Slayer - Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It Lyrics

[Ian MacKaye / Jeff Nelson / Lyne Preslar / Brian Baker]

What happened to you
You're not the same
Something inside your head made a violent change

It's call it religion
You're full of shit

Was she really worth it?
She cost you your life
She'll never leave your side
She's gonna be your wife

It's in yor head [3x]

You call it romance
You're full of shit

Your brain is clay
What's going on?
You picked up a bible
And now your gone

It's in your head
It's in your head
It's in your head

You call it religion
You're full of shit

You never knew
You never did
You never will

You call it religion
You're full of shit

I Don't Want to Hear It

I don't want to hear it
All you do is talk about you
I don't want to hear it
Cause I know that none of it's true
I don't want to hear it
I'm sick and tired jof all your lies
I don't want to hear it
When are you gonna realize

I don't want to hear it
I know you're full of shit [4x]

I don't want to hear it
All you do is talk about you
I don't want to hear it
Cause I know that none of it is true
I don't want to hear it
I'm sick and tired of all your lies
I don't want to hear it
When are you going to realize

I don't want to hear it
I know your full of shit [4x]

Shut your fucking mouth
I don't care what you say
You keep talking
Talking everyday
First you're telling stories
Then you're telling lies
When the fuck are you gonna realize

I don't want to hear it
I know you're full of shit [4x]

Ah, shut the fuck up

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Slayer Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It Comments
  1. Omar Villarreal

    UNDISPUTED ATTITUDE fucking rules!! It's one of my favorite covers cds!!

  2. temudjin1155

    They tried virtually everything

  3. jim Parks

    Hells yes!!!!

  4. dtip4life 8472

    I was the 666th person to like this.

  5. Iak Sakkak


  6. Joseph Vail

    Those punk bands helped shape half of Slayer’s sound. Tom’s angry voice is fucking awesome on this album.

  7. Andres Cea

    Hardcore punk puro....y que aleguen

  8. Landline whisper

    My first metal album as a child.

  9. Jake Herington

    This is basically powerviolence

  10. Dean Tucker

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  11. aandreaa0000


  12. Vitaliy Van

    greate solo!

  13. Kelly Patterson

    Punk rock is everything.

  14. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    I know they are saying I don't want to hear it either. LoLOLOLOL! Their reverse psychology.

  15. Riccardo Gasparoli

    W Minor threat!

  16. Aug Steyr

    Fucking Araya screams so fucking cool!!

  17. phil quota

    some distortion around 2:07 that is not on other uploads :(

  18. john iam

    who could dislike this slayer kick ass .

  19. MoosenMan

    More like this album is filler

  20. Maxwell Lake

    Pretty good cover of minor threat

  21. Róbert Hrodebert

    It's as if Minor Threat grew up and played the song from a real perspective.

    J Sickels

    Robert's Art Studio wut

  22. Splifford Doobois


  23. metalblade

    only hardcore punk would have 2 songs in under 3 minutes!

    Ronnie Rawdawg

    @RussNeverSleeps *every power violence band scouffs*

    Alex Brandt

    I've seen powerviolence albums with over 20 songs clock in under 7 minutes

    Ronnie Rawdawg

    @Alex Brandt exactly

    Drew A

    Grindcore, power violence, skramz, all sorts of genres have songs clocking in like this.


    Grindcore would have 20 songs in that duration.

  24. popkorn

    The more intense 148 seconds of your life.

  25. severed111

    Those first bass notes were the beginning of Hardcore and thus Thrash Metal, Jeff's taste in hardcore punk is great, got an old pic of him in 87 or something showing his record collection, there's stuff they didn't cover I wish they did, fucking Cause For Alarm and Youth of Today.

  26. dave nazzo

    numbers one absoluty!!!

  27. sebastian sepulveda

    pedasos de temas conchatumare aguante slayer y minor threat

  28. BOB

    This song isn't by slayer it's by minor threat


     LOL u fr m8 xD


    wow punk songs are way better when played by a band who can actually play their instruments

    42 BY INTENT 42

    BOB No!!! Are you zerious!!??
    You know that this whols album is Slayer doing cover songs,!?!? Right!! Of course your Dumb-Ass knew that little tidbit of info!!! 🤘👺 🤘👹 keep trying Keep listening!!!! 🤘 👺 🤘 👹
    Keep trying Keep listening

    Alex Brandt

    @ayy_lmao_420 congratulations on having the most unoriginal and ignorant opinion in this comment section

    Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    @ayy_lmao_420 A lot of old school punk bands (Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, FEAR, etc.) could actually play! So, what you are saying is bullshit.

  29. Ally Yungsta

    a very brutal minor threat version  :] the pit got real !!!

  30. 88thesamael

    slayer does everything great

  31. deadskeleton

    I Don't Wanna Hear It! YouShit Comments!

    Róbert Hrodebert

    You're full of shit!

  32. deadskeleton

    You all are queer you metal-retarded punk haters.

  33. slantyrock

    They should have covered a cro-mags song.


    slayer covering hard times would be amazing

  34. DottDanieleMarchese82

    indisputed attitude and garage inc. are the best cover albums ever

  35. lutuzov

    I love Dave. But this album is great. As all Salyer's ones. (possibly Diabolus in Musica is worse...)

  36. Scott Downes

    Sorry, didn't read the second half of your comment.

  37. Master Pain

    How does Dave being better have to do with genres? I have been listening to both bands and types of music since around 1987. My kids are second generation fans to both groups.

  38. Scott Downes

    You're both dumb. Thrash was influenced by hardcore. Both genres rule.

  39. Master Pain

    One of slayers worst albums! everything with Dave on drums is better!

    Joe Vail

    Nope. Slayer learned speed from hardcore punk. Ask em.

  40. evolooshion

    Wrong! I can listen to a punk album and it's awesome. But thrash is more interesting imo

  41. John Neal

    I've seen both. They are both awesome!!!!!!!! Ian was always a bitch and anybody who ever saw Minor threat or Fugazi knows I aint lyin

  42. Verrückt

    Worst Slayer Album :S

  43. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    All of Slayer's albums are number one for me, even Hell Awaits! d(:


    Hell Awaits is Slayers best album.

    Ninten The Metalhead

    Would've been better if the production was on par with Show No Mercy's.

  44. mentalparasite666

    slayer did a great job with the minor threat covers. didnt take anything away from the originals and gave it a thrash angle.

  45. freddy munoz

    minor threat!!!!!!!! till the day i die!!!!

  46. SzczerbiakAttack

    This is one of the many things that renders the punk vs metal debate irrelevant.

  47. TheFrodusMachine

    This is why Slayer are the best Thrash band IMO, but then again i prefer Punk to Metal any day.

  48. Red Castle

    @RyanLeben This goes to show that Punk is NOT dead, and that Metal lives on! Slayer should have done a Suicidal Tendencies cover of "War Inside My Head" that would have been bad ass!

  49. Jamal Milwaki


  50. Jamal Milwaki


  51. RyanLeben


  52. Aron Tanner

    you call it religion, your full of shit!

  53. Umberto

    @Notofthisworld13 And it's kinda fun how a lot of people think that this album sucks because their friends told them that is their worst album ._.

  54. Koen v. Meijel

    Slayer knows how to make these songs appealing again :)

  55. Colin Sherritt

    Sick as hell. One of the most intense records I've ever heard. One of my high school soundtracks! :)

  56. Ortizsensei

    ...damn, really good actually

  57. malikai pelzer


  58. newsted88

    I AGREE! Underrated album.

  59. Notofthisworld13

    I like these covers. Undisputed Attitude rules.

    Luke Wastoid


    John Harriel

    I think its Slayers best album.....even being all covers