Sleep On It - Distant Lyrics

This is the last time
This is the follow through I'll never find
You're better off believing that I'm gone
Feel the tension
I'm a funeral procession
Driving circles around memories I've lost

Don't wait up
When the morning comes I promise I'll be gone

I've been down
I've been hit and knocked around
Found the worst side of this town
Not the person I want to be
(You said you'd stay forever)
Scream it loud
Not giving in or giving up right now
I need to find a way to cope somehow
Not the person I want to be
I can't see what's in front of me

You feel distant
I only want it when I need it
Took the blue line just to see you one more time
I'm the concrete
That you feel beneath your feet
Cracked and broken. The weather took its toll on me

How long until you see

I've been down
I've been hit and knocked around
Found the worst side of this town
Not the person I want to be
(You said you'd stay forever)
Scream it loud
Not giving in or giving up right now
I need to find a way to cope somehow
Not the person I want to be
I can't see what's in front of me

Maybe it's all true
I'll never find somebody like you
Or maybe I should really be alone

Maybe it's all true
I never wanted someone like you
It's finally time you make your way back home

Make your way back home

I've been down
I've been hit and knocked around
Found the worst side of this town

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Sleep On It Distant Comments
  1. Winda Amalia

    Zech, is that batik that u wear?

  2. Emotional Relation

    I love it.

  3. Future Heart [Kenna]

    AU where Zech isn't blind and sees her in the window and everything turns out okay

  4. TheNatural1

    The voice is like Fall Out Boy....I hate Fall Out Boy. Most overrated "pop punk" band. This band isn't as bad, though.

  5. Luke Allen

    This chorus is catchier than the clap. They remind me of Jealous Sound.

  6. Chance 1004

    Saw them for the first time yesterday in concert and theyre so great. Amazing stage presence strong vocals and they genuinely love what they do. They were the only band to come out and meet everyone after the concert. They said that they wanted fo create a safe space and they did. It meant alot.

  7. Frankie Florist

    I miss Chi-town

  8. Matt Pongracic

    These guys are weapons in this genre

  9. Charles Price

    This sounds amazing..killing it

  10. dani

    UGH ;-----;

  11. Raining In Paris

    Ok, I need the second part of this video. I need to know the story... she came back? I'm crying now :(

  12. TheScoop36

    Saw you guys live in Toronto , amazing !

  13. RingsidewrestlingLI

    Can someone help i really like this type of music what kind of genre is it???

    Ken Lewis

    RingsidewrestlingLI pop punk

    Robert Roberts

    Pop punk!

  14. innocentrage1

    This video makes me want to get a tattoo sleeve

  15. Diego Torres

    Look, Star Lord is on a pop punk band.

  16. Matthew DeHaven

    Nice try guys.... 1:24 isn't the blue line! No tricking me! (lol. granted, blue line shot wouldn't have been as good)

  17. mothekid

    Dig this hard!

  18. Martin Mjares

    Tan distante como la chica que me gusta.

  19. Good Future Club


  20. nisher15

    Takes me back to 2003 style :)

  21. Austin Minnick

    Most underrated band I have ever listened to

  22. Mark Schmidt

    So like.. I was expecting him to catch the girl at the last moment, but then he sees the plane fly away and I'm just like. "Oh..."

  23. Chris Stalo


    Hell of a new track though

  24. brandon rasberry

    I just saw them in Columbus like two weeks ago!!

  25. raw identity crisis

    This video stresses me out, like zECH THE OTHER WAY

  26. shamus248

    anyone know who the lovely lady is

  27. Daisy Illicit

    omg i love getting ads like these.
    First i got Awake at Last-Purgatorium
    Second I got For The Win-All Or Nothing
    Last I finally got this rad song

  28. Good Future Club

    I'm here for the push ups

  29. Doni Hill

    The lead singing....fuk

  30. Toms Alcore

    T A L E N T

  31. Nico

    I want to see you guys live again!


    This album is gonna be the follow-through I found.

  33. Skyler Casablancas


  34. Jared Spencer

    Anyone else think the mix sounds weird? The vocals seem WAY too low, but maybe it's just me. Love the song though.

    Cameron Faulkner

    Yeah, first reaction to the mix. Then went and downloaded the single, still weird. Played directly before Counting Miles, and yep it's different. Vocals definitely need to come up, but overall the mix doesn't sound as polished as Lost Along the Way

  35. Ellie Gressman

    i fucking love sleep on it

  36. HydraulicTater

    great song! pls get a better mix done for it though, this one is so overly compressed

  37. ImOnCloudTen

    your music makes me so happy keep doing you

  38. ImOnCloudTen

    i love you guys forever and always

  39. Anna Rose

    this is amazing!!!!

  40. Arman Choudhry

    anyone else think when they first saw this "how did sleep on it get Cara Delevingne in their music video"

    Pat Duggan

    Arman Choudhry sorry bro but not even close

  41. Starrinax

    Just discovered this band because it's the same label as Set It Off. I think I like them :p

    Anything Everything

    Starrinax waterparks is on the same label ( equal vision records)

  42. Alyssa M

    Ugh this band just gives me such good feelings i cant get enough

  43. Maycen Raycroft

    Love this song & video! & Great job, Julia!

  44. Tayllor June


  45. WhenCookiesFly

    I'm actually so hyped for this album.

  46. Alex Wingrave

    Love this, especially the outro

  47. alma

    love this song 🤘🤘

  48. Bray Forte

    This is incredible.

  49. Cathory

    Rip equal vision signing good bands.

  50. the duck

    i love it but...... why does zech run like a robot

  51. ThatAwesomeTyra

    Can we talk about these harmonies? Oh my GOODNESS.

  52. ThatAwesomeTyra

    Yeah, I'll just take 2 hours of each of them staring at the camera and singing to me, thanks. 👌

  53. Ryan Rooney

    This is so fucking good

  54. Mark Garcia

    We dem bois

  55. celsey


  56. - emily -

    ayy this is a bop

  57. Erik Jensen

    This is so damn good

  58. Adandena

    Hell yeah. New music

  59. Migatron1

    You'd be distant too, if all you did was sniff gas and drink brewskis all day 0:00 !!!

  60. Rap Fabella

    2:43 dat scream

    Been waiting for the full length since Unspoken :)


    Rap Fabella RIGHT??

    Hello, Jake! Lol


    They should add those more!


    BDL there's a few more on the record 😉

  61. christophermarang.

    wait for them to come out with a second song...

  62. Cuhcao

    So excited for the new music

  63. Anna Rosa

    This sounds amazing!! I'm so excited for the new album💙

    Gitte den ouden

    Anna Rosa RIGHT, samee can't wait!!😂💜

  64. A J

    amazing 😍😍

  65. Gavin Bonar

    I can't wait to hear this new album!

  66. Adrien Smith

    So good

  67. Blake McConnell

    this is so fucking rad

  68. Ana

    liked it before watching it

  69. poppunksteph