Slayer - Unguarded Instinct Lyrics

Use the need, lose control,
Hidden voice inviting,
Imposing will, unconscious skill
Embraced immoral passion.
Born is still, thirst for thrill,
Indulgence of illusion.
Neurotic, psychotic,
Dead silent screams, come alive.

Killing seed, first degree,
I shut the world outside.
Denied and laid to waste,
The body and soul divide.

A final thrill, a timely kill
Unbound, unguarded.
Fantasized, realized,
Enforced upon the dying.
Free reign of the asylum,
Archaic energy thrives,
Dead cold, I control
Eternal screams that slowly die.

Killing spree, first degree.
I shut the world outside.
Denied and laid to waste,
The body and soul divide.

Dimentia born of sin,
A symptom that begins,
Vengeance so divine.

Lost my grip of what's real.
Unrestrained self-induced vertigo.
Manic power chills my spine.
I can't erase this instinct I embrace.

Two faced moral abandon,
Races my blood boils my skin.
Unhinging the doorway to this asylum,
Releasing unshackled poison dreams.
Beginning the end of temptation.
A vengeance so divine.
The end of temptation,
A vengeance so divine.

Killing spree, first degree,
I shut the world outside.
Denied and laid to waste,
The body and soul divide.

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Slayer Unguarded Instinct Comments
  1. Eli Abraham

    This song is so dark

  2. Craig Ponzio

    RIP Jeff Hanneman.

  3. TJ Escobar

    Should have been in God Hates Us All


    DAVE LOMBARDO IS GOD,but Paul Bostaph replaced very well! Great drummer too! Excellent song!

  5. Thetrucky69


  6. matt11708

    This album maybe not the best album in the world but its better then risk and re load.

  7. Shane Fochtman


  8. Knut Thoresen

    Fucking great Metal band!🤘😎

  9. Durpness Sucks

    This is honestly the most BADASS song from DiM, especially the solo

  10. justin credible


  11. mastodonseven

    Few songs from soundtrack to the apocalypse here.

  12. leandro_FC_

    I belong to the Internacional Church of Slayer

  13. pistonport70 ssm

    Tom is Machete Of METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. beth leinicke

    This drummer is fucking killer!

    Timmy Savage

    beth leinicke paul bostaph is a beast

  15. chev chelios

    this solo is the best solo slayer has ever done.

    DT Hellland

    who played it?  hanneman?

    Ja i Muzyka

    Which one?


    chev chelios most of the bands best riffs or solos are on the first 6 albums.

    Eli Abraham

    @DT Hellland hanneman the first solo and king the second one right afterwards

  16. Nirmal Babu

    This is from Diabolus or God hates us all?

    Harold Edinjiklian

    +Victor de la Rosa No, from Divine Intervention

    Nirmal Babu

    +Harold Edinjiklian From Diabolus itself.

    Dj Unknown

    Harold Edinjiklian from Diabolos

    Dj Unknown

    Harold Edinjiklian its a bonus track


    Haxaldr kinda sounds like a b side from that album.


    This is good. Crazy i never heard this before.

    ll S N A R L ll

    It's on their soundtrack to the apocalypse. 3 disk set w dvd

  18. Wendell Dearing

    he'll yes.....

  19. Peter Bob

    My son's name is Sebastian SLAYER Soto and he is 3. Wants to meet his band

  20. dekapitatorr

    WTF???? where did you find these songs? disorder,hands of doom,addict,human disease - never hear them till now


    Disorder was Slayer's collaboration with Ice-T, As I remember human Disease was also a cover taken from a film soundtrack. Hand Of Doom was a Black Sabbath cover which was included in a film soundtrack. Addict was a bonus track for God Hates Us All which was included in Japan versions. Same goes for Unguarded Instinct like Addict but instead it was a bonus track for Diabolus In Musica

    mike hawksafloppin

    Ina Gadda Da Vida

  21. jstube36

    The most bad-ass American band ever. SLAYER

  22. Austin Encarnacion

    F U C K I N G S L A Y E R R O C K S R I P J E F F 😈

  23. thespanish21god

    One of the BEST metal guitar solos.


    Thanks beth leinicke for +1 ing my comment!

  24. thespanish21god

    EXTREME Kick-Ass METAL!!!!


    Thanks again beth leinicke for +1 ing my comment!

  25. Cam AP

    Really good song, no idea why this was left off of DIM

  26. Neil Wiger

    RIP JEFF 4 EVER!\m/

  27. BlackLabelSlayer

    The adds are turned off, If you don't want to see the adds when watching any of the videos I have put up you need to subscribe I believe. I hate the adds and all the other bullshit and the other thing I hate is when someone tells me what to do. I hope you understand when I say if you see adds and don't want to watch them go some where else. FUCKN SLAYER/ R.I.P. JEFF HANNEMAN

  28. GingieMalmsteen

    Welcome back Bostaph!

  29. John

    not bonus tracks, jap import. it contains this track at #8 and Wicked at #12. there was also a euro import which only contained wicked but had a 2nd disc with live tracks and cd plus Übernoise

  30. Bryan Newcombe

    Human Disease from the Bride of Chucky soundtrack is also fucking killer!!!

  31. Marcos Antonio

    PHODA !

  32. Trevor Cook

    holy shit, why wasn't this included on diabolus in musica? this fucking rocks!

  33. 222THEPOWER

    0 dislikes thats what i like to see.. FOREVER SLAYER!!!

  34. BlackLabelSlayer

    Hell yeah !! Fucking SLAYER !! Check out some of the other stuff i have up .. Bonus tracks , Full live shows , Rare tracks , demos .. FUCKIN SLAYER /SDMF !!!

  35. adam kowarsh

    Had NO FUCKIN' IDEA there was a bonus track on Diabolus... First I heard Today! I even got the first edition God Hates Us All Bonus Tracks disc with Addict, Scarstruck, and something else, but had no idea... Shityeah!

  36. adam2aces

    I love dave but this guy really is a much better drummer!

  37. Demos Kalliades


  38. robert nance

    SLAYER 4 EVER!!!!!

  39. spaced377

    all i listen to now a days is slayer and deicide

  40. OldThrash

    RE-FUCKING SLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. slayer666metalful

    @BlackLabelSlayer in that case this should have made it on! its amazing xD

  42. BlackLabelSlayer

    @slayer666metalful Diabolus In Musica

  43. slayer666metalful

    what album is this bonus song on...divine intervention?

    Dj Unknown

    slayer666metalful Diabolos en musica

  44. Danny V

    FUCKING SLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!

  45. basstardsound

    @ASHBYHAYNES i agree

  46. pallister95

    @KlarKman1000 Dude, Show No Mercy has nothing on Divine Intervention or Diabolus In Musica.

  47. boom_farms

    @ASHBYHAYNES god hates us all is so good that i sometimes forget its not lombardo


    @KlarKman1000 yes I love Dittohead...another great song that shows Bostaph's drumming.

  49. surgeonofdemise

    Love this! Thanks!

  50. Dickbrain McGee

    This should of been on the actual release of Diabolus. It's fuckin' awesome!!

  51. malyfromhell74

    very good track


    this song shows some of Bostaph's best drumming skills!