Sleeperstar - Replay Lyrics

You don't need them
You can't stop yourself
This pain is just
A crack, star-bursting inside you
It will try to divide you

You live once
You die once
You make love when you just want someone to cry to
Someday they will find you

Oh oh oh, they never loved you
Oh oh oh, they always run away
(Did I ever know you?)
This is not a new way
This is just a replay

You don't feel it
Till it goes away
This hand that touches your skin is tearing your heart out
From this high it's a long way down

And you live once
You die once
You let go of the one thing that you held onto
Someday I will find you

There was nothing left to say
When you gave your heart away
You can't hear me, you can't hear me
You can't hear me

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Sleeperstar Replay Comments
  1. Alejandro Moreno Moya

    I just loved it :( but it makes me sad as hell <3

  2. Lost Forever

    The Best Songs)))

  3. Black Nc Ps

    The song made me cry

  4. Amaris M

    Go Sleepstar! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Go ahead, y'all!

  5. James Fizerl

    best song on The EP by far

  6. J C

    Such a great song! Love love LOVE your music!!

  7. Özer Bilgili

    Soon will be the best group in the world :)

  8. MarinnaLovesJLo

    How can your songs be so perfect? Xx

  9. sabath

    i love this song :)

  10. Max Ladner

    I love it! and the whole album for $4.99, can't go wrong with that!

  11. Marianne Eggen


  12. xEightLettersLatex

    I can't even find the words for this perfection.

  13. youwantthisnamebadly


  14. Jen OdomOTH

    IN LOVE :)