Sleep Token - The Night Does Not Belong To God Lyrics

When you live by daylight
With angels at your side
In order now bestowed by
The light of the sunrise

And you remember everything
Only 'til the sun recedes once again

And the night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven

The whites of your eyes
Turn black in the lowlight
In turning divine
We tangle endlessly
Like lovers entwined
I know for the last time
You will not be mine
So give me the night, the night, the night

The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven
The night comes down like heaven

The night comes down like heaven (The whites of your eyes)
The night comes down like heaven (Turn black in the lowlight)
The night comes down like heaven (In turning divine)
The night comes down like heaven (We tangle endlessly)

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Sleep Token The Night Does Not Belong To God Comments
  1. Master Life and Love

    heard the name chuck around by famous people. still 5 k subs. In time guys. You're to frikkin awesome to not go big

  2. Finlay Renshaw

    I’m new to this band (who are amazing), but what does the whole worship thing mean?

  3. KicknMax

    "The night comes down like heaven"

    Can't get that out of my head

  4. Juan Ossa

    Real talk, is the symbolgy of this band related to Chaos Magick? A lot of the symbols seem like they could be Sigils.

  5. christian König


  6. Wally Linebarger

    I came to hear b/c of Scarypoolparty. He listens to this song every day.

  7. cbmlgia

    How do you all interpret this song? I'd love to hear your ideas. Anyone??


    This song makes me want to cry in the best way

  9. Toby K.

    I just came across these guys as they were being put in the same sentence as bands like Loathe (who are incredible btw) but this is NOT the sound I was expecting from them. But it's...mezmerizing and beautiful. I gotta watch out for these guys more.

  10. Danny DeLong

    This band is blowing my mind. Absolutely beautiful

  11. Unlysdexia _

    This song live was absolutely amazing, the singer sounded so fucking good raw, it was literally breathtaking. They killed it. And they put on a show for sure


    Unlysdexia _ they have quickly become one of my favorite bands, was curious to what their show is like?! Seen videos and the vocals sounded insanely good! Curious to what your opinion is?

    Unlysdexia _

    MrJdub322 vocals blew me away, and the vibes where amazing, they would go hard as fuck and the strobe lights would be crazy then they would chill out again and the guitarist and bassist where climbing and sitting up on the amps n shit. And they would like dance in a circle and the singers movements where very fitting to the aesthetic. Loved it

  12. Andrew Plays Music

    Sleep Token - The 1975 djent

    But really, it's a lot like love / regret letters that were too heavy to write / bare and were less burdening to simply forget or become numb to.

  13. zerojtr

    saw this live, never heard of you guys, i went to see polyphia. this song gave me goosebumps, the way you guys came out too was awesome. what an intro to the performance. you album is on loop rn, you guys are amazing!

  14. Alvaro Urdaneta

    i saw them live in San Antonio and was incredible

    Trey Frost

    I just saw them live in dallas last night going into the show knowing only their name. I'm hooked.

  15. Chance Morris

    Probably some of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard . The whole record is amazing I need this played at my wedding no shit

  16. Emma Tolson

    I was first introduced to sleep token by this song, and i just love it from the first few notes i was hooked. I can't get enough. So beautifully done. Perfectly put together.

  17. angrykoolaidman

    How are they so. fucking. good?

  18. Joshua McCormick

    justin vernon, is that you?!

  19. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    didn't know was going to be 90s synthetic

  20. Joshua McCormick

    i want this played at my funeral.

  21. enoe art

    This music feels good.

  22. BringThePainBitch

    I absolutely don't know how to process this song. And I feel like I don't really need to process it, just to feel it in my heart and bones. Maybe that's tha main purpose of it : feel it rather than understand it.

    Big Guy

    Bingo my dude


    @Big Guy saw this live, this gave me goosebumps. ive never heard of them but im definitely a big fan now

  23. hello sunshine

    Absolute magic

  24. Axedral B

    The world of unadulterated emotion that comes with this piece is unbelievable-- I have never experienced something so purely and uniquely gorgeous in its entirety.

  25. Stanley Thomas

    Ha.. another illuminati band trying to take over the world

  26. Mr Str

    Thanks kmac, this is purly awesome !

  27. Kaushik Kurudi

    Why does everyone say worship here?


    Yeah I'm confused to lol especially if the song is called, "the night does NOT belong to god"

    Kaushik Kurudi

    @Thecrowrip1 I've got it now even I've started saying it 🤣. The band's Identity is unknown. The vocalist is known only as the vessel and he carries the message of a deity called "sleep" . So everyone says worship.

  28. Mathieu Laugery

    wow wow wow. (spoiler: chills)

  29. Shubham Annamwar


  30. Abhishek shah

    YouTube algorithm, please give me more music like this!


    Sorry,.there is only only 1 Sleep Token

  31. L. Ron Hubbard

    Those drums come down like heaven!!! WORSHIP!!!

  32. Reins Phoenix

    hope to hear alot more

  33. x Moon

    People in the comment section of Sleep Token and Spiritbox videos saying that Kmac sent them. 
    I'm thinking I should start watching more Kmac.


    I don't come from Kmac but yes you should!

  34. Joseph McCoy


  35. Alex Son

    Beautiful song though

  36. Alex Son

    Genesis 1:4-5
    And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

    And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

    Nicholas Castro

    Hail Satan

  37. Alex Son

    Everything belongs to God

  38. An drés

    I was hyped at the discovery of this band, but now i realize every song is the same as the other, like the same structure.
    And even auto-tune...

    Nah, i'll pass until i hear something decent.

    Susan 3

    An drés yeah there’s nothing progressive about any of this 😂

  39. Wilfrid Chabert

    Superbe music très émouvante... Perfect song

  40. Ed Rackham

    Attempted the first phrase of the drums here (badly) WORSHIP.

  41. Reaper Actual

    So this band deals in the occult and demands its followers worship them?? Hmmm this seems sketchy.

    Jeffrey Walker

    when you take their publicity stuff too seriously

  42. mac hansen


  43. Patrick Maganga

    W O R S H I P

  44. Swayt

    this is so subtle and good.

  45. Lord Sorceron

    Go on tour with the contortionist right fucking now. Take my paycheck.

  46. Sworn-Son

    I've never subscribed so fast in my life.

  47. Chocolate Hokage

    The world is missing out on this band. I've been spreading word on social media. This band is too great to just fade away due to the garbage that gets played today. Share with everyone you know🤘🏾🔥🔥🔥


    This band sure as hell won't fade out, they're too good for that. I think the way they're marketing their album is gonna stir up a lot of attention


    Would you expect someone who enjoys Cardi B to enjoy this? Nah.. This music isn't cut for the entire world to enjoy.

  48. leo fender

    Its hard Not to W O R S H I P such a band and such a masterpiece.

  49. Michael Bratcher

    Just like every previous song they've released, I'm addicted. Worship

  50. Michael Murphy

    I saw an article about these guys on ThePRP, and I read a bit of an interview and saw pics of the lead singer before I ever heard a note. This was the first track I checked out, and this song did something that hasn't happened in a hot minute for me.. it surprised me. And I love it for that. This was SO not what I was expecting to hear, and now I can't get it out of my head. It haunts me in the best way.

    Michael Bratcher

    I heard their song Jericho come through on Spotify. Listened to every other song they had released up to that point, then decided to find out who they were and I was fucking surprised. Lol

  51. Yuriy Nagornyi

    this is soooo beutiful

  52. Satch Audio & Visual


  53. Stephen Ong

    Here to prepare for Babymetal Brixton

  54. Empire Music Promotions

    As always, you have created something truly beautiful and powerful.
    Welcome back.


  55. Keith Gomez

    This. This makes me happy.

  56. Daniel Mark

    When's the LP coming out??

    A Dream of Electric Spring


  57. Jacek Leja


  58. Reselling4Life

    God damn auto tune.

    Mr Str

    What ? Is this ironical ? (Real question, no offense)

  59. Anthony Accurso

    W O R S H I P

  60. Andrew Morin

    I have chills down my spine while listenting to this beauty of a song.

  61. Ae/Sthetic Music

    𝚆 𝙾 𝚁 𝚂 𝙷 𝙸 𝙿

  62. Christy w


  63. Adam Schindley


  64. Madison Parker

    When you live, by daylight
    With angels, at your side
    In order no, bestowed by
    The light of the sunrise

    And you remember everything,
    Only to the sun
    Received once again

    And the night comes down like heaven
    The night comes down like heaven (x7)

    The whites of your eyes,
    Turns black in the lowlight
    In turning divine,
    We tangle endlessly
    Like lovers entwined
    I know for the last time,
    You will not be mine

    So give me the night (the night, the night, the night)

    The night comes down like heaven (repeat)

  65. HawthorneDrive


  66. Jonrock08

    Thanks kmac <3

  67. Derk Ender

    You guys know how to make slow songs sound amazing.

  68. Generic Nondescript YouTuber

    He is praised.

  69. ke7mix


  70. Griffin Healy

    W O R S H I P

  71. popp1e

    Incredible, as usual, beautiful sigil magick. Worship

  72. James and the Giant Sleep


  73. 11wanny11

    What's a kmac?

    Big Guy

    Memelord, Djentleman, gangster, and youtuber.

  74. Still_bloom band


    John Kuchler

    Ayyy your shit bangs

  75. Fuurin

    Lyrics (i think)

    when you live
    by daylight
    with angels
    at your side
    in order no
    bestowed by
    the light of
    the sunrise

    and you remember everything
    only till the sun
    once again

    the night comes down like heaven

    the whites of your eyes
    turn black in the low light
    interning devine
    we tangle endlessly
    like lovers entwined
    i know for the last time
    you will not be mine
    so give me the night

    the night comes down like heaven

  76. Ken Hilton

    Who's here from Kmac?

    Dark Scream

    Vault Smeller Gaming same lol

    Ryan Miller

    Admittedly yes... but TBH, he has pretty fuckin' good taste.

    Noah McGaffey

    no I'm here from bandcamp but I like Kmac more now

    Lucas Richman

    Yeye i found sleep token from kmac and now i listen to their songs on the regular. All the songs have such good atmosphere, it’s amazing 😩

  77. Deathdrumz

    I can not articulate enough just how good this is. Every Sleep Token release blows my mind. Thank you. So hyped for the future of this band

  78. Bruno Montero

    This is incredible. W O R S H I P

  79. Tom Seymour

    Lyrics (some of these might be slightly wrong?):

    When you live by daylight
    With angels at your side
    In order no, bestowed by the light of the sunrise
    And you remember everything only til the sun recedes once again

    And the night comes down like heaven
    The night comes down like heaven

    The whites of your eyes
    Turn black in the low light
    In turning divine
    We tangle endlessly
    Like lovers entwined
    I know for the last time
    You will not be mine
    So give me the night, the night, the night

    The night comes down like heaven


    Great job, but I think it's, "The whites of your eyes, turn black in the low light".

    Tom Seymour

    11wanny11 thanks, I’ve edited it.

    SAMADHI Official

    Thank you for doing that.

  80. Novae

    Thank you so much for contributing to create. Your group of musicians/artists continues to inspire and touch me.


    прям охуенчик! космос!

  82. Adrian Vin

    A very unique experience, worth the wait

    kaine mead

    And this is just the intro to the new album! cant wait for it!

  83. Jesse Parker

    War ship or whatever everyone says

    Derk Ender

    Lol its worship. But War Ship, sounds more badass lol.

  84. Gian Progg

    Oh wow 🌈❤

  85. Bence Joó

    Can't wait to hear a full length album from you guys. What you make is really unique and amazing.

  86. Ya Boii

    Kmac sent me, and I’m really glad he did

    Nil Null

    Tarded Turd where do you see kmac even talk about them?

    Andy Quinn

    Who the F is Kmac?

    Griffin Healy

    @Nil Null look at his community page on his channel

    Ya Boii

    Nil Null
    He linked this vid in a post on his community page

  87. Mike H

    Totally captivating....W.O.R.S.H.I.P

  88. Mr Mike

    Who is here from KMac

    Andy Quinn

    Who is Kmac??


    Done it again Sleep Token, another banger!!

  90. TheRedLester 22

    Wow this song brings tears to my eyes tbh....

  91. TheAlbinoskunk

    It's pretty rare that you turn a song on and it literally takes you aback with how good it is. These guys do it every time

    Joey Broussard

    I'm obsessed and I just found out about Sleep Token 4 hours ago..


    Every time.

  92. Peter Dominguez

    the emotions these sounds are making me feel reminds me of my emily. i miss her terribly. #yourdadlovesyoutoplutoandback

    Big Daddy

    🌟 well all meet again, after this life, Bro

    Luke Fetting

    Sorry for your loss Peter. Remember that every thing thrived off of one point in the univserse we all share the same atoms and in the end of all it will all condense back into one single point. You will surely meet again. I'm a father myself. i couldnt even comprehend the feeling you must have.

    Dylan Hitsman

    So sorry Peter 🙏😢


    Incredibly sorry for your loss, Peter... 🙏


    people die and your life goes on.
    get over it and let Emily go, she’s let you go and doesn’t want to see you weeping and living a low life.
    don’t fall victim to your organic weaknesses, they’re chemicals and you’re a human.
    float on dude.

  93. Alluring Whispers

    My heart, and my soul feel alive when I hear your music. It's magical and transcendent. Thank you Sleep Token. Another masterpiece. 💗

  94. farranut

    Kmac brought me here

  95. Deceiver13

    Such an unique experience. Worship.