Slum Village - Look Of Love (Remix) Lyrics

Hey baby what love got to do with this
Huh, yeah I don't know, but umm
Yeah, you know what love is
Say it with me one time (you know what love is)

Inside this love with me

[T3 during Chorus:]
T3 is on some love tip y'all (you know what love is)
See the S is on some love tip (you know what love is)
T3 is on some love tip y'all (you know what love is)
T3 is on some love tip (you know what love is)

She said "I wanna be down with the S"
I said "Certainly and let me taste your splendorness"
Bustin a Virgo, you were scandalous
Your fragrance got me losin consciousness
Your stance got me unbucklin my fuckin pants
Spendin, clams to finance on the two dollar romance
Take this dick, to the tip, get a lick
Tell a bitch, the S is the shit, so eat a dick
You need to... just give me your clit
So I can get nasty like an old porno flick
Oral sex, got me caught up in the [?] bliss
T-Cedric, as I drop this dick between her tits


Yeah, one on one havin' fun in my master suite
It's two o'clock, time to go and see the wee
The out cat, got a V.I.P
Lapdance, cutie romancin'
I picture you at my crib
Aerobics, got you straight up flexible
I'm tellin' you, you the one that I like
I'm smellin' you, but you smell so nice
I really like the way you listen to my advice
On how you never - you never fight
I really wanna, take you home
And do you, on my bearskin rug

[Chorus - to fade]

[Dilla during Chorus:]
Aiyyo baby what love got to do with this
Yo, I don't know, but umm
Yeah, you know what love it is
Say it with me one time (you know what love is)
Uh-huh, uh-huh (you know what love is)
Yo I don't know (you know what love is)
You know what love is...

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Slum Village Look Of Love (Remix) Comments
  1. nice meme

    that bassline tho

  2. Sean White

    AMAZING...I luv my people. Omg!!! StillloveJdill

  3. love pusher

    F L O A T in'

  4. Austin Edwards

    Sv Forever James Yancey and Baatin rest in beats your music Will always live to u both 🔥🔥💯💯😇😇✊🎵🎶🎤🔒🔒🎹💯💯💯💯💯

  5. keith glenn

    The original is hard but this remix was better imo.

  6. Cali G

    Still in 2019 is the best beat ever!!! Over that Minnie Ripperton song...sends chills down my spine!!!
    Slum Vil Long Live #Dilla Greatest Producer of All Time!!!!

  7. Kevin Frost

    This is actually the Trina Broussard version of "Inside My Love" not the same one Tribe used


    i think both versions (minnie riperton and trina broussard) are used on this, which makes it even more amazing to me

  8. FragDawg

    Real. MF'in. Deal.

  9. Gammatarian HashBaird

    this a tune

  10. Kaze Jah

    If this doesnt just make your body smooth move.....something the fuck wrong with you!!!

  11. Eric Matterson

    Same sample as Lyrics To Go by TCQ

  12. OSTeez

    Smoothest beat yet hardest one ever...

  13. Nonjabulo Maseko

    "Come ride inside this love with me" ❤❤❤

  14. Kay Meauxss


  15. EndrTheHentaiGod 24

    The amount of times Dilla Flipped this sample

    Kasino Marxs

    5 to be exact

  16. Gosbert Chagula

    Smoooooooooth ❤️ 2019

  17. NattyJames10

    Jheeeeze , the bass on this 🙌🏾

  18. Do u espeke inglish

    This where j Cole got the sample for everybody dies

    Carlyn Tucker

    They got this from the Trina Broussard version if you look up Trina Broussard-inside my love at 2:58


    @Carlyn Tucker You are correct... I always thought Trina Broussard re-sang the hook live, but it is a sample of her version.

    Carlyn Tucker

    TeeAbrafo yeah I wonder if she did

    Depree Wilson

    Da O.G of this is Minnie FACTS

    Kasino Marxs

    @this is definitely a kek But the best to do it. Let's not forget, he flipped this sample 4 other times. None of them sound alike.

  19. Darrin Hammond

    Just free styling over beautiful track an bobbing your to this beat

  20. Imperfect Vegan

    This is too smooth. This my alarm clock

  21. baller chile

    The best version ever


    That snare and that female voice...