Sloan - The Other Side Lyrics

There's a certain kind of feeling on the other side
It'll taunt you from a distance and it's hard to fight
I've got to walk and say I lost
But at least I tried

There's a certain way of dealing from the other side
If you want proof of it's existence, well that's hard to find
Less deep yeah, inside keeps
The other side

Telling everybody I know about it

Extraordinarily gifted
In tricking me to think it never existed
But I have the proof despite how it twists it
In lies

Telling everybody I know about the other side

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Sloan The Other Side Comments
  1. Frédéric Petit

    Castle 3x22 pool scene, of course ! But also a good piece of music !

  2. Anurag Nayak

    Castle and Beckett 💯❣️ baby 😍

  3. Maria Valente

    We're all Castle fans. How could we not? That's sooo great!! To live and die in LA is an amazing episode, but the pool scene is simply not possible to discribe by words...

  4. yui zaift

    pool scene

  5. Mike

    Could be an Oasis song.

  6. İlayda Gürsan


  7. Ryuki Yamaguchi

    Because of castle tv series im serchibg there other song!

  8. MrSunnyBhoy

    How can you not be a castle fan??

  9. MrSunnyBhoy

    How can you not be a castle fan??

  10. Joe Hutson

    Stana Katic. What can I say? She's an angelic siren. If anyone has ever been to the "other side", It would be her.

  11. Jebelle3

    Castle brought me here!!!!

    Danny R

    ME TOO!, just watched the episode...

    jaNeca McTawish

    Jebelle3 me too 😆

  12. Ingo Stromes

    Dat Beckette!!!

  13. javiera muñoz

    Castle fans plisss

  14. ZTM420

    its half a good song , yes bloody fucking Castle brought me here

  15. jocel naniong

    :) love CASTLE hehe and stana katic so sexy :)

  16. D M 13

    Stana Katic aka Kate Beckett brought me here ;) . Great song though, we should hear more like that on air nowadays!

  17. Ashleigh Easterby-Wood

    I listen to this and get a little aroused picturing Beckett coming out that pool. Definitely my girl crush and I'm not ashamed. Oh Caskett-3

  18. Sebastián Fernández

    0 dislike????
    only castle fans here!!!!!!

  19. Beatrice MB

    and sexy Beckett came out of the pool !!! CASTLE

  20. Rach 17


  21. Sebastián Fernández

    :D enjoy!

  22. Athea Kaye Hechanova

    castle brought me here...<3
    ...castle forever...<3
    ...caskett forever...<3

  23. nelli Kay

    Beckett comes out of the pool and Castle drowns with his drink!!!!!! Love the scene and the song!!!

  24. Maura Massafra

    oh yeah castle 3x22 Beckett moments xD

  25. Sebastián Fernández

    september is the MONTH!!!!!!!

  26. poliapolis

    Castle must be dying in that scene! I just looove his reaction! LOL <3

  27. Emily Chan

    Hey there, Castle fans!

  28. asmcneill

    Castle Castle Castle!!!! XD

  29. Sebastián Fernández

    @dehamorim with the program called atube catcher can you download
    good luck

  30. deh amorim

    Where can I download the song??? I didn't get to find it anywhere!

  31. Sebastián Fernández

    thanks for all comments

  32. Eva Herr

    When I hear that song, I remember the pool scene at 3x22 ^^
    And I laugh a looooot!!! :)

  33. Alex Goh

    This is my new fav, thanks castle.

  34. Jan Venema

    Sick upload! Does this song the way it ends here? It should last at least 10 minutes.

  35. CastleBeckettFan2

    I came here because of castle to!!!!!!! Lol I love this song!

  36. kenporich2006

    Yep, Castle too...hehe

  37. Camille Hernandez

    The Castle music team are the greatest. such a great song!

  38. makthearya

    yaaooooooooooozaaaaaaa... Thats what i said after watching Beckette...... Awesome SOng.... Thanks uploader,,,,

  39. vanchamarch96

    love this song. castle :D

  40. iamded

    Yep, Castle brought me here too. :D Great show with great music taste.

  41. CanadianMusic&TV

    Sick Song! Thanks for the upload!