Sleaford Mods - T.C.R. Lyrics

Total Control Racing
I was supposed to be going out, that took ages
Kids are hardcore, aren't they?
They don't mess about
Madhouse, chit-chat, duties, more nappies
Then I manage to get out
The sharp night whistled around my coat, as I motioned up to the main road
The wails of your offspring behind ya, cracking window
It's hard, innit, when you plan to do something
But at that moment you realize it's not quite right
Not really something you should be doing tonight
Well before me a few hellos, expectant mums with blokes that I know
The bus whirred, three-fifty all-day ticket
But I knew deep down I wasn't going to use it later

Total Control Racing
Total Control Racing

I arrange my coat on the front seat and blend it in with the low lighting
People on the way out too, talking
Everyone still looks like Ena Sharples and Ray Reardon
People need to move on
That '50s look can do one
Elvis has definitely left the fucking building
I got a wine, large, shoved it down me, awful
I hate the 5.8
I thought about it, I thought about his face when I asked if he had any Rioja
He didn't like it
Don't look at me like that
Like you think I'm some wine twat
I like it
I sit in me house a lot
Eventually you get an idea, little shit
Go and listen to some fucking garage punk, you pointy little tit

Total Control Racing
Total Control Racing

The sofa sank, I couldn't relax
I felt cramped but luckily the table next to me got up and left
And apart from the eight empty pint glasses they left on the table
I thought it was the better bet, more upright
I ain't slouching, I'm not a beatnik
Although, this pub did call for that kind of angle
I hate going out, going out is for young people
I can't sit and enjoy a drink, I want the lot
Have you got any numbers?
And how much has he got?
The trappings of luxury can't save you from the nail-biting boredom of repetitive brain injury
The injury of your useless mind, stuck to the track
Clinging onto years of that's not yours that's mine, give me it
Total Control Racing, TCR
Going round and round, under the bridges
Slowing down, it's all about technique
Hand shandy chic, under five second flat
The tragedy of the male-less fucking man

Total Control Racing
Total Control Racing
Total Control racing
Total Control Racing

Total Control Racing
Total Control Racing

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Sleaford Mods T.C.R. Comments
  1. dan bennett jr

    TCR is orders of magnitude better than Scalextric - fight me.

  2. Mark Simpson

    You can't beat a south Lincs accent.

  3. rg m

    This would have sounded good in the '70s.

  4. Richie B

    Jason Williamson, a true original, or at least an intellectual conman clever enough to convince a generation of like beings that he's a true original.

  5. mark buxton

    i aint a beat nik who you kidding

  6. frippp66

    is this the new Star Wars movie?

  7. Ross Pharlan Miller

    TCR Mon. Lol.
    I loved TCR. N uv done a track. Sound.

  8. Janeymacmac

    I wanted tcr and all i got was a train set.

  9. Alba Lily Unicorn

    You had TCR..... You rich fucker xx

  10. Lee Hughes

    Love these two haven' t listened to the Sleaford Mods for a while Jason Williamson is so unique and that is a British rail tattoo on his forearm he worked for them but he got sacked or walked then came out with monster of a track jobseeker !! . One of my favourite tracks is "Middle Men" love it when performed live outstanding to say the least ! . Blessed yeah I'm out peace . ✌🇬🇧 🚉 ☣💯

  11. holimolification

    Der Teppich hat das Zimmer erst richtig gemütlich gemacht, hab ich recht?


    Ja man, das ist vielleicht deine Meinung

  12. Al F

    Fuckin love it btw

  13. Paul Phoenix

    I gotta say lads
    This is absolutely fucking terrrrrible

  14. jonanjello

    That off-camera hand motion 1:41 says it all

  15. hussien kottait

    can smell the cat piss from here...... whose turn is it to go steal some bog roll?
    My bf....
    is that an old British rail logo tattoo on his forearm ?

  16. Joee Bloggs

    Andrew Fearn grinning at some of the lyrics cracks me up. Great music and very funny (probably unintentionally).

  17. Innovative Enigma

    I listened to Sleaford Mods..
    Now I'm banned from jobcentreplus 🔥🥳👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼

    Innovative Enigma

    @Wankshaftsbury True story.. Simply play Jobseeker loud af whilst waiting for the zombie to call your name.. Nice one Gentlemen 👍🏼🍻🥂

  18. Joe Bloggs

    real ,realtable good lads

  19. Callsign Frosty

    Anti-Brexit sneering cunts.
    Good tunes tho boys

  20. Shaun Martin

    Fookin genius mate. Ex Harworth colliery miner. Love it

  21. Derek Trotter

    I like sleaford mods but every tune sounds so similar

  22. Don Dobbs

    Well,now that M.E.S. has passed,this'll do.

  23. Stuart Crossland

  24. Alessandro Sorrentino


  25. The Dying Lights

    Cool s fuck

  26. avi king

    don't get me wrong , I love this song . proper ear worm. find myself shouting T C R in work for no fucking reason

  27. avi king

    "that Elvis look can do one" says a 2016 60´s mod???

  28. edward farrell

    Great band 👍

  29. J Anz

    is that an old British rail logo tattoo on his forearm ?


    yeah he's got a Little chef tattoo aswell

  30. bertrach

    I'm here because of Pappy's FlatSlam...

  31. Christopher Smith

    Fucking wicked.

  32. Peppe Boccadifuoco

    Go listen to some fuckin' garage punk!

  33. MrMotherfuck123

    Good ol´ Carerra Racing.

  34. SoulForce Revolution

    fkn love these guys!

  35. woody Vallallellalunga

    Elvis has definitely left the fuckin` buildin`

  36. D.J.L Hayes

    nice, I have the same Ikea carpet


    Elvis has definitely left the fucking building 😂

  38. Flame Haired Dude

    Chav rock lol 😂

    David Mason

    Flame Haired Dude

    As far from chavs as you could possibly imagine.

    Mad dog Conlon

    Love this comment

  39. Flame Haired Dude

    Lost some friends on Facebook because of this group 🤣

  40. Flame Haired Dude

    Not sure what to make of this group lol 😂

  41. The Pits Project

    "Elvis has definitely left the FOOKING building!"

    DHanks Gaming

    Best bit

  42. Jean pierre Morin

    so proud !

  43. Joshua Boswell

    Absolute wank

    Horse Outside

    Enough about you.

  44. PrPwnage

    Dole scum. Absolutely nothing musical about this fop shit

  45. ricochetmurphy

    I've started adding the comment 'Not a a patch on the Sleaford Mods original' to random tunes.
    Just done 'The One I Love' by REM.

  46. Alan Munro M

    So what cumt is looking after oor kids 2nite.🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  47. Tony Ska

    I had a TCR for Christmas when I was a kid. Bag of shite it was......

  48. lord Vader

    Brilliant 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  49. Harvey Morgan

    Uk artistry never fails to impress



  51. Trent Boots

    Best punkband since Sex Pistols.

  52. Joe Kilroy

    Making Your Image out of Fetishizing a Shit Life. Welcome to Britain. Where Brain Death is The Height of Fashion. My brother killed himself in a shithole like that. And he was probably smoking with two loser scuzzbags like you when he did it.

  53. Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

    This has to be a joke right? This just show's just how bad music has become..

  54. tony curtis

    Kate Nash does joy division. Utter gash.

  55. John Lally

    I thought I invented and was the only person using pointy as a criticism!

  56. two bit loser

    These guys I read about in Q magazine so checked them out. They are fucking terrible. In fact beyond terrible. The singer is like a guy with Tourettes syndrome. No melody, nothing.

  57. koontz74

    This is why you don't do drugs kids 😎

  58. Harvey Morgan

    Uk produces some of the best culture, someone should examine this

  59. Martyn John Smith

    Exquisitely understated. Says more in 4 minutes than most do in a lifetime. The zeitgeist owned and deciphered for those with the soul to know...


    Martyn John Smith What a lot of shite you talk.

  60. Mout Mout

    I thought I knew english but I didn't understand the meaning of most of the things they said (and I read the lyrics while listening to the song). The references are totally unknown to me (I'm not english). Can someone explain? :)

  61. Phill Horrocks


  62. Sevas ego sebas ego


  63. David Griffiths

    TCR I remember having it when I was a kid

  64. Janis Joplin

    I could cry but can't wait to see you again. Paris roasts and London next us. let me know sure. later...

  65. Janis Joplin

    yes I know that sofa

  66. samwell tayrlor

    I cover this on guitar all day

  67. Andy Miles

    The new fall

  68. Joshua Wilkie

    Ah thank you Sleaford Mods. You Men are speaking for a shite load of us not drinking fine wines tonight. They tax the Booz and the smokes knowing full well those who need it most are not going to quit; Just give up something else in compensation. LIFE IS FUCKn NOT FAIR!_!i_i!_! I realise it was never meant too be, as long as the rich gets richer who gives a fuck about us. WELL I DO!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Colin Rogers

    I had TCR racing track game when I was a kid

  70. Andi Layne

    not to mention, these fucks are easy on the eye

  71. Andi Layne

    either way

  72. Andi Layne

    helps with PTSD

  73. Angus Vantoch-Wood

    Michael Fassbender's really fucking let himself go...


    Fuck this is awesome: such an antidote to the fucking garbage "sold" to the public through the sewers of The Voice & The X Factor. Bloody brilliant lads......

  75. Tracie Paisley

    Fucking love it

  76. Doogie Carpit Burger


  77. Afonso Alão

    Sleaford Mods - Low-life hooligan scum music. There's a BIG loutish community in England. A little bit more sophisticated, you guys. Not everyone stands a bad education as well as all the swearing.


    Afonso Alão you totally missed the point thicko!!

  78. Nicolas Laurent

    Super cool , à écouter sans modération,

  79. le grain Production

    that's excellent

  80. Vasco Apolonio


  81. Daniela Nadj

    Saw them live in Camden last week. They're utterly brilliant. Pure, raw energy, passion, lyrics that pack a real punch. They've got it all. Best band in Britain today.

  82. sederak

    Alta banda recomendó el Alvarito

  83. Bluey Grifter

    260 crashed their cars.

  84. likklej8

    Whenever I played that the bloody cars always come off the track. Great videos even greater lyrics. Nice one.

  85. cptnstylez

    they might be raging at this comparison, but it's kinda their parklife

  86. Captain Freedom

    “So I was sitting in my room and I was thinking about everything and then again I was thinking about nothing. Then my mom came in...”

  87. Sheelin Decor

    All their tracks sound the same.
    They seem to base all their tracks on Crass- banned from the Roxy . Fucking boring unoriginal shite

  88. Gibrin

    Everyone looks like Ray Reardon and Ena Sharples - oh yes, got some of that round here

  89. Michael Gallardo

    Love it

  90. Michael Gallardo

    A lot of Dury about it!

  91. whatsthepointof9

    Hahaha, cool text, maaan)0

  92. inphanta

    Undoubtedly disciples of The Fall.

  93. Kelp Kelp

    Used to love my TCR set when I was a kid

  94. Jaume Echevarría

    I like it so much! great f***** band!

  95. Mick Hollingworth

    noodles because your a secret mod