Slightly Stoopid - Life Rolls On Lyrics

Brother tell me to
Sing him songs
So I'm playin' my guitar
Man, life rolls on

Noon to midnight
Dusk to dawn
All I need is you to help me
You'll be strong

Keep on singing,
Keep on playing
Let the music
Take you high

Keep on prayin'
Night and day
Let 'em know
You will survive

Golden years
They don't seem so long
Looking back at yesterday
And now it's gone

Why this world
Don't get along
See the way that we are living
Know it's wrong

Hold inviting
Fussing and fighting
Let's come together
We as one

Some don't take it
But we can make it
Let's find the ways
To carry on

Let them take you high
Let the music take you high
Let it take you high [x4]
Take you high [x2]

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Slightly Stoopid Life Rolls On Comments
  1. johnny escalera

    Makes people feel good to let people down 😢

  2. Kyle Severe

    Everyday I want to die man,i just feel like I've done more for my friends then i have my own self now they all have everything they want and I'm just barely surviving.none of them have ever tried to help me but I still hang out with some of them because for some reason my biggest fear is being alone but theres just so much crap in my life and everytime I tried to throw some away more piles on.all i have is my animals and my 2 bands i hate my job hate where i live hate that i dont have good friends or a relationship with anyone,but LIFE ROLLS ON.


    Let the the music take you high Kyle, the simulation is full of surprises.

  3. Kyle Severe

    His voice to me is the most comforting thing in the whole group

  4. Wesley Wooten

    Been a year and some change.. we all miss you pawpaw. See you some day

  5. Hugo Baltazar


  6. Alan Vargas

    Amazing song 😎🤘🏽

  7. Kyle Severe

    Thank you guys so much your music can turn all my bad days into good.dealing with a rough break up feeling no self worthy and really wanting to just give up.but I just cant leave behind this beautiful life changing music

  8. lucy white

    Praise the lord for fantastic music. Xxxxxxx

  9. Wasclywoger

    Feeling this song today

  10. Kate Christodal

    ☆ I love this song ☆

  11. John Mullen

    life anthem

  12. Travis Freit

    Advice for those who shared to us of their battle with terminal illness : sometimes the fight just prolongs and worsens the pain . You need not fear leaving your time hear brother because you’re not being punished or cheated or forsaken... you’re being invited to your next purpose . Energy as we know it continues forever while changing its purpose or function. Never fear this change for it is no different than the changes n phases that happen as we age, feel, and experience here on earth. Your loved ones n friends have the burden of sadness n sorrow when your everlasting energy leaves them. Energy has memory and you will attract/ reunite with them again also as the next phase for us is special and unpredictable so widening and increasing new amazing things. New experience ,purpose, phenomenon, in the infinite possibilities in a universe that we know little about because it’s growing n stretching n changing faster and in ways we can’t comprehend. Smile n surrender n make your soul shine. New is next, next never stops so love n prepare yourself positive vibes. I hope this soothes any sorrows and can help you prepare for your journey. I am not claiming to know any of what I wrote is a guarantee or total fact ... I can however assure you it’s what I totally feel , as if u were to describe knowledge to me of something you fully feel . Peace be with u always, be good but if u can’t always be good be good at it ✌🏻😉😇

  13. Dalton Hastey

    Behold, the Grateful Dead of reggae

  14. Cheetah1985


  15. colin mcfaul

    My dog had to be put to sleep august 31st of last year. Almost one year. This song helped me through that time. To my ruf 🐕

  16. Christian Rodriguez

    Soy el uníco latinoamericano al parecer pero esta canción es una maravilla, lo mejor de lo mejor, gracias, saludos desde chile

  17. Brendanus

    Reminds me of my 21 b day on the beach

  18. Jakob Bennett

    Chill song, slightly stoopid gives more purpose to my life

  19. Easy Linux

    It's funny really, I got shit canned from my job for someone else's fuck up. I stop by the music store I get my guitar serviced at after and this song was playing on the speakers, me and my luthier start talking and he offers me a job as a web developer for his shop. Basically what I am trying to say is everything happens for a reason and "Life Rolls On".

  20. Carlos Rodriguez

    This song helps me through all my struggles

  21. Weed Conventions

    smoking and thinking of the good times... 90's kid.


    42 people can suck it

  23. CalGoldDredger

    Yes, I found it!

  24. Dr. Gainzzz

    Can't wait to see you guys in flagstaff in august!!! You guys are my favorite band in the world plus me and miles share the same last name! Can't wait to see you dudes.

  25. Brady Brown

    Crazy to think this came out 2 years ago already...definite proof that life does, just roll on.

  26. Cleetus Banaciek

    That fire 🔥🔥

  27. SmokinAce8923

    My dog/best friend of 16 years just passed recently, and we would jam Slightly Stoopid's acoustics album and he would always want to get high with me. This song as well as others, are reminding me of the good times I had with my buddy. It is helping me stay up lifted.

  28. Jay Man


  29. JLC480

    6 years ago I made the worst mistake of my life and that was to try oxycontin. Next thing I know I'm addicted to heroin, I've lost my scholarship for academics to college, my family hates me, I have no friends, I'm living on the street, and I feel the most alone I ever have. I'm only 23 and I have probably been through more shit than most people twice my age. Now I have a job, an apartment, and I start going back to community college next fall. I've been to hell and back, but I wouldn't change a thing because it made me the man I am today. So if you feel like you're going through something you think you can't handle, you can! LIFE ROLLS ON. We all have our battles, and that makes us who we are

    mossad an shin bet

    I relapsed on meth on May 14th 2015..was 10yrs to the day I moved to New Mexico to kill my addiction. I'm amazed at how 10yrs flew by. Now it's June 11 2016 an I'm back on track w my sobriety.. but I lost EVERYTHING 10times over before I learned... still learning..

    Matt Garcia

    Man thank you for your words. I'm in the same place you were right now. I was a good man for so long, which is why I like slightly stoopid! I am slipping now to ease my pain. I can see a bright future though, and dammit I will grasp it!!


    Hell yeah boys keep it up!

    Jacob Layton

    Addiction is the devil you got this

    Kyle Severe

    I need these words thanks

  30. Aaron Glenn

    another great song by Kyle

  31. Kieran Gonzales

    This song gets better every time I hear it

  32. TobinakaniboT

    we needed this. thanks. much love-~-!-~-

  33. Lefty Lucious

    haven't smoked any good herb in over a year with all the random they've been giving us. but since my boy D Snead ain't here to burn one to Sun Slightly Stoopid imma go pick me one up. miss ya big dog. they had one of them caviar u was always talking about , I just couldn't do it. love ya brother

  34. Dylan long

    man this one speaks to me. ...Idk if we broke up, or if I woke up.
    eitherway this gem pulls me out of the pooper

  35. The81Music

    beautiful intro from tri studios live jimi baby jam sesh translated into a beautiful new creation :-) well done slightly stoopid! come back to connecticut!

  36. ziggyman006

    loving the good vibes and good music \ooo/

  37. ziggyman006

    loving this song and the good vibes in the comments

  38. John Leahy

    My best friend Dan passed away two days ago in Australia. He was 21 and it breaks my heart man but this track is really helping me out and getting through to my soul. He was finally happy and really living. See you on the other side D.H.. I love you

  39. doguebordeaux1

    Men i been thinking to just end it all. But thanks to your music i can keep going on

    Dan Traficante

    +doguebordeaux1 hey man i've been there, almost once a week, and life is tough at times but keep on listening and love the music. Love yourself and love music and you'll be alright.

  40. Jacob Batson

    I have a baby girl on the way that I barely know. slightly thank you so much for showing me the road. people feed of love

  41. Jay

    I recently had a child prior to loosing my job a week before. Once I had my child I was kicked out of my house. I'm currently living with my girl friends family and im still jobless and home less but whenever I hear this song I know one day my child and I will see better days.

  42. Virgil Polston

    Nothing but good vibes

  43. shad boccella

    Let the music take the ride

  44. Christian Perry

    Been a ss fan since I was 14 I'm 20 now and have never heard a bad song from them much love from Jacksonville Florida keep the good vibes comin man!!!

  45. Dj gab

    Slightly stoopid always know how to directly hit my vibe bone! And the fact that jimi is in the background just make this song that much more soothing😌

  46. Bodie Emslander

    Much love to the band and fans. Songs like this help get me through the hard times. Definitely am buying this album now. Life rolls on

  47. laura ramirez

    Can't wait to see them live in August... There coming up my way! Finally!!! <3

  48. Jack Doyle

    Saw you guys in Philly a few nights ago, incredible show and loving the new album!!!!!

  49. Dario Arellano

    Fatass beat, sweet guitar, smooth vocals and horns... perfection! I'll play the shit outta this cut!

  50. TreeBeard!!!

    This is my favorite track on the album. You guys did great! Thanks for all the good vibes you keep coming on these albums. Loved seeing you guys in Boise last year.

  51. Robyn Villegas

    Thanks for the Summer love <3  Stoopidluv

  52. Christopher Elliott

    Really needed sum new vibes,love it

  53. thejoes25

    Classic Slightly!

  54. njcapan

    Makes me wanna moooove!

  55. ED Poi

    cant wait to watch these guys jam out this August!

  56. Daniel Mick

    I haven't heard one song I don't like from the new album but that latest track that just came out Wow stoopid is off the hook

  57. Lil Sokz

    dope <3

  58. truchance505

    Please come back to Albuquerque New Mexico we love you guys here Nuevo Mexico

  59. scott westcott


  60. Chris Brady

    This has been on repeat since I heard it last week....Keep up the impeccable work fellas

  61. Zekegedd

    Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  62. Nicholas Schweizer

    Anyone know where I can find the lyrics for this?

  63. elias wilsey

    my parents divorced when i was 12 bro and it seems rough bro but makes you something bigger and better. play the car life hands you with joy my bro cenayoucantseeme

  64. tokin huhrbs

    life might not be the greatest, but its songs like this that make life roll on

  65. Msmoe9

    Amazing guitar work

  66. Radiant Dawn

    This upcoming stuff sounds like the best material from Slightly Stoopid yet! Alright, I'm highly anticipating this new album!

  67. Doug

    Can anyone figure out what the picture on the album cover is in the back? It looks like walter white in a prison jumpsuit and says like yellowcard above it but I'm guessing its something?

    Jeric Naputi

    It's king yellowman

  68. Igor Freitas

    How can someone dislike that master piece?! Each and everyone of my friends that i've introduce Slightly, became a fan. Respect from Brazil and i hope someday see you guys around here. To the roots boys

  69. Luis Carrillo

    Just got out of a 4 year relationship well its been about 6 months but Im still dying inside. Sublime and Slightly Stoopid have been my escape for a while now. Hope to see you guys this year once again (been a fan ever since i was 14 turning 22 this year)


    I know how you feel bro. I got dumped after a 5 year relationship 6 months ago too. Sublime and new slightly stoopid keep me lifted. Stay up bro it'll get better.

    Luis Carrillo

    Amen brother! Same to you

  70. Benjamin Brausch

    That shit sounds so stoopid starting to feel like summer

  71. Benjamin Brausch

    Damn I needed that it's summer time stoopid

  72. Timothy Boza

    Hell yeah found these guys through rebelution and I love them as much as I love rebel

  73. Sean Tomaszewski

    I'm just now coming out of a month-long deep depression, and this song is going to be my anthem heading into the summer. Reading the comments on this video is amazing. Seeing everyone being brought together, and helped through the power of music. Shit's beautiful. 

    I love all of you, and keep fighting. It's worth it.

    Jorge Chavez

    Keep your head up and carry headphones around and all will be good bro, peace.

    Matt Garcia

    Fight on man. Stay allive!!

    Kasey Bruhsin

    I've had to deal with psychotic depression for a year before, depression is a bitch and it can take you down if you will let it. Keep fighting, it comes in all shapes and forms and you can kick its ass no matter what!! Stay strong brother 👊❤

  74. Noe Gonzalez

    Now this is music slightly stoopid always knows what's good

  75. J H

    Always love to hear new jams from ma boys ;) Can't wait to see you back in Oregon this summer, ya brah!

  76. Straight Outta Alderaan

    San Diego's Finest. JAM ON! Stoopid is #1

  77. 0622-VRAR

    Can't wait to see them this June in my hometown!!

  78. Clayton Garvey

    Nice to know there's still good music such as this

    Nicholas Schweizer

    @Adolf Sweatynips lol pls

  79. Jason Mosh

    Sounds really good. Can't wait for this album to drop!!

  80. bladesrnm1

    You guys never miss a beat, can't wait for the new album. There is no other band out there with as many awesome songs, keep up the great work and I'll see you this summer!!!!!

  81. TeamBushidoOnline

    Back when I first heard this on the TRI live set, and even still now, I think of Joe Cocker's 'With a Little Help From My Friends.'  And that's awesome!  Keep up the good work guys, like many are saying below - Your music just keeps getting better!

  82. Collin Sanderson

    I want the lyrics!!

  83. Alex M

    I swear I have heard this rhythm somewhere before, possibly the Live at Robertos sesh or am I crazy?


    +Alex Edo it s the intro from jimi at robertos ;)

    Nick M

    The Guitar progression is very similar to pearl jam - yellow Ledbetter.

  84. guido scarabino

    this song is a caress, is a moment of purity and happiness. Thank you for giving so much love .... I love Slightly Stoopid

  85. David Box

    Official lyrics?

  86. Andrew Stimpson

    Unreal song can't wait for the new album and especially to see you guys the day after my birthday in my hometown of Simsbury CT July 8th! couldn't have asked for a better birthday present

  87. Doug

    Turning 21 in vegas August 15 and slightly is playing  fri. august 14. assuming it's ending around midnight i'll be leaving the show legal which is gonna be crazy


    @Douglas Smith dude im going to tahoe to see them on the 13th im so fucking excited

  88. Bones Delacroix

    Yes, times are hard, and life can be hard, but it rolls on, and it's important to remember the good times and deal with the bad times the best way you can. We all run through the gamut, everybody. Whether you're married, divorced, single, young, old, happily free or recently heartbroken. Because the world won't stop for you and your problems, life rolls on for us all. Great job Stoopid, for delivering an anthem that rings true for all of us who are going through a hard time.

  89. Matt Phillips

    Incredible tune! Wouldn't expect anything less from Slightly Stoopid! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

  90. Swags456

    Yes finally a new album!!!

  91. Zac McDonald

    Slightly Stoopid always brings me to a happier place!

  92. Dude

    can't stop listening to this jam.

  93. Justin Lackey

    righteous jah mon get blessed

  94. Dude

    so fuckin stoked to hear this. just started. hope i'm not dissapointed.


    @jhjustice4all what was i thinking? this band can never disappoint me. love it.

  95. Kimber Backlund


  96. Aaron Evans

    Judging from the comments, it sounds like this song heals all. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Beautiful vibes all around. See you guys at Stir Cove in a couple months!

  97. hockeytaint22

    Love the new song and the album art is sick... Can't wait for June 30!

  98. Oscar Natividad

    Always doing the right thing, you guys never disappoint! SS crew FOR LIFE!

  99. Alejandro Bello

    Great song congrats! Come to Chile o México!