Slum Village - Players Lyrics

It's the 788
DDT'n, just like Jake The Snake
Actually we don't participate
But if you do then I'mma see you at your wake
Don't let the drama fluctuate
I don't want em
I got em, we cooking steaks
Now what would we be at if we let you do that
We'd probably be laying on our backs
Talking this and that
You want my opinion your shit was whack
I never would, play myself out like that
But umm, I guess that's where you at
And I'mma play this game for you

What I'mma do is like uhh
Call out your whole crew cause your crew likes to bite us
Y'all stick to freestyling cause y'all ain't no writers
Trying to be some players and can't play the game
See you sound the same and you claim to be
Something you ain't or won't be without S.V
Y'all need to be smacked open-handedly

I could give a fuck about this shit
You all up in my face over some ho shit
Just come out, you wanna be with my clique
You must know, really how wild I get
When I walk in the place saying (players) yes, yes
There's some people who really wanna see the S
Personally I could give a fuck less
Check your lady, she's a groupie ho
Opening her coochie hole, fuck that ho
Eye to eye, they doing the Devoe
When you front, it's inspirational
You, you, or you, or you, or you, or you

Yo, yo, yo
You wanna be some (players) and can't play this game
You sound the same and you claim to be
Something you ain't or won't be without S.V
Y'all need to be smacked open-handedly by these

Talking this and that
You want my opinion your shit was whack
I never would, play myself out like that
But I guess that's where you at

You wanna be a player for me to hold you up
You think I really give a fuck
You, and you, and you, and you and your crew
You think you just some players

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Slum Village Players Comments
  1. Byron

    God this beat is outta this world!!

  2. Andre


  3. Shunacy Hart

    One of the best groups..hands down 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. Torveeg

    Ah ha ha

  5. Leonardo

    UH HA HA you see it?? Spice Adams

  6. Smiley.03

    You see it

  7. WesamL

    Ah haah ha

  8. Simon Mitchell


  9. Tyler Durden

    A statement to all the lil pumps of the world today “talkin this and that, you want my opinion? It was wack, I wouldn’t.. play myself out like that, but um.... I guess that’s where you at...”

  10. Tyler Durden

    I just want everyone here to know that you’re all real ones in my book. Wish I knew some of you most people cant relate to this

  11. JRH


  12. Mystic Stylez

    Ah ha ha

  13. iSpyCars

    Hahaha thank you Spice for bringing this one back to my mind



  15. MarcuzSwangShit

    “Yea she want me ah ha ha” - Spice Adams

  16. Neruv


  17. Maximus russo

    Yeah you see it, uh haha

  18. Oualid

    Uh haha

  19. rhymes dimes

    Dilla forever

    rhymes dimes

    rhymes like dimes podcast

  20. ii mhxd

    Spice abams wussup homie

  21. Herve Djungu-Sungu

    “Whatcha say now chuck??! Haahahaha”

  22. Andre Blige


  23. Adri

    A ha ha.

  24. Al Dali

    Did anyone else realize this was a diss to proof and 5 ela

  25. faqndo23

    Veyaam Damn

  26. Fire Demon00

    No one brought me here, I brought myself here cause this is real music

  27. Sarah Burggraf

    A ha ha

  28. Demon_toguro98 Lonewolf

    “Ahahahahah goood morning” spice Adams

  29. KingKole


  30. Conor Doyle

    “Uuuuuh I just need a little off the... um...”


  31. tarsha anderson

    Can someone point me to the lyrics please! Ty

  32. Larry Singleton

    What cha say now chuck.....

  33. Grind Addicts

    Nah whatchu saying Chuk? Uhahaha

  34. Mark Hazleton

    I bought this album in 2000. The CD is busted now, but this song still has to be in my Top 10 Hip Hop Songs of All Time.

  35. emmy lite


  36. Diego Acadé

    Veeyam de damn?

  37. CurrenZe

    Uhhh haaaa haaaaa LMFAOOO

  38. ajmult

    Ah haha


    Fuck Spice Adams

  40. Luis Ortiz

    My good taste of music brought me

  41. primo beats

    Uh hah ha ha ha

  42. tommy Classics

    RIP DILLA.....uh ha ha

  43. Luv.snowzz


  44. DingleMister

    Who the fuck is spice adams

  45. King Rez

    Uhhh ha ha!!!!

  46. GoodVibesTV

    This makes me wanna uh haha

  47. Lean RetroBreak

    AH HA HA

  48. Andres Jorge Cabezas

    Uh hahaa

  49. Narga

    "Uhh Ahah Just got Faited"

  50. Tejano Brown

    Uh ha haa

  51. Lemar SkyDance

    Uh haha...Uh haha


    Spice Adams anyone? ah haha

  53. Raiiden

    alexander hakim flexin

  54. View


  55. Harold

    aha haha maaan yous a plum fool

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  57. ISometimesHaveFun

    Aaa ha ha

  58. Nehei Roberts

    You a plum fool

  59. Willohz

    A H A HA


    Uh ahah

  61. Jerome Jerry Jay

    I knew this was dilla, couldn’t remember the mcs over the instrumental, used spice’s comments to find my way

  62. L K


  63. philip nzangi

    Spice Adam's made me cut my hair

  64. jagiNON

    Barney the Dinosaur brought me here.

  65. The Melancholy Void

    Ah ha ha

  66. dark JR

    ahhaha YOU SEE IT

  67. TheIndoSmith

    Uh ha ha

  68. Ignat Intellect

    Ty Dolla $ign brought me here

  69. Asr Ast&Hru

    If you actually jammed this shot when it came out and have no clue who SPICE ADAMS is click here

    OG Based C Wizzy

    Asr Ast&Hru Heard this joint back in 01 still dope till this day

  70. Tj Masterbarber

    Anthony Adams bought me here

  71. bumpty bumpty

    uh hah ha

  72. Junior Bebble

    Spice Adams where you at? AH HAHA

  73. Ronnett Turner

    This song makes me walk with like I am cool ass hell !! 😁

  74. Bruno Faca

    ah haha

  75. Moose S.

    Rest in Paradise J Dilla. Made the most "organic" music, known to man...

  76. Jonabob


  77. JayTheKing506

    A ha ha 👀

  78. Hamdan Saleh

    ah haha

  79. danswade365

    I’ve been looking for this shit

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    Uh ha ha

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    The kick and drum pattern is so smooth how the fuck do I make the rhythm

  84. Guap Boomin

    Uh ha ha 😏

  85. yoongi •

    *uh haha*

  86. shredded guy

    after months of trying to get this song from 10 second Spice Adams clips, shazam finally came thru :D

  87. andye asb

    " Uh Ha Ha"

  88. IamAngelo

    Use me as a “Ah ha haa” button

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    Good moooooorning

  93. K'hàn Coley

    Spice Adams ain’t bring me here but that’s my boy ah haha

  94. wistone91

    where can I find the whole track that appears at 2:26? there are lots of Fantastic Versions. but that one isolated I couldn't find it.