Slayer - Sex, Murder, Art Lyrics

Now you're mine
I am the master of your whipping time
The smile
On my lips
The look of horror on your face
Can't rid the sexual fascination
You deny
My face of pleasure the gleam in my eye

You're nothing
An object of animation
A subjective mannequin
Beaten into submission
Raping again and again

My princess
Dangling in distress
To discipline
My sole purpose never ends
On your knees
My satisfaction is what I need
The urge
To take my fist
And violate every oriface

You're nothing
An object of animation
A subjective mannequin
Beaten into submission
Raping again and again

Slaves to my torment
Scream to your heart's content
Time and time again
Pleasure in inflicting pain
Power so insane
Trying to circumvent
Unadulterated battery
Manipulated reality
God is dead - I am alive!

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Slayer Sex, Murder, Art Comments
  1. J West

    Such a sinister song and that beginning riff!

  2. Dewey Tucker

    We are all correct, the problem is we are all
    correct. Good luck enjoying free will.

  3. David Flower


  4. WeAreMany

    just let it happen...shhh

  5. shitt tube

    The final words. "God is dead, i'm alive". Almighty Slayer.

  6. Anna Covell

    The music is great but the lyrics are vile, shame they had to ruin the music with them


    Anna Covell I’m 2 months late but it’s FUCKIN SLAYEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!

    They’re supposed to be vile :)

    Luke Biz

    I will say this though Wonderwall by Oasis is a great song

    Pennywise Wadford

    @Anna Covell there is plenty of KISS for you to listen to.

    Luke Biz

    Hey i like the strokes too. Id like to talk to you

    Kayzer Willhelm

    Have you ever listened Angel of death?

  7. leandro_FC_

    Great riff


    lean_f_c_97 hard to play like the rest of the album

  8. Trash Bin

    Paul Bostaph can't play d-beat worth a shit.

  9. Friedrich Schopenhauer

    "Caught! Now you're mine" haha I don't know why but I find that line funny.

  10. Cristiano Gabbia

    Underrated album

  11. Nathanael Taylor

    Fuckin awesome

  12. Metal_333

    These ads on you tube are becoming a treacherous cancer!


    gurl you need adblock

  13. trisawlit

    No man, I was serious!

  14. trisawlit

    Best... comment.. ever!

  15. Rick Pace

    first song I ever heard by Slayer.....route to hell started that very moment!!! \m/

  16. Md Aizuddin

    Love the intro!!

  17. Flagellator1974

    a little bit thin sound, but the riffs are wild!!!

  18. Daniel Carneiro

    God is dead, I'M ALIVE

  19. Oliver Ullrich

    i mean this one is really a killer

  20. Jayant Bose

    Breaking News :-

  21. BoyfromSevilla

    100% agreed

  22. Arjen van Breukelen

    The change in the intro gives the track it's first hint of evil. Then the launch into the verse is relentless. You can just imagine some psychotic freak ruthlessly molesting and torturing his hapless victim. I don't condone any such actions, but the way the music captures the image and the mood is absolutely epic. It reminds me of an earlier track of theirs, Kill Again.

  23. Blind


  24. Dillon Slick

    Ear porn.

  25. 92lukin

    Better than porn!!

  26. Nicolas Epaminondas


  27. The_Slayer

    Scary how similar these lyrics are to what happened in the Judge Adams beating video.

  28. Caves Cuevas

    Divine Intervention is one hell of an underrated album

  29. Ytse Frobozz

    When the "Slave to my torment" part comes up, I like to sing, "Slave to Macho Man."

  30. Agustín Folco

    @terror737 Youre not a poser for thinking this is the best, i thing it kick ass too. a poser would say that raining blood is the best, and if you ask him about angel of death he wouldnt know it.

  31. martymcfly002

    @raptortcl This Slayer album was so different than the others, not traditional thrash as much as just.. Slayer on steroids or something. Personally I think this is one of their best songs ever - the guitars are just so vicious!

  32. rikkeeked

    @raptortcl It's about taste, man, that's all ;-) You know, rock and then metal started when ppl tired of generally accepted rules, why we need to make another within kind of music we like?

  33. raptortcl

    I am huge fan of thrash and slayer but cmon ppl. If some1 thinks this is the best slayer song then he is a fuckin' poser and knows nothing about thrash!

    Jay Dubb

    raptortcl It's my favorite Slayer song one of the best songs to listen before a fight or work out shit sometimes when dessamating a phonie fake ass person like a some white boy from the subburbs or hick town acting like he's something that he's not around some female's because he weak wannabe thug that's nothing and object of animation beatin into submission

  34. Arvid Danielson

    The opening riff is probably my favorite riff in Slayer history...

  35. Beerslayer863

    @91nickt Tom araya believes he was hence the lyrics. Duh.

  36. Daniel Carneiro

    disturbing lyrics...
    hell, i like it!

  37. kyle austin

    wtf is up with megadeths album cover

  38. zubiac

    Paul Bostaph is killing

  39. Argh W.


  40. Néstor Rodríguez

    Bang your girlfriend to the beat of this song... trust me, fucking experience second to none... and you 'll come in like 2 minutes

  41. Nick

    Slayer have gotten popular among lot's a fucking losers, but this song along with the rest of this album will always remain pure. It's easy to pick the real fans from the jokers.

  42. studas2011

    slayer have a great sense of humour

  43. SleepwalkerGM

    none of those screamo gay bands can top fucking thrash metal!

  44. darkslayer666999

    I remember when I was 12 my father gave me this album, and this was the first song on the album... changed my life forever lol.

  45. wolf4241991

    @MANSONRULZ54 Im assuming the big four is all you know about. Sad.

  46. anarkibanana

    the beginning riff sounds so evil....i fukkin love it!!!!!

  47. Dt0x75

    @necrofetishist yea but I dont like girls that are a dead fuck.

  48. arkee71

    CAUGHT! your mine.............fuckin slayer needs

  49. faunzey1616

    ths fucking song gets me pumped, i feel like breaking something

  50. bleedfreek

    i like the beginning.

  51. soggdogg

    God is dead, I am alive

  52. soggdogg

    Fuck YES!!!!!!!!!! Slayer fucking Rules!!!

  53. tweezer76

    Bostaphs pedals out of time at the we missed Lombardo in those days

  54. Jake Wenta

    yes it 'is' (grammar error lol)

  55. tavohell

    bostaph, creo

  56. tavohell

    divine intervention

  57. MBishop85

    yes he is
    great drummer and so underrated

  58. meekoman

    Dave Lombardo has a style more suited for Slayer though. Bostaph is a great drummer, but his style isn't as fitting for slayer as Lombardo's is.

  59. xXxTripleHxXx

    SLAYER FTW!!! who the hell is Metallica?!?

    Big 'Ol Dingus

    Hey, don't diss legends. Metallica and Slayer are both great bands

    Ricky Alexander

    @Big 'Ol Dingus don't forget Megadeth

  60. Cannibal Christ

    i love that intro riffs

  61. Taylor Neuenfeldt

    that bass is kickass!!


  62. Danny

    The most kickass chorus ever! Hell yes!

  63. timboslayer

    One of Slayer's best.

    Sick, dark and bleak. Fast.

    My favourite fill is the little double bass chip at 1:05-6.