Slushii - Dreaming Of You Lyrics


I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you

I'm dreaming of you

(I'm dreaming of)


I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you
Oh, oh, oh
I'm dreaming of you

I'm dreaming of you

I'm dreaming of you

(I'm dreaming of)

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Slushii Dreaming Of You Comments
  1. Benjamín Romero rojas


  2. Riley .B. Lynch


  3. nitro 93800

    Gaming music😍

  4. Rmacmilanツ

    fortnite rippley skin looks like ur art slushii xD and its kinda cute

  5. Hazoret Seguillon

    I dreaming of Slushii !

  6. Jett Ankermann

    Slushii is essentially the enjoyable, good, and under rated version of marshmello.
    This is the cutest artwork I think I have ever seen.

  7. Matthew Cho

    2:07 sounds super good

  8. Gaurav Patel

    1:21 Yes slushii I am here

  9. Spiritual9

    I just realized I haven’t had a slushy in forever 😅

  10. Martin Brooks

    Never heard this type of drop in the history of mankind... Thumps up... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Jacob Espitia


  12. Rojelio Joaquin

    Hermoso 😗😗😗😚😍😍😉😉😉😋😉😉😋😉😉

  13. littlechungus

    2:08 best part

  14. Shadow ™

    Amazing :)

  15. Lissy Lives On

    0:51 and 2:30 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Rogelio Joaquin

    Me encanta siempre la escucho

  17. The Orange Carrot

    I don't think music can get any better than this. This has to be one of my favorite songs

    (the other one flicker from porter robinson)

  18. Abstract _

    Who’s here after the music video

  19. Bryan Escalante

    *This song Is amazing. 🔝🎮*

    The Orange Carrot

    it truly is

  20. Sukijan Jawi

    Slushiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. indra koplak

    Hmmm.... Remove lyrc oh oh oh
    Remake again

  22. Miftha Sadik

    Why do the voices sound high-pitched?Please reply

    The Orange Carrot

    thats the sound design of the song. Some producers want lyrics but they dont want to hear their own voice. (think of marshmello's alone)

    Miftha Sadik


  23. Nicole Beauty & Guts Gurru

    I love slush I! I’m new to it someone recommend me some more jams to check out ❤️🖤👀

  24. Oscar Gomez

    ohhhhh yeahhhh i love it <3

  25. Edo

    Spettacolare, Slushii continua così

  26. Scarlett Blanco

    very cool

  27. Olli R

    This just tells me that it is waiting for Netsky remix..

  28. FoxBoyFunky

    *I M D R E A M I N G O F Y O U*

  29. XanderXides0fficial

    I wan to be you so bad 😂😂😂


    The Orange Carrot what?


    The Orange Carrot sir I’m afraid you are dyslexic. Read my comment again

    The Orange Carrot

    crap xD

  30. Reyna Maulidian

    This song is so cool 👍

  31. Levielyn Pangilinan

    I like this song slushii

  32. G41axyX

    Hey slushii, i just wondered it ur ever gonna do anymore story time animated, i enjoyed those

  33. Olga and Mike Masciari

    BeSt SoNg EvEr

  34. DJ MYstIC

    I think the genre is kawaii futurebass cuz of that lead slushii always Makes me pumped up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    6R4Y WÜLF

    this is mid tempo

    DJ MYstIC

    @6R4Y WÜLF oh shit,yes forgot about that thnx :)


    Slushii I wanted to see you in Tampa but couldn’t make it

  36. Will B.M. all you think

    Hello from Brazil Again my friend😄 Love it, This soooonnngggg 🤩🤩🤩

  37. xfinity jajawalker731V

    I'm a big fan

  38. Duolingo Owl

    I crush dreams

    The Orange Carrot

    woa there

  39. CptShameful OG

    I hope this is going onto Rocket Leagues next album thingy i like his one on there Love u Need u

  40. Duckyplay’s UwU

    Hey slushii you got a furry thats copying you called slushii animations, pretty triggered furries are ruining EDM sometimes, especially animation memes from your songs ;-;

  41. Itati Otirra

    As músicas desse cara são top❤

  42. •Puffy Sprinkles•

    Love this!

  43. vishwas angira

    It's boring . Just like any ordinary thing

  44. Yolanda espinoza


  45. Jay Sarma

    I love this so much ❤

  46. Lance Allen

    virtual self?

  47. Johannes Rolf

    In newer Volkswagens, the 'seatbelt is not fastened' warning sounds exactly like the beginning of the song

  48. Ваня Сидорчик 31


  49. Ваня Сидорчик 31


  50. Octahedron

    He wrote a song about taking a big ole peepee

  51. Evelyn Cochenour

    I love toy slushii you have made me feel better when I am down

  52. Crisp Supreme

    Okay Slushii, I'll play Rocket League again. You brought that feeling of HYPE in me again!


    Same thing hapened to me lol

  53. TheMajesticBlair

    Cant wait till my skillz are this good

  54. Joaquin Herrera

    Otaku conchetumare

  55. Nofthing Here

    You love her lol😂

  56. Forager Forager

    Slushii, Where is the music video??

  57. Yaberling Oviedo


  58. Nostalgia 64


  59. LM15


  60. Orion Lion

    If I attend ur concert at I allowed to wear my fursuit!!

  61. EpicFace8558

    Amazing dude 🥳🧿😎


    Soon this will reach at least over A MILLION views. Just you wait guys

  62. Erika Paredes

    Slushiideserves more likes,(on videos) more views,and more subscribers!!

  63. Geon Lee

    OMG this is cool!

  64. Orsuza Leonardo


  65. A Long Yellow Thing

    Diabeetus meta

  66. Jeff S

    It looks like madeon.

  67. MC. Skywalker

    Gives a cheery happiness to even the grumpiest! We love you.


    At least I'm not the the only slushy I'm Fr_Slushy

  69. Heriava

    (≧ᴗ≦) This song got me electrified^
    Absolutely adorable

  70. LiagamerHD Gachaverse

    I enjoy the music in my ears slushii

  71. El Box

    Dis is a good beat AND song :>

  72. El Box

    Dis is a good beat AND song :>

  73. SuperMarcoToad64 aka Smt64

    Sounds like something I will hear in a RPG

  74. Sheila Mae Tumangday Yap

    Hmmmmmmmm popppp korean music??? Stupid


    How is this K-pop

  75. Sheila Mae Tumangday Yap

    Ur melting ew

  76. Dacoool!

    When Slushii & Peachii becomes a big thing, I'll be here

  77. Facts in Kannada

    comfortable recorded material

  78. Eva Montero Rojas

    Soy español y me encanta esta cancion

  79. Aiden Hunter

    HELLO? 💚

  80. massivesama Ege


  81. AstroDynamo

    Awesome...i heard this first song of yours and now i am a fan😍😍😍 awesome keep it up 😍😍

  82. Dorian Said

    Wish outdoor?
    Yes sir!❤️

  83. Johangel Mejia

    El caballero slushii xd

  84. Grim Reaper Gaming

    AWWWWWWWW SLUSHII has a widdle girlfrined nice art work my dude love it.

    Illuminati Demons

    Grim Reaper Gaming 😂😂😂is truth

    Abstract _

    If a Slushii can get a girlfriend, I surely can’t.



    Abstract _

    Smolbean540 r/woooosh

  85. tutoriales con marck

    Slushii mi dj favorito <3

  86. Klopeii

    Good job to get back on monstercat 🥳🥳🥳


    eres el mejor

  88. Vincent Cantalini

    Your show tonight was fucking sick you melted my mind with music and ur lights 😍😍😍😍💀☠☠☠

  89. Virginia Espinoza

    Why am I getting Dora car ads

  90. Gabriel Victor

    I miss the songs of Slushii and Marshmello together

  91. Rebecca Virgo McQueen

    It reminds me of the animal jam music you here in the background

  92. ATRRIX

    Do a concert in Puerto Rico again