Slayer - Fictional Reality Lyrics

Crisis feeds the lunacy
All fear the new machine
Consumed democracy returns a socialist regime

It's laid to rest without contest
All hail the new incompetence
Making you see what to believe
A drone in the world of anarchy

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Castrate society
Fictional reality

Insecurity afraid of things you cannot see
Words become the image of the enemy
You cannot dissect what is correct
Vengeance based on how things are said
Can't see your side - conflicts with mine
Frustrations lead to complete demise

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Every trial conspiracy
Compassion is the enemy
Paralyse, criticize
Breaking through the wall of lies

Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse
Everything that's done today will be tomorrow's curse

Screams in my head preceed your death
Can't hold the rage when the truth is shed
Blind lead the blind line after line
In a world too shallow to defy

Treachery, mysery, violence, insanity
Scavengers closing in
Covering the truth again
Castrate society

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Slayer Fictional Reality Comments
  1. Micah Clothier

    How the fuck did slayer not play these songs there last concert ?

  2. Nathan Lee Shaw

    "Suicidal hierarchy racing in reverse
    Everything that's done today will be tomorrow's curse"

  3. Anthony Bee

    I always liked this album..Being a also Hiphop head i can appreciate the Rick Ruben production. Rick turns the drums up.

  4. Ago Contealia

    Hey, 🖐️

  5. Ago Contealia

    Its Joe!? Ypu now man!?

  6. Ago Contealia

    Rember When We Took that fat girl In the back and Told here Steave wanted to see her naked man?

  7. IP Needly

    Yeah, Alice wonderland are we In. Rabbit man!

  8. Giada autieri

    1,48 best part ever...

  9. Kyle Loftis

    This shits about Donald Trump

  10. Komachi Fujiwara

    00:40 手すり 手すり バイオリン ジャージ 地下鉄 ご婦人 煙 手裏剣 ギャー

  11. Riko Simmo

    This song eclipses all Slayers heaviness in one big fat groove. Fuck the mix. Conviction, riffs and playing smash a polished mix anyway

  12. Sherm Hart

    One of there best songs

  13. Tom Trickery

    Henaman true profit

  14. Mark Lawless

    Divine Intervention is an underrated album

  15. Kirbypool 1

    This song is crazy on 2x speed

  16. richard meyer

    First Slayer I Heard When I Was 12

  17. K Murmu

    Thank you simayan pati for sending me the link.

  18. Luke Biz

    The lyrics relate to the times going on in western culture today. Its unbelievable

  19. King Diamond

    Unless, this would their best album ever? Divine intervention is tight as hell!

    Francisco Morales

    Estoy de acuerdo, es un discazo y la batería de otro planeta

  20. King Diamond

    For me was almost complitely disappointment, Diabolus in musica, i was, "what the hell is this shit"?

  21. King Diamond

    Lastest great album! I like this story, serial killers as Jeffrey Dahmer, about that 213. This is my one favorites songs in album!

  22. Peter Collins

    slayer keeps me living

  23. Peter Collins

    slayer keeps living

  24. David Miller

    Love Tom he's a badass

  25. Lucy Sweetness


  26. Slayer & Liverpool

    There isnt a band that can hang with Slayer... Fucking best riffs,drums to ever be heard!!!


  27. Blue Winter

    Theres so much message in the lyrics, thats maybe because its banned in my country Germany :/


    What? Seriously? Jesus....Is 1984 banned yet?

  28. Dakota Johnson

    This is easily one of the best of their records. I’ve always wondered if Paul was rippin the ride with one hand on the breakdown

  29. Melvin the Mop Boy


  30. joe kool

    for fictional reality must have divine intervention, like most albums a few tunes stand out, the great ones have every song a goody

  31. Ramiro Villalobos


  32. bombardela 65

    best album all of time

  33. Neil Saucedo

    I fucking love slayer 25 years they have been

  34. 取得我們的工作誰

    Destroy these goddamn objects.....

  35. Thrash Metal

    10/10 would listen again.

  36. WarheadTV

    such an underrated album, people say the mixing is shit, I like how every song has a different sound, that's what makes this album unique

    King Diamond

    This win fine all newer albums, this is tight thrash speed metal, also maybe sickest album what they ever did!

  37. thegame890

    It's weird how they don't play this one live. According to they played Fictional Reality only once. There are so many good songs on Divine Intervention but they only play Dittohead occasionally. I wonder what is that all about. We fans want to hear Killing Fields, 213, Fictional Reality, Sex. Murder. Art. and Mind Control also. ;) Hell, why not the whole Divine Intervention album? I wonder if Tom can sing the title track anymore because he would have to scream his lungs out. :P

    Palaina Nocturnus

    I was at the recording in Mesa AZ for the Devine Intrusion home video. Tom made it through that set like nothing but Devine Intervention you can tell it strained his voice. Go back and watch the vid he isn't quite the same after that track lol I fucking love SLAYER

  38. cthulhugamete

    Good to see more love for this record.  

  39. Heather Michelle Smalley

    I can always tell Bostaph's drummng. He's good but he's not up to Dave Lombardo's level of skill. Bostaph always sounds half a beat behind the rest of the band to me.


    Yup, Bostaph can play Lombardo's stuff, but not vice versa.  Bostaph was hitting harder as well.  Love both drummers but Bostaph was maybe one of the best metal drummers of all time for raw power, the guy kills it.  

    Timo Peterfeef

    Bostaph struggles with Lombardo's stuff. He always has. His double bass lacks the sheer power Lombardo puts into it. And, talking about hitting hard, sample correction and layering tricks the ear. Bostaph relies on his subkick. Lombardo will always surpass Bostaph by miles in sheer power, reliability in timing and tempo and he'll always have the better fills. Always.

    Timo Peterfeef

    The only man really capable of playing Lombardo's stuff regarding his timing and fills is Dette really.

    Riko Simmo

    He smashes Lombardo dude. There is nowhere near the weight or aggression in Lombardos playing. Much better fit for Slayers level of aggro on this particular record Lombardo wouldnt have done it justice

  40. sleepspace

    This video is blocked in my country because it's owned by some company who doesn't like America. I'm not gonna go out and but your stuff just because you blocked a video, i will listen to some other band instead

    demon soul

    i agree. fuck america

    s c

    Fuck whatever meaningless country you reside in, and stay out of  the greatest country on the planet.

    richard giudice

    demon soul fuck your whole country, die slow bitch

  41. cthulhugamete

    I've read that the band disliked the album, so perhaps fans have adopted the same attitude. I think it's a fine record.

    Darth Divklof

    cthulhugamete not so much the band dislikes. Jeff wasnt feeling it. They must not like cause it wasnt a good time and they were facing thr decision ov replacing jeff

    Daniel Davis

    I love metal and this is my favorite slayer album

  42. chakkarihachibei


    hrd tts


    (by 『タモリ倶楽部』「空耳アワー」より...)

  43. The Vegan Metalhead

    I have the cassette with this song on it

    The Communist

    gimme gimme gimme gimme

  44. Erwin De Jonge

    I can imagine that.

    Kerry is the one being a little childish (nothing wrong with that)
    Jeff on the otherhand is the more mature one (was, RIP)

  45. shadapakap

    Castrate society!

  46. slaythegodz

    I disliked this just to be a dick lol

    Jay Dubb

    Tokenmosh22 Dude don't like this band because he's white supremacists he's better than this metal and the rap/hip hop if it's not county or bluegrass and hippie music it's not professional or structured white colour Republican or Nazi LMAO.....

    Heavy Metal

    I disliked this comment just to be a dick lol

  47. Deth Mega

    yeah... I cant imagine Kerry king putting up with it xD

  48. thegame890

    Maybe sound familiar but this album is so underrated by Slayer. They never play any songs live off of Divine Intervention. They should at least do this one, Sex Murder Art, Killing Fields, 213 and Dittohead.

  49. Taras ras

    No dislikes, because everyone's afraid of Slayer \m/

  50. organizedrandomnesss

    some true shit.
    R.I.P JEFF

  51. Cam AP

    Bad ass album

  52. Fareed Ali

    RIP Jeff.

  53. Christopher Jan Benitez

    My personal favorite and my pick as their most criminally underrated song ever.

    R.I.P Jeff Hanneman \m/

  54. Reporte Maguey

    Rust in peace Jeff =(

  55. Erwin De Jonge

    Could be true what you said,

    But I don`t know... Sounds a bit childish though "Dragon Slayer" Don't you think? haha

  56. Deth Mega

    Slayer was never called "dragonslayer". they were always slayer. the "dragonslayer" stuff was pure shit, its only a rumour. Kerry king said so himself in an interview.

  57. Behemoth29

    Has anyone else noticed that Divine Intervention-era Slayer uses so many words ending in "ity" or similar? I'm reading off my cd booklet and in order throughout the album: insanity, personality, reality, battery, reality, insanity, anarchy, society, reality, insanity, conspiracy, society, reality, stupidity, mentality, entity, reality, sanity...

  58. eddox94

    Intro's just killer !!!

  59. Erwin De Jonge

    I have read somewhere that Slayers first band name was something like "Dragonslayer" or something :P

  60. dookie sheets

    i have a sighned Devine Intervention cd , i got it ,well my wife got it 4 me when she worked at tower records back n 94 or 95 wen they wer here n Oregon on tour, ive ben listening to slayer b 4 they wer slayer do n iron maiden covers , i have a brian fart ,lol cant remember Slayers first band name ,METAL 4 EVER ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Erwin De Jonge

    AC/DC is not metal, more like hard-rock, but yeah, AC/DC is awesome aswell, got only like 4/5 albums of them though :(

  62. GoredonTheDestroyer

    What about AC/DC, some consider them metal.

  63. Erwin De Jonge


    i always buy albums. i collect them. (only metal albums though)
    got almost all Slayer albums now, they are so awesome.

  64. AES

    true , that's why they tour with metalcore mainstream popular " metal" bands ... $ changes people

  65. AngryAgain

    Yes. They do just fine. No one in that band is hungry. Their houses are probably all paid for unless they just don't have any financial sense which I doubt. They seem like smart guys.

  66. jargqac

    This song is so real. It tells about the current situation in my country, Argentina. "consumed democracy returns a socialist regime", "You can't dissect what was correct, vengeance based on how things were said". It´s so fuckin real! Slayer rules!!!

  67. 222THEPOWER

    the intro is fucking kick ass

  68. cthulhugamete

    The Melvins already do. As per Wikipedia, drummer Coady Willis appears on the Melvins' albums (A) Senile Animal, Nude with Boots and The Bride Screamed Murder and has officially been a member of the band since 2006.
    He also sometimes plays drums in the live incarnation of Dale Crover's side project Altamont
    I saw the Melvins & Unsane 2 weeks ago. Willis played along side Crover for the entire set. He also covered for Unsane's drummer Vinnie Signorelli who was in the hospital for hip surgery

  69. Jayant Bose

    Yeah but still people should buy albums man. They should download torrents only when they are either broke or they are fucking crazy about a particular song or album. Otherwise its disrespecting the band and their material.

  70. Reporte Maguey

    I heard several Venom influence


    @FeastedUpon Yeah. :D

  72. Niki Djakovic

    at least we know where we are

  73. HugeT96

    All the songs on this album were fucking amazing, I didnt even hate one

  74. Bruce Bautista

    0 PEOPLE ARE SMART ENOUGH!!! SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. caligotspeerbomb

    thisss shyt goes hard ass fuck this is perfect working out just pumps me upp..ahaha perfect fighting music tooo ;)

  76. heashon2000

    In the world of heavy metal, there's fucking SLAYER! ...and the rest are merely Slayer's bitches.

  77. CincinnatusUSA

    This album is by far the most creepy and violent Slayer ever recorded--never has the band sounded so effective, and all because the guitar tone they got, that they didn't even like, actually intensifies the riffs to a degree that their usual, generic guitar tone just doesn't do justice to on their other albums.

  78. Niklaus

    Slayer's last INSANE album

  79. buddhastalin

    this is my favorite slayer track, A++++++++

  80. googledie


    Undisputed Attitude is Slayer proving they are the best punk/hardcore band.

  81. tiki2188

    Yeah Lombardo is a legend, but Bostaph was better.
    I actually don't like this album much though

  82. pablo1079

    this whole album was a real steel toed kick to the balls for metal!!-- And even today Tom Araya is just as humble and down to earth as if every show was his first one!!

  83. clottoyup

    you have to be big to earn real money in metal. Dave Lombardo said he left slayer kuz reign in blood made them nothing after expenses. they make dosh now but for small metal bands, you gotta get used to being poor or you wont make it big.

  84. commankillah420

    what about them?

  85. bg183333

    Of course they make alot of money reh

  86. pfuitoifel

    yeah its really new you know its just 15 years old...

  87. Marcel El Assadi

    Sorry I just read that this is from 1995

  88. Marcel El Assadi

    Is that a new Album?