Slayer - Screaming From The Sky Lyrics

[Music: Hanneman, Lyrics: Araya, Hanneman & King]

I stalk close in from above
Silent wings will test your faith
Death will never hear me pass
Launch attack you're too late
I hear flak inside my head
Deafening thunder cities burn
Carpet-bombing laid to waste
Throwned inside a death mask
Holy cross embedded in your tomb
Casualities are buried through your mind
Certain death is screaming from the sky
I live to destroy below
Hunted victims are unseen
Flying wrath a fortress hell
War machine to kill all
I leave carnage in my wake
Choking bleeding for your life
Faceless prey has been erased
Silence reigns you're dead now
Holy cross embedded in your tomb
Casualities are buried through your mind
Certain death is screaming from the sky

[Lead: King]

Listen to the rhythm of a dead man walking
Silent is the heartbeat of the predator stalking
Hear the sound of air feel the warmth touch your neck
Reality is not fair no time to second guess
Hear the distant ringing of the blade as it cuts your neck
Silent is the cry lying on your mattress of blood
An easy mark for a veteran of execution
I walk step by step with death
Where all bludgeoned bodies lie
You will see my face of rage
Cut your heart out of your chest
Leave impaled the consummation of mankind

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Slayer Screaming From The Sky Comments
  1. Damien Darlington

    I stalk to close in from above..... My silent wings will test your faith!!! Best lyrics ever!!!

  2. Danny DiFranco

    SLAYER 38 years of pure Domination of METAL ✊🏻☠️

  3. Walrus Gumbo

    at least 100 of these views gotta be from me

  4. Colin Marheine

    Nothing of this Earth will ever let us listen to Slayer loud enough. Ever

  5. Apollon

    Pro Pain-Time anyone ?
    Kerry King influence is obviously

  6. Mario Olivo

    w s e w

  7. Rivers Channel

    Nu Metal Slayer

  8. Palme Goins

    Last tour

  9. the krows nest.

    This song and point. They sync perfect

  10. Ossie Orlowski

    Use to listen to this song when I was in Afghanistan. Merica!

  11. grumpyacid5650

    This song is fucking sick. Underrated album.

  12. Zachary Jones

    Looks like Ted dansom from bill and Ted's all cracked out

  13. Chad Thomas

    This may be my favorite Slayer song

    Amedeo DeAmicis

    disciple the last best song of slayer

    Derp Ferguson

    fake news @Amedeo DeAmicis

  14. Christopher Combs

    This song is fucking great! I really don't care if you agree or not!

  15. millec60

    This song is seriously bad ass. Underrated song

    Derp Ferguson

    It goes right into Point too. It's the spiritual successor to War Ensemble. SO FUCKING BADASS.

    Titus Crow

    millec60 absolutely so. *Majorly* underrated!

    Titus Crow

    @Derp Ferguson - 👍🤘

  16. TJ Kaz

    Thank you for posting this. dickassholefagfuukerandallthat

  17. The Fuzzy Sheep

    Certain death, screaming from the sky. Germany 1945. The endless air raids by allied bomber squadrons. Great song!!🤘🤘🤘🤘☠️

  18. man wolf 79

    I walk step by step with death.....

  19. PistolManiac100

    Best album.

    Costarica Barboza Hidalgo

    but is a good album

  20. William Sheppard

    Site Alignment, site Picture, Breath Control, Sqeeeeeze the trigger. the round MUST surprise you or you lost your Self disabling. & PLOT ALL ROUNDS in a Log. OHWRAH Marine Corp. Every Payday's a FORTUNE, every formation is a Parade, & Every meal is a FIEST!!! W.L Sheppard/Door Gunner/Ch-46E/Kaneohe MCAS Hi/HMM-165's A Gunner. Desert Shield/Desert Storm Combat Aircrew Flight Crew Wings 3 times awarded, that's who says : ME dude! oi!

    Creasy Crease


  21. Al R

    D u k e

    N u k e m


    Those damned alien assholes blew up my ride!


    *Correction* Damn.. Those alien bastards are gonna pay for blowin' up my ride.

    jajajaja doei

    your face, your ass, whats the difference

  22. DarthMohammed

    Hope everyone has a great September 11!! :D


    DarthMohammed stfu try hard

    Rand McNally

    DarthMohammed absolutely!! I have your sister here with me licking my anus.

    Zachary Jones

    My anus too! What a coincidence

    Nabila Najma

    thanks :D
    September 11th is my Birthday xD

  23. Sociopathos

    Luftwaffe's soundtrack...

    sean marcy

    F-117 Stealth Bomber,
    silent death from above.

  24. Harris runner

    the dude on the cover of that album looks like "pin-head" from "hellraiser".

    David Pearson

    Well its not. Its Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins. Now you know...

    Александр Демин

    Looks like bold Michael Myers who becomes monk.

    Zachary Jones

    I thought it was a cracked out Ted danson from bill and Ted's

  25. makeithurtful

    Love this song and all, but Jeff kinda ripped off Brutal Truth's song 'Anti-Homophobe' for that main riff in the beginning. Not saying it's identical, but it's close. 

  26. Ke'Ylan Abaddon Banthraxx

    @Everson Sch Wow.
    What an intelligent grasp on metal.

  27. Metal3750

    Flak inside my head


    Deth* NOOB.

  29. Ramon Maiara


  30. skyehoyt1971

    So this must be about drones....Rip. Hanneman.

    Ryan Yates

    Stuka dive bombers from ww2

  31. Everson Sch

    WOW!!!!!! One one my fave Slayer´s songs!!!!!!!!!!! EAT SHIT METALLICA AND MEGADEATH ! SLAYER FOOKIN RULES!!!!

  32. James Adams


    Tomáš Baštinec

    James Adams mazej se bodnout ty sociální impotente