Sleeping With Sirens - Four Corners And Two Sides Lyrics

You you!

Tell me how how has it taken so long for me to open up my eyes?
As I feel you now, I won't fall for things that you said before.

How how has it taken so long for me to finally realize?
I'm in my team.
They won't run away, but back t-to believe.

And when they all turn against you, you better be prepared to fight.

They say I'm a sinner, but nobody knows.
You only do what you're told, you better hope that you're right.
They say I'm a sinner. I'm not the only one.
You wanna point your finger, you better make a choice tonight.
'Cause I'll stand up for what is right.

How how has such a bitter person become the man I am?

I'm turning my heart out.
Just give me the time.
Tell me how, how am I to change when I'm still trying to figure out how
(how to save my life)
How to be saved?
(save me, save, save me)

And when they all turn against you, try not to look the other way.

They say I'm a sinner, but nobody knows.
You only do what you're told, you better hope that you're right.
They say I'm a sinner. I'm not the only one.
You wanna point your finger, you better make a choice tonight.
'Cause I'll stand up for what is right.

No, you better choose your side, make your choice tonight.
You, you better draw a line right now between wrong and right.
I am a sinner.
I'll never be a martyr.
Just stand up for what's right!

They say I'm a sinner, but nobody knows.
You only do what you're told, you better hope that you're right.
They say I'm a sinner. I'm not the only one.
You wanna point your finger, you better make a choice tonight.
'Cause I'll stand up for what is right.

All my life I've been the person I am!
Who are you to try and judge?

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Sleeping With Sirens Four Corners And Two Sides Comments
  1. Alexandra Mack

    “Tell me how, how am I to change when I’m still trying to figure out how, how to be saved” for the years and years I’ve been listening to them this is the lyric that always gets me

  2. JacksonDoes _YT

    2019 and im still moshing to this music

  3. Chloe Jean

    i love kellins voice in this

  4. C J

    This almost sounds like an Amity Affliction song 😯😯❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Maddy Reyburn

    Keep in mind: this is the song where Justin said he couldn’t stand the screaming

  6. I'm throwing my life away on this app

    fun fact - Justin hates this song

  7. Hafiz Samsudim

    Four corners and a bunch of sides (Justin, 2018)

  8. Sad.Skelly

    "four corners and a bunch of sides."

  9. Sin

    Four corners and a bunch of sides

  10. Alesia The best grandma ever

    Who's here after "sleeping with sirens ruined music" video from alt press

  11. Jove God

    Justin hates this song lol

    Alesia The best grandma ever

    It's too much for him lol

  12. Wilo

    feels like a dance gavin dance song

  13. joao marcella

    fucking hits it righ in the heart

  14. Lps Valeria

    This song helped me so much when I was coming to terms with being bisexual. It gave me strength in that even if it makes me a sinner, there are others like me, I’ll have people to protect me, and I can protect them.

  15. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    Their best song.

  16. Rocken Nutz

    July 2018. I love this sm <3

  17. Coughjockey22

    The name totally makes sense

    Devon Powell

    Coughjockey22 help me to understand

  18. Nico 97

    a rectangle ? Has 4 corners and 2 sides

  19. Jesus Armando

    nononono, i need to see THIS live

  20. Abel

    shame that this band doesn't lean to this direction anymore, their screams are so unique that it gives you some strength! it make you powerful! compare to other bands!

  21. PixieDusk 101

    this song is eh.. don’t really like it


    PixieDusk 101 I had that too, but screamo always has to grow on you. It's now one of my favorites haha, I think the message is so powerful

  22. Elet

    still my favorite

  23. Arrow Isa

    Guessing that "four corners and two sides" has to do with 2 people in the same room that have different opinions on a situation.

  24. aiGeis

    Anyone else reminded of Scary kids scaring kids when listening to this?

  25. TyexFanta

    0:05-0:10 when your trying to get someone's attention

  26. yokai

    They say im a sinner, but im not the only one

  27. Ashleigh

    Everyone complains that they went soft but I think of it like ice cream. It's a preference, like my sister likes soft icecream but if it's a good flavor it doesn't matter because you have so many memories of the ice cream when it was more frozen. So, at the end of the day they may have gotten soft but they are still good in my opinion. I'm okay with soft

    Allison Quinn

    Ashleigh yeah I like them either way! They were really good live❤️❤️

  28. Abel

    the two first album of SWS was the best they did! and this how they gather so much fans! then they got all soft! but no matter how many album SWS will come out, i will not listen to them! I will only listen to the first two!

  29. Dylan Brown

    God I miss this SwS, I wish they had continued in this direction

  30. Andree L.

    tesey an de suirooorrrwwrr:vv

  31. Monday

    Someone tell me i'm not the only one still listening to this aha, it was my all time favorite album in middle school and i just started listening to it again and remembered why i loved it so much. I like their new stuff too, this wasn't my favorite just cause it wasn't soft. Just has so much feeling.


    this music makes me feel like im not the only one emo cuz i see there's a million over here!

  33. Genesis River

    This will be always my favorite sws album

  34. hanni Muir

    I'm a christian and I love this culture, i love this type of music, but my family for two years have told me its evil to like it. i believed them for awhile, im trying to get back into the music because i realize what they say is crap... I can REALLY relate to this song.

    B-Ryce Unleashed

    you are not the only one...

    Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    hanni Muir Kellin is cristhian.

    Illegal Trash

    I'm a Christian as well. I have mixed emotions about this song. Let me first say that this type of music isn't satanic or evil. If anyone says so point them to Pslams 150 were it says any instrument can used to praise God. They aren't in this case, but the point is that this sound or any sound can be played. Secondly, the lyrics aren't showing any signs of satanism. Older Christian's say this mostly about the music. This has happen with almost every genre. What troubles me is the obvious out cry that people label him a sinner. If I had context I could say this was an attack against the church or God. However, Kellin is pretty vague. It is normal for people to against the church as many judge and have beliefs that are not found in the Bible. I think is the same case and they same people who judge this type of music. As Christian's we should stop judging and pick up a Bible to see if our beliefs are biblical or not. In either case we should stop slapping a Bible in nonbelievers faces and pointing out their sins. This is not what we are calle for. Instead we should give them the hope Jesus gave us by dying for our sins and giving those who believe eternal life and no condemnation. Kellin is mostly likely a victim of judging Christian's which is a shame.

    Some One

    people also called me a satanist for liking my music so I started acting like it. they left me alone

    Allison Quinn

    Totally relate

  35. Brendon Anoushfar

    This song is good but jesse's screams are so fucking gross and it ruins everything. No one likes you Jesse

    Rachel S

    Brendøn ! I agree

  36. elusive reveries


  37. Liam Shaw

    Saw this song in the comments of a Periphery song... It seems so tame. BUT IN A GOOD WAY

  38. Holli Brooke

    I am new to this band and I am in love

  39. _Hunter_44

    Giving me a Falling In Reverse Vibe😂

  40. Jordan Stevens

    this song sucks ass

    Sondra Vanatta

    It's okay to have your opinion but there's no need to leave such negative vibes. Listen to whatever you want, no hate.

  41. Mella Logue

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  42. Sometimes I Wonder

    the name of the song is ruining my brain I CANT EVEN LOGIC BRUH

    Jaxen Hallows

    Its a rectangle DUH!
    4 corners....
    2 sides.. Rectangles have 2 sides that are equal, also... 2 +2 = 4
    FOUR corners, TWO sides ;3

    Elijah Lanning

    It's not supposed to make sense


    Jaxen Hallows I thought it was 4 sides
    Two pairs of parallel equal sides? I'm in 11th grade maybe they'll reveal a lie next year they been keeping
    "Remember how you learned rectangles have 4 sides?
    Yeah... They have 2"

  43. Roxane Lacroix-Therrien

    are you guys wants to litle partying nr=esr«6

  44. Roxane Lacroix-Therrien

    verry good guys. The voice are awsome

  45. Raydog 97

    I think this is the hardest song from SWS.

    Bevan Piercy

    Captin Tyin' Knots

  46. Ace Nanase

    Can anyone tell me what Jesse screams? I got most of it but some parts are unclear

    Rachel S

    Abbey Pouncett the lyrics are in the description

    Ace Nanase

    Rachel S they don't include Jesse's screaming parts

  47. infinity sumz0

    what has four corners and two sides?? Sleeping With Sirens album... aaaaaaaaaaa...

    Tommy Cosmos

    Oml, lol.
    Good point

    Bae Wilson

    well actually, since it's a cuboid, its got 6 sides

    Devon Powell

    infinity sumz0 a square

  48. iiSxphire

    0:01-0:10 Is me whenever I see a bug on my skin.

  49. Sierra Ambuhl

    he sounds like he's saying " YOU WANT A BOY TO FINGER" I love sws way too much lol

    Jdm Bads

    hahahaha wtf

    Lyrica :P


    Krista Stanford

    Sierra Ambuhl I CANT UN HEAR IT NOW XD


    I'm a 23 year old black guy and this song fuckin jams

  51. Diane Gomez

    My inner fangirl is coming out. Miss listening to this.


    Diane Gomez how are you doing? 😄

  52. Evan

    They should make multiple parts to this song. Like the Guillotine from Escape The Fate, and Falling in Reverse.

  53. unknown lol

    now Im screaming my lungs out. fck Im so into this song

  54. SunStorm

    just imagine this song playing during world war 3-5


    What kind of drugs are you on? XD jk


    the best kind

    Renne Léalia

    I play COD Black Ops 2 to this sing

    wishkey princess

    why is this underrated

  55. Olivia

    is it just me or does Kells look pregnant?

    Jaxen Hallows

    OML It does. But Kellin is still sexy af. Like Andy Biersack, and Vic Fuentes.


    Olivia Houlihan it was vic

    Shawna loren


  56. Hans Ceru


  57. Kennedy A. Smith


  58. Jillian Summer

    Tbh I really hate the screaming

    FoYaGee UYA

    Thats understandable, but this is rock. do NOT listen to death metal because thats all they do. and you cant understand them.

    ben threw


    Phansplier is my religion

    tbh i love the screaming

  59. Bethany Smith

    i didnt expect the slight scream and fell off mybed

  60. -InvisibleGirl-

    4 DAYS GUYS, CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!! <333333333333333333

    Marta Teofilovic

    +-InvisibleGirl- HAVE FUN


    +Bring Me All Time Panic! Thank you! ^^


    @Bring Me All Time Panic! It was EVERYTHING I expected and MORE. Although everything went wrong for me what  possibly could gone wrong, I had a great time

    Marta Teofilovic

    +-InvisibleGirl- omg at least they were awesome right??

    Morgan Sutton


  61. Dominic Morgan

    I herd better pop songs but this one is descent

    Paisley Truitt

    +Dominic Morgan it isn't a pop song...

    Raydog 97

    It's more alternative

  62. Jesse Dill

    I like the hardcore and non hardcore sws songs

  63. que pizada

    voz oliver sykes??

  64. 66 6

    ":iuytrfdxcvbnm,.;'fvb nl;m,uyhjl.;['

  65. FootyManagerTV

    their best song tbh.

  66. Yliana Otero

    i FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG, really this is one of my most favorites songs

  67. Enzo Gómez

    aun mas pene ?

  68. Enzo Gómez

    mas pene

  69. The Vigilant Infidel

    Does anyone have an interpretation of this song's meaning? I'm curious

  70. Haydn Brine

    i for some reason felt like ollie sykes was in this song

  71. Graice Goral

    my mom said that this music is crazy, BUT I LOVE IT

    Graice Goral

    yea my mom just said today that she thinks this music is weird. i told her that i don't care and im still gonna listen to it. she likes rap music

    Jonatan Aasen

    +Sara Whitman same

    Jonatan Aasen

    @Kamila Ibisler best thing ive heard xD

    alexis pannill

    my mom heard it while I was playing it in my room.. and she said "it sounded like someone was dying"

  72. Richard Alanis

    The screams are filled with so much power. It can start a 3rd world war.

    Eclipse Karma

    rose rodriguez
    Trump isn't. If Hillary was in we'd be in WW3 right now though. Anyways, the isn't the place for politics.

    carlos del hoyo

    everywhere is place for politics, fuck trump, he killed harambae

    Autumn Gil

    all the scream artists together would start WWV; its epic enough to pass world war III and IV


    Eclipse Karma, your comment aged well 🤣

  73. Caden Williams

    0:39 you better make root beer tonight.

    Maddie Donaldson

    Nooo now I can't unhear that 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Bitter.tea

    antes esto me hubiera asustado, que me ha pasado

  75. Toxic Emos

    This song has so much meaning. Pop music or shit that they play on the radio can not compare to this...

    Avery Dembicki

    No, it was alternative.. but, alright.. you're an expert!1!1

    Avery Dembicki

    I agree, their music is amazing. It keeps me happy.. y'know?

    Nico 97

    It's sounds like pop music but a quite hardcore

    spookyyy emmaa

    this comment is so edgy😂

    yikes vix

    Nico 97 PopCore

  76. Rowena K

    In sws the reason they're softer is partially because Jesse left and he does most of the screaming,people who blame him for sws's softness are fucked up.
    In bmth the reason theyre softer is NOT because Jordan joined the band, people who blame him are fucked up.

    Get it right.

    Rowena K

    +winter yes, I've heard their first album and that's kinda what I'm trying to convey here. I'm not saying that madness is soft because Jesse left, but because Kellin just didn't wanna scream and Jesse wasn't there to do it if he didn't.

    Lil peep

    +blurryface l-/ your name has so much meaning

    Xzealeah Eustace

    breaks the like button on this comment


    They're softer because that makes money these days

    Aidan donovan

    True, and plus people grow up, kellin and the rest of the band dont have constant breakups and long straight hair anymore, theyre happy and have families and theyre newest album is inspiring, so its fine theres not really energetic riffs and drumming and screaming, cause i mean shit their latest album sounds amazing so i dont really care lmao

  77. Mikayla Hunter

    Awee Jesse

  78. Alyssa Noel


    Ace Nanase

    A 2.5D square...

  79. angel rodriguez

    you ,you !!!!! <3

  80. Misael olvera

    J don't understand what they scream. And I get lost in the lyrics. Somebody else?

    David Milligan III

    "I'll stand up for what is right"* sorry

    Misael olvera

    @NUMNUMNUM CANDY yeah n.n

    Misael olvera

    @Boss Yankee thank you.

    David Milligan III

    @Misael olvera You're very welcome cx

    Misael olvera

    @Boss Yankee yeah n.n

  81. lydia avery .

    still one of my favorite songs. even though i like the older music better, this band has grown up very well!! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

  82. jabi

    cancion qla buena :}

  83. Antivist Killjoy



    I jUST SHAT MYSELF READING THIS OMFG they are both emo rats

  84. Mezka

    I miss jessie... But that doesn't mean sws is a bad band now... I'm sure they will find another member soon (I hope)

    Jordan Spencers

    +BlackCat TunaPaw they did months ago, his name is Nick


    @Jordan Spencers i know...

  85. Dora- Zanai

    I loooooove this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Elena

    i always thought it was ''they say i'm a singer, but nobody knows'' lmfao xD

    Vicho Mutis

    For me it's like: "they sey you are the senior, but nobody knows"


    @Vicho Mutis lol

    EpicAnything Vids

    i thought there saying sinner


    EpicAnything Vids they are

  87. Hello

    Why is it when they scream it makes you feel all powerful :I or is it just me


    +Lunar Santi agree

    Anthony Libon

    Same bro

    Avery Dembicki

    Mm true, it makes me feel better. I dunno why, I think I am messed up.

  88. Simona Bart

    Is Jesse's screaming or kellins? 😆

    Simona Bart

    @Valerie Zhang Yeah. I think that too. Thanks


    @Sima Hills Barakat jesse

    Darlin '

    i actually think in this one is kellin. you can hear jesse in do it now remember it later

    Carma Jaramillo

    None. Jack's

  89. Brody King

    Still waiting for one direction fans who like sws to listen to this song. Lets scare them away XD

    Elle Etheridge

    Lol this is real music xD your right

    Maria Paula Acosta

    well I'm not scared... so.

    Rebecca Johnson

    +Brody King I'm a directioner and I love this song. ;)

    Ace Nanase

    Uh I like one direction and I listen to stuff much heavier than this. What was your point?

    G cx

    +Brody King ._____.

  90. Fellipe

    Melhor parte 02:13

  91. Keiara Andrews

    i love this song

  92. Le FancyToaster =3

    What shape has four corner and two sides?

    Issy Rhodes

    @Le FancyToaster =3 none it's not possible


    @Issy Rhodes PAPER


    @The Tragician think of it as a three dimensional figure and you'll see what i mean

  93. hēppī -

    Only decent song they have.