Sloan - The Marquee And The Moon Lyrics

Cabaret license
I haven't been by since
It goes against all that I've learned
But it seems that the tables have turned

But could we have stopped it
We all get co-opted
To some kind of system it seems
But they can't take away
Can't take away all our dreams

Like the one where I'm in a balloon
Floating above I can see the Marquee and the Moon
The monkey, the dog and Neptune

They're all in good spirits
I'm happy to hear it
But haven't the sweetest idea
To me buzz is onomatopoeia

Will something be happening soon
To settle the difference between the Marquee and the Moon
They're passing the torch, knife and spoon

And so it goes
I guess there are those
Who want to get out like me

Their clientele
Can go to Hell
If they want to get in for free
But Hell ain't a bad place to be

Am I any different than either the Moon or Marquee
Oh, not a lot if you ask me

Cabaret license
I've been coming by since
The action continued past two
Before this what did we used to do

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