Sleeperstar - Sparks Lyrics

I heard you were in town again
The phone it starts to ring again
Seven times in seven weeks
A boy starts to dream a lover's dream

You got me wrapped around your finger
Oh we're making all the same mistakes
And when you know that I won't leave you
You are gone

This could be our last regret
If I let you go
If I let you go

Then sparks fly for one night
Wrapped around your finger
Tangled in this thing we're in

And then sparks fly for one night
Wrapped around your finger

The way we lost our innocence
You said it was an accident
Leaving town, leaving me
Is this the way it has to be?

It was the right time
It was the right time
To hold me

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Sleeperstar Sparks Comments
  1. Another Axel

    Where can I find it in subtitles "Spanish"?? por favor :,v

  2. miyukiski

    There is any chance to you guys come to Brazil???

  3. Photon

    Ah! I remember I first saw yall at UTSA a few years back!!!

  4. Eileen the Crow

    Hope you guys will be at the Dallas NYE celebration again this year :)

  5. Jonas S

    When does these new songs come on spotify?

  6. Özer Bilgili

    really good :)

  7. MariAleAgui8907

    I'm so glad I got to meet you guys & this video being made in Dallas is just great. Keep at it guys, you're great! :)

  8. Bruno Santos

    Feel proud of the guys Sleeperstar. I am a large and loyal fan of yours here in Brazil. And I'm just a proof that you conquered the music of not only the country where you live, but also conquered other places. Keep it up, making music and touch the hearts of many people, from all over the world. I love you and all the band.

  9. Freddie Cobangbang

    Ive been waiting for this video to be released since i discovered the song about a year ago, courtesy of JcatJSusan.. They finally answered my prayers.. i'll be posting this into all my online accounts.. job well done guys..

  10. youwantthisnamebadly

    GREAT SONG, but unfortunately its not 'new' regardless it will sound amazing on the new album :) looking forward to it guys! :D

  11. William Caproni

    Sleeperstar makes me travel to far away!
    I love so much!!!!

  12. Danielle Ellis

    amazing job guys!!

  13. Marianne Eggen

    I actually bought it on iTunes some time ago. Don't even remember when it was, but that's not important.

    I personally don't give a s--- if it's been released before or not. It's an amazing song anyway! :)

  14. Clarissa Cullen

    i fall in love with this song...

  15. laura hitchcock

    Ah, this is brill!

  16. xEightLettersLatex

    I fell in love with this song from the beginning. To see it re-released, I think I have officially died from this amazing video. :)

  17. Roeland

    Awesome song IMO :) Will it be available @spotify?

  18. Jen OdomOTH

    Oh AND Sparks was GIVEN to fans on many occasions but you can't buy it on iTunes. Therefore it's a new release on iTunes tomorrow *boom* like a Walmart commercial at Christmas time :)

  19. Sleeperstar

    hey, you try being an indie band in 2013 homie... we're doing the best we can. They'll be 5 brand new songs out tomorrow and 11 more later this year, I'm sure it will give you plenty more ammo to continually ridicule us... Thanks for reminding us how awesome our actual fans of the band are!! Peace.

  20. Jen OdomOTH

    Penntogramus- but this time it's not a promo, it's being released officially w the EP. New stuff out tomorrow- already gave us one new song last week.. Be eeeaassyyy man. And full length album #LostMachines will be out later this year. Patience and love my friend patience and love

  21. Penntogramus

    This song isn't new. This is off the Sparks Promo with the Fallback Acoustic version. How about some new stuff instead of repackaged barely released old stuff that most fans don't know about?

  22. Sleeperstar

    thanks mate! glad you're digging!!

  23. Sleeperstar

    the ending is totally a bit serial killer-ish... good call

  24. JOMARS

    cool song

  25. Jen OdomOTH

    The ending is also a bit serial killer-ish. Love it hahahah

  26. Jen OdomOTH

    :) can't wait to finally have this song on a cd!! And love dfw at night! Great shooting!