Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station Lyrics

Closed doors brings open minds
See you smile inside
Faces, and I've fallen
Wonder why I'm here now

In asylum, don't you see?
In asylum, don't you see?

Doors close and feelings flow
Through my mind, I feel his
Pictures, and I've fallen
Wonder why I'm here now

Curse your soul, I don't wanna know you
And I curse your soul, I don't wanna know you
And I curse your soul, I don't wanna know you
And I curse your soul, I don't wanna know you

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Slowdive Souvlaki Space Station Comments
  1. That Channel

    Wtf does the name even mean lol

  2. giovanniBours

    Hell yes

  3. I AM

    It’s kind of hard to keep your head above the clouds sometimes but this song really helps

  4. Robert H

    Their greatest.

  5. Christina Kefela

    i want to meet someone who loves shoegaze.

  6. Nigel Fortune

    I was in band that supported Slowdive at Gloucester Guildhall, England in 1990. Great band!

  7. who am i ???

    checked~* hUh؟

  8. Kewpie Doll

    I will always remember hearing this song live at hyde park it was so amazing

  9. Agus N

    Astral projection in music form

  10. George maier

    fantastic song...all the elements of classic shoe gaze!

  11. dreamofshrooms

    this is the shit

  12. Chris Bernardo

    One of the all time greats. 90s shoegaze or whenever

  13. i'm not cyborg


  14. A Hackett

    Still good in 2019

  15. Gordon Stoton

    Listened to this one night in Extremadura Spain whilst on a fishing trip at night ! What a song!!!!

  16. michael snow

    saw neil halstead in sainsburys couple of wks ago, weird seing him when im normally fucked when listening to this

  17. DolanOk

    Goth girls

  18. Copper Hair23

    Closed doors brings open minds
    (And I don't want to see you)

    See you smile inside
    (And I don't want to know you)

    Faces and I've fallen
    (And I don't want to hear you)

    Wonder why I'm here now
    In asylum don't you see?
    In asylum don't you see?

    Doors close and feelings flow
    Through my mind I feel his

    Pictures and I've fallen
    Wonder why I'm here now

    Curse your soul I don't wanna know you
    (And I) curse your soul, I don't wanna know you
    (And I) curse your soul, I don't wanna know you
    (And I) curse your soul, I don't wanna know

    p.b.palacios almafuerte

    Sos realmente beautiful 😍

  19. liz

    Sometimes I wish I was born earlier to experience this music at it's greatest peak. Is it weird for a 15 year old to love shoegaze? Hope there's more teens that are like me

    Kewpie Doll

    Hey kid I'm on the brink of 20 keep on listening to it and don't stop

  20. Kirstin Roma McLaughlin

    Still so so beautiful

  21. ilovecats46

    my favorite song off the album

  22. Ignacio Cyrt

    Such a perfect song

  23. Alex Lusio

    This song is perfect to listen while having sex.. man what a trip

  24. Deepak Bhandari

    I am naming my daughter souvlaki when she is born.

  25. Nicolas Vaszychy


  26. Chirko Telhin

    Listening to this on acid while the sun was rising was the most incredible moment of my entire life

  27. Darth Saya

    PURE uncorrupted underground music!
    WE are the few, the proud...The Shoegazers!!!

  28. Buzzard

    shieet good track for psychodelic trip

  29. Олег Горбунов

    great album. produced by the great Brian Eno.

  30. Brandon Oakes

    Just stumbled upon this while tripping on mushrooms, wow.....

  31. Nico Lelièvre Kurt Lover

    sond amazing

  32. Jason Davis

    From Trippie Redd- Back Back Back

  33. Jhon Nixxes

    Wooooooow por dios que hermosa canción 🎶

  34. Young Bxnji

    Back back back

  35. Laura Lockrey

    This has been my favorite song since it came out in 1993. There is really nothing like it. I still love it as much as ever.

  36. Jason Davis

    If you want a better version of this look up Trippie Redd Back Back Back

  37. noone inparticular

    In the 90's I ran a shop and had sole discretion over the ambient music. I can't remember the amount of people who asked me about this. Especially track 8.

  38. soft punk

    i used to butt chug wine and fuck my exboyfriend to this <3

  39. Niko Bellic

    This song is from 1993 wtf, it sounds like it's from 2004-2008

  40. Muhammad Falah

    In a documentary, the bass player said that Rachel wrote the lyrics about Neil

  41. erik61801

    1/15/2019 Here I am.

  42. David Ellis

    My ears never fully recovered from them performing this live in 1993 ! It's worth it.

  43. Mutlucan Şıhman

    Similiar songs, please?


    Violaine by Cocteau Twins
    Serpentskirt by Cocteau Twins
    Horror Head by Curve
    Cherry by Curve
    Storm by Curve
    Clarity by Hammock
    Soft Attack by Daysleepers
    Sunbather by Deafheaven
    Dream House by Deafheaven
    Reverie by Cranes
    Shining Road by Cranes

    Mutlucan Şıhman

    @Zedfinite thnx dude. I want to suggest you a band to response for your kindness. Stargazer lilies.

    You really should listen that band. I've heard rare spacey songs in my entire life and some of them belongs that band.

  44. Angel R. Diaz

    I can't believe that this song was created because the lead singer and guitarist was breaking up with the female vocalist or both were breaking up with each other and the result was The Creation Of This Super Sonic Sound Epic Greatness (: Just WOWW (:

  45. survivor geek

    spacegaze af

  46. DaTeacha

    Maybe the best song....ever

  47. Mr. Slime

    This song made me cry on acid best trip ever


    made me cry in normal life

  48. noone inparticular

    In the early 90's, this was a shoegazing sci-fi boy's dream. In the Twenty-teens, it still is.

  49. Κοκοβίκου Κοκοβιός

    Τι σχέση έχει το σουβλάκι ρε παιδιά;δεν βλέπω κανένα γύρο απ΄όλα,ωραία μουσική πάντως!

  50. ADHD Synth

    Reborn, thank you.

  51. Jason Huffman

    If I was cruising at light speed, definitely the song and I have to hand it to these guys...they created and cultivated their own sound. Love yah Slowdive, don't break up again.

  52. David Bone

    es que no nos dicen de la estacione espaciales que exiten

  53. Matrix Master

    *Their Eyes Were Watching God: 121 + 121 + 212 + 212 = Sitting Duck ~*

  54. Geran De Rijk

    I visit other dimensions while on this song

  55. inverted halo

    For those that like this but might not be aware, please check out Charlatans UK Feel Flows!!!

  56. Morgan Mangawe

    Trippie Redd brought me here

  57. SRone45

    They have more in common with Pink Floyd than My Bloody Valentine. At least to my ears.

  58. Jason Huffman

    I don't think anyone can match this sound. Great band, authentic.

  59. OriginalLHB

    The most intense wave of bliss ever recorded by anybody. The original EP is also one of the most expensive out there not to mention the album. Don't even think about an original Creation copy unless you are willing to part with $300. Fortunately Music on Vinyl did a fantastic repress which while not cheap these days is far less than the original Creation vinyl. Simply the greatest shoegaze album of all time One of the few rock albums that justify a $50k + stack if you're old enough to remember. Alas, I am.

  60. daniel regelbrugge


  61. Nate

    too groovy

  62. 290DIRT

    Just realised that this song is so much better than "Catch The Breeze"

  63. 1980’s Guy

    Can just picture Neil & the others strumming their pubes to get this fine guitar rift 😂

    Ah , it’s an absolutely cracking tune which really encourages the mind to wander off 👍
    And for those of you reminiscing about past loves , I wouldn’t worry too much , sure there good memories... but that’s all , most likely those same women are lying underneath someone else now listening to stuff like this 😂
    I’m just goofing man , yeah hurts I guess.

  64. A humble request

    Slowdive - Souvlaki Space Station
    watch my video on them -

  65. Joshua Biragbara

    Trippie Redd brought me to this shoegazing masterpiece

  66. Alan Fox

    What the heck did I just listen to?

  67. David Bone

    o una planeta que tenga 9 lunas o mas obvios los hay y exoplanetas tambiien

  68. David Bone

    que tal que exista un sistema solar con 3 soles y los seres uq ela habiten tengan una piel super dura y resietente

  69. David Bone

    tenes razon

  70. Katsuro


  71. sonya smullen

    i nearly lost my virginity to this song, but i was too drunk and threw up.. good night tho

  72. Arthur Baião

    Agradabilíssimo Som !!! !!! !!! .

  73. Aislynn M

    Sent here by Taylor from Lifeline!!!

  74. Jay 009

    just asking, but does anybody know where I could get charts for stars? like, the locations of certain constellations?

    David Bobson

    Jay 009 there are apps for your phone. Point it at the sky and it will tell you what your looking at.

  75. Pietra Ribeiro

    Lifeline- infinity brings me here :]

  76. Edwin Garcia

    Where the F$*# has this been all my life!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Katsuro

    A magic travel...

  78. Wayne Spark

    I’m here bc of trippie Red, he used this as a sample I think

    Young Bxnji

    Wayne Spark yea in back back back 🔥

  79. John Connor

    cxO_* ` ` `

  80. Didier Raoul

    paris 5 ème en 95... en marchant sous acide sur ce morceau.....quel bonheur

  81. Eleana

    Drake - God's plan

  82. KC Godsey

    [Taylor is listening]

  83. Angel R. Diaz

    Its funny that this masterpiece was created because Racheal and 'her boyfriend or lover companion singer were breaking up or at bad ends and through that negative energy between the too thais masterpiece was created (:


    Same goes to Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac.

  84. John Connor

    LSD _*))))))))))))))))))))))))))))*

  85. Massimo Magrini

    It's overcompressed.

  86. liefkil

    c'est pour toi Taylor ...

  87. Danny Vasquez

    I don't like them being labeled like every other band, cause their unlike any other.

  88. nikira

    produced by Brian Eno

    Damien Murray

    Eno is incredible and this validates it....I'm pretty sure Guthrie had some influence on Slowdive as he did on most shoe gaze bands

  89. Tunay Emin


  90. MinatoOnimaru

    I'm writing a book about... well not telling the plot but it takes place in space, with philosophical themes behind it, and decadence of the human race and solitude... and this song helps me every single day in continuing the scripts. (If ever make a movie about it i want this song to be featured haha just dreaming). No words can describe how much i love this song, one of my inspirations for my book's story.

  91. Martin Brown


  92. HellCat HellCat

    O >>>>> >>>>>>> >>> o

  93. On WUN

    A Rachal's song about Neil all members knew it except Neil. This is a Neil's song about Rachal very sad sad song

  94. HallucigeniaIV

    well this song is fuckin great.

  95. David Bone

    solo me duele ese error en mi vida

  96. David Bone

    cada vez que me acuerdo de como la cague ese dia no se rick la cague con la pendeja :(

  97. rreeppeeaatteerr

    Sounds like Radiohead were listening @5:44 :D

    Gary Fox

    karma police? haha, right

    David Ellis

    They were.

  98. ace gaming

    Taylor from lifeline brought me here