Sleep Token - Jaws Lyrics

Stand under the stained glass and I will know it's you
The whites of your eyes burn from across the room

And I'm not here to be the saviour you long for
Only the one you don't
Are you watching me with eyes of a predator
As you move towards the door?

Show me those pretty white jaws
Show me where the delicate stops
Show me what you've lost
And why you're always taking it slow
Show me what wounds you've got
Show me love
Show me those pretty white jaws
Show me where the delicate stops
Show me what you've lost
And why you're always taking it slow
Show me what wounds you've got
Show me love, oh

Oh, and I, I believe
We are locked
Caged and always provoked
By prey left unattended

And I'm not here to be the saviour you long for
Only the one you don't
Are you watching me with eyes of a predator
As you move towards the door?
Oh, oh, oh

Show me those pretty white jaws
Show me where the delicate stops
Show me what you've lost
And why you're always taking it slow
Show me what wounds you've got
Show me love
Show me those pretty white jaws
Show me where the delicate stops
Show me what you've lost
And why you're always taking it slow
Show me what wounds you've got
Show me love
Show me those pretty white jaws
Show me where the delicate stops
Show me what you've lost
And why you're always taking it slow
Show me what wounds you've got
Show me love, oh

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Sleep Token Jaws Comments
  1. J. A. Ethier

    Those fucking drums are unreal


    This is perfection! It's like Paper Route and Deftones had a baby

  3. Alluring Whispers

    Greetings, fellow worshipers. If you're deep into Sleep Token and are on PSN (Play Station Network) PS4. You can join a community I created dedicated to the band. Just search in the communities tab and search 'Sleep Token'. I'll be sure to accept asap. Thank you, and Worship!

  4. Braxton Walden

    For heavy music, this band actually helps me fall asleep. That’s a compliment! I feel so relaxed and comforted while playing their music. Even Gods is one I’ll listen to while falling asleep. Their music just lulls me into a sense of comfort and happiness.


  5. Cristopher Osorio Flores

    Desde que escuche esta cancion.. no he dejado de escucharlos son increibles

  6. Josh Baker

    i love this combo. sleep token is like a mix of (im not just talkin about this song but there others) but its like John Legend, Sam smith, with a hint of coldplay... sprinkled some djent. especially with those sick grooves that drummer does. this right here gives me hope for future music.

  7. Guts

    Is this song on any album or upcoming album?

  8. Ci Bab

    This video is nuts

  9. lemons4baby

    Anyone tell what the keyboard sample is similar to? It’s heavily reminding me of another song.....

  10. Chainy Rabbit

    You guys would have made a good Linkin Park support band. That's not a complement

  11. max bricker

    Gotta be the weirdest music video ive seen so far

  12. kaleb r

    Fell in love with this band when they opened for Polyphia a couple weeks ago. Such a gem. The talent, passion, and style these guys put into their work is fucking incredible. Worship

  13. Trevor Pratt

    Worship 🤘🏻

  14. ebonyboye

    This music video doesn't match what I envisioned the band as, whoever directed this I have no idea what they were thinking.

  15. craigmabbit89

    man, this band...

  16. Grant Bivens

    I am here to W O R S H I P

  17. David B

    Fucking amazing

  18. Aggression Sessions

    Dont like this band but hell of a drummer, loving the use ghost beats. But the band seems to be semi erect when trying to go a bit heavy and the vocals are way too whiney for a band like this, love to hear more aggression in his voice with a raspy tone and more range, none of this crying into the mic.


    So like any other aggressive band. I think they're good at what they are, not generic.

  19. David Mahone

    This track is amazing thank you for writing this masterpiece

  20. ALS Management

    I went to a show recently for the first time since I was a teenager. I wasn't expecting to even enjoy it they had an extra ticket and I went to just get out of the house. As soon as SLEEP TOKEN started playing I was shocked. I have been binging every song I could find since then. I don't know what it is but this music touches my soul. It's so beautiful. Please keep making music this has literally saved me. I was so depressed and I swear this music is giving me life. 😭 Words can not explain.

    Room 217

    The reason it does this is because it is genuine.

  21. DallasUNBOXER

    Half my life is owned by sleep

  22. Brad Carpenter

    This song is life changing

  23. Neil Sangte

    Wow again I'm a lucky bastard I just discovered another hidden gem, read the comments and I feel kinda lost but what the heck I'm listening

  24. Jordan S

    Can you guys come play a show in Florida.
    Preferably St Augustine Amphitheater.

  25. Patrick Baitman

    Reminds me of Drake and Majid Jordan's Hold on.

  26. kunugagafaka

    Last week this video showed up on my feed and I was like "Meh!" But I kept listening to it everyday and now I can't get enough Sleep Token.


  27. Connor, Destroyer of Sticks


  28. MrBabble68

    My new favorite band..Melancholy and metal in one ..Brilliant

  29. kunugagafaka

    I wasn't expecting to fall in love today. Thank you Spiritbox for bringing me here.

    Adam McCann

    Yaaaas, two favorite bands of the year

    Levi Lively

    How did spiritbox bring you here?


    @Levi Lively idk...YouTube's algorithm...

    Levi Lively

    @kunugagafaka oh gotcha. I thought you were meaning they gave Sleep token a shout out lol

  30. 2713

    Instagram of the girls ?

  31. punishersadvocate

    This is EPIC!!!!!!!

  32. Alaa Houssamy

    𝙒 𝙊 𝙍 𝙎 𝙃 𝙄 𝙋

  33. Joseph McCoy

    W O R S H I P.

  34. Shubham Annamwar

    So happy to have heard this.

  35. Paz

    How is this band not huge yet.

    Alex Allen

    Paz I could be wrong but I think they are actually fairly new when it comes to touring. Which if that is the case, really speaks volumes for the following they have built through the internet then. Once they get enough time on the road, I think they will become massive.

  36. Jay Matheo

    The drummer, holy fook.

    Reinz Bill Dugan

    So technical yet graceful

    Chris B

    would definitely want to see a drum play-through video for this song

  37. Deetsitmeister

    The melody in the background is the same as the one from that song in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and it's all I can hear now -_-

    Adam McCann

    Damn it. Faster, but I hear it now. Why you gotta do this to me

  38. memyself&i

    The choir blended in so well with the solo. I've been jamming this a lot. Will do as well :)) so intricate

  39. Jacob Scanlon

    Just found this. Listened to it over 2 dozen times in a row...

    Still not quite convinced that drop actually happened.

  40. mweatherford98

    Gosh dang my sirs

  41. William Jones

    This song makes me feel things. I didn't even listen to the lyrics the first couple plays and it still made my skin crawl(in a good way).

  42. Satch Audio & Visual

    Praise him.

  43. Deviantel

    Just beautiful!

  44. Lewis Stevenson

    I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this track. I love it more and more every time.

  45. s3p41r0th

    The way the drums and the vocals work together at 3:07 .... Chills. Pure magic.

  46. Paper Castles

    When people ask me for new music i immediately suggest this song.

    Levi Lively

    Lol see I'm the complete opposite. I have yet to tell anyone (other than my wife and a couple other people) about this band because I know they're not going to appreciate it the way I do. I know that's me assuming but I am so in love with their music. It's amazing in every way.

  47. Joe Hare

    Why does this not have more views it is so damn good.

  48. Joshua Allenby

    Toan if you ever see this you're amazing. Thank you for existing.

  49. GreatBig Mouth

    Godamn fucking better evertime i listen to this song . . Dark hoody headphone wearing fuck in the alleys of South Africa

  50. GreatBig Mouth

    Fucking awesome song. This band is Underground Par Excellence !

  51. Brad Turnau

    I slept on these for too long.

  52. The Modern Day American John Lennon

    The more I listen to this band, the more they're becoming my favorite band.

  53. Henrick Mello

    my spotify radio works so well, thank god

  54. Mogwai 1982

    It's Kele from Bloc Party isn't it?

  55. Yousef Bhacker

    You Me At Six for edgy twenty-somethings

    dane aragon

    Yousef Bhacker this comment

    Levi G-man

    His voice is like the Voice from the You me at six Singer

  56. Alluring Whispers

    Greetings fellow worshippers, I have created a community on PSN Communities on PS4 in dedication to Sleep Token and 'Sleep'. The motive is to gather fans, worshippers, to come together to talk about the band we know and love and to grow as a community, also to spread the message of 'Sleep'. With that said, if you're on PS4, and enjoy playing video games and love Sleep Token, just go to communities and search 'Sleep Token', follow and I'll be sure to accept as soon as I can.


  57. Marley Turnbull

    2 9 4 _ & 8 0

  58. Drax Matthew


  59. Hayden Lee Drums

    Does anyone else think that Vessel is Jordan Hunt?


    Definitely not him

    Chesley H.

    Hayden Lee Drums me!

  60. TheEvilMonkeyZ

    W O R S H I P

  61. Jeremy Dreher

    Usually I expect blood to drip from and not into a vagina. I don't know what kinda cockroach that is but I am sure he is having a good time so I commend him for that. Overall this made me quite satisfied visually but honestly it's the music that makes me praise.


  62. Seth C. Puglisi

    Sleep now..

  63. zoé varga

    Oh my God, this is so amazing! I soo get the feeling of this. So touching and full of feelings. This just got me so bad..

  64. Jacob Wellmer

    Hey I am a stupid little Emo teen which needs hold in life and chooses to believe in a God from some random Band #worship

  65. Sshado

    This is absolutely incredible. You guys are going to blow UP!


    Please come tour in Baltimore or DC!

  66. I Have No Chill

    3 Point Score:
    1. Honestly the vox sounds like Sam Smith when he sings those cleans. OMFG *eargasm*
    2. Pornographic-ish violence and everything in between (pretty much like SKYND' - Gary Heidnik (ft. Jonathan Davis) just the way we complexly basic individuals like it!!
    3. Thank you very much to Andrew Baena and his subscriber brethren for getting me into Sleep Token!!!

  67. Ultra R

    Não vejo a hora de lançarem mais musicas!!! Não vejo a hora!


    Ultra R tbmm, tu entende o pq deles falarem q essa é uma banda de adoração?? Kkkjj

  68. Ultra R


  69. Adam Bantz

    This is actually excellent

  70. Call The Mothership


  71. mya heenan

    This is the most unexpectedly beautiful music I have ever heard and im just in love totally dedicated ❤❤❤

  72. Danielle Hemmings

    You guys were amazing at Reading!

  73. Michael Bratcher

    Praise be to S L E E P

  74. GreatBig Mouth

    The TOOL in uk.... watch them take over in 2 albums time...

  75. RichardIsAlive

    What an enigmatic band
    W O R S H I P

  76. Jake R

    Randomly discovered you guys today! I’m a fan...

  77. normalwhitedude

    So great!

  78. Kelsey Luo

    One of the most visually stunning videos I’ve seen in awhile. This is art. And a hell of a song. Worship 🤟🏻

  79. AtrayLP

    Need this on Vinyl asap. Great Song.

  80. Xan Bunny


  81. Bob Wila

    can anyone tell me whats with the WORSHIP tag?

  82. Kolby Kauffman

    Just found Sleep Token. This is one of the most brilliantly written songs I've ever heard. It's got such a haunting sound with the muddiest riffs ever. Those vocals, man.

  83. maxwelld23

    To the knees we go to worship

  84. Generic Nondescript YouTuber

    Just discovered Sleep Token at Tech Fest. Stood there in wide eyed wonderment at the beauty occurring before me. I had forgotten what it was like to fall in love with music...

    Adam Dennis

    I was there too. Truly a surreal experience. One of the best sets of the entire festival. Absolute perfection.

    The Modern Day American John Lennon

    Found out about them 2 days ago flipping through an old Metal Hammer article about that same show. I'm from the states and we get Metal Hammer here. Best music magazine ever! (I don't even read American music mags anymore, Metal Hammer or nothing) But absolutely love this band, the most original shit I've seen in years.

  85. Malbik465


  86. SethPoeski

    Show me those pretty white jaws. Praise Him.

  87. alice margereta

    This is like the NieR of music.

  88. Jubzy


    W O R S H I P.

  89. jawkster


  90. Emily Entwistle

    W O R S H I P Honestly this gave me chills for days, brought me to actual tears seeing you at Download what an actual spectacle you brought to the festival if I could relive any band of the weekend it would be you guys hands down

  91. Chloe Brooks


  92. TRASHGOD hoho

    When will this roach die...

    Zoe Rebecca

    We'll see when the wrath comes...

  93. Anne Buchanan

    Holy shit I've been listening to this for 36 minutes I need to do something else what hapoened

  94. Anne Buchanan

    I get to the end and I just need that chorus again

  95. Anne Buchanan

    Fuuuuuck yes

  96. djinsect

    No Bandcamp link for this song?

  97. EM Wollof

    “I love beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” - Tom Waits

    Christian Wilson

    He's an excellent alternative artist from the 90s.