggystick

    Great number from a great Sixties group. RIP Stevie and Ronnie. Thanks for posting.

  55. ther51

    love this song, used to sing it a lot,

  56. monty1clift

    My favourite from Small Faces!