Sleaford Mods - Moptop Lyrics

Do you mind?
You biffed my nose

He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop
He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop

I'm sick of what I tell you for nowt
Saying fucking sorry to the catalogue vote
Having to be a bit naff and inclined
When all I really wanted was to batter 'em blind
These pleasantries and intelligence are no real match for the spoon and tuppence
Of ale stops and tired minds

I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by
I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by

He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop
He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop

I feel like I'm not gonna cope
The game has changed its proper
Now it comes with no hope
Rotten clementines, no socks, no pants
All reformed band and dead pop chants
Like the tinsel mate it's '70s
Reminds me of a time when we were little kids
Reminds of a time when the coast was clear
But now it's meatballs and jam as I float around, oh dear
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by
I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by

He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moschops
He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop

I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by
I think before I say it better be in line
I think before I say and let the words slip by

He's got a blonde mop
He's got a moptop
He's got a blonde mop
He's got a MOPTOP!

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Sleaford Mods Moptop Comments
  1. Esteban Castro


  2. Malaysian_ Asian

    Love how they hate on Thatcher even though they from the same place Lincolnshire always fighting back against the counts which sadly also come out of here

  3. Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    love these guys

  4. fomafomus

    Andrew's got a laptooooooooooooooop

  5. Star Ali

    This reminds me of The B-52's. ♡

  6. Horse Outside

    Has someone pissed in the sink?

  7. Anarko Aardvark

    Yer fekkkin gods or summats :O) S'fucking rare I love every track I hear by an artist, probly Crass - Sicknote n Sleaford Mods... Thing that allerted me years back was I bought a bunch o hooky natty threads offa Mod in Sleaford lol, loadsa saville row trousers shirts and a stupid money suit, proper workin class stuff like. 200 sobs. Kept us in baby powder (actual food not crap marching pwder fnarr) and trainers for months... Survival of the shittest innit...

  8. andrea layne

    GG bit my gd nose but shes still my dog

  9. Smarty66

    Je veux le même tee shirt

  10. thenashman888

    we definitely hate thatcher haha quality top

  11. Marco Calheiros

    I am dancing like a twat you are

  12. Piston Scrumpy.

    All about Boris.

  13. Fret Friend: Guitar Workshop

    I was into CRASS when I was younger but SM batters anything they ever did...

  14. random 1


  15. JJ Phillips

    Still hate Johnson.

  16. David atkinson

    Big up the riots!

  17. MrJimbaloid

    This is just fabulous.

  18. Paul Kerwin

    Love these lads true to their roots, most places are shit but these boys don't fuck with there words, they were fucking good in Boro

  19. A Frog

    "still hate thatcher" lol

  20. ricardo dias

    still hate teachers !

  21. Elaine Melo

    Os meninos tem o punch do punk

  22. Bhibhas

    house party!

  23. D C

    What's the fuss?

  24. Allotmental

    Andrew is Bez with a computer 👍

  25. Cold Daze

    I know a fella with a mop top, I give him shit about it now and again. Cause he deserves it for having such a hair cut.

  26. Mc Grooben

    Reminds me off Devo - Praying hands

  27. Mc Grooben

    Awesome stuff guys

  28. Tamás Bánszki

    My kitchen is almost like this. The disco lamp is rotating, I'm dancing, drinking beer, and singing. But I don't understand any words.


  29. johnny rotten

    Just needs a guitar and its the rock which these barstewards so despise. Hmnmm!!

  30. Mescal Chaps Music Channel

    Great tune this, one of my faves by these dudes

  31. Henry De Medina

    Very English,

  32. Joshua Wilkie

    F.a right O.K. You Men are alright hay!_!I-i!_! Speak My voice just way way LIKE shite-loads better. I am Yours as a big fan, as big as a spread right out ONE.)'

  33. Oscar Travis

    Still Hate Thatcher t shirt lol

  34. Harry May

    t-shirt: want!!!

  35. Silver Fox

    "Still Hate Thatcher...!"

    Old comment got pulled. :/

  36. Joshua Wilkie

    These Men being F.a hay. Like they can Spit like M.F.s. Tight as a Dynabolt Schedule Men. You have a Big Fan in Me. Thank You so much for voicing the frustration of the none High-Flying Working Class, we need Sleaford Mods to stick around for the good of the real Earth.)' I too am not a Fan of the Thatcher era, most do not realise it that we still suffer from the ill effects of a SLAG. Go the Unions. Support the Unions. Be apart of the Unions Women and Men!_!I-i!_! I ordered a Sleaford Mods T-Shirt within the Night last, I will wear with Pride. Respect your way Men, a respect which shall stay,('

  37. jose pinho


  38. Anthony Molina

    I think there's more of a Steve ignorant thing here than Johny rotten


    please no more lazy comparisons

    Anthony Molina

    @inertia27 get over it

  39. Jan Matějka

    Best song from Sleaford Mods in my opinion

  40. Michael Gallardo

    Sleaford mods. I love uz, enjoy.

  41. Big Chad Bot

    dude with the I hate margret thather is hella rad would bang pls kill minnow


    dude what the fuck?

  42. Shredding Splinters

    Reminds me of The Fall.

  43. Ps services South LTD

    Absolutely ace
    If your ever in bognor regis please pop into my shop for free hair cut or if you fancy doing a small gig at my barber shop called Mop Top please do 😁

    Jon Doe

    Ya got more chance of this being number 1

  44. joeyy dvsn

    Cedric from atdi brought me here

  45. M3k3tr3k

    F$%*+ING GREAT

  46. conny lake

    what I kept hearing in the back of this was the Doctor Who theme (original) slightly speeded up. I tried having two tabs open and playing them together but the old Dr is a little slow. niice tune though. cheers, drew.

    Mngwa Dodds

    Doctor theme has different rhythm, has three notes not two, ascending first whereas Moptop just goes down then up again. But yeah, see what you mean. Similar bass

  47. Dan McLeod


    Anarko Aardvark

    I were think that...

  48. The Drums of Satan

    SLEAFORD MODS FTW! Better moods, better days

  49. J Ballapkt

    Dear God! I'm so glad those are computer loops & not an actual band backing them or else I'd obsese & spend the following night's weeks figuring out all of their bass lines.

  50. G. Lu


  51. Tokk123

    So fucking good

  52. happyngroovynallthat

    Mos chops fucking hell.

  53. spyvsargent

    Reminds me of, Super hands and Jez from Peep Show,lol

  54. Lupus in fábula

    "Noel Gallagher is the enemy"

  55. Nick Cato

    So good it's fucking ridiculous.

  56. Mister F

    old mate's not even pretending to do anything other than hit play

  57. Syrrup Eyes

    Fucking dope

  58. Wolfatadoor

    This shit makes me want to drink Hamms and stomp gingerbread houses.

  59. Zac Mortonson

    Sleaford Mods are and will be as relevant as The Fall + Joy Division were.Great honest stuff.There is hope for the generation.

  60. Daniel Stott

    Sounds horrible. Fucking Excellent.

  61. Nerd4Life

    I bet Ken's missus must have be well pissed, having to get the MOP out after you guys trashed the place. TOP video!

  62. Hélène Sabathier

    un peu de B52's?!....

  63. chris newman deluxe combo

    keepin' it real

  64. Александр Закирко


  65. Russell Smith

    Kens kitchen has it you had to stop for the takeaway..ha..

  66. Paul K

    2 words. The Streets


    Paul K 2 words. Dog shit.

    Owen Smith

    More like Ian Dury to my ears. The stupid Streets didn't invent spoken word or being from England.

    Jon Doe

    1 word DICK

    Zulu Romeo

    The Streets meets Dr John Cooper Clarke

  67. Neil Parsons

    Love it

  68. ValdrousHex

    I got a blonde mooooop
    I got a moooop toooooop
    but I still love this shit


    best clip ever ;)

  70. Victoria Great

    I still cant buy it:)

  71. Victoria Great

    Wow...real club..

  72. Catriona Yule

    I really hope they dont turn out to be private school slummers!


    nah..the real thing

  73. Mikey James

    Amazing song! Needs more views!

  74. Zimaletto2012


  75. Ana Audivert

    les amo a ambos

  76. ガソリン

    [email protected] nice dude

  77. Алексей Иванов

    Кто из бывшего СССР тамбс ап!

  78. DJ renato/g.lo

    fucking great !!!

  79. todd snyders


    Betty Jane Antanavicius

    todd snyders jazz 'n bo innit!

  80. Travis Smith

    Can't wait to see these at UEA.

  81. Jean Fontaine

    like the b52's

  82. Betty Jane Antanavicius

    who pissed in the sink..... jazz or bo?

  83. Pete C

    thank god for this. at last. music.

  84. Chris Williamson

    Sleaford Mods don't fit under any label, or category. Why do people compare them to others and want to see them 'come up against' other bands. They're the shit, nothing that's been done before on this level, will always be solid! If you listen to The Mekon, or SPECTRE or anything previous to that, you'll see for yourself! If you're working class, like me, every word will hit you and land, if you're not working class, stop wishing you were and fuck off back to the Coldplay channel.

    Captive H

    Chris Williamson just because Jasons your brother 😃 no mate most relevant band around

    James A Dixon

    Pretty reductive way to think... That you can only enjoy music from your respective class group. So my dad comes from a very working class background and my mum a more traditionally middle class family. Am I only allowed to half enjoy the Mods? Or should I fuck off back to the R.E.M. Channel? If so I hope I don't see you there. Having said that I'm sure we'll cross paths on The Falls channel if I'm still allowed to listen to them... 😏


    le Tigre + Sex Pistols = their label (umadbro?)

    John Bradford

    Chris Williamson good shout fellow peasant

  85. NotShakinStevens

    I love this song. It's becoming my favourite over BHS. The beginning is funny, sounds like classic B-52s. These guys are brilliant.

    Earl Gray

    Silly me silly you, put in a 5 and go ;)

  86. AntCotBoi

    rain drop
    drop trop
    listening to sleaford mods moptop

  87. Richie B

    Jason's singing or whatever it is is astounding! For me, uh Murican who loved the Sex Pistols when they came out (I was 30, listening to the Eagles and Supertramp, both great bands), the Sleaford Mods vibe is quite similar to the Johnny Rotten vibe, just so freakin catchy and poetic and working-class (but intellectual) ENGLAND!

    Richard Dale

    Richie B call it singing is a bit of a stretch

    Cat ji

    @Richard Dale , no-one said singing. Anyway, what is it then?

    m. richards

    John Lydon is a total fraud.

    Cold Daze

    @m. richards no more than Steve Ignorant lol.. Special Duties - bullshit Crass ;)

    Shelley Myers

    m. richards correct 👍🏻

  88. Charles Du Max

    How can anyone dislike this? We all know what we get from listening to the SM's, if you don't like their music fuck off to the ABBA Channel.

    Captive H

    Charles DuMax everyone can't get them, we do live in a world full of sycophants! 😁


    Charles DuMax only 2 types of music.
    Good or bad.

    Welsh independence now annibyniaeth Cymru nawr

    Charles Du Max to be fair, ABBA made some bangers

  89. Powell Pressburger

    "Do you mind? You biffed my nose!"

  90. monkeyb0ne

    good vid.... up the Sleafs!

  91. ian connolly


  92. olli bery

    still better, better and better. thanx guys. love your rawness efficiency.cheers.

  93. Milan Křenek


  94. Evolverman

    man can he hold a note - love it!!!

  95. gretchen hasse

    nice song and that dinner looks good too.

  96. rschiela

    the vignette on this video wasn't added in this is just what england looks like.