Slushii - Run Up Lyrics

Let's bring you a pack, a bag with this and a slush, pew!
Aight, uh, brr!
Uh, uh

Ayy, my Wraith look like a snowball, (Aw) chopper take your nose off (Take your nose off)
Ayy, piece a clip, throw, ain't shot no slingshots
Ayy, all I do is go hard, pull up in a sports car (Pssh!)
Huh, ayy, this is Louis Vuitton, this not no bull yard
Cold like Minnesota, (Soda) I give her Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola)
Huh, ayy, I fly your bitch out, she sent you a postcard, huh
Huffy huffy, huffy, you're like puffy
My bitch, she look like Buffy, and she ride me like a Huffy
Ah, wicked rich, ah, be back in a jiffy, huh
Oh, wicked, wicked, huh, told her "need my wicky", oh my god
Aw, don't get tripped, uh, trigger finger itchy, huh
Watch me smokin' biffy, huh, this is sticky-icky
Huh, winner winner, (Winner) winner chicken dinner (A chicken dinner)
Uh, I pull up in that cadi with the spinner

Did she just roll up a swisher? (Bitch, she did!)
Someone get this bitch outta my spinner (Out my spinner)

Right now
Right now
Right now
Motherfuckers wanna run up on the...

(Fuckers wanna...)
(Fuckers wanna...)
(Mo-mo-mother-motherfuckers-fuckers wanna...)

Right now
Right now
Right now
Motherfuckers-fuckers-fuckers wanna... (Grrrah!)

Take a shot, motherfucker
(Fuckers wanna...)
Bitch, I need that clip
(Fuckers wanna...)
Take a shot, motherfucker
(Fuckers wanna...)
Bitch, I need that clip
(Mo-mo-mother-motherfuckers-fuckers wanna...)

Motherfuckers wanna run up the block, ayy
I just tell them niggas I've been runnin' the block
And my Phantom way too big to fit in this parking spot, ayy
I guess I'm gonna have to find a whole parking lot, aw
Ayo Slush, drop the track, I'm about to give these niggas a heart attack
I'mma get that strap, man, run 'em to the back to the bank 'til I have all of that
What you know about 50 karat [?] while you packed up in the party, yap?
Ayy, matter of fact, white walls in a Cadillac
Drive-by, by along, I'll be back, right now

Right now
Right now
Right now
Motherfuckers wanna run up on the...

(Fuckers wanna...)
(Fuckers wanna...)
(Right now)
(Right now)
(Mo-mo-mother-motherfuckers-fuckers wanna...)
(Right now)

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Slushii Run Up Comments
  1. Sleepyhead101

    i like dank's cover better

  2. tyler sander

    Roll me up and down daddy

  3. bEzii Music

    Can't believe this was released on Monstercat, sounds so much like Disciple material

  4. TALGY

    Lit track but vocals sound almost the same as in Smoke Purpp & Lil Pump - Nephew

  5. wtf. tonio

    2:10 “ my kids cant hear u they r listening to kids bop”

  6. Rens

    Huffy huffy

  7. pro gamer 7698

    Bruh i love this song!

  8. Edson Servin

    Didn't know slushii was into trap, I like it 🔥🔥🔥

  9. EsKpistOne

    n word monstercat song



  10. Dylan Ranks

    not a fan of this at all ngl

  11. je2854

    "How to make a transparent wheelfrom plexiglass" from Garage 54 brought me here!

    This track is FIRE!!

  12. Zoeysha MgM

    que bueno esta la cacion weys!

  13. Luck Deck 3


  14. Raul

    Here from Garage 54

  15. XaviereX

    Why does these guys rapping rap like takashi6ix9ine

  16. Rens


  17. Irene

    can't wait for Make It Rightttttt

  18. Rodrigo Estrada

    Why this sound like nephew from smokepurpp & lil pump

  19. Benja Centurion

    What happened with the drowning ep

  20. Sunzya aalay

    did i just Heard Got that purple lamborghini lurkin' purple lamborghini lurkin' In background?

  21. Peng Pong

    When you tamper with the anti-theft tag on clothes

    Jeff Allen


  22. Palito de pez kawaii

    It reminds me to lil pump and purpp

  23. Muhammet Celik

    Thats like Skrillex s beats

  24. Jeff Allen

    More of THIS! Damn Son!

  25. Von-T

    Wondering if  @sapientdream   @Marshmello  and  @Slushii  wants to make a hit!!!

  26. Isaac Moua

    that second drop :o

  27. Kandy

    Sound like perp

  28. ZappingHero

    I'm not really big on the rap vocals though, but at least the drop here is quite funny and enjoyable.

  29. あと1ぽん


  30. Aidan Tion


  31. vairexx

    First drop is alright. Second drop is amazing. Rap is enjoyable. 8/10

  32. FoxBoyFunky


  33. Yash Shrivastava

    Loved it sir

  34. Amia Huang


  35. Sam White

    1:55 B O P

  36. Денис Савченко

    Winner winner chicken dinner, PUBG? 🤣😂

  37. Austen Salcedo

    Versatile af

  38. Austen Salcedo

    That’s what I’m fucking talking about !🔥

  39. DaTweekaz

    The Slushiis Masterpiece

  40. GodLike Riddim

    I got Getter vibes from this 💕

  41. Misael Menezes

    Marshmello Galp Beach Party 2k19 in 47:36

  42. The TAXI KAB

    this is so fucking ass lmao
    Rap and edm do NOT go well together

  43. Alpha X

    First song on Monstercat that says nigga

  44. Pozeidon Music

    "Smoke purpp x lil pump - nephew " then 6ix9ine flow


    Womp womp by valee. Came out before nephew

    Pozeidon Music

    MilkiMadeTheBeat imma check that one out 🙌🏽

  45. Котики Или


  46. Christopher Ferguson

    The second drop is beautiful

  47. DJ L.A

    Slushii Let's Gooo

  48. Indigo 132

    The drop literally sound like an alien abduction ray thing... lol.


    And it's the coolest thing ever 💯

    hay star Broca

    Is Slushii the new Skrillex

    Peng Pong

    It sounds like someone tampering with those anti-theft tags on clothes

    Indigo 132

    Peng Pong oh yeah, it does kinda, lol.

  49. alaa game over

    cool 😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍❤

  50. eXoniXin

    when this song has been uploaded. I always jump flip when listening to the drop😂😂

  51. Ekø Bøy

    sounds like that womp womp song from tiktok

  52. Victoria Carr-Ginn

    It's fire my man 👌🔥🔥

  53. Kyle Thomas

    Pure Eargasm! 💥👌

  54. l o n e l y // 1


  55. PawZy's Game!

    its killing ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Pika pika no mi

    Cool dude 👌


    mto bom vc e um genio slushii do brasil

  58. El Marco 123

    Rap dubstep

  59. rest Сup

    Like sicko mode by Travis Scott

  60. Masta Hoffman

    Yeah go slush boii!!!

  61. Zepto

    Smokepurpp - Nephew x Valee - Vomp Vomp Flow...

  62. SKD SKyuuD

    NUMBER 1 in tha EP

  63. Luca123Acul

    *Yaaa Slushii epic one! Do more rap Songs 🤘 **#Slushii*

  64. CHALAMBA YUMNAM - djchalambaiv200


  65. Armo

    I believe some EDM and rap goes together like butter and toast. Except the butter melted because this track is fire.

  66. Submetrixx

    Womp womp ripoff!

    MARCOM noivent

    So what mf? This goes harder than that womp womp shiy

  67. PPA Psycho 100 1

    6ix9ine x Kendrick Lamar detected

  68. thehypebeastman

    This song goes hard. 🔥🤕🔥

  69. 陳紀廷


  70. Arvin Jay Studios Official update

    You Good back and I hope that you're having a good time in Dubstep London with the moment hear this Slushii up

  71. Ellipsis Music


  72. JoelEl G


  73. Error - [404]

    Comentario 22.


    This is one of my favorites 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Daniel Azel

    I HAVE ALWAYS WAITING FOR THIS SONG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  76. DJ Energetic

    Dame 😎hell yeah yo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎🤩

  77. Gaurav Patel

    I went from pubg . 0:51 winner winner chicken dinner

  78. RB3SN

    New thumbnail toyota new stream of music all i want🤩🤩🤩🤩

  79. Dhio Shaw

    Ring in my head😵

  80. DARG yio

    UwU slushii ❤❤❤

  81. Slushii

    Stream/Download 'Watch Yo Back' EP:

    Theman Fluky

    Fire song

    ShuGAmeS JuaNchO RG

    Slushi hello a México


    I love your drops . Can you give tutorials for creating songs of your style please

    chase brown

    Did you see that (Garage 54 Eng) used this song in their most recent video? This is good shit you got here mane.

  82. DarkTyyp Gaming

    Surprised to hear such an explicit song on Monstercat! Damn! What a great EP as well! ❤️


    That's why it's not been uploaded on the channel.


    try Karma Feilds stick up


    @Texner35 okay but did Morten say the n word? Didn't think so

  83. Jhoe Martins

    Woooow 🤤♥️🔥🔥🔥

  84. Plague Boy

    Let's Ruin Up 🔥🔥🌎🌎

  85. Zdnm :3


  86. Jaden Benjamin

    Oh my Lord those fucking drops are disgusting JFC!

  87. Gamer Aayush 123

    Sometime U have to run down also😂😂😂

  88. longarmsdave

    Fuckkkkk! Love how you are making dubstep again! 💯

    o h

    its not dubstep its hybrid trap

  89. DJ LOV3LY

    We should do a collaboration

  90. sofia Mochichii


  91. GJ GAMER


  92. Dacoool!

    ...did she just roll up her sweatshirt???


    @Ellipsis Music Ok 😂😂😂

    Garrett Cox

    Swisher* its a rello lol


    Garrett Cox my mans never smoked a blunt 😂

    Victor Matheus



    @Garrett Cox Joke