Slayer - Seven Faces Lyrics

I saw them all around today
They don't stop they won't go away
They love the darkness in my eyes
Help me find a way out when I'm lost within myself

They show me everything I need
There's nothing wrong with a little greed
Never enough to satisfy
Such a driving desire that burns inside

My life came with it's own scars
I don't need you to tell me about your sorrow
I can't say I've seen it all
But I live for the things that keep me hollow

Everyday I look into the mirror
Staring back I look less familiar
I've seen all seven faces
Each one looks a lot like me

They all look like me
I never see them coming
But they show me more of myself
Drawn into the depths
I never knew existed
Launching me face first
Into the pleasures of pure lust and greed
I am becoming all things envied, I am the excess
I want it all more pain more sex more lies more of

My Life came with it's own scars
I don't need you to tell me about your sorrow
I can't say I've seen it all
But I live for the things that keep me hollow

Everyday I look into the mirror
Staring back I look less familiar
I've seen all seven faces
Each one looks a lot like me

They all look like me

I am becoming all things envied, I am the excess
I want it all more pain more sex more lies more of

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Slayer Seven Faces Comments
  1. Joey Espinoza

    Can't go to sleep. Jesus told me. Stay way!

  2. Shane Pierce

    I am all and I want more! Keep me hallow!

  3. wulfie Hoffmann

    So incredible good

  4. Shaun Maxwell

    Tomorrow is gonna be the last time I'll ever get to see Slayer. I am gonna headbang until my fucking neck breaks

  5. Mantis Toboggan MD

    0:23 When you wake up and realize you didn't die in your sleep, and still have to go to your shit job..

  6. Tom29

    Launching Kerry King face first into the pleasures of Burger King

  7. Apollon

    Sometimes Kerry King write great songs

  8. Eric Melton

    They could've done a whole album called seven faces. They all look like me.

  9. Douwe Dabbert

    Each one looks a lot!!... like!!... meeeeee!!!!!

  10. Stefon Williams

    Ice t and Body Count could do this song bye Slayer seven faces

  11. stav

    Heard this when it was fresh. Let me tell you, Slayer has no expiration date. Still one of the very be(a)st albums out there.

  12. Garrett Horrell

    I love Slayer every album every song just all fucking bad ass shit

  13. bear on beer

    I like the fucking scream

  14. Bloody vodevil


  15. Bloody vodevil


  16. Vik MKD

    No1 album you must listen, before you leave this planet...

  17. Knut Thoresen

    Great album 🤘😎

  18. Kelvin Maynard

    Ha a song about me myself and I my tru friends.

  19. mattlsmith20

    0:23 That scream! Holy fuck!

  20. Max Cortez





    ATLASXI I I it’s actually envied

  22. Ravangers

    best album of all time? or is it the best album of all time?

  23. Calista Europa2

    How come I never knew about this shit before??

  24. Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!

    Pappy and his little angels of death, will annihilate your asses!!!! Haha!!

  25. Charles SWAG


  26. Derek Mckiernan

    Slayer saved my life
    As a boy I was brought up hard
    Slayer taught me being punched in the face doesn't hurt as much as not fight back at all

    Vogar Cadena

    I identify with you fighting big gangs. SLAYER saved my life , i remember when they started practicing in Huntington park CAL met them all .First concerts the paledium then the Olympic it was osom and from there they took off big time for my friends SLAYER

  27. TeamAtFort

    Is this about multi personality disorder or something

  28. d r x p t e k

    0:23 when t-series passes pewdiepie by subs

  29. Mark G

    This song is about Thanksgiving dinner.

  30. Knight Captain YeeT77

    0:23 when u step on snek

  31. Jay Gagne

    While Angel of Death has one of the most legendary scream in metal, I believe this is truly Tom's most powerful and haunting scream

  32. michael an

    there is nothing wrong with a little greed...right, America?

  33. Slayer & Liverpool

    My God What a Thing Of BEAUTY... Only SLAYER Motherfuckers!

  34. Marinos Kouloumpis

    Did Kirk Hammett invade into the song? 😂.

  35. Berry McCockiner

    smh i tried to get into a couple of these slayer albums but just not the same

  36. Hemmo Hoving

    I have six mirrors

  37. Niko Dovidija

    This is so fucking heavy, my head can't stay still

  38. Martin Mane

    That intro is so beautiful

  39. Omar Flores

    Saw them 2018 bitch

    Slayer & Liverpool

    Saw them in 87-Reign in Blood, 91- Clash of Titans, 95- Devine Intervention, 2002- God Hates us All, 2016 - Repentless, 2018- Farewell Tour!

  40. Chris Keenan

    I have a slayer tattoo on each arm One black left arm one red right arm hail and praise Slayer

  41. daniel boyd

    Jesus , can you hear me , .........

  42. David Miller

    Slayers the reason I don't punch customers or my co workers in their windpipe on a daily basis.

    Shaun Maxwell

    My coworkers wanna punch me for always playing slayer

    dee murderer


    Douwe Dabbert

    Each one looks a lot!!.. like!!.. meeeeeee!!!!

    Martin Mane

    Thats why i listen to Slayer on full blast in my car before going into work

  43. Danilo Di Bonaventura

    Music is.beautiful. voice suck

  44. Marlon Santos

    Man the drummer killer this shit

  45. john morgan

    awesome song

  46. Ramiro Villalobos


  47. Thomas Greaves

    0:23 When Slayer announce that they're calling it quits after their next tour. Holy shit lads. Good luck in the future, whatever you choose to do.


    Thomas Greaves world without slayer = shit

    Slayer & Liverpool

    The World loses one of thee most brutal bands to ever engineer kickass metal. music absolutely SUCKS today.

  48. Mr Lambegs

    Anyone know what the meaning of this song is.

    Douche Lord

    Mr Lambegs BOI

    Mr Lambegs

    Douche Lord BOI?

    Douche Lord

    Mr Lambegs never mind, bro 7 faces, ever heard of the 7 deadly sins??? Thats what this song is about

    Mister Anthropy

    yeh its about embracing the seven deadly sins.

  49. dan beach


  50. Diana Ackman

    I AM all seven faces...

  51. levi Sabbath

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Jon H

    I've seen all seven faces. They all look like TRUUUUUUUMP

  53. sic

    I love how hateful slayer songs can be

    Transcendent Sacred Courage


    Yenta Moon

    Exile exile exile exile exile

    Tim Garçon


  54. Brandon League

    One of Slayer's best....that NEVER gets the love and respect it deserves.

    Ashley Davis

    Brandon League I fucking agree!

    Jose Lopez

    The drumming especially

    Matthew Romanki

    though its tough with so many stellar rips

  55. Garbage Trash

    These fuckin comments are edge porn. Jfc

  56. Cari Co

    This song helped me get through grade 10 back in the day

  57. technology productions 2019

    Why does this sound like Slipknot

    Gabo xd

    technology productions 2018 it doesnt sound like slipknot lol


    Not at all

    Anubis 666

    This is Metallic Hardcore. More like Hatebreed.

    Big Ern Mahkracken

    Slipknot's gay

  58. DC xxx

    Slayers ok

  59. chev chelios

    gay song

    blood fallen

    Yup this is a baddass song

    john morgan

    fuck u no it izent

  60. Beavis The Great


  61. Dragonator99

    Such a badass song, my favorite on the album, and this album is my favorite

  62. YouTubeY2K *

    Yup trump says your all fuckin fired then gives the final okay to launch all nukes. He even fired himself.

  63. that was a prick job right there ,

    I am becoming all things Envy I am the excess I want it all more pain more sex more life more of everything

  64. Awoken Genius

    "I live for the things that keep me hollow" Like we lose parts of our essence to exterior materialistic objects.

    Pennywise Wadford

    Like alcohol

  65. Dj Unknown

    that main riff oh my God

  66. Cj Hudson

    Yea I got something for you dipfucks this is slayer not the GODDAMN election take that horse shit somewhere and let Satan do his job peace bastards rest in hell

  67. Cj Hudson

    Yea I got something for you dipfucks this is slayer not the GODDAMN election take that horse shit somewhere and let Satan do his job peace bastards rest in hell

  68. evan Niko

    Short and sweet.

  69. YouTubeY2K *

    I see this in others.

  70. Donovan baker

    there's nothing wrong with a little greed, who's all got a slayer tattoo!!

    Cj Hudson

    I want a slayer tattoo man shit would be wicked crafty haha go slayer power bomb these bitchs

  71. joao vitor novaes


  72. Drew Armstrong

    fuk with that

  73. p387t

    0:22 When you find out that Trump won the election

    michael an

    naw, hillary=war agaist russia+china

    Lord Of Onions

    It's more like when find out the candidates of the election

    Jazeapokergod A

    Shut up pussy

    Pennywise Wadford

    @Lord Of Onions I like how people act like Clinton Rigging the DNC never happened.

  74. Tyler Clinging

    Slayer yeah, God loves us all

  75. Nairb


    chev chelios

    fuck you


    fuck you

    Mr.agent 47

    Fuck you

    lucas santos

    fuck you

    ReHo Rajulhulu

    The truth is not what it seems to be(I´m an ex-christian).

  76. pkmdz

    ....Alright gotta turn Slayer off before my brain bleeds.


    @dwight grimes That was a compliment you stupid fuck.


    fuck you

    Tristan Erno

    They're trolls you stupid fuck.

    The Real Eric Mitchell

    C2Kist and pkmdz are the only people in this comment section that isn't fucking retarded XD

  77. Solidus-Skully

    One of SLAYER's best songs and my personal favourite on God Hates Us All.

    Tristan Erno

    Bloodline is the worst song on the album.

    Andrew Sabel

    but disciple tho...

  78. michael rollo

    This song makes me wanna burn the world dow!!! Badassness

  79. ClassicGames4U


  80. michael rollo

    All seven faces look exactly like me!!

    Grave Protocol

    You look like me

  81. R3d_Dwarf

    best song on "god hates us all" with "payback" and "bloodline"!

    Tristan Erno

    None of those songs are the best off the album. Certainly not Bloodline.

    ProjectDelta 9lives

    R3d_Dwarf disciple and god send death are waaay better

    Keith Marple

    here comes the pain easily, best slayer song in general

  82. Heather Wilson

    fuck everyone

  83. Necrothedk

    The person below me is retarded v

    Based King

    the person above me is insecure about his life.


    +Based King LOL

    andrew e

    +Necrothedk GOD

    Tyler Clinging

    fuck necropedaphiles,Slayer doesnt like child rapers so fuck off and go. die

    don mcgilvery

    cut the chimo's dick off make him choke on it!!!

  84. Sophia B. Williams

    fuck this song! it good but tom knows his shit.
     now lets go.

  85. Sophia B. Williams

    fuck you n your life. this song. songs like this need nothing but. ................................................................................................................................ now go home.  fuck you. turn it up. cut yourself. fuck you fuck me. now  say hello to your new boss cuz u need money.

    Little Memer

    +Sophia B. Williams In Spanglish, please?

    Melanie Nielsen

    +Sophia B. Williams I know those word but that makes no sense.


    I agree, the world needs more slayer

    Grave Protocol

    hahhahahaha nice S.

  86. Jack Bob

    this is 1v1 music in the productions

  87. Shako Gibson

    i have 8 faces


    No man, seven's the key! Seven chipmunks twirlin on a branch, eatin lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch. You know that old children's song from the sea!!!!

    David Miller

    7 personalities

    michael an

    i have 666 faces

  88. David Ramirez

    the whole album is a orgasm


    this is on par with reign of blood in my opinion, as you said very orgasmic album

    Tristan Erno

    Of course it is, it's fucking Slayer.


    David Ramirez heaviest in their discography

    David Miller

    Kerry did a good job on this one lol

    C More

    Orgasmic indeed true slayer record

  89. michael rollo

    all 7 faces look EXACTLY like me

  90. GamersNoTanGamers

    the best scream ever at the beginning oh my milf !

  91. BDawg

    Favorite song on this album

  92. Caden Krause

    Is slayer heavier than overkill vote in comments. Slayer!

    Bill Z Jr

    Metal Deth yes

    Mr.agent 47

    Caden Krause yeah just a bit haha.

  93. michael rollo

    RIP JEFF. Missed beyond forever.Save me a seat briutha

  94. brnleague99

    RIP Jeff. You will be missed, my brudda.

  95. marcinek98PL

    i prefer hanneman B|

  96. Iancula

    As 95% of Kerry King's solos...

  97. Marko Lost

    Skidam kapu.