Sleaford Mods - Dull Lyrics


It's all dull
Shadowed sentence
As you look out
Curbs, road paint, murder mile
You better look out
Across the routines
In town then out
The flow of day shifts give way to nights
Time and half
Four days on, seven off
Work like fuck, top off
No good news is all it is
Few perks, try and live your life
Fucking go berserk
We are the cheap flights
Looking at the Ferrari
On show in duty-free
Choice of two hundred cars tickets
From three pound fifty
Bag of fags, fry ups
Falling out our rumbling cracks
But not me
I'm sick of the fat soaked farm eggs kid, mate, gluten free
Try scrolling down a website, the NME, without laughing
I'll give you ten quid if you can keep a straight face
Honestly, just fucking try it, mate


Jump sticks roll around my hand
Big screen airport stand
Four flights, two-hour journey
Feet feel cold mate
Big fat Bernies
Bernie Winters, roll neck splinters
Schnorbitz on the pull
He's got his chappy out
Rescue dogs ain't fucking dull
Like you, like me
Let's do star jumps with white teeth
Moosey, no fee

We don't sell our souls anymore, give it away for free
"Please Please Me"
Dead bingo
Brexit loves that fucking Ringo
Safe bet, all the oldies vote for death
Strap down, watch them, and strike fast
Why not? They wanna kill people who ain't got a lot? [?]
No switch theme, we should take the house and fuck 'em
Why not? They wanna kill people who ain't got a lot [?]


Timeline's in the bin
All this fucking expert knowledge
Slating the big guns
Getting em locked up like Porridge
On your keyboard, Evil Knievel
How to win pens and scribble on people
Essence of life, little worms and light up when you look at the sky
Constellation, masturbation
But that wasn't said by me
I don't fumble in my jungle
I'm wanking free, born free
Free's not right, that's not good
Spend your life on fucking PornHub
Black and orange, what'd you say?
Sexy this and what a farce
The reality of pinching too much arse



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Sleaford Mods Dull Comments
  1. Oliver Noakes

    Why not? You wanna kill people who ain't got a lot

  2. Adidas Lover

    Scotland gets it!

  3. 1lightheaded

    This is fackin brill

  4. M0346

    Im a fan from now on! Greets from Holland

  5. Squisher

    best thing ive listened to in ages

  6. Rafid Al-Jarana


  7. adie. b

    best track on the album 😄

  8. Marco Calheiros

    love da beat

  9. TheBrawlBox

    Never thought I'd say this again-best track to date.

  10. George legallymad

    another excellent tune comrades and anyone saying otherwise is a bit




  11. Paul Stam

    The music man got an easy job ;-) Relax man... A slightly John Cooper Clarke in there. love it.

  12. Ruaidhri Conroy

    I feel like I see these guys in the pub every Friday


    Ruaidhri Conroy do you happen to be from Nottingham? ;^)

  13. Nicola Donato

    Some drunks come in from a night out and pick up some mics and instruments
    Something like this might turn out

    Erik Van Lombergen

    It might. But they will need to be well-talented.


    please post your music so we can all criticise it

    T T

    Mods are the realest of the 2000s
    Sorry you somehow got directed here from the tiesto or Calvin Harris whatever page you were on.

  14. Alex Mickee

    Yes! This is art! Finally something real. Always love the Mods.

  15. Ford Simmons

    This is terrible.


    Fuck you.


    it's not for mr plastic face


    fuck me...what are you listening to?

    Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    You dont look like a sleaford mods fan. Unlucky you ya stuck up his own arse prick.


    Were you in a wind tunnel when that picture was taken? What an ugly bastard

  16. sylvervan

    the title of this song does it justice. I know it may be "artistic symbolism" or something but the constant bass and unoriginal drum beat is so lackluster and the shouting political commentary does make it any better