Sleeping With Sirens - A Trophy Father's Trophy Son Lyrics

Father, father, tell me where have you been?
It's been hell not having you here
I've been missing you so bad
And you don't seem to care

When I go to sleep at night, you're not there
When I go to sleep at night, do you care?

Do you even miss us?
Your bottles, your mistress
I need to know, I need to know

Why are you walking away?
Was it something I did?
Did I make a mistake?
'Cause I'm trying to deal with the pain
I don't understand this
Is this how it ends?
I will try to understand

Father, father, father

Father, father, tell me where are you now?
It's been hell not having you
Last thing I heard, you were fed up, you're skipping town
With no note telling where

When I go to sleep at night, you're not there
When I go to sleep at night, do you care?

I need to know, I need to know

Why are you walking away?
Was it something I did?
Did I make a mistake?
'Cause I'm trying to deal with the pain
I don't understand this
Is this how it ends?

Why are you running away?
I don't understand this
Is this how it ends?
Why are you running away?
Tell me please, tell me please
I need to know

Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?

Spent seven years wishing that you'd drop the line
But I carry the thought along with you in my mind
But is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?

Why are you walking away?
Was it something I did?
Did I make a mistake?
'Cause I'm trying to deal with the pain
I don't understand this
Is this how it ends?

Why are you running away?
I don't understand this
Is this how it ends?
Why are you running away?
Tell me please, tell me please
I need to know

Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?
Is this what you call a family?

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Sleeping With Sirens A Trophy Father's Trophy Son Comments
  1. Antwan

    9 years later restumbling across this song. Hurt like hell listening to it back then, now my pops is 7 years sober.

  2. Kill Me

    Both my parents left me cuhs.

  3. xXgo_ drinkbleachXx

    I dedicate this to my mom :):):)

  4. princess girl25

    My dad left when I was a baby I never met him he has no teeth and he’s a drug addict is what I heard and he’s in jail all the time

  5. kingmode86 lionme

    My wife's mother left her this is her song to Express her feelings

  6. Sike Boi 2

    we live for dysfunctional family’s (also has anyone seen my dad he’s been missing for 15 years now i think he got lost on the way to the servo or something smh)

  7. Jenna Bates

    That breakdown killed me

  8. Alana Piscitelli

    Still slaps #throwback

  9. FlaminKai5

    My father makes me feel like shit and makes me cry for asking for groceries. I struggle to live on my own with my fiance cause we live in a tough community. Sorry dad but times have changed. Its much harder to be on your own now than it was back in your days

  10. Josh Vinchael Fernandez

    I miss you mom, fvck cancer anyways

  11. alya

    i hate my dad

  12. EchoDawn 111

    at 12 this song hit me in the feels
    at 21 im still crying

  13. WolfHugsIsSatan

    *Lol I don't miss my dad I'm glad he out of my life*

  14. Aungelique Dyer

    My 6 year old daughter cried to this song..... He's been in and out of jail their entire life. He's currently setting prison time and will be gone for 2 years. Both girls have been writing their dad often and today I received a letter from him personally that says rejected in his hand writing and open it up to see their letters to their dad returned by him..... I haven't told them yet because I don't know what to say or even how to tell them that their dad has been rejecting their letters..... Not even a phone call they get from him.....

  15. Jern Rff

    why cant i find this song or album on UK apple music??

  16. Sureizu I'm thinking of Todoroki's father problems but they are different to what this song is about.but daddy issues..

  17. Olive Shupe

    My favorite song

  18. Pandamodiumtheboss 17

    This song hits home i still have stab marks on my body were me and my dad would fight and he stabbed me during the fighting or just because he also lost all parentle rights to me my older brother and my little brother

  19. Felix Miki Shiba

    Let's be thankful for all the mommies that loved and raised us anyways <3

  20. Koryn Santos

    My dad wasnt the one who left it was my mom. She is a drug addict and an acoholic and when I was little she would neglect us and social services had gotten involoved. She would throw birthday parties for me and my sisters and brother only so she could smoke weed or shoot up heroin with her friends. My dad eventually got full custudy but we lived with my grandmother and he was never home. My mom had visitation rights but some days she would leave us waiting for her for hours and never come. Eventually she stopped trying. I started living with my dad when he got remarried to my step mom. She tried to come back into my life but only so she could split up my dad and step-mom, she never cared. I had even seen her recently in stores and she didn't even recognize me and I made a point to show I was there and she looked straight at me. Even though I have my dad and step-mom I feel like im never good enough with them and Im not what they wanted, my dad has called me a fuckup and my step-mom has called me a bastard.
    I guess this song just makes me feel like Im not the only one

  21. Tanna Peoples

    lmao fucking mood

  22. Kennedy Mae

    this song is literally mum and dad are probably gonna dad seems to not care anymore...

  23. Büşra Zengin

    Şu şarkıyı dinleyen türk varsa onunla evlenebilir miyim?

  24. Magda Sokołowska

    I hope you happy in heaven 😇❤ 3.11.2015

  25. Damage Per Second

    You know. I come back to this song reminding me how it's been 9 years since I spoken to my brother. It's been 6 for my mother. Still facing this problem. I only listen to it when I hear there voices in my head.

  26. clxxdz

    This shit still bops in 2019.

  27. something person

    In my 3 years of knowing this song I didn't think I'd actually have to relate to it

  28. Moe MusicPlease

    Mom left me for a drug dealer of a boyfriend and my dad picks his own family he made before me even if i live in the same house. I want my real parents that took care of me as a kid.

    God, i hate this life.

  29. Deeric Green

    Who’s still listening 2019-2020?

  30. JacksonDoes _YT

    My father died at 2009 when i was 3 and my brother's father is still there outside, he never came back for us. I kept having tears on my eyes whenever i see people who spends time with their dad, and im sure that ill never get to see my real father and its just sad.. but true.

  31. prod. CÁEL

    crazy where the time went, listening to this at 12, 13 and being 21 now. sws and bands alike are aging well with the way music is shifting.

  32. dumb bitch

    my dad doesn’t live here but we can still talk to him

  33. Andrea Flores

    2019 🤚

  34. княуѕαlιѕ

    Not technically from a broken home cause parents are still together but my mom is a narcissist and my dad has a violent temper. I used to listen to this a lot after they would keep me up all night screaming at me about how I was a disgrace to the family name, how I was never what they wanted, etc etc.. I could relate to some of the lyrics so much because I just want them to love me and care about me and be proud of me and I am never enough for them and nothing I do is right.

  35. Crazy_ Caus

    In a world where all songs are only vocals, I wouldn’t mind at all because of Kellin and the boys.

  36. Echo Blaze

    My father left at birth. He was a drunk, a druggy, and an abuser. I always think of the stories of him When i hear this song. 15 years ago it was a good family. Why did he go I always wonder

  37. Aysia Parker

    Since were sharing stories..

    My dad was NEVER around never seen his face I use to call but I dont remeber his voice. One night he randomly texted asking what I was doing I told him I was going to a friends house. I didnt say "I love you".. after that he died this was February of this year and everyday I feel guilty for not being closer to him and being angry that he never bothered to see me.

  38. CoffeeGhost

    Whelp feel like I should share my story in short.
    My dad was an abusive drug addict who neglected me for years until my mom left him and I never see him. My stepdad is verbally abusive and the reason I have low self esteem

  39. Maha Qamer

    who else loves Eliza Grace's versions more than this?

  40. Denise Babysims

    Thanks to my ex for abandoning me and my son and making him fatherless over some random women

  41. Ma. Ellah Mendoza

    Mv please

  42. TheFortniteGod

    wish my father cared but he wasn't there for me when i needed him..sad story but its true:(

  43. Randy Cartwright

    I see a lot of comments about ppl sharing their story about their father being abusive, negligent, or not in their life at all so I’ll do the same: my father has never been there for me when he was at home all he did was go and hide in the basement (sad ik) he continued to do this up until a few months after my parents got divorced (yes he lived in my moms basement) and then it only got worse from there after he moved out he would only have visitation when he felt like it which wasn’t often by any means and when I started going through therapy for depression and anxiety anytime I tried turning to him he’d just say I was choosing to feel like shit and that he’d be perfectly fine if I killed myself not only that but he manipulated me and my family so that they would take his side over mine and act like the good parent he’ll never be then moved to the other side of the fucking country for a new job that he lost bc he didn’t know when to admit he wasn’t qualified to do certain things he did and to tell others how to do their job (he worked as an engineer for kidney transplant) as if he went to medical school and that he had a right to tell doctors how to do their job and now idk what he’s doing but idc I seriously hope that he fucking dies in the worst way possible like it sounds bad ik but I really think he deserves it now he’s trying to sympathy from me bc he’s going through “depression” he doesn’t know the half of it and he sure as hell isnt getting anything from me he can go to hell for all I care anyway sorry about the rant I just get worked up when I think about it but if there’s anything to take away from this is that u shouldn’t judge others for things u don’t understand especially when it’s something serious

  44. evieamity

    It's like this song was written for my family. My mother and father were and always will be alcoholics. They'll never accept me as their daughter. No matter how far I progress in my transition, they'll never accept it. The more and more they deadname me, the more they question why the fuck I don't trust them. I have to support this asshole father because he has no one else. I have to sit there and listen to him slur his words every night on the phone because he can't go one day without his damn whiskey, and he's alone because of it. My mother, who I live with, never has done anything to prepare us for life. Of course she worked to put food on the table and gave us a roof over our heads, but that's all she's ever done. She won't even talk to us unless she's had enough to drink. I'm tired of being here but I can't handle being on my own yet. We weren't even allowed outside our house in our backyard until we were 14 or 15 years old. Once we finally got that freedom, we didn't know what to do with it, so we all just sit inside our house and live on the internet, trying to seek some sort of validation from others to make up for the lack of compassion from our own parents. It's awful to see how many other people here go through the same thing. When the fuck even is a family if it's not unconditional support and love. I'll be ready to leave this place and survive on my own. I just want to leave this shitty life behind that they brought us into.

  45. Tracy Hollow

    still here in 2019

  46. Kayla T

    When i was born my father left and cheated on my mom. He didn't care i was a baby and didn't leave any evidence he existed for me to find. When i was little i didn't know people had 'dads'. He got married to the woman he cheated on my mom with, and even had kids. He never said happy birthday except when i was 10. I wanted him there to teach me sports, to pick on me when i got my first boyfriend, and to be there when i needed him most. But he wasn't. Never. He constantly came into my life for a few days to leave for years (which i believe is because of my siblings). My mom isn't much better, she is constantly drunk and childish with how she does things. She tries to be there for me but at the end of the day she isn't. I got diagnosed depression and anxiety in 4th grade and ever since have been failing to recognize self worth because no one ever told me i had any. I miss you dad. Please come home.

  47. Jaime.

    My father disappeared 7 years ago, as of yesterday.
    He parked his truck just down the street from our family home and walked into the woods. He just vanished.
    He is still an official missing persons.

    I was 20 years old when it happened; when I was coming into my own, and needed his guidance more than ever on how to get by. Especially since I grew up as your typical "daddy's girl", and my mother and I have always had a very tense and volatile relationship (which has only improved because I moved 900 miles away, just 9 months ago).
    I will never forget the night/following day it happened.
    Or all of the things I had witnessed leading up to it; things I could never tell my family, no matter how much they have hurt me.
    I will also never forget when I was 16 and my father looking at me after my mother and I had wrapped up another screaming match, and him saying, "If your mother and I ever split up, it will be your fault."


    Jaime. Hope your father is found . Please take care . Keep being strong

  48. Alice Collins

    My dad was a fucking arsehole, after he divorced my mum, he got with another woman and had about 4 kids with her.
    They only live in a 3 bedroom house, so how could he manage them?
    Plus he downright chokeslammed one of her kids, and she was fine with it.
    And he continued to harass my family via text after we stopped seeing him.
    And he continually tried to convince me as to why my family was shit and why I should live with him.
    And not only that, he also kept mocking my autism, while also saying when I'm older I'll see that he was the only one that really cared.
    He also fatshamed his girlfriend's daughter, he never washed her two son's bedsheets, and he got a rescue cat and started abusing it.
    So yeah he was really shitty.
    He also locked me in a boiling hot room for two and a half hours, and wouldn't let me eat or drink anything and wouldn't let me go to the toilet.
    It got so bad that I started having outbursts in my class about committing suicide.
    So that was when my mum decided I needed to stop staying with him for the night, and I never slept over at his again.
    I've been rid of him for 2 years now, and I have a caring step dad who is with my mum now, and I no longer feel suicidal.

    A message for anyone with abusive or neglectful parents, it will get better I promise.
    It did for me, and as long as you have someone's support, you will get through this ❤❤

  49. The Fox-Tabulous Vixie

    Damn, this song hits home for badly.
    ( Edit: sorry for the dictionary of my life in a nutshell )
    My dad has been in prison since i was 1½ years old for
    Raping my ( at the time ) 5,6 and 9 year old sisters multiple times and admitting in court that he would've done it to me too if i was older

    His side of the family is cursed with mental illnesses, he is a skitzo..

    I am now a month away from being 20 and all i can imagine me singing this to my father...

    First part to the chorus through the phone when i was a kid ( cuz i used to talk to him when he called my aunt )

    Second part to myself around my mid 10-14 state as i would slowly go insane thinking about it/all the people.i feared hate me cuz of it...

    Then the rest of it to him as he is rotting in his cell.

    I only know at least three people from my dad's side... And i am hoping on animating the end of this explaining my p.o.v of how this experience got to me and how im dealing with it....

    Also, thank you for reading another weeping story, i hope i didn't make u cry.. If i did.. I'm so sorry.

  50. Clelia L

    My father told me several time that he regretted having me. He ignores me and he pretends I don't exist. He doesn't care about me, my life or my interests. I'm like a ghost to him. Every time I try to talk to him he keeps ignoring me or he said to me he doesn't care.
    I don't remember the last time he behaved like a father to me.

    The Fox-Tabulous Vixie

    I don't want to be an ass, but I'd kill to have a dad like yours then the one i was burdened with....

    Bur if you wish to talk to anyone about this or anything, i would love to help you feel better.😊

  51. Anietyt Retra

    Thanks Dad for drinking so much I'd find you passed out on the bathroom floor, for mocking me when I told you I was upset, for kicking me out of the house at 18 years old, just because I wasn't taking out the trash. Perhaps I should have been more on top of my chores but was that reason enough to abandon me? To make me leave several days before Christmas and ignore my calls? "I don't care" is how you replied when I asked "where am I supposed to go? I have no where to go". Thank you, because now I know just the kind of parent I want to be. A parent thats there for their child, that lifts their child up, gives them unconditional love in a difficult world, even when they're past 18, they'll still be my baby. One day I hope to let go of all the hurt you've caused me.

  52. Amber The ANIMEOTAKU

    Deadbeat dad club raise your hands ✋

  53. Hyena Boy

    I worked at Hot Topic when I was 13, this was the first song I heard by them. I thought the singer was a girl at first and I remember googling ‘emo girl father father where have you gone song’ and it took me months until finally I found If You Can’t Hang and realized it was the same band!!! This song brings back painful but important memories

  54. Yeemo Rat

    It’s my birthday today, my dad has failed to even acknowledge it and I’m injured so that’s fun

  55. My husband is a chaebol heir.

    I had the opposite issue with my dad; he was the type of father who would always be up my ass to the point where I _wanted_ him to leave. However, it was all because he wanted the best for me (as well as having anger issues). So stories like what these lyrics tell make me a little grateful.

  56. Adriana Dodrill

    I can relate to this song on many levels my dad left me when I was 6 I'm 14 now haven't seen him since

  57. Candra Crook

    It's been years since I heard this song and it still makes me want to break down and cry. Not only does this song make me think of my dad, but my mother, too. Hell, even more members of my family. Edit: everyone who's going through issues with ANY family member, you always have people supporting you, even if you don't know them! I will be here for you.

  58. the_plague

    2:51 anyone else hear that sneaky AA style guitar riff?

    Derek Brousseau

    the_plague that's just a palm mute every thing heavy has it

  59. green


  60. Weak Bee

    Curhat troos pada ya

  61. Zeke Andrew

    I remember a few years ago I rewrote this song in my journal for my mum. And now I’m having dad issues as well and honestly this song means so much to me

  62. Sobre

    *”father father tell me where have you been”*

    That hurt my heart

  63. Hugo Dimas

    2019, who's still jammin to this?

  64. caroline marie

    Who is from Teenage Dirtbag Wattpad ?

  65. Cal Tomlinson

    This is the only definiton I have of a father thanks to my deadbeat one and I just love that this explains my life and that I can relate to it

  66. annanaskopf

    i can relate to this so much.
    although my father IS here, i wish he wasn't. he just doesn't give a fuck about us. all he cares about is judging us, calling us names and yelling at us. nearly everyone says "it's nothing. other people are getting hit and abused" but in my view it's really not 'nothing'.
    yes, he doesn't hit us (yet) but he hurts us. he hurts us so fucking much with his goddamn words.

    my father is an alcoholic as well.
    he is drinking since several years now. it all started with one or two bottles beer a day. a few months later two glasses white wine a day, sometimes also red wine. but then i got more and more. he began drinking a bottle of wine a day, then two, three, four, and more.
    he drank a whole bottle before work, came back home and drank another three or something.
    in march or april i was on a dance competition for a 5 or 6 days and when we came back, we were shocked.
    my mom counted 27 empty wine bottles in the kitchen. he had drunken them all in those 5 or 6 days.

    i can't stand him anymore. he judges everyone wrongly. he yells at us for putting an old cucumber into the fridge he had put in HIMSELF!

    i know it's not good to say or even think that, but i just want him to go away.
    i wouldn't care if he died. no one would!
    i really wish someone could take me away from this 'home' but who would even want me?

    The Fox-Tabulous Vixie

    I understand that this sucks so much, and yes this isn't nothing... But i would give any to have a father who cares less about them to admit that he want to..." Show " how much he loves me.

    If you need someone to talk to, id be happy to be your vocal punching bag or just someone to pour their heart into..

  67. H. E. M.

    This helped me when my dad left after my parents divorce.
    Oh god I sound like a emo whtie girl 😂

  68. *Maax*

    My father left me and my mom when I was 5-6 for another woman he had been sleeping with in the military, leaving us broke with little money which means we had to move and everything. But my ''step mom'' (I don't even refer to her as that tho cause she doesn't deserve it.) Is a complete and utter fuck head and I honestly don't understand what my dad sees in her but oh well. He doesn't really care about me anymore so I feel the same way toward him. He's waiting for me to turn 18 to have a "stable bond" with me (I'm 16 now) cause then he doesn't have to pay child support anymore and I can take care of myself. What a nut head he is himself. If that's how he wants it then I rather have no relationship with him ever then one where he pretends to care for me. We used to be close before my parents divorce but I guess it really doesn't matter anymore and that his woman hungry self just couldn't resist. I hope ur happy with the decision u made dad.

  69. Colin Lester

    Bump for fathers day....

  70. gucciwearsupreme

    Happy Father’s Day..

  71. sleeping atthechemicalromance

    Dad,did you really have to die before i met you?

  72. Breanna Shields

    I still can't get over his voice🤤

  73. piercetheblackveiledbride

    I think it's I will drive you, u understand*

  74. Lynsey Annmarie

    My dad had been in and out of my life since I was born. The last time I saw him something in me knew it would be the last and I couldn’t help but cry while telling him not to leave and yet he walked right out. I don’t even know if he remembers me and that’s the worst part.

    The Fox-Tabulous Vixie

    I can relate a bit.

  75. カロリン

    three years ago i would cry my eyes out listening to this. now, i've became a stronger person, i think my mental health is still fucked up, but at least i got over my dad's absense.

  76. AlverezX Empire

    So damm deep reading the comments

  77. Hays family Cleaning

    The part where you put the question mark kellin says “ i will try to understand”

  78. Crown The Drawer

    i see all these people talking about their mom/dad leaving them so ill add mine too i guess

    My dad won't even look in my direction.. so instead of 6 daughters he only has 5......... And my mom is so focused of her boyfriends kids and my siblings, it hurts. We used to talk everyday, but now we only REALLY talk once a month. It's gotten to the point when she won't talk to me unless it's about my self harm. I want to off myself but i have siblings to take care of cause my mom doesn't take care of them. And i have made promises to many people. SWS, PTV, CTE, and MCR songs are what keep me sain and alive.............. So thanks to SWS, PTV, CTE, and old MCR.

    Killjoy Adrenaline Threat Angel

    Stay strong. You have the power to carry on. Try not to let it get to you, I am fully aware it's much easier said than done but, for now, sink into the sound and find peace. Instead of focusing on all of the bad stuff in my life, I think about who I am, and how I can make others in my life feel like how I want to be treated. Idk if that makes sense but I hope u get what I'm saying. You matter and you are important. You have purpose in this world, don't let them be a wall in your way. Don't lose hope. Have a lovely day. <3

  79. Gem

    I always felt wrong listening to this since I never knew my dad. Not sure if he even knows I exist.

  80. Pangkoy Rentuma

    2019? Jensen daryl Rentuma

  81. Glory of Death

    1.4k unlike for no reason

  82. Ally Unknown

    I guess your alcohol and new family was more important. I guess after everything you've done the beatings and screaming you found it was not enough. You don't have the right to bs called father. Not anymore....

  83. katrina herring

    this is my song to my mom and my father, my mom moved two states away, all she does is drink and smoke weed, she doesn't do shit for me, who's been getting taken care by her older sister. my father doesn't ever check up on me or my sister, only time we talk is either he needs something or we call.

  84. seperated particle

    Just listened to this for the first time since my emo days. The black nails,sweep cut,and combat boots may be gone. But this souls still black to the core. Rock on my fellow adults with the memories of a past era. I love you all like family.

  85. Daulton Reynolds

    It is sad to read all of these comments while both my mom and dad love me, but just didn't love each other. so they got a divorce, leaving me devastated

  86. Sebastian

    Try to find forgiveness in your hearts. Life is a complicated thing. And before anyone tells me that I "must not" or "do not" understand; you don't know me. And yes, my father told my pregnant mother and 1 year old me to basically hit the road so that the woman he was cheating on my mom with could move in. My father was anything but ideal. I learned a lot about him growing up and almost none of it was good. He had split custody of me and my younger brother. But it was only every other weekend. So, I saw my father roughly 60 days a YEAR and was with my mom about the other 305. Our story is a very complicated one because of how many women my father was with and how many of us he had. He had 6 children and among us there are 4 mothers. All of my siblings are half except for 1 brother; The one my mother was pregnant with when our father kicked us out. My dad also drank a lot back in those days. He was an alcoholic since before I was born and that stayed with him for some time after. Today, I am also an alcoholic while he is now sober and has been for years. I'll keep this as short as I can and just say that I still have (and I hate to say it) "father issues". I did not grow up in a very stable environment to say the least and I carry the scars of that upbringing with me to this day. But you know what? I saw my father just the other day at my younger siblings graduation and when he approached me we embraced with a hug. I still love my father despite all of the crap I've dealt with because of him. Strange too because my grandparents (his mom and dad) call me Chris (my father's name) all the time by mistake. If I were around my grandparents I can't tell you how many times they might say "Hey Chris do you want a beer?" "oops I mean Sebastian. Sorry honey." my grandma will say. I remind my grandparents of my father so much that they call me by his name and even his childhood nickname ALL the time. It happens so much that I began to just ignore it and simply respond "Yeah? What's up?" If they catch their mistake, alright. If not? So be it. Anyway. The moral of my story is: Try to forgive. It is very hard and maybe even the hardest thing to do in the world with some people. But you should always try. Try to understand that life is complicated and that we don't ever really know the full story of how anyone feels or what they're thinking. Try and try again.

  87. Genos Cide

    That growl at the end always gets me. Damn, this song!

  88. IWriteSinsNotUsernames

    Why am I crying in class

  89. Glory of Death

    Do you even miss us your bottles and mistress I need to know,I need to know

  90. Arlete Reyes

    No comment can describe how much I painfully relate to this song. Not saying it to be “edgy” or “relatable” no. This song truly describes my “relationship” I have with my father. Not that I’ve ever even had a good relationship with him. I don’t even know the guy. Hope he’s doing okay despite the fact he hurt me and my mother.

  91. Chrissy Getts

    I went through a time in my early teenage years where I listened to this kind of music, sleeping with sirens, black veil brides, etc. when I grew up I thought I grew out of it and was “getting too old” for it. A few months ago my (then) boyfriend forced me to get an abortion or else he’d leave me alone with a baby. I listen not only to this song and realize my baby would’ve grown up like Kellin, with a father who didn’t care. I find myself more invested in this music now more than ever in my life.

  92. Shy Jacob

    my father left me when i was 3 months old and not even my mother, or my grandparents raised me, only my great grandparents. whenever my grandfather died, my mother had my brother, and then i got sent into foster care for at least 2 years. whenever i got out, they sent me to live with my step dad, who separated with my mother a few years back. my brother is still in foster care to this day because of my mother, and i'm now addicted to drugs and scarred for life. i can half way relate to this, but i mean they'll always be family no matter what i guess....

  93. he's a peach

    was your mistress really worth losing contact with all your kids, dad? was she worth it? was hitting us worth it? was telling me ill always be your daughter when i came out worth my suicide attempts and cutting off contact with you? its been 4 years since we last spoke. i used to pretend you were dead. and i still wish you were.

  94. Gruncle Shelburt

    In tears now

  95. Alexandra Citan

    I’m just going through all these songs that made me emo in middle school I still have a good part of it some where in my mind when listening them

  96. Jungkookie FAN

    2019 and I'm listening to this song again but I can relate my father is mostly never with us and my fam doesn't even know me.. and doesn't know what I've been thru. Father father where have u been?

  97. Madison Maggart

    Dear father,


    Fuck you ;(;

  98. Well Nye ;w;

    I like soft corn tortillas

    *insert sad story*