Sleep Token - Drag Me Under Lyrics

And I know the angels
Tonight are with lost ones
And I am here to merely behold you
As we lie down together

Drag me under again
Give in to your love, oh

And I know the Gods will
Abandon the heavens just to find us
To merely behold you
As we lie down together

Drag me under again
Give in to your love, oh

And I know the angels
Tonight are with lost ones
And I am here to merely behold you
As we lie down together...

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Sleep Token Drag Me Under Comments

    And I know the angels tonight are
    As lost for words
    As I am
    To merely behold you
    As we lie down together

    Drag me under again
    Deep in to your love, oh

    And I know the Gods will
    Abandon the heavens just to find us
    To merely behold you
    As we lie down together

    Drag me under again
    Deep in to your love, oh

    And I know the angels tonight are
    (Pull me beneath the surface)
    And I am to merely behold you
    (Deep in to your love)
    As we lie down together

    Anyone else think the lyrics might have something to do with angels being jealous of Adam and Eve’s ability to have sex? Apparently one of the reasons Lucifer fell from heaven was to take wives which spawned Nephilim.


    As I lie down alone...

  3. James Baluran

    If you play this song back to back with Novo Amor you wouldn't know it's from a different band.

  4. Alluring Whispers

    Greetings, fellow worshipers. I have created a community dedicated to the beloved Sleep Token on the PSN Communities for PS4, so if you're on console and would like to join, just send in a request and I'll be sure to accept asap! It's a portal where you can discuss anything regarding Sleep Token and to express your thoughts on them. Thank You and WORSHIP.

  5. Lover Boy

    Listen to Sleep Token Drag Me- LoverBoy (Remake) by L0V3Rboy on #SoundCloud

  6. Dylan Hitsman

    Fucking phenomenal

  7. Sonny Ford

    Hot take here but i kinda wish this and Blood Sport swapped so that this was the album closer because this feels like a more fitting end to the album for me, love both songs though

  8. InsurDjent

    Worship Sleep Token! Go check my channel out guys where I talk about sleep token and many more :)

  9. galenkia

    You can really hear the Sigur Ros influence here

  10. LilJon12

    God this almost made me cry during my lunch break

  11. plant dad

    this is so fucking beautiful

  12. JA Belwraith

    Be Held

  13. TylerCole

    My soul felt this.

  14. Varie

    I bawled. Sobbed. Absolutely beautiful. Perfection. Worship.

  15. kerxsene


  16. Michael 218

    I’m new here... i am at a loss for words. I’m so glad I clicked on this video.

  17. Friendly Satanist

    Damn only one week to go and the album drops. Sleep Token never disappoints.

  18. Abbasi Oficial

    yeaaaah!!! beautiful band!!!!

  19. Sam Patterson

    Amazing!! Kind of reminds me of Novo Amor (think it’s the falsetto that makes it sound similar). Some good stuff coming out of the UK, that’s for sure!

    (EDIT: my favourite Novo Amor songs are Terraform, Birthplace and Anatome, in case you want to check him out).

  20. Rich Stitch

    I can’t wait to worship this album. I hope you take the world by storm, because the talent here is unbelievable.

  21. Reins Phoenix

    I'm not crying. You are!

    Michael 218

    Reins Phoenix crying into my beer right now. Not sadness, but joy.

  22. shadzzz441791


  23. Kaushik Kurudi

    I will kill the dislikers. Worship.

  24. Sesisnando Rodrigues


  25. caesar the ape

    Ahh man just wish it didn't fade out. Too many Sleep Token songs fade out

  26. Protogen Solus

    One more song!

  27. toasty boy

    Thank you linny

  28. Generic Nondescript YouTuber

    Put this on at work, had to turn it off and come back to it as I was starting to cry. I love this band.

  29. Boris Solis Bravo


  30. Tina Fox

    Wow. I think I just died.

  31. Spookyboi Fun time

    This is interesting. Its clearly a great song, but I feel like this is the first one I've heard by them that I dont really "get." Theres always some sort of message in their songs that resonates with me, but for some reason I feel like I'm just not understanding this one. Anyone that could help clear it up for me?

    Alec Mctaggart

    That's the beautiful thing about music, each experience is different, yet you can also share the same experiences with others in your own words. Love you, where you are.


    Clicked the “like” button before the song even loaded. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  33. 19Circles

    wow, you never know what you’re gonna get.

  34. The Logic

    Had to edit this this song is a truly beautiful piece and I can't believe how it sounds like sleep token without sounding like sleep token

  35. LaylaMichelleLuv

    i swear i'm so excited to see you guys live with ISSUES.

    Dario Rivers

    I know, I'm going to Houston tomorrow for the Saturday show. So ready.


    Dario Rivers so jealous! mines in december!


    I’m gonna see their headline show in January :)

  36. Joseph McCoy

    another amazing tune.Who is worshipping with me next Thursday in LA!!?

  37. Carlos Membreno

    This band makes the best worship sounding secular music I've ever heard 🔥

  38. Cody Beinert

    My favorite on this album so far. So beautiful and emotional without being cheesy. Amazing

  39. Troy Sandlin

    This makes my bleak existence in the middle of the boonies in Alaska tolerable.

  40. Simon Medz

    You guys create everything I love

  41. Death Alchemist

    My favorite songs still jaws and dark signs


    Death Alchemist it’s hard to beat those.


    Death Alchemist but every song is so damn good 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Death Alchemist

    They have a special place in my heart is all, ofc all their songs are great


    Death Alchemist I feel that. “Take Aim” was the first song from them I heard. I was in a really tough spot and that song was like medicine for me. Music is amazing that way.

  42. Chad Chen

    If silver wings and open water from alchemy indexes by thrice had a baby, this would be the shit that they birthed. So good

  43. Mike Hatfield

    Incredible as always - I hope these guys never stop making music I guess just Blood Sport to sad the cycle is coming to an end, loved waiting for these tunes every 2 weeks


    @memes yeet???

    memes yeet

    @RUSTYB4SS ._.


    @memes yeet Another song? After Bloodsport?

    memes yeet

    @RUSTYB4SS bruh. They're an active band. We havent uncovered the full story. There will be more albums to come


    @memes yeet ooh sure, I misunderstood then

  44. Corey Walvatne

    So we ever gonna get a music vid? Maybe itll be blood sport

  45. Derk Ender

    I been feeling pretty down and shitty for months but Sleep Token makes life better, We need the world to know about Sleep Token - Worship.

  46. Dylan Green

    W sleep token
    O is
    R the
    S best
    h band
    I to
    P exist

  47. Logan Welty

    Pure somber euphoria. Absolutely in love

  48. Andrew Morin

    Beautiful. I cant wait to see them live tomorrow. Time to WORSHIP!

  49. Spandan Bhattacharjee

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Sleep Token!!!

  50. Mariusz Krzewinski

    I'm on my knees..

  51. Stuart Knight

    Hard a bit of a hard time trying to decipher the lyrics this time around so any corrections and suggestions are much appreciated. Here's what I got.


    And I know the angels tonight are,
    As lost for words,
    As I am,
    To merely behold you,
    As we lie down together.

    Drag me under again,
    Deep in to your love, oh.

    And I know the Gods will,
    Abandon the heavens just to find us.
    To merely behold you,
    As we lie down together.

    Drag me under again,
    Deep in to your love, oh.

    And I know the angels tonight are,
    (Pull me beneath the surface)
    And I am to merely behold you,
    (Deep in to your love)
    As we lie down together.


    Stuart Knight

    @11wanny11 God damn you're right, I've been listening to the live version and I heard it straight away. I struggle when he does highs like that, especially since this version is using a load of effects. What do think of my other lyrics? Was I right before or after?


    @Stuart Knight the first couple of lines in the first verse still have me confused. I do think you were right originally with the "angels" in the first line, and it would make sense with the start of the second verse.


    @Stuart Knight I checked Google a couple of hour after you originally posted the lyrics, and two lyric sites had already copied them XD

    Nick Najduk

    My heroes:
    #1: Vessel
    #2: Stuart Knight

    Stuart Knight

    @11wanny11 right that's it, I think it's right now. Hopefully. Can't wait for people to get a hold of the lyrics when Sundowning is released so I can find out if I'm right ahahahah.

  52. LouxPs

    How beautiful.. Every time I listen to their songs it feels like I travel to a different dimension.. Sleep Token never disappoint.

  53. Joel Ryder

    another amazing song. worship

  54. Dee Cee

    I hope we get to see you in New Zealand one day!

  55. Eleonora Ciot


  56. Let It Rain 777

    Beautiful ... But Invent Animate is still ringing in my head 💖

    Dee Cee

    That Invent Animate track is so good aye!

    Let It Rain 777

    @Dee Cee Absolutely ..Its perfect 🔥

  57. Dee Cee

    Yip, another lovely track!

  58. The Chaing Wars

    sundowning... i s c o m i n g

  59. Red Ride


  60. saos-

    It's enough to in love it in first 10 sec.

  61. Shazy Shaze


  62. Gauvain Gaggini

    This song is perfection

  63. Gian Progg

    Feels n W O R S H I P

  64. Radhika Kaur

    At Ease.

  65. Samuel Bassani

    So damn good

  66. Irakli Merkvilishvili


  67. kumar lokesh

    Just what I needed today :)

  68. Electro Sound Parade


  69. zehlier ragnair

    if this is not my fav song from Sundowning, is one of my 3 favorites at least.

  70. Bo Wirihana



    If this album does not get any sort of recognition then this world really is an unfair place to live in.

    Nick Najduk

    @Jack Simpson Sleep Token is one of the few bands that I feel guilty keeping to myself because they are so good. Everyone should be able to experience the perfection that is this band. But then again, I want them to be my secret gem.

    Jack Simpson

    @Nick Najduk I think they're a band you have to discover for yourself, it just makes them that much sweeter. Bands are much better when they don't blow up too, I mean, look what happened to Highly Suspect.


    @Jack Simpson Truer words have never been spoken, like I remember when I first heard them, metal hammer had done an online article on them when calcutta had just dropped and it blow me away, but my friend did not get it the same way I did.


    Braxton Walden

    Let’s al be proud of being apart of this great musical inspiration that is Sleep Token.


    Matt Allen

    their image is a little too weird for the masses i think

  72. João Medeiros

    Beyond labels of genre.

    João Medeiros

    Hello Samuel! Happy to know my friends are too disciples of Sleep 🙏

    Chad Chen

    Dat g1 mix Doe

    Cody Martinez

    João Medeiros 💜

    William Kenney


  73. christos ps

    Imagine this live. Worship.

    christos ps

    @Rory426 you're playing dirty

    Osama Obama #2

    My balls are itchy


    @christos ps haha sorry! They played it in Manchester. Twas beautiful. Some bands the singer sounds great on record but not live... Not the case here.


    Rory426 with you man😉 atmosphere was incredible for this in London too.

    Bhabesh Raj

    @UCsaHeX6C2WkF0yMzJJ4hPqA here you go mate:

  74. Cristian Sosa

    Me encantó♥🎧
    Saludos desde argentina👌👍

  75. Jean Borges

    If this is not the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, it's damn close.

    Hector Delgado

    the first one is levitate, isn't ?

    Ich Und Nicht Du

    @Hector Delgado Exactly what i thought

    Jean Borges

    @Hector Delgado Probably!

  76. Brunosky

    I cannot describe with words how beautiful this song is. Worship

  77. claude B


  78. luke bailey

    Damn the visuals are just beautiful everytime, just perfect accompaniment to the beautiful music.worship.

  79. Waleed Awan

    Probably best song of the album

  80. Anton Renfors


  81. popp1e


  82. deadalonethe1


  83. Tom Jones


  84. The Worshipper