Slayer - Here Comes The Pain Lyrics

I am the new hell on earth
The lord of agony divine
Domination, intimidation
Lives within these eyes
Reign of power
Remorseless anarchy
I am arrogance in the flesh
Unleashed intensity

Step aside for the nightmare
Pure destruction stands before you
No escape as the psycho
Brings you misery
The line starts here

I am brutality the face of everlasting pain
Annihilation, Obliteration
Pulses in these veins
Sheer defiance drives my hostility
I am merciless to the core
Chaotic fury breeds

Step aside for the nightmare
Pure destruction stands before you
No escape as the psycho
Brings you misery
The line starts here

Bring it all on
Come and take on what you fear
I'm the storm
That towers overhead
Ticking time bomb
With an infinite charge
Bringer of torture
The master is here
Everyone falls

Here comes the pain
You're no different from the rest
Victim is your name in my vicious wasteland
Here comes the pain
Your destruction manifests
Lying there broken looking up as I still stand

Bring it all on
Come and take on what you fear
I'm the storm
That towers overhead
Ticking time bomb
With an infinite charge
Bringer of torture
The master is here
Everyone falls

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Slayer Here Comes The Pain Comments
  1. Mateo

    The beginning sounds exaclty like Hiding Behind by Napalm Death

  2. The Titty Master

    Pain can't melt steel beems

    David Posadas Villapando

    Nor can it burn passports!

  3. Vincent Pochanke

    polyvagal theory - NARM

  4. the white mike tyson

    Hey these guys are pretty good. Do they play kids parties

  5. JSbassil

    Here Comes The Pain was ahead of its time for sure

  6. The world's most annoying grandpa 1946

    this is the music of me getting the flu shot

  7. Kuervo Kain

    WCW Mayhem

  8. J Tee

    This song goes hard

  9. Mike strong

    Kind of creepy listening to these lyrics about towers falling...everyone fall. Like they somehow knew What was to come. Pretty sick actually.

  10. A 93

    Sounds Diffrent form the orginal version but verry gooood

  11. Jo Cam

    This is nu metal bull shit. Slayer hasn’t released a good album since seasons in the abyss.

  12. Apollon

    One of the good Kerry Kings song

  13. Choronzon 333


  14. Dylan Strange

    Korn ft Tom Arya

  15. Scapegoat

    If I ever catch my future kid listening to this, I will be one proud mother.

  16. Kyle Reese

    That thumbnail reminds me of John Carpenter's The Thing.

  17. SanjiVinsmoke

    one of the best slayer songs! hell, this is one of a brutal song, holy shit!!!

  18. Jason McKee

    Right before missions

  19. Michael Miller

    They sent me home at age 3 with this tattooed on my said. Have a good time

  20. Yaya tah Paname

    The beast slayer slayerd

  21. Angus Kerr

    If there is a hell waiting for those in the afterlife, I'd much rather go there where music like this is played instead of crappy overly religious country songs by Carrie Underwood or Justin Bieber singing about rediscovering his faith in Heaven.

  22. Apollon

    This is the seasons of the abyss of the 00s

  23. John Doe

    This songs about my squat rack.

  24. chubbs chubbs

    This is a perfect song for seth rollins

  25. Billy Casagrand


  26. Crazy Wolfgang

    This sounds different from the album version.

  27. Kenneth Gilatrap

    Bringer of torture the master is here everyone falls fucking killer all hail Slayer R.I.P hanneman

  28. Ryan Dennis

    This song kicks ass, jesus this is evil and heavy!

  29. Alex

    one of them winked at me O_O

  30. Dr Satan

    What's that version of the track, it's not from the album?

  31. Ghislain Pitre

    Should be a good song for a Darth Vader movie

  32. onezerotwofour

    Goddamn this is a fuckin gem

  33. desTroy

    I always thought this would be great at football games, instead of the standard ozzy and ac/dc tunes.


    I agree but they will never do it

  34. bear on beer

    This sounds insanely beautiful

  35. Luis Fernando Luis


  36. Potato Nigger

    What a great name "God hates us all".

  37. PIKL Creep

    so apparently this is for the "God Hates Us All" album, but the copyright thing didn't put the video from the actual record label's video or the band's video.

  38. smokin' bones

    Slayer fucking rules

  39. John karam

    is this a demo version ?

  40. Goku

    this is a killer song

  41. Jeswin Thomas

    Slayer did 9/11

  42. Jeswin Thomas

    Slayer's album was so lit that it melt steel beams.

  43. Antoine Black

    If this was Brock Lesnars theme

  44. Knut Thoresen

    Insane metal..!💪 Hardcore!😎 Love it!

  45. Kelvin Maynard

    The line starts here.bring it all on your know different from the rest 🤜🤨.

  46. Ron Swanson

    The cover art instantly reminded me of John Carpenter's The Thing. Bad ass tune, my first time hearing it, damn good.

  47. Mat Demaz

    I mean, what a heavy track. Would of fit as a WWE theme for Brock Lesnar.

  48. Buddy Holly

    Welp!, Here Comes the Pain!


    brock lesnar

  49. Jazeapokergod A

    Damn this song gets me off!

  50. Dave Wernig

    Question for all my metalheads on my recent travels through the internet I've had no luck at all finding anything new that's slow and brutal with the breakdowns that have the rhythm you could easily follow along to while smashing someone's face into a curb like this but not sludge metal which I only dislike because of the vocals only thing that's kinda scratching my itch currently are bands like dopelord and burn ritual so any recommendations for lesser known bands and songs will be much appreciated thanks in advance

  51. Matthew Williams

    Another badass song to call of duty ps4

  52. slowbutsure504

    One of those where you cant get the volume high enough

  53. Diamond Rebel Spartan Zero Productions

    WCW Thunder. (1999-2001)

  54. Mister E

    1:32 When you accidentally cut in front of Tom Araya at the checkout line.

  55. Kelvin Maynard

    Bring it all on come and take on what y’all fear slayers hardiest fan 🖕

  56. Paul Messer

    Anybody elce breaking their necks to this in 2019?🤘

    Charles Rowland

    Paul Messer I did in '01 , I'm 45 now, got neck & back problems

    Sex Mackswell

    I really do need to go to the chiropractor.

  57. KoTu

    1st song I learned on guitar

  58. Glenn Hertel

    how many of these ladies that are being held hostage,, don't have any sexual or marital relations with their Protection Officer?

  59. Glenn Hertel

    Slayer Here Comes the Pain

  60. Gordon The Destroyer 000

    That's 1 of the sickest slayer graphics I've ever seen! Tattoos anyone?

    Sir SpookyBones

    I'm thinking a T shirt to go to Church in

  61. Gale Van Vorous

    how true, my heart is broken over my wife Lillian, very painful

  62. Chris Britt

    Killing while enjoying SLAYER is the best!!!!

  63. Billy Casagrand

    Heard this live!!!!!

  64. Thinking Mouse

    I enjoy that they manage to be edgy without being cringe...

  65. Tommy lindon

    Hell fuck yeah.

  66. Brooklyn Don

    Hi there, big fan of the band...performed a Rap remix on the track...see the link below..:)

  67. Brooklyn Don

  68. Eminem 101

    Brocklesner theme

  69. Gabriel Brisa

    I come to here but i just was serching things of slipknot

  70. zigzaggirl

    My ringtone! \m/

  71. El Yogito

    Hanneman/Bostaph were a force to be reckoned with.....

  72. Yinzer Steel

    This album outshines Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss by a long shot.

  73. Bob Cuddington

    that fucking guitar tone could level a city block



  75. Milen Tanev

    please make this the next DOOM soundtrack

  76. mama mia

    great track from a fine and underrated album

    Yinzer Steel

    God Hates Us All is indisputably their best album.

    wulfie Hoffmann

    @Yinzer Steel yeah!!

  77. Derek Czerkas

    This is what I'm listening too when Russia and China come and invade us.

  78. Max Cortez

    Baptizsim mutha fuckers...


    Slayer - Here comes the pain, but 20% faster when hear something satanic

  80. #PizzaGate2018

    Who is here because of Q ?

  81. Rishikesh Nambiar

    Divine shit. Now I think of the line as a circle

  82. Bryguy Flyguy

    This song came on while I was playing cod and I destroyed all in my way💀 #SvVa

  83. rene valdes

    saludos desde chile.........grandemetal

  84. Jack

    Pure brilliance

  85. Bruce Swain

    So pissed! :-)

  86. Stella Adams

    Feel it 😈 \m/

  87. Vaass Montenegro

    drop A#

  88. KrikaHalo

    Slayer would eat most Death Metal bands alive.



  89. Dileyn Monfort

    Wcw brooooooooook lessssssssnaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

  90. Louis Harrmann

    FUCKIN SLAYER !!!!!!


    I love you

  92. Senior Sensi

    This is song that will play when I slit your fucking throat.

  93. Uwe D.

    Guck mal das war mal mein Hund ☺

  94. Seth Nicholls

    What album is this track from?!??

  95. Chuck Wesner

    rest in peace Jeff henamen Dimebag Darrell cilff Burton Randy Rhoads Lemmy Motorhead Dio

  96. American Brandon

    This kinda has a Sepultura feel to it from the roots era.