Sleep Token - Nazareth Lyrics

I'll see you when the wrath comes
Knocking on your bedroom door with money
Building you a kingdom
Dripping from the open mouth, I'll show you
What you look like, from the inside
And I'll see you when the wrath comes

Tonight, tonight, tonight you have the answer
Tonight, tonight, tonight you have the answer

Let's load the gun
Make her eat the tape in the bathroom mirror
See if she can guess what
A hollow point does to a naked body
Let's fuck her up
Manifest pain at the core of pleasure
I'll see you when the wrath comes

Tonight, tonight, tonight you have the answer
Tonight, tonight, tonight you have the answer

Oh, let's load the gun
(I won't be missing you, I won't be missing you)
Oh, let's load the gun
(I won't be missing you, I won't be missing you)
Oh, let's load the gun
(I won't be missing you, I won't be missing you)
Oh, let's load the gun
(See you when the wrath comes, see you when the wrath comes)
(I won't be missing you, I won't be missing you)
Oh, let's load the gun
(See you when the wrath comes, I won't be missing you)

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Sleep Token Nazareth Comments
  1. Jaime Bustos Aguilera


  2. Levi Lively

    Man my ONLY complaint about this band is he doesn't sing with the rock parts. That would make this song probably a top 5-10 all time favorite for me.

    Spider RL

    Listen to their track Gods


    Check out the new album

  3. Randy Freshour

    Such an enchantingly dark song.

  4. Raymond Ramirez

    I saw these guys yesterday with issues and I must say I was hooked

    Corey Walvatne

    Never heard of them before the show? Im hoping this tour will help them pick up a ton of new followers


    I had never heard of them before seeing them on the beautiful oblivion tour last week. I‘ve been mesmerized.

    Corey Walvatne

    @juveydave yay, so its working?

    Nathaniel Balderas

    They are insane live. His vocals are identical to the album . You can feel the bands energy that they are into what they do . Drummer absolutely SLAPS live .

    Raymond Ramirez

    Fr I totally agree
    Just start vibing with the their music

  5. hello sunshine

    Finally the next movement of progressive band is here

  6. hello sunshine

    These dudes are too intelligent and gifted for them stage costumes

    Corey Walvatne

    Maybe its bkz i grew up obsessed with Slipknot, but i love their whole deal with the mysterious members in costume. Makes for a more hauntingly beautiful experience

    E T

    You're missing the point. Just enjoy the music.

  7. Daniel Bergonzoni

    This band is going to take over the world!

    Levi Lively

    Lol I doubt it. To me, they're too incredible to share. Usually I share music on my Facebook page. But I can't bring myself to do it because I know nobody else will find them as fucking amazing as I do. And I get really offended when someone doesn't like a song I suggest. It's like a slap to my face lol

  8. Kaushik Kurudi


  9. Jose Cruz

    Best to the best!!!!

  10. porag buragohain

    If you mix a little bit of The Frey, with a whole lotta Radiohead & Deftones sounds with dark Post Rock you get Sleep Token.!!

  11. Sasha Kubek

    The vocals & keyboards got me. The lyrics are


    Prog metal sam smith

  13. Andrew Holub

    I was listening to the breeze through the trees then I heard this and it made me rethink life and listen. What a song. Sleep Token is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  14. The Modern Day American John Lennon

    Goddamn this band is awesome, nuff said.

  15. Danny Roe

    did my first proper trip listening to this music, it was IMMENSE

  16. Sasha Kubek

    Tori & Maynard

  17. Spapp Spappe


  18. Thegammo27

    Saw these guys at download uk last year and was blown away. Now everyone I’m showing back in oz is loving them.

  19. Alluring Whispers

    Greetings fellow worshippers, I have created a community on PSN Communities on PS4 in dedication to Sleep Token and 'Sleep'. The motive is to gather fans, worshippers, to come together to talk about the band we know and love and to grow as a community, also to spread the message of 'Sleep'. With that said, if you're on PS4, and enjoy playing video games and love Sleep Token, just go to communities and search 'Sleep Token', follow and I'll be sure to accept as soon as I can.


  20. Generic Nondescript YouTuber

    They won't be missing you.

  21. Shazy Shaze


  22. BIG WORLD PICTURE paul hemming

  23. Forty-six and Two

    This is the epitome of music. Listening this brings me to tears.

    W O R S H I P

  24. Saphinxx

    Saw this band at Reading 2018 and instantly fell in love!

  25. Raul F. O.

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  26. KitKats Suck


  27. SEMAJ

    Holy duck this is amazing! Thank you Truant!

  28. GetSomeRest

    Holy fucking SHIT! DUDE! Please for the love of god NEVER STOP MAKING MUSIC! Or whatever, I'm not you're boss but THIS IS SO GOOD

  29. Cesar Alaydrus

    sounds like the mix between arcane roots, linkin park, and meshuggah

  30. Douglas Magno


  31. Regan Ryan

    Thanks Shroud Donate.

  32. Richard Swift

    legit one of the best songs I have ever heard!

  33. NeonJellyShark

    I saw these guys live with Holding Absence and Loathe, and all I can say is that these guys are at download for a reason, one of the greatest experiences of my life

  34. Harly Braithwaite-Kay

    Really enjoyed listening to you live at The Star and Garter last night. Please come and visit Manchester again soon <3

  35. TD170

    Sleep Token are just absolutely amazing!
    Such a dark song but so beautiful and light at the same time, I love it!

  36. Kevin Jongte

    Came here from a redheaded chick on instagram...

  37. Daniel Green

    After reading all these comments, I almost gave up on this band. But holy fuck. As this song progressed, I started becoming attached. The new wave of music is fucking here.

  38. Space X-periments

    Afraid of insects!!after watching this! kinda like them!

  39. Space X-periments

    This quite amazing! I cried listening to this! great emotions, not many bands know how to give emotion

  40. Luka Pavlovich

    Wow, this is amazing.

  41. Graham Coulter

    Beautiful. Emotional. Chills.

  42. Ben Fowkes

    This is awesome. 12th listen on the bounce, gets better every time. Structure is bloody lovely for my emotions to ride with. Shut up with all of your opinionated CACK.


    because you didn't share your opinion?

  43. Elliott Stubbings

    This is beautifully manic

  44. Jacob Wetherall

    Anyone have any idea what this song's about? The lyrics are horrifying and the delivery is eerie as hell, but I can't quite piece the full meaning together. It sounds masochistic in a way: 'manifest pain in the core of pleasure'

    Pls halp

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    It's a song about destroying something beautiful, hence the flower being eaten. I'd guess the destruction is in someway relevant to the worship of the deity they worship, which they crudely refer to as "Sleep".

    Julian Feldberg

    I read "Manifest" at the exact moment that line started and it gave me goosebumps. 10/10

    Nikki X

    @Julian Feldberg whoa I just did that with another comment and line in the song!

  45. Tree

    Vessel may be old, Sleep may be older, but I am ancient, and I am coming for you. I already inhabit your torso. Do not fall asleep again.

  46. OnyxFearX_X

    Damn back to back hits after hits I love all their songs so much! \m/

  47. Miss Bandita

    Toniiiiiiiiiiiight, toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :)

  48. Jimmy Stabler

    killer keyboards

  49. Islam is Fascism

    Grid vibes ;D


    Totally, first thing I thought of when I heard this...

  50. Properly Duct

    True music. Very impressive.

  51. ArranTank

    Found these guys through Spotify. Incredible music. Next week is great for music with Jakub Zytecki and Polyphia on the way too!

    Jimmy Stabler

    same here


    Nice one Spotify, and Polyphia is just... delightfully

  52. BubbleRoo Fuckaroo: Boogaloo Fuckyoutoo

    Slice the Cake sent me here, great band!

  53. Qurida Pearson

    L🎶O🎶V E🎶I🎶T👌

  54. Pablo Andres López Silva

    What a nice mixture of feelings! Well done guys, keep it up!

  55. Jacob Wellmer

    I love this music apart from their stupid "sleep" ideology.

  56. Sandy Koenig

    Wonderful indeed.Frist time listening was last night. Dark and Beautiful Music..

  57. corey Bennett

    Another .fucking. Winner.


    They just keep getting better and better cannot wait for the second ep

  59. Derk Ender

    Never heard of this band I was expecting a hardcore song but I got something very chill and beautiful, then that ending came and I was like HOLY HELL. Very tool sounding lyrics too.

    Matthias Rutnowski

    Derk Ender so true for the tool like lyrics


    Derk Ender death metal is cool too

    Sasha Kubek

    @Baitafish I agree. Death metal is fuckin cool and there are so many subgenre's. I'd have to say that black metal is my fav as far as the heavier metal goes but I like a little bit of everything in all categories of music.With this tune the juxtaposition of styles take this to another level. Loving it! ❤

  60. Kartoon Blue


    The infection begins after the third listen.

    Save yourself.

    Adam Falla

    I'm infected

    Douglas Magno

    Oh yeah, you right

    Antony Raynor

    its too late

    Kaushik Kurudi


    Levi Lively

    After the 2nd it hit me. Currently on my 384th listen lol

  61. Jeswin Thomas

    a cockroach's guide to admire a flower

    Isaac Druin

    "This flower is nice"

    "This pedal especially"

    A Hughes

    "Let's fuck her up"

    Ronald Mick

    admire and pay attention to every single detail. in the end. fucking murder it.

    Yurgust Leachloc

    It's symbolic I think

  62. Maniahg

    VOLA - Stray The Skies (October Session), fun coincidence a song with a very similair sounding intro.

    Sean O'Brien

    Maniahg Vola is incredible


    I don't agree, but Vola are AMAZiNB. They more catchy and a sing along band, while these guys spook the hell out of me like some kind of Eldrich horror. Vola make me want to hug my friends and head bang. Sleep Token make me want to murder and watch life drain from eyes. Both equally epic. Any other recommendations of equal measure would be welcome. In the meantime, I'll be here, doing sin.


    I understand, but I was simply referring to the intro ;)

    Reid Noble

    I just came here after listening to that!

  63. Adam HaSheini

    😔 why is the roach in the video 😕

  64. Dessum

    much better at x1.5 speed

  65. Dock

    The way the dude says "Let’s fuck her up" is absolutely terrifying. So matter of factly.

    Kartoon Blue

    Dock Omnicock Have you really thought about what the line "Manifest pain at the core of pleasure" is describing? It makes the previous line tame by comparison.

    D C

    Clint Beastwood sure the gesture implied by those lyrics is...grotesque. I think what makes my skin crawl (in a good way) is the adamant expression proposed. All of this well thought out storytelling and then just...a calm-in-its-anticipation yet out of character proposal of a curse. You've got the whole beautiful music thing and then there is the flat out disregard for this person...not detailed just a quick and subtle spit in the face statement.

    Jacob Wetherall

    'Let's she if she can guess what a hollow point does to a naked body'

    Honestly man this is definitely fucked up. Helped by the fact that the calm delivery absolutely transforms these lyrics. Can't tell what the whole song is about, but it kinda sounds masochistic...

  66. BoodhaVids

    While I still enjoy it, I think having each song end with super heavy djent is a little too repetitive. Put it at the beginning for a change! ;)

    Jake Taylor

    You know it man, love hearing structures changed up. Starting off heavy & ending on something beautiful is always nice too

    An drés

    BoodhaVids or in the middle.

    Saint Crow

    You just went so far up your own ass, you're about to emerge on the other side. The original comment was clearly not about genre, but a valid opinion about not enjoying every song being structured so similarly. Agree with that or not, there's no reason to be this pretentious about it.


    Saint Crow that's YouTube fans for you. Any type of criticism on their band incurs an instant invalidation of it and reasons why you just don't get it, man.

    Julian Feldberg

    Sometimes they don't have a djent part, they build their songs to a climax, whether that climax presents itself in heavy or soft depends on what the song represents to them.

  67. For The Oracle

    Those keyboards are sounding beyond crisp.

    Toma Tom

    luv it when great bands comment on great bands music ^^

    Julian Feldberg

    B E Y O N D c r i s p

    Sasha Kubek

    Tori Amos and Maynard's child!

    Adam McCann

    This is probably a really obscure reference, but the keyboards remind me a lot of the keyboards in PVRIS's cover of "Everlong" by Foo Fighters. The overall tone of the first third of this song is similar as well. There are a lot of bands I'd say are at least somewhat original, but this band is by far the most original thing I've ever listened to. Nothing else in the world that's 1:1.

  68. VØĪĐ

    pure love <3

    J Shannon

    THY ZER00 great profile pic

  69. BFB Entertainment


  70. nykout

    Amazing music, but can anyone explain what's going on with this "worship" thing?


    That's very interesting, never heard of such a thing.

    Musica Masonica


    Jimmy Stabler

    so made up? There is no deity known as Sleep...there is Hypnos- the personification of Sleep.



    Grim Lord's Games & Rants

    Well, to be honest and judging from my studies in modern occult; a deity does not have to exist in order for someone to worship it. In fact, one can create an servitor/egregore for themselves and allow it to reach a divine status overtime. Using the band, the music and it's fan devotion as fuel and strength for that egregore can make it a very powerful and useful applicant to the art. Sleep could be an embodiment of the band's sound and vision made manifest.

    Though it needs to be stated, we still do not know what Sleep's original purpose is here. It could all be some sort of gimmick (probably so) or it could have some preservation factor for the band and artist as a whole. If Sleep Token breaks up, the frontman who created Sleep may be the only one who leaves the band with Sleep. The other members of the band might be left hanging. You see, these Astral children really love their parents, unless you forget to give them a purpose. Surprisingly to me, Rick & Morty hit the nail on the head when it comes to egregores with Mr. Meseeks. Of course, there are also Holy Mountain references in that series, so this does not surprise me.

    I've worked with occult bands for years, but the thought of throwing an egregore into your work is definitely 21st century occult. This is definitely more Grant Morrison than Crowley or Spare. But you know what? I'm okay with that.

    As far as the sound, Sleep Token sound entirely too much like current Leprous for me, but they have appeal in both the pop and heavy metal worlds. An intriguing act, nonetheless.

    Hope my ramblings here could help. For more information on servitors and egregores, look up Bluefluke's manual on DeviantArt, or simply search the term "tulpas."

  71. Robert Lesbijski

    Still good, but from me finger down because all the songs are the same.


    Robert Lesbijski I agree with you. Their last release got me into them because of the mellow vocals and the breakdown towards the end. This song seems like a copy but shorter in length. Even the Djent part sounded the same. Throw some high screechy rifts in the breakdown

    D C

    Robert Lesbijski you dudes need to listen to the words lol

  72. Prime Collective

    This is beautiful to the bone!

  73. J Gardner

    Really wish that vocalist would do a solo project with the ideas from the first 3-4 minutes of this track.

  74. Sharon Edwards

    My new favourite track.

  75. Musica Masonica


    I love this band.

    D C

    Musica Masonica bruh you gotta make things less obvious

    Toma Tom

    it's probably Gareth who commented on this, that's how I got here in the first place. gotta say this is some stellar therapy for my ears

    Aaron Chisholm

    Still patiently waiting for that hot n sweaty solo ep there buddy ;)

    Musica Masonica

    It's coming! Gotta get tech fest out of the way. Been busy as fuck!

  76. Kristoffer Witt

    Best track they've released so far. Absolutely stunning.

  77. Dwėsk

    P U R E T A L E N T

  78. cirrusweaver13

    lights dim

  79. Eddy Hidalgo

    Holy shit.