Slim Dusty - Answer To The Pub With No Beer Lyrics

Where the hills roll away, from a small country town
There are hearts filled with sorrow as the word spread around
And the jackass won't laugh, as there's no jokes to hear
So let me tell you the reason for the pub with no beer

Broken down on the track, 'cause he stripped out the gear
There's the old grey blitz wagon, the one with the beer
And the driver's near mad, standin' scratchin' his ear
He knows just what they're thinkin', at the pub with no beer

When the drover rides out and draws straight by the truck
He joins in with the driver and curses their luck
"Where's Billy the blacksmith, we could do with him here"
But Bill's moved on to Grafton where the brewery stands near

So the drover rides back, with a brilliant idea
He rides hard in the saddle till the town's drawin' near
He dismounts in the lane and the dog cringes near
And the swaggie's just leavin' the pub with no beer

There's exitement all round as the drover tells where
The old blitzen bus is, on the plain way out there
Every man that can ride." says the drover to all
"Saddle up, let's get movin', and bring back the haul."

When the boys rode back in, what a strange sight they made
They charged into the pound, like the old light brigade
With tow ropes and tackle, they all pulled as one
And the old blitz moved faster than she ever had done

Soon the kegs were rolled in, one was placed on the bar
It filled all the glasses, every jug and each jar
Then the word passed around, and they all gave a cheer
And there was laughter once more, in the pub with no beer

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Slim Dusty Answer To The Pub With No Beer Comments
  1. Martin E Harmsworth

    One of the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  2. Ausmedjugorje

    Bloody great song. RIP Slim. Enjoying music is like enjoying Chocolate. First get rid of the rappers.

    Thomas Lauffenberger

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  3. silent assassin

    agreed some of the music that there making now is just crap id like to see some of those upper clase up their arse city people go to the bush and try and live

  4. Sawgrass68

    Same for me. The old 78 speed in about 1975 or even a few years before that. Bloody Ripper. Gotta luv Slim.

  5. Rob CC

    I first heard this and the others that go with it (Sequel and original) on 78's and still have the 78's. Loved them then and still do. I'm not a drinker but these songs show the real outback spirit that is missing from the cities.

  6. silent assassin

    best singer songwriter and im a kid most kids listen to hip hop not me country boy I am

  7. Karl Willdig

    A happy ending. A hero alwas saves the day. My tears have dryed now. SLIM, GOD BLESS YA MATE. Hope there ant any pubs with no beer in heaven, cus if there is i ant goin!

    Thomas Lauffenberger

    Surely you've heard the song "In Heaven There Is No Beer"; don't try to find out too quickly, though! Besides, I'm sure there's something better...

  8. Paul Spiteri

    YEP I'll second that!!

  9. PeterBrock80

    this is what you call REAL music, not like most of the crap from todays "artist's"