Small Faces - All Or Nothing Lyrics

I thought you'd listen to my reason
But now I see, you don't hear a thing
Try to make you see, how it's got to be

Yes it's all, all or nothing
Yeah yeah, All or nothing
All or nothing, for me

Things could work out just like I want them to, yeah
If I could have the other half of you, yeah
You know I would, If I only could

Yes it's yeah, all or nothing
Oh yeah, all or nothing
You'll hear my children say, all or nothing, for me

I didn't tell you no lies
So don't you sit there and cry girl
Yeah, all or nothing
Oh yeah, all or nothing
Oh yeah, all or nothing
D'you know what I mean
You got to, got to, go to keep on trying, yeah
All or nothing, mm yeah
All or nothing, to keep on working on to me
All or nothing for me, for me, for me
Come on children, yeah
All or nothing, yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah
All or nothing, I kept on singing to myself
All or nothing, yeah for me, yeah

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Small Faces All Or Nothing Comments
  1. Michael Hackett

    Love them but someone break the drummers arms for him.

  2. samantha jackson

    Steve is the hottest man that's ever lived.

  3. Automatic Slim

    Every song seems to hold Marriott back - he's appears always just ready to explode.

  4. David Partridge

    I thought I heard this riff somewhere before!

  5. Ian Aldus

    what a vocal !

  6. 3Vimages

    What a voice …. huge for such a little fella.

  7. incogneto

    The most British sounding band ever !

  8. Ian Jenkins

    Steve was a superstar, Rod Stewart not good enough to kiss his boots

  9. Glyn Evans

    One of the greatest bands of all time

  10. samantha jackson

    I have a crush on steve , amazing band the best

  11. john rubie


  12. Steve Brittain

    I can tell you its true that mick said no when it was suggested Stevie Marriot took Brains spot, Amongst a dozen or so other apparently when Keith suggested it Mick said 'God no, its bad enough being blown off stage by you'

  13. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1966 {August 26th} the Small Faces performed "All or Nothing" the British ITV network television program, 'Ready Steady Go!'...
    At the time the song was at position #9 on the United Kingdom's Official Top 50 Singles chart, three weeks later it would peak at #1 {for 1 week} and it spent twelve weeks on the Top 50 chart...
    Between 1965 and 1976 the London-based band had fourteen records on the Top 50 Singles chart, seven made the Top 10 with one* reaching #1, the above "All or Nothing"...
    * They just missed having a second #1 record when their "Lazy Sunday" peaked at #2 {for 1 week} in 1968, the week it was at #2, the #1 record for that week was "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, and their fourteenth and final Top 50 record was a re-release of "Lazy Sunday" in 1976, for it's second time around it reached #39...

  14. Matthew Bickerdike

    Judy coming back to this again. I'm 38. My parents loved this it's all their era. Steve is just great as a front man and this performance is the 60's for me. It just encapsulates everything I want to hear and feel with music.

  15. scissors65

    i was a small boy of 1 when this came out; but now i love it.

  16. Fabrizio Gamba

    Probably perfect! 🔵⚪️🔴

  17. Clancy Kobane

    Massive, massive talent in this band.

  18. Julia Gribble

    Loved the Small Faces and especially this track

  19. Mike Fallon

    Orginal modfather

  20. Alan Scott

    Great !!

  21. Jörg Knafla

    Musik aus meiner Kindheit.Schön und unvergesslich.

  22. incogneto

    This is the most British sounding song ever

  23. Spinning Spin

    I love how he sells all but we all bought nothing

  24. Layla Reeves

    How did I find this extremely cool 60’s Rock band that was obviously far ahead of its time and way before my era? I’m mesmerized. Thank you YouTube!

  25. David Coomber

    A sound that grows better with age, this music set a tone for everything to come, sharp clean in your face no apology yet never losing sight of the fact the music business is far to serious that needs the piss taking out of it from time to time

  26. BicycleJoeLofi Soundandvision

    Hear my children sing

  27. Bridgette Robeson

    lov you Steve and miss you...b

  28. Danny Dennis

    Do you know this, I am a 60s/70s mod. You are never an ex mod.
    A few people said to me once in my local pub, Dan, your always dressed smart, I said, that's because I was a mod, it never leaves you....even at 65

  29. Frank Hodgkiss

    When you listen to music like this the music of today is just crap

  30. Annie Chrisbendy

    Paul wellar in the late 70,s ...... liam g in the ninties MODELED THEMSELVES ON STEVE MARRIOT .... i wish they would be more open about it .....

  31. Michael Kalteis

    Steve Marriot - ein verkanntes Genie. unvergessen.

  32. nfelvis68

    How many 1 Direction songs stack up to this?

  33. Günter Fischer

    Ganz große Klasse , das ist noch Musik und kein Metall !

  34. Steve Large

    Steve Marriot - THE greatest voice ever - simples

  35. nfelvis68

    Helll of a song and one hell of a singer.

  36. Scott Penn

    What a voice.

  37. Dennis Derr

    Love it!

  38. sian davies

    Such an incredibly talented man but he and his band-mates worked so well together. Don't forget - Steve Marriott was only 19 years of age in 1966.

  39. MusicalElitist1

    That E string on Plonk's bass is a bit flat..

  40. etienne konter

    Im.from the 90s but i love this music

  41. Joe Bereczki

    Why can't they make music like this today lol

  42. Gary Rhone

    Always put these guys and the Kinks above the Stones on my lists

  43. Proper Twelve

    too good

  44. Kevin Hyland

    Fucking lovely tune ...was 8 when it came out but heard it on radio S.F.

  45. phil shaw

    Steve marriot the true MODFATHER

  46. Bernhard Eltzschig

    Mega Song

  47. MusicalElitist1

    Ronnie's bass was out of tune.

  48. NJGuy1973

    Listen, it's like a bolt out of the blue.
    Listen, it could be calling out for you.

  49. Lee Button

    We see them local in Barnet Greenford etc a genius singer for sure know not many loved Humble Pie Black Coffee -missed for sure

  50. fandabydozy

    Steve Marriott was a phenomenal talent who ended up with very little money, I believe he had played a pub night in Sheffield shortly before his sad death witch if I remember correctly was caused by a house fire due to smoking when when tired. R.I.P Steve

  51. Paul Goodier

    great voice but he was a bullying drug taking self loathing uneducated song writer singing suicidal twat......sorry to fuck you up people but that IS the truth

  52. Joseph Cvjetic

    great song i have play it (bass guitar)

  53. Samira's Channel

    Wooow super video likkke omg omg Toooop very gooood Biggggggg likkkkkkkke fantástic Toooop

  54. shellsbignumber2

    Great LM

  55. Peter Farkas

    Brilliant song and better then the shit we listen to now

  56. colleenlovesbolan

    No compare to no one. Marriott is a work of art.

  57. David Johnson

    Awesome song from an awesome musical era. That is a sick drum kit too...goes great with Steve's White Falcon.

  58. Amanda Share

    This is my favourite all time song ever. This is the song that I am having played at my funeral. Love the Beatles love the Stones, but Stevie Marriot is THE MAN. Love his vocals , sadly missed. Unfortunately never saw him live but God I wish I had!!!!!!

  59. Yilmas VEVO

    Steve Marriott is tearing my heart apart

  60. Can ley

    great song to listen to in a poker tournament showdown

  61. Can ley

    bo bo bo boba bababaaaa....

  62. Ciaran Kelly

    You know something... the older I get, the BETTER Small Faces get!!!

  63. chrisjaybecker

    It's so weird that the Small Faces were huge in the UK but never really broke in the US, and yet Humble Pie was considered a flop in the UK, but they were huge in the US.

  64. Carl-Emile Barker

    Stevie, STILL a 'teenager', here!

  65. Jon Francois

    52 years on and its power is undiminished.

  66. Rhea Donker

    The best

  67. happychappy12

    I think your wrong there Mick berry, he never lost the plot, he was the plot, all others tried to catch up. Rod stewart?? me a flavour. He never had it in the first place, all fur coat and no knickers me mam used to say, feck me, she was right, look at the shite he's singing now..............xx

  68. Jayne Hewitt

    mods forever rip Steve&ronnie&ian to luvuallxxx

  69. Sandra Baldwin

    Great Band had the pleasure of seeing them live Steve was the best nStill listen to him today Music was great in them days Today's Music is not the same

  70. Humzah J.

    Why is there still no stereo remastering of this song?

  71. tomr

    Fantastic! Finally found a real performance by these guys. It did not disappoint.

  72. Jon Hodgkinson

    The music never dies

  73. sugarkaneandchloe

    **I thought you'd listened to my reasoning
    But now I see you didn't hear a thing*

  74. Stephan Döhler

    Best song ever !!!! Love it or hate it..!! All or nothing..!!! This is Rock N Roll. ...!!!!

  75. José Barberá

    Como me sube

  76. David Griffiths

    One of the best songs ever.

  77. Tom Bailey

    By far the best entertainer in the 60's...Mr Steve Marriott 🍷🙋‍♂️😎

  78. robert kelly

    they were so cool

  79. James Wells

    Cockneys at their best.

  80. timtak1

    I want to have Stevie Marriot's babies.

  81. Jack Grainger

    One of my all time favourite bands !!!!!!!!!!!

  82. P.O.

    This group is beyond superb

    The 60's are the zenith of of human civilisation

    Imagine driving down to the Riviera in your brand new 4.2 E type DHC in 1966 listening to this sublime track

    I won't ask all and sundry where it all went wrong as those that know will know...

    I mourn such greatness

  83. Chris Smith

    Omg that bass!

  84. colleenlovesbolan

    He is a work of art. I hope our youth finds him.

  85. Intangibilism

    ... there was a weight to their music even the Beatles struggled to match!

  86. denise hurley

    This little guy was .massive talent so soulful .RIP

  87. Andy Lockett

    Mod, Rock, Soul fused together, wonderful tune.

  88. Игорь Крылов


  89. MonkeymagicsMum

    I think this song is WAAAAAAY ahead of its time.

  90. funkmasterjee

    I wish I was there in 1966

  91. Janet Trent

    Would Steve Marriott have been Knighted like the rest of them.

  92. John Rabbetts


  93. Buster Scruggs

    Great cockney band. The very best. Check out "Black Tower of London" (Grenfell Towers) on you tube.

  94. Duncan Farquhar

    Born in 65 but love this band. they were sixties music. Steve was way ahead of his time. RIP Steve,Ron and Ian.

  95. Tom Bailey

    The best group in the sixties...
    Steve Marriott... top mod 😎

  96. Amy Gibbs

    Only if he was still here now. To me he is a legend. But if he was still alive he would of ruled everything. I do prefer Steve's voice compared to Mick Jagger.