Slum Village - 5 Ela Remix Lyrics

All of y'all, is on our diiiiiiiiiicks
Stop ridiiiin, you might get penetrated
And I'd sho' hate it, if you end up impregnated

Well at least 4 out of 5 niggaz in the place know whattup's or what
Be yellin peaceful cause I got the piece put up
In a box with the rock in the back of the, Lex it protects
I done told 'em that I'm usin my ex

Romancin the lady
Bitches come to take a chance on my meat
I see that you can't wait to get into my pants
Come and dance on my lap, all real we can get buck
Hoochies on the dance show

Sh-sh-sho' nuff, s-s-slow up, shut up
Shut the fuck and start workin me off
Bitch you pressin yo' luck, who says we're fuckin you up
Shh-shh-sluh, suh-slow the fuck up

We got that boom, bip, ni-gga don't slip
Talkin that punk shit, will definitely get yo' punk split
Your major malfunction, make me set trip
Now we dumpin, on yo' bitch, so don't ask me for nuttin

Aiyyo hold up a second fella, the Ela
After S is, cash collectin, you jealous
Cause we fly like some propellors, tell a
'nother other we hella, my niggaz, well um

You can't be a bitch in this music shit
You got to put yo' dick in this music shit
My crew put the dick in on the ultimate
I guess you plays the bitch and we beez the pimp

Mr. Kitty Cat, head on the mat, show me where's it at
Knock-kneed pigeontoed, stone cold asshole
Put your mouth on my meat, just call me Rollo
You can't have me, I'm just too dope

Yo fuck the cop market, the glock clockin
The dough sockin, the beat rockin, bitch knockin
Your rap mockin, woop woop, stop jockin
Your rap floppin, my whole crew is non-stoppin

I put it towards y'all a little somethin about the S
A little bit of fact that revolves, the five helluva elements and all
Visualizin fiver liver, saliva flyin
So the last of the real rap and also assimilizin the slack of slack rappers

Youse a bitch, I know what's in the mind of a bitch
Switch, throw yo' hands in the air and suck a dick
Bitch, I know what's in the mind of a bitch
That's why a nigga like you always suck a dick

Back to, what I sayin befo' we, anti-you
Steppin to meet we, yeah right then who
wanna do this not a fair fight, true we
do what we do just to, shed light on you and you and you...

You can open up yo' eyes and watch my crew do this
We got more feel than a clitoris
In yo' eyes I see a lot of deceitfulness
Bring your whole hood and still can't get with this

Y'all some hoes, butt-fucked to get enough
What the fuck, just a hoe nigga that can't get it up

And we BLASTIN~! Fuckin up your whole crew
And laughin, cause me and mines is check cashin

On your back like my 22, hey boo how is that
Matter of fact I need to be smackin yo' ass for how you act

Aiyyo we pussy eatin, eatin pussy for a hobby
Marinatin, scoopin hoes in the lobby

Our job be, takin what other niggaz got
It's the 5 to the V'n and we cold rocked the spot...
We cold rocked the spot... rocked the spot
And we cold rocked the spot...

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Slum Village 5 Ela Remix Comments
  1. Just Queenin


  2. Paul Carlisle

    The way Jay mutes the primary bass and leaves the subbass at 1:59 and 2:01 is just perfect. This album is full of those little touches.

  3. 40sassys

    I asked years ago, I’ll ask again.... can someone load an instrumental?

  4. En Mierda

    This shit is freaky

  5. Dild0 Bagginz


  6. SpamHusky

    shout out to my cuzzin……dis was our shh!!!!!!

  7. Tanya Perry

    All of yall is on our dicks stop riding......

  8. David Mrakpor

    only Dilla can beat Dilla


    David Mrakpor straight Bruh. but Dibia$e flipped that Patrice Rushen sample something crazy too

  9. Mark Haze

    damn, this is beyond amazing.