Sleeping With Sirens - In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411 Lyrics

I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
There's hope for you tonight
I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
I can save your life

I saw you move from across the room
And I knew who you were
You act like you are afraid of who you are
I'm afraid for you
Try, trust and believe in me
I can show you that there's so much more
There's still hope for you
Let me show you I can save you

I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
There's hope for you tonight
I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
I can save your life

One day you'll open your eyes, take a look inside
Cause I just saved your life
Just take a look inside
I hope you know what it's like for you to be alright
I am for you

Don't give up just believe cause I will be right there
When your hopes and your dreams are on the line
Don't give up just believe I'll be right by your side
When your hopes and your dreams are on the line

I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
There's hope for you tonight
I can save you
If you ask me, just ask me to
I can save your life

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Sleeping With Sirens In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411 Comments
  1. Fabio Ambrosi


  2. The Sick Doctor

    This is music

  3. Rymart CM

    This song is nerve-wracking that makes me high everytime I play this song.

  4. Darkerx jasper

    This band..has helped me through a lot

  5. Nathan Bayless

    Come back to Seattle I seen them twice and it was awesome both times

  6. protip: don't cry, craft

    there's hope for you tonight x

  7. Stellar Faith

    Ive cried to this song waaaay too many times
    2019 anyone?

  8. Kevin Since

    red shorts. white shirt.
    i saw you move across the beach & i knew who you were.
    " I can save you! I can save you! "

  9. Richard Horton

    2:07 - 2:10 Kellin is beatboxing there. ;)

  10. hot topic girl 92

    Kellin Quinn love u 😍😘💖💜

  11. Rylee Pulver

    I honestly don’t understand how people think he sound like a girl. I get at some parts in some songs but in some of the older songs it is easier to tell or at lest it is for me

  12. Izic Talavera

    This song goes out to all zombie players😂😂i can save u😂😂

  13. [broken machine]

    Can I marry an album?

  14. Jazmine Williams

    Throwback holy shit..😍

  15. angel c.

    The screamo meme kid got me way into this band fr 😂😩🤘

  16. Manu Soares

    Every fucking time I come here, I think of what they were, what they've become and cry because the gold times will never come back

  17. Alexis Lyons

    This is for my girlfriend who passed away due to a horrid illness within. Angel, just know I still love you, I hope you're watching from above and will never forget you. I wish I was there for you that night. Rest in peace Rida, Best Fran, and sister from another mister 💜🐼✌️

  18. Anthony Sharp

    I don’t know why, but this gay emo song reminds me of a little girl on Christmas throwing a tantrum because she didn’t get what she wanted...😂😂😂😂 especially the way he screams “ JUST ASK” boy calm down. I’m gay but this is just too much lhhhh

  19. AddictWith AUkulele

    Kellin doesn't really sound like a girl to me..

    Lord Voldemort

    Yeah, but is he even gay? He sounds awsome!

  20. Anthony Sharp

    This song is fucking hilarious. That voice is like the epitome of chest emo. Get out!!!

  21. lacerateddlullabies x

    man oh man do I really miss this sws so much, gossip just isn't my thing, wish they'd go back to their roots, I know bands evolve and change, I get that, but they didn't change for the better, really not vibing with the new sound, but each to their own.

  22. Rin R

    I really needed this. Thanks SWS :')

  23. wishkey princess

    had to plugged both my earbuds and put the sounds to the highest volume to distinguish kellin's beat boxing

  24. Alan Yuan

    I love how SWS also needs to have screaming lines

  25. Rischo Maulana

    Different from the now

  26. seon dook

    can someone save me?

  27. zimzalabop

    1:21 the "ohhh"s and the drums are pERFECT

  28. larrymeetsphan

    i just discovered this song and im sobbing at 5am thank

  29. dylan parrott

    "I can save you" u sure know how to help me through dark times kellin

  30. Jazmyn Waite

    Kellin beatboxing at 2:08 is so good

  31. Sky Rakistallena


  32. Faith Foreman

    *Kellin* : "I can save your life"
    *Me* : "You already have"

  33. anonymous fries

    First time to hear this song 'cause I heard Kellin done a beatbox in it ._.

  34. Deyson Senpai

    Miss this time 💗

  35. alexzanderlee

    Miss old sws:((

  36. Valeria Z.M

    Elena canales , se que Leerás esto ...
    quiero que sepas,
    Y ES MIO>:V

  37. maleeeuhh

    Damn this takes me back

  38. None Interrupted

    Don't mind me just have a throwback to my emo middle school soundtracks

  39. Shadow OnTheHorizon

    Where da beatbox at

  40. jupiter

    *If you just ask me too I can save your life <3*

  41. Harper Keller

    Kellin has beat box skills

  42. Ashton Cassie

    Kellins beatboxing in the course

  43. Yuseff Medina

    That beatbox :v

  44. lorena manalang

    there's something in kellin's voice that could really motivate you and makes you put your shit together and go on..i hope they will continue to make music

  45. Polo WeaK

    One day you'll open your eyes, take a look inside
    I just saved your life.
    Just take a look inside,
    I hope you know what it's like for you to be alright.
    I am for you.

  46. the most nazi

    aguante yassuo vieja

  47. Ken Sibz

    Oh well, '4' does look like '9' in my Calculator :3

  48. J F

    I swear this song is so good. It's sweet and beautiful, the lyrics are blatantly expressing how much he cares for a person and it's just amazing

  49. NoVa Attacker 43

    No I can save r self

  50. seraphnya

    forever my fav sws song <3

  51. Seike Milke

    Sleeping With Sirens 2017 :') ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  52. userales


  53. 6emmanuel†. mayday66.


  54. Pretzel_Bun :3

    Literally just here bc Justin said Kellin beatboxes in it


    Pretzel_Bun :3 SAME

    Pretzel_Bun :3

    alessa v. Haha :)


    Pretzel_Bun :3 :))

    Emo Trash

    Pretzel_Bun :3 me too 😂

    Emo Trash

    Pretzel_Bun :3 also Daniel the Spaniel is my spirit animal 😂

  55. Lys Rey


  56. Anko Jawm

    The guitars at the beginning is awesome

  57. Rachael brown

    I love this album! 😍❤

  58. Jocelyn Michaelis

    Omg ! one of my favorite songs ! 😍❤👌

    Nevaeh Nevaeh

    Jocelyn Michaelis. So truee man ! 😍

  59. Minnie Mouse

    You guys do know that, there is a part in here, where the chorus cuts out and Kellin beat-boxes. It is great. In case you haven't seen it, go check out Kellin beat-boxing! It is amazing <3

  60. James Lucena

    1:48 killed me

  61. Kiri Aguirre

    Karely brought me here

  62. hatsune mikus dead skin cells

    SWS has helped me through so much, I fucking love this song

  63. issac BloodScream

    I remember when I looked this song up, it was no where near 500,000 views yet. now it has 2 millions views. oh my GOD my emo days we so lit.

    Pond Gameplays

    Same here😂

  64. braulio lopez

    love this song 😍😍

  65. The Lovers // The Devil

    I love this song <3<3<3


    After 2:07 is the beat box, your welcome and it sounds like the drums so if u don't hear it, it's just cause he's really good 😂😂😂


    hes just a perfect human being ;-;

    its not a youtube account. it's an idea

    +natalia bustamante indeed


    KHURRAM HUSSAIN I've been a fan and I never noticed this until some minutes ago that I was watching an interview. (My English used to be awful but not anymore so I understood the fact)

    Laurel Williams

    I was literally just looking for that thanks lol

  67. Adam Artz

    Wish they'd go back to the sound they had on this album :/


    @sleeping atthechemicalromance i love gossip but i prefer there old sound and yeah there my absoloute fave haha

    sleeping atthechemicalromance

    @ThatWinchesterJerk same, i listen to gossip sometimes because the lyrics are cool, a little too popy for me though..

    Gabrielle Marie

    If you think they sounded bad 3 years ago..well..welcome to 2019 😅😅

  68. Brittany Snyder

    kellin beat boxed in this song it just sounds like the drums

  69. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

    the bet boxing any one hear it

  70. Elena Delarosa

    High school memories

  71. Javier GabRob

    SWS ♥ .♥

  72. Sage Broos

    I just can't stop listening to Sleeping With Sirens they are just so good at making music. they are so addicting to listen to them this is why I love all of their songs

  73. Marcia Moraes

    ♥ nostalgia ♥

  74. Meranda Angelos

    Rawwwwwwwrrrrrrrrr XD

    Kira kat

    Ewww .no. stop

    Meranda Angelos

    lmaoo I don't remember saying that😂😂

  75. Mikey Warrior

    I can't stop listening because I love Sleeping With Sirens and I'm listening all the time.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  76. Dj silva

    God I remember when I was scene as fuck and blasting this during highschool. Time flies

    Gage Tiernan

    Same boat.


    @gage tiernan we literally have the exact same name except mines kiernan

  77. nat wulf

    I think I hear the beatbox but could anyone say which part he does it?

    Lily Pad

    2:07 - 2:11

  78. Carey Bosworth

    Still love this song

  79. Shulie Devant


    Random Cherry Blossom


    Kal Mei Red

    +Shulie Devant OH MY GOD YES

  80. Sasuke Uchihaサスケ

    love this song

  81. Leslie

    you mean 911 ?

    Prinse Ali

    no they meant 4709551832


    +Ramzi Basir 😐😐😐

    Prinse Ali

    +leslie huang that was a joke, and also my number that's been suspended for a long time now, sorryy


    lololo its aight hahaha


    647 716 3962 hmu

  82. Alice x Hearts

    so much junior high nostalgia <3 :3


    +Alice x Hearts agreed

    iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

    Same 😭

  83. Maria Paula Acosta

    Still asking why i didn't know this band before...

  84. Frida M.

    this is the BEST BAND EVER!!! I love it. Its a life saver for me this is the best songs i have ever heard in my entire life!!!

  85. Pure Gamer

    make more like this 😥

  86. Eugene DK

    is it just me or the high and scream part of this song kinda sounds like the high and scream part from with ears to see and eyes to hear?

    Derek Delson

    they all sound the same because it's his voice

  87. Beautrocity

    i love all the band member especially kellin he is so adorable im not being a fangirl im just being honest

  88. Jon Hensarling

    1:23 sounds like an angry chipmunk

    Michelle Wonderless

    I laughed so hard

  89. Jon Hensarling

    1:23 sounds like an angry chipmunk

  90. Wayne Elkins

    2:07-2:12 is kellin beat boxing not the drums that's so weird that i never noticed

  91. andy the drummer

    One of my favorite songs by SWS

  92. payton payne

    i dont hear no beat box just sayin lmfao

  93. Yung Weeb

    Kellin save me

  94. Spirya E

    sws did save my life it's so awesome how just listening to their songs brings me back to a better place where I can see the beauty in life and reasons to go on. thank you sleeping with sirens

  95. Brenda Arteaga

    Don't actually call 411, it's directory services.... I tried XD

  96. おかま

    Kellin should do more growls it sounds fantastic

    Madisonn Martinez

    Omg yesss. 💕😂