Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss Lyrics


Razors edge
Outlines the dead
Incisions in my head
Anticipation the stimulation
To kill the exhilaration

Close your eyes
Look deep in your soul
Step outside yourself
And let your mind go
Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die

Close your eyes
And forget your name
Step outside yourself
And let your thoughts drain
As you go insane... go insane

Innate seed
To watch you bleed
A demanding physical need
Desecrated eviscerated
Time perpetuated



Inert flesh
A bloody tomb
A decorated splatter brightens the room
An execution a sadist ritual
Mad intervals of mind residuals



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Slayer Seasons In The Abyss Comments
  1. Charles Gould

    Slayer = mellow metal MADDNESS

  2. Teppich Opfer

    My song to ride to work.

  3. Leo Russo

    God listens to Slayer

  4. Renier Lombard

    why is there a mic? lol

  5. Wessam Walid

    "I'll never trust anyone who doesn't like Slayer"
    King Tut

  6. Tom Kolo

    It is just classic...30 years old

  7. Michel Angelo

    that into is crazy gives me goosebumps every single time! slayer and slipknot were my first metal bands back in the day! i mean i’m only 22 now but hey for me 14 years old was a long time ago lol and the way they slap back after the solo sounds so good

  8. Petter Grønlien

    Awesome album and song  \m/ \m/

  9. larry ballard

    That one song alone blows away most of todays shit

  10. Aubrey Rynjah

    Hah hah ha this evil

    No tis is metal ...this is music ...not in satanic ....nothing shit but pure metal .. So stop pussying slayer to evil

  11. Deanna Pena

    One word- DAVE LOMBARDO!!!



    Romain Gomard

    Mike patton like this

  12. Сергей Минаев


  13. ShAdOwWaFfLe

    I don’t always listen to slayer...but when I do you know I am

  14. Dáblio Vê

    -- Who's listening to it in 2020?
    -- F**k You! I listen to it since 1990!

  15. Gil Vander

    Gizeh, Free-luciferian-power !! lol....a good year for all

  16. Jason

    if i pin my meter on slayers stuff then i'm satitsified that thats as good as my system can do cus listem to tom when he talks about music he pays close attention to make sure what we hear on a very good system is what slayer intended. "there is no life in the void ONLY death!" LOTR

  17. Patrick Nelson

    so sorry dave you deserved a better band

  18. k spence


  19. pistol grip

    i want to forget my name i want to forget i was ever a man. "i'm a fly who dreamed he was a man and now the fly has awakened" - the fly -

  20. pistol grip

    "deep down inside too dark to see" -al jourgensen -

  21. pistol grip

    when i dont think when i dont feel when i dont breathe when i dont see when i dont hear when i dont breathe when i dont think and i dont feel anything and all i see is black. maybe then i'll be happy. the abyss is my heaven. the closest i can come to ceasing my existence. i hate life i hate living beings i can't stand any of you anymore i hate you all [email protected]^fuck you !

  22. Сергей Минаев

    Том,я слушал Slayer,с 15 лет, сейчас мне уже 43 года, и я вас ОБОЖАЮ!!!!!!!! SLAYER, Удивительно, прекрасная команда!!!! Мой сын, считает SLAYER, очень тяжелой музыкой(он поклонник METALLICA)

  23. Beastie Boy 1110

    Slayer rules and Best thing they are raiders fan

  24. Carol Lind

    Slayer for president they sing about the truth Trump next term prison Your fired

  25. Michael Francis McCarthy

    Can you believe that at the time Dave Lombardo quit the band he was earning just $60,000 a year? Go look up his drum clinic videos here on YouTube, he talks about it. Unreal. Touring stadiums with The Big Four, 100+ dates a year, a living legend who basically invented modern metal drumming...earning mid-career public school teacher money. Can you imagine, all the stress and bodily abuse and being away from your family....for $60,000 (taxed!) per year?

    Louis Csanko


  26. Rivers Channel

    This whole album is a master piece

  27. AlexCity

    " In slayer we trust " - Alexander the great.


    hahahahahaha, that's right

  28. cgunna48

    this song is perfect I don't care what anybody says

    Michael Francis McCarthy

    Is there anyone who actually says otherwise?


    @Michael Francis McCarthy your right but in my opinion its perfect

  29. Compartir Alegria

    Mejor que SLAYER, es tirarse un Pedo

  30. Urbex légende

    Malgrè les anne cest toujours aussi bien vive le hard rock

  31. Gábor Benke

    Epic song.

  32. David Nelson

    “Before slayer there was nothing”.......GOD..

  33. Evoken

    Чёртовы гении!

  34. k spence

    Love to Poland from canada

  35. Samuel Fernandez

    "Give me Slayer, or give me death"- Tomas Jefferson

  36. Test Test

    Where the hell is the repeat button ? 😠

  37. IjuL !!


  38. Khalil Shariati

    So wet now

  39. k spence


  40. k spence

    Givver Boyz...Winnipeg...ghetto

  41. k spence

    1. World one colour one people Bruce Spence fb

  42. k spence

    Ty for production Egypt from Canada indigenous people

  43. k spence

    From canada


    From Poland. Always.

    Ur Shak

    @COCHISE710226 to niezle znalezc kogos z polski w wigilie w komentarzach pod slayerem

    k spence

    @COCHISE710226 love to poland

    k spence

    No Poland you keep all the love ok

  44. k spence

    Love to india

  45. k spence


  46. k spence

    With all due respect one people

  47. k spence

    Bruce Spence fb

  48. Richard nisenboum

    “Trust anyone that does not like Slayer, I never will”- baby Yoda

    Jackson Hill

    Ok boomer

  49. Jo Wenninger

    They aren't really Devil worshipers Are They 682 498 0635❤️


    Probably one of the most doomy intros, I fucking love this song.

  51. Debonaire Nerd

    "Unbelievably, it's better than Rise of Skywalker. I'm impressed." - JJ Abrams

    Carey Martin

    Saying it's better than that movie is not saying much, but this is a damn good song.

    Eugene Crawford

    @Carey Martin really 🤣

    Carey Martin

    @Eugene Crawford yeah, I prefer Hell Awaits tho

    Louis Csanko


  52. Dr. DeepInsideYa

    "I'll never trust anyone that doesn't like Slayer"

    Rick Sanchez

    Uh Ha ha

    Dr. DeepInsideYa underrated comment

  53. Srdjan Jovanovic

    Game Over.

  54. Dubravko Kozjan

    Best of the best of the best

  55. Mates Lesní

    hey how many years? Really anything. Greetings from Czech Repubic.

  56. Lucifer 666


  57. Randall Kornik

    Happy Retirement

  58. M M

    I never knew my father, so I listened to this song instead

  59. tone 503

    R.I.P. Jeff

  60. tone 503

    The Four Horsemen of metal, all hail mighty Slayer🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  61. Joey Long

    Rose's are red violets are blue when I listen to slayer so do my neighbors

  62. Natiqq

    Who is listening to all the music since Slayer end his career
    Best fcking band

  63. TMac66

    Haven't heard this in forever. Trump needs them to play at the annaugaration. Maga

  64. Ricky Seibert

    so im askin for a beer...jack says no beer till you sing a the job cause i was buddies used to have a mettalica megadeth slayer tribute band...i was the drummers roadie cause i had a station wagon...for two months every week they would try out a new singer...they liked none of night after the last singer left i go to grab a beer and jack the guitarist says and i quote....rick you have been here for the last two months doing nothing but drinking our beer and smoking our pot..if you want another beer you have to try and sing seasons in the abyss or go have heard the song a million times and here is the lyric sheet...i sang seasons..holy wars and jump in the fire...we get done and they all tell me to go have a cig out side..they need to thinkin they are pissed about something ...i come back in and they tell me ...rick you got the like no fuckin way ..i dont want the job, i know how you treat the singers in this band !!! they all look at me and say too bad,you are our new singer...and for the next two years we toured the south suburbs of chicago as I MADMAN...i am the last surviving member....god i miss them.

  65. Andy

    Beavis and buttheads favorite video.

  66. thegame890

    Shouldn't this album go platinum in the U.S. already?

  67. Jeanann Hartman

    This Heinekens for Jeff

  68. Антон

    Thank for this song guys. Very sincerely.

  69. Denis Ash

    Jeff Hanneman: 4:41-4:52
    My brain when I try this: *WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!*

  70. D G

    They never could play great solos on lead guitar....rhythms were awesome tho

    Flavio Lopes

    Hallowed point have a really cool solo


    memorable lead solos wasnt really slayers thing, it fit the music better to just mindlessly shred away haha

  71. Strix aluco

    RIP Jeff Hanneman
    The soul of Slayer

  72. Bill K

    "I'll never trust anyone that doesn't like Slayer" Bruce Dickensen........!

  73. TheRedGuy

    Kerry King with hair is just weird. Also no Lombardo :( ...great song tho.

  74. OuchMySpleen

    My favorite Slayer song ever.

  75. Aleksandar Trickovic

    The level of badassery of this song is not measurable.

  76. Cyrus Moini

    Wanna talk....about....the punxxx? lol...yeah. right. by the time you ass wipes realize your degrees arent worth shit, i'll bet the void will seem....well...what is this

  77. Gaius Ganskow

    Megadeth is my thrash band but Slayer is a close second

  78. Captain Kirk

    Of all of Slayer's songs, I think this one is their crowning achievement.

    Josh, yep.


    Weeble Man

    Dead. Skin. Mask.

  79. Oliver manusig

    slayer,,egipt ples.....maryan capio,,oliver manusig

  80. Jovanny F

    Could anyone give me the details on those 2 guitars? Please ?

  81. Joshua Bennett

    Legend has it, Slayer built the Great Pyramids of Giza with they're awesome power of thrash metal🤘

  82. Jacob Mullins

    Best slayer shirt ever is kill the Kardashians

  83. sandeep gc

    '' I will never trust anyone that doesn't like slayer''_Thanos

    Ezekiel Reyes

    Thanos likes slayer

  84. Wolfgang Von Bushgangster

    Time has come for anthems . Nice til not nice

  85. Michael the Red

    2 minutes of epic build up just to start the song, that's Slayer!!

  86. WhereThereDude

    1:14 brb im gonna get some sand to put it on my china

  87. Бобур Хаитов

    Gods if thrash!!!!!!!!!!! Forever!!!!!! A real gods!

  88. jok325635

    when I die they will play this tune at my open coffin

  89. Chris Pigott

    Egypt the pyramids slayer and history of what happened to their servants and priests.a history lesson.if only history was so interesting when I was at school. 🤘🤘🤘

  90. Josh Miller

    They are so underrated. Imagine if they had the social media platforms that all of these new Jack's have? Slayer would have billions of views on any soundtrack!

  91. Josh Miller

    What does the video depict? I have to know. Love the band,great as any band ever in metal!

  92. Louis Csanko

    I bet if someone went 5000 years into the future people will still be headbanging to " SLAYER"!!!!!!!!