Sloan - The Other Man Lyrics

You know he's not the one for you, but that's no fault of mine
He knows that I'm a friend of yours but doesn't know I've crossed the line
I know you've got a man in the picture, but it hasn't stopped me yet
We've all been in one situation or another we regret

Now I'm the other man, no one's rooting for me
If I'm the other man, nature will abhor me

You know I want to keep my distance, cause it's happening anyway
He knows you're gonna drift apart, and there's nothing he can say
I know that he's a stand-up guy, but that's none of my concern
We've all been in one situation or another, it's my turn

To be the other man, no one sympathizes
When you're the other man that everyone despises

He's gonna find out that the rumors are true
The ones that are still unbeknownst to you
He'll find out, so I'll tell you because
You gotta find out before he does

I know you've got a man in the picture, but it hasn't stopped me yet
We've all been in one situation or another we regret

Now I'm the other man, no one's rooting for me
If I'm the other man, nature will abhor me
Yeah, no one sympathizes
When you're the other man that everyone despises

(Yeah) We've all been in one situation or another
(Yeah) We've all been in one situation or another
(Yeah) We've all been in one situation or another

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Sloan The Other Man Comments
  1. Christine Bell

    Lived this song.... both ways. Love the band and song but brings back not so good memories.

  2. Kolbey Cam

    Saw them in Vancouver! Sick show

  3. simon marshall

    I used to think Sloan is British . They got Oasis & The Verve mixed in them .

  4. brecovers

    Not sure how this doesn’t have more views... great tune.

  5. Brian Charbonneau

    perfect under dog song<

  6. Julia Pfeifer

    Before I Die

  7. Chris Elsworthy

    Lustrous, textured production. The song and feel is George Harrison/Beatles in many ways. Fantastic.

  8. Larry Smith

    Come to The Maritimes.Great Hospitality and Seafood.

  9. The Bike Hippie

    This song makes me feel dirty.. Or was I feeling dirty so I listened to this song?

  10. zen

    I love this song, and have since it came out. Even if I have not heard it in a while, it still pops into my head every so often. So chill, yet badass.

  11. Michael Kennedy

    great song

  12. Alan LeBlanc

    WoW the apple computers that failed really dated this video. 😁

  13. Larry Smith

    LOL.---------------The Crooked-Will Get Theirs.-----------------Guaranteed.

  14. Larry Smith

    Views R Disgusting--------------------Some Things R Controlled by The Crooked.

  15. Larry Smith

    This Band-----Genius------------Been listening to Q104 Halifax Lately-----What an Awesome Radio Station.

  16. Larry Smith

    Does this bother me?Yes--------------It kills my Innocence.

  17. Larry Smith

    Look at these Kids.Way ahead of their Time. Just an Awesome Song.And Yes'They Are Canadian.

  18. Larry Smith

    Awesome Band.Great Song.Love the Video.

  19. Dennis Harvey

    Hm, all these years and I had no idea there was a video for this great song. Weird thing is, the song tells such a clear story, yet the video really doesn't depict it at all, unless you think smirking kid violinist somehow equals the romantic manipulator of the lyrics.

  20. Devin Heida

    0:34 holy shit, I think that's Peter Ostrum from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

  21. Snazzareth

    Alberta Strong.


    love it

  23. Thierry Drouin

    such a great song!

  24. karla scherer

    This song reminds me of going to class and all the students stare at you when you walk into the room.

  25. Carlos Rodrigues

    Canadian rock at it’s finest

  26. Beatriz Noguera

    i feel like a wound - ns0mnby

  27. Beatriz Noguera

    ns0mnby? Anyone?

  28. Taekwondo Time

    *This should have 10+ million views* . It's ridiculous how little visibility Canadian bands have on American radio stations and on YouTube. It borders on censorship. This is as good as anything on the radio. Period.

    You basically have to wait until an American band does a cover version of this song before people in America will know about it.

  29. Cyle Enos

    Sounds like a cop off of death note in the beginning

  30. John Sobey

    2:28 rockin' the iMac G3s

  31. Tyler Green

    I'm the other man, that everyone dispises.

  32. Tyler Green

    I'm the other man,

  33. JOSH RS

    Best song by Sloan

  34. S M

    “We’ve all been in one situation or another we regret...”

  35. Rachel Perry

    the part where he turns his head in slow motion.... I could watch that repeatedly all day.

  36. Rachel Perry

    I used to have a huge crush on Chris Murphy. Loved his songs the most. I met him, and he seemed like such a nice guy. This is such an awesome song, but I must admit, I don't have too much respect for someone who tries to steal what isn't there's

  37. Stefan Langridge

    I always feel like I'm the other man

  38. Kyle Sheridan

    2 weeks 'till I get to see them live finally!!!!!!!!

  39. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Some of the greatest vocal harmonizing ever; Sloan are absolutely sublime musicians. Canadian gold.

  40. Larry Smith

    A great band.

  41. Jesse Jon

    This song is Canadian gold!

  42. Saray LaBobe

    This song never gets old. I love Canadian music. 😊

  43. An EveryDay Canadian

    2018 Anyone!

  44. chemma

    Back in time

  45. Vincent Hayward

    some of nova scotia's finest

  46. Erik Zapf-Belanger

    FUN FACT: the kid in the video was twelve at the time of shooting. And a total dork.

    Kadie Mac

    It was yooooou!

  47. Shamaniac

    Basically the Canadian Beatles.

  48. Frank Fryer

    Saw Sloan Yesterday for Canada Day! They were in Ajax Ontario, and they rocked the hell out of Durham Ontario! LOL Sloan- Keep doing what you do best! Rock!

  49. Salient

    :) ybnm0sn morf ereh mi

  50. Alex Slamrot

    hit like if you found this song through ns0mnby

  51. Stephanie D

    Who is the Charlie Bucket kid in the video? How adorable! Great band!!


    I was going to say the same thing.

  52. Anda Atsushi

    I feel like a wound.

  53. hystat

    this video is not up to the task of representing this amazing songwriting.


    hystat comes pretty dang close, though.

  54. down in a Hole

    I'm going to see these guys tonight in my hometown (Fredericton) !!!!!!!

    Saray LaBobe

    Kris Bailey how was it?

    Gam er

    hey i live in fredericton too

    Roman Gagne

    Fredericton represent!

  55. Glenn Stevens

    Such a ridiculously underrated band. Living in Detroit, there is a huge kindred spirit with Canada, so, many Canadian artists have found huge audiences here. The crossing from Windsor to Detroit is the virtual and literal gateway for Canadian bands. I constantly laud the artists, and implore friends to check out the incredible music from our neighbor to the North. Actually, if you are standing in downtown Detroit, Canada is our neighbor to the South.

    That said, I'm really pissed that I missed Sloan here in Detroit on May 12. Please come back soon!


    And in Tecumseh, Canada, we see you guys to the south of us

    Josh Norek

    There's plenty of us enlightened Sloan fans in the USA. Of course, it helped that I grew up in Albany, NY and WEQX actually played Sloan circa '92. Been a lifelong fan of Sloan (and The Hip...and The Odds) ever since!


    Outside some of these bands the United States has only heard Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd, and some big hits from Three Days Grace.

    Terri Proulx

    Hey. Thanks for that. We Canadians do not need approval from Americans, as very many Americans think. Being our large neighbour, we are exposed to a lot of your ways, but are very cognizant of how VERY different we are, and realize most Americans don't know this (nor can fathom anything otherwise). I love the Americans, like you, that are humble people. And I feel bad for you, that some of your countrypeople think (how embarrassing for you), stupidly, that the rest of the world wants to be you! In other words, You are cool and the States should be proud that you represent!

    Josh Norek

    Believe me, there are many of us Americans who would much rather be Canadian right now.

  56. Bullet Proof Daisy



    Bullet Proof Daisy YES

  57. MindReader

    when you're related to Chris Murphy

    Jesse Cole

    when you make shit up that no one would be impressed by even if it were true


    @Jesse Cole I was scrolling through the comments on this video again and I'd forgotten I even made this comment, idk why you'd be so harsh though (especially since I'm not lying either)

    Jesse Cole

    @MindReader god... you came back two years later to AGAIN claim something that would impress no one even if it were true.

  58. dwes49

    Canada strong baby

    Saray LaBobe

    dwes49 😎

  59. steven vogel

    Having a reunion with my love of Sloan. Got to see them again in Dundas over the weekend, they haven't lost a step, though Patrick had lost his voice that night :(

  60. anxietydown

    C A N A D A J A M S

  61. deadly nightshade

    Love this song

  62. D Cee

    This song always gives me chills! I love, love, love it!!! The video is great too.

  63. Imran P

    I remember when this used to be on much music count down in the mornings

    Charmaine Firth

    One of my favs for sure!!

  64. Jessie Garcia

    "I know you got man in the picture but it hasn't stopped me yet"

    Saray LaBobe

    Jessie Garcia my favorite! Lol

  65. Jessie Garcia

    Love it

  66. Joe Coppola

    This songs sick

  67. Jenny C James

    Still love this

  68. Kimberley

    Lmao I remember filming this. Was awesome experience working with them back in the day! Great bunch of guys!

    Joseph Brintnell

    Cool story, thanks for sharing

    Clayton Briggs

    Prove it

    David Levy


  69. link biff

    I think this would have been a hit in the 60s.

  70. poodtang1

    The kid got the girl .... that's what counts.
    Snooze you loose.

    Erik Zapf-Belanger

    So when I filmed this like 16 years ago I was 12 and the girl in the video was 18. I was TERRIFIED and SUPER AWKWARD.

  71. Joseph GM

    These lyrics though. Oh my. Ahaha


    Man, next to the simpering love songs and wannabe heroes on the radio at the time, this was gold.

    Forgonefall4 is in the house

    still good

  72. Count Wolfula

    Hey! It's Centennial College! Near Pape & Danforth, Toronto, Canada.


    That's right Count! I know a girl who went there. She said: "Check out this video...Recognize anything ?"  HAHA.

    Bog Wraith

    +Count Wolfula Yep, I went there from 1999 to 2003 for night classes. The room with the big glass window that looks into all the computers is where I took a Photoshop course and I was in a few other of the rooms that are highlighted in the video. It was a great campus that has since changed quite a bit!

  73. Merrissa Angelica Myers

    They should've gotten that little blonde douche to play Joffrey "Baratheon".

  74. Christopher Staves


  75. Lizzy Darkness

    ~ Love this tune ^0^ ~

  76. FAL r

    one of Canada's greatest bands!!!

    Saray LaBobe

    FAL r no doubt!

    Birry Tang

    The best example of Canadian alt rock. We don't wanna be Nickelback, Canadians are more suited to humble. When Gord passed, R.I.P. these guys look the torch IMO. Long live Sloan

  77. josef733

    When I heard this song this summer, It was very nostalgic since i hadn't heard it since 2001.

    Shifty Fish

    Tell me about it, this was my jam in high school. I sorta had the same thing going but it didn't look nearly as good. Nerd romance <3 lol

  78. Deven Mallaley

    this song was good

    Deven Mallaley

    @Tony Midnight it was a good song you should listing to some good music 

  79. hateshinedown

    Your commenting on a canadian video, fuck right off.

  80. bloor spadina

    Darling Geoff is hardly literate enough to spell his name. Suffice it to say that people will do what they do, and generally for a very good reason. Would I "cheat"? That depends. Are we married? Does he love honour and cherish? Or does he chain smoke when it makes me sick, and run a grow op? NEXT.

  81. koolaidman52

    fuck you

  82. R.J.Kjeldgaard

    You, sir, make me proud to be a Canadian

  83. Steve Baiton

    Typical brainwashed dumb fuck American. You think that signing up for Marines/Military makes you a hero because that is what your corrupt Government tells you. I've got news for you, any "Wars" fought in the last 15 years were pointless and all had hidden agenda's to benefit your Government and the Elite. Hope you enjoyed killing to line the pockets of greedy motherfuckers. Take your brainwashed ass out of here and go learn to think for yourself.

  84. Nabilah Nathani

    I think this is based on Ludwig Van Beethoven. The guy has an uncanny resemblance to him, and Beethoven wrote two famous compositions for his girlfriends, Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise. (But they both refused his marriage proposals.) To top it off, he was a musical genius! :)
    But of course, these are only my thoughts. :)

  85. Chris Hewitt

    gotta do what you gotta do sometimes relationships are waiting to end you just gotta be there to put in the KAPOW! not saying go around search for women with boyfriends but fuck, if they are on the way out do what u gotta do !

  86. Geoff Rattray

    Yea, you're actually a peice of shit. for all the single ladies to be out there. you got to fuckwith another mans. bad shit you do too others will in time come around in some forum or another. I hope you get kidnapped Hostile style and tortured you ignorant shit.

  87. Erik Zapf-Belanger

    LOL! That's me. I think you're right. :(

  88. Tessitura92

    That guitar riff reminds me of deathnote

  89. pablojre

    I'm assuming the 2005 remake?

  90. Filip Górecki

    When your the Taliban, no ones rooting for you....

  91. hippyable

    singer looks a little like Jeffrey Dahlmer!

  92. Bob Favell

    Someone stole my girlfriend, but i still can't help liking this song

  93. Sethurai

    This song helped me feel awesome instead of morally conflicted when i was banging some dudes chick.

    andrew rich

    That’s pathetic

  94. The444444Dude

    I hadn't heard this song in over a decade (seriously) until hearing it on the radio last week. Rediscovering great music is awesome!

  95. Britt P. G

    their best song

  96. Sundeep Nanua

    Canadian rock will always be the best!

  97. gmkbelanger

    "unbeknownst" and "abhor" ...songwriter has brains!

    random guy 12345678lol

    gmkbelanger Chris writes absolute bangers!