Sloan - Summer's My Season Lyrics

Just for laughs
Let's stay in and we'll
Perfect our autographs
So when the people ask for them
We can oblige
Is that what we want girls?
Not at all
Not at all

I must be losing track
If brown is the new black
But style's in denial
The models shall be hung
They're painted and they're dry
Pointed down the runway
Towards the sky

Just for fun
Let's go out tonight
And get our colours done
Oh when the seasons change
We'll look ridiculous
Is that what we want boys?
Not at all
Not at all

I'm certain that summer's my season
So I can't take the fall for that reason
It hurts my complexion
And I hate my reflection

You must remember this
Kiss is still just kiss
Their style is denial
I'll meet you when we're older
Consider it a race
But who will be the one
To paint their face ace

Just for once
Let's come out tonight
Let's come out tonight

I wanted to use this occasion
For trying to test my foundation
It hurts my complexion
But I hate my reflection
Without it

Not at all
Not at all
Ooh, not at all

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Sloan Summer's My Season Comments
  1. Clarke M

    This is in my top 5 favourite Sloan songs. Not sure which position it's in now, but it has drifted into first a few times.

  2. Brad Breen

    THANK YOU. I can never find this damn song.


    Brad Breen well look now