Slayer - Exile Lyrics

Even though some things are better left unsaid
There's a few things I need to get off my chest
I need to vent - let me tell you why

I'm suicidal, maniacal, self-destructive
You leave me no hope, no life
Nothing worth living for
I've taken it, can't take it anymore
My worst nightmare
You make me want to slit my own fucking throat
Just so I'll be rid of you
Just to get rid of you

You self-righteous fuck
Give me a reason not to rip your fucking face off
Why don't you take a good look in these eyes
Cause I'm the one that's gonna tear your fucking heart
My hate is contagious; you've got no one to run to

Just tell me fucking why everything becomes an issue
Your opinion is always senseless - fuck this
You make my fucking skin crawl
I've lived with it - can't stand anymore
My worst nightmare
I want to take a bullet in the fucking head
Every time I think of you, every time I think of you

You self-righteous fuck
Give me a reason not to rip your fucking face off
Why don't you take a good look in these eyes
Cause I'm the one that's gonna tear your fucking heart
My hate is contagious
Anyone else need to vent?
You've tried my tolerance; I just want you to die

There's nothing more for me to say
There's nothing more for you to say
There's nothing more for us to say
I fucking hate you anyway

Can't count the ways that you light my fuckin fuse
I can't tolerate the sight of you, the thought of you or
anything about you
You know what I want to see?
How many ways can a loser fucking lose
I know you'll find a way
The humility awakening the idiot inside
You spineless fucking maggot - you're just wasting my
Get out of my face - Get out of my life
Out of my fucking way - Just die

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Slayer Exile Comments
  1. Tommy Patchell

    Pure fkn slayer!!!

  2. Vic Rattlehead

    Exile vs Payback. Who Win?

  3. Mike Hileman

    There's nothing left for me to say,
    There's nothing left for you to say,
    There's nothing left to us to say,
    I fucking hate you anyway!
    Pure gold

  4. Bobby Groover

    Seriously fuck my step mom. I hate that bitch

  5. LuicD


  6. HorrorHellway

    I needed this song my whole life. It’s about a friend who acts nice around but talks behind my back and gets into arguments with me non stop. I’m sick of this bullshit! EVERYONE HATES HIM!

  7. Thrash Metal Fan

    This Song was Cool.

  8. Mike Hileman

    I feel this way about my exes. Love ya , honey....

  9. TCB *

    Dedicated to my neighbors

  10. Clyde Pratt

    My wife just asked me for a divorce so now I’m listening to this song!

  11. Jason Good

    My favorite slayer song 🤘💀🤘

  12. Poyraz dalgıç

    Dude, calm down pls

  13. Cachorro Voador Com Asas

    I dedicate this song for that fucking self righteous abusive careless whore that i unfortunaly need to call a mother

  14. gamer

    susie? :o

  15. SilenceIsPain1

    I love to snuggle up with my old lady and listen to this Slayer love song.

  16. Nether Noah

    I dedicate this to the self righteous f_ck at my work who snitched on me!

  17. red ruM

    To pearl apfelbach from fuck you

  18. 777Eliyahu

    Tom wrote this song about Kerry King

  19. Mike Chad

    Best divorce sing ever

  20. Dream Police

    No one to run to... Exile

  21. desTroy

    Tom's elevated scream towards the end is sick.

  22. Danny Valdez

    Days when I just want to say fuck it

    Brandon S. Bryant

    That's everyday for me. And yeah it sounds sad causes it is true.

  23. Sam Jones

    What album is this on?

    Robert Jefferson

    God Hates Us All

    Sam Jones

    @Robert Jefferson thanks \m/

    Robert Jefferson

    Sam Jones no probs

  24. Judson Behm

    This song couldn't be more relaxing!!!

  25. Timothy Radi

    الحمد لله على السمع والأبصار والأفئدة
    Alhamdullilah for sight, hearing and heart.

  26. Danny Valdez

    Days I want to tell everyone fuck you I dont care

  27. kurt lennon

    I'd love to hear this played in an elevator

  28. zeke garza III

    I'm into this kind of in your face angry as shit kind of thrash metal. Not that Black Metal bullshit I can't stand !

  29. UltimateNinja1984

    Fuckin Slayerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  30. MBagatella

    Edgy and angsty lyrics are par for the course in metal, but NO ONE can channel pure elemental hatred into music like slayer

  31. weliketoplay90

    This the best breakup song of all fucking time!!!!!!!

  32. Robert Jefferson

    I dedicate this to my dad


    @Robert Jefferson It's alright I guess but yeah they are all assholes, drug users and shit like that. One of them is responsible for my eating disorder and anxiety

    Robert Jefferson

    mrcoolj90 my dad is the biggest asshole I have ever met he screams at me for screwing up when I didn't mean to, he used to whip me with a belt but now I'm as big as him so he doesn't try that anymore, when he was with my mom he was on drugs and that caused him to get into violent fits of rage and would beat her (he never told me about that), he constantly puts me down verbally and I'm always the butt of all his jokes. I feel more like his slave than his son. I know he hates me because one time I heard him say under his breath "I hate you and your shit".


    @Robert Jefferson That is really unfortunate dude. Also, same thing, caught my stepdad say under his breath: "I'm going to punch you in your face."

    Robert Jefferson

    mrcoolj90 do you know your real dad?


    @Robert Jefferson Yeah, the only one I see now. He is really nice thankfully

  33. weliketoplay90

    This song is dedicated to my ex

  34. Jazeapokergod A

    Always cheers me right up \m/

  35. G Calderon

    This is how I feel about satan!!!!! Praise God

    alleine unter Dämonen

    You standing right in the light

  36. Doge is best

    If only i could get rid of this country..

    charlo merdickens

    if only I could get rid of this world

  37. Julian Lazaro

    I just broke my neck

  38. MrStfmg

    Sweet at it

    alleine unter Dämonen

    Du Idiot stehe du mal 37 Jahre auf der Bühne dann würde ich mal gerne sehen wie gesund du noch bist lol your self


    @alleine unter Dämonen Mais ferme ta putain de gueule et apprends l'anglais sale connard, si tu vois pas que je plaisantais c'est que tu es vraiment trop con pauvre fdp..pfff

  39. Tatiana Williams

    I dedicate this to all the nazi scum in the world. You should end yourself like Hitler, cunts.

  40. Pierre Miller

    Damn.... it took me too long to get over metallica and find the real metal band...

    charlo merdickens

    metallica is gay shit

  41. Marc Mousky

    One of their most underrated songs. SLAYER!

  42. Durpness Sucks

    If I send this to someone without context then you know you fucked up

  43. Jesus Vargas

    ahuevo mami

  44. Slavomír Baník

    Something is telling me that they are a little pissed...

  45. Mr480junkie

    Best breakup song ever !

  46. Friedrich Schopenhauer

    This kinda sucks for a Slayer song.

  47. Michael Stephenson

    Anyone for Enya?? X

  48. Jennie Grobe

    Most relevant X friend Song. JUST DIE BITCH!!!!!!

  49. Clarence Jeong

    Ironical disclosure about my compulsion, unwanted rage & violent impulse

  50. Mitch Astells

    NFD s Lisa A and her putrid Bank of N C

  51. Buddha Bunny

    I have a serious stalker problem... This is exactly how I feel...<3 seriously moving to Alaska just to lose a stalker...<3

    Tom Betty

    Fucking people..

  52. On yo feet maggot

    This on goes out to Angela. Yeah fuck you for wasting my time.

  53. RehsNahk

    Sounds like a song about an ex-wife

  54. Péter Goró

    The last two words are the conclusion of the whole song in the lyrics.
    My favorite!

  55. Russell Booth

    Is that what General Motors wanted a Holden like me to do after announcing that they were going to stop making the Commodore in Australia & a V8 one at that ?

    What am I going to replace my 15 year old V8 Commodore with when the time comes ?

    I'm not interested in buying anything that is getting made by any manufacturer in the world at present !!!!

    Were they hoping that I'd either die or commit suicide ????

  56. Wilhelm Meister

    Never let it be said that Slayer can't write a love song.

  57. ronald rossignoli

    Pura forza SLAYER

  58. Shane Cross

    At 3:45 all I can see in my mind is grinding someone's face against asphalt like a cheese grater. Oh bliss.

  59. Grace Kirby

    2:41 my favorite part

  60. progress_lover86

    Dedicated to my ex wife

  61. obadiah650

    This song reminds me of wonderwall

  62. Cosimo Palermo

    Very good. A pleasure for my ears.

  63. U.I. Kanda

    This might just be the angriest song i have ever heard.

  64. Bunny Badwife

    When you wanna cut a bitch.

  65. Alex The Lion


  66. Shawn Marshall

    so that's where Corey Taylor gets ideas to write such violent and amazing songs like slayer lmao

    Purple Mush

    There is no such a thing like an albino potato

    BrunnoGtrrs _

    "i wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound"

  67. kaboola kaboolo

    2:04 .... \m/

  68. 1001JungE

    This was my wedding song

  69. Vinayak Arora


  70. EverestBlizzard

    This has got to be one of the angriest Slayer songs out there, and I fucking love it!

  71. Chew Flowers

    Rape Me Shyam Fuck Me Shyam Fuck Me Shyam Fuck Me Shyam Fuck Me Shyam

  72. reece callow

    I know the comments are always full of "when I listen to Slayer so do my neighbours" comments... WELL... my neighbours are out in their gardens and actually looking up at my wide open windows in literal disgust... I ruined their little kids birthday, fucking beautiful

  73. Ahnsan23

    Yo all of u guys are a bunch of broken down goth emo people like damn get a life

    Dale Bellwood

    Raindrop your only upload is how to get skins on Minecraft. 59 views. Slayer is Slayer. They Would get more views on a blank video, you ferret. Sort your life out, and go watch more rap videos from dudes no one has ever heard of.

  74. Rocco Dondero

    Too much bad words

    Transcendent Sacred Courage

    Deal with it. The world ain't rainbows and lollipops.

  75. Jon Garcia

    unfortunately this is my world now, yet I still push. HAIL SLAYER, MORTALS!

  76. Agnes Kamp

    This goes out to all the motherfuckers who bullied me in the past!!!! This song just gives me so much power inside \m/

    Durpness Sucks

    i was just thinking of my 6th grade bully while listening to this. im probably just gonna send the lyrics to her one day lmfao


    i injured one of those fuckers knees and he has trouble enjoying sports now, violence solves violence


    I had a bully last year. He didn't stop bullying me. Every day he would say some mean shit. One day during P.E. I fucking socked him in the face, made his nose bleed, and he stopped. Fuck yeah. I fucking live violence.

    Khash Roo

    Think about how their clownish baseless harshness could make you stronger. Harshness can break you but it can empower you big time sister ;)

  77. SloppyChrisCovers

    God damn that intro sounds like a Caravan of Choppers...

  78. Casper t

    i hope all of you that post die a painful death

    Christy Ashley

    You posted so does that hope include yourself as well?

  79. Chives5150

    Tell us how you really feel.

  80. SilentGinger920 GingersHaveSoulsAndFreckles


    SilentGinger920 GingersHaveSoulsAndFreckles


    Celine Anselme

    ....subhumans...? are you FUCKING serious

    SilentGinger920 GingersHaveSoulsAndFreckles

    +CELINE ANSELME YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Awoken Genius

    The person he is talking about, really just needs to leave him alone.

    Purple Mush

    That's true man!
    How you'd known that?
    You're a fucking genius!

  82. Nether Noah

    One of my friends felt like this towards my high school Spanish 3-4 teacher until she managed to drop the class.

    Nether Noah

    She had Advanced Placement Spanish and I have Spanish 3-4. The teacher is so freaking stupid!!!!!!!!

    Nether Noah

    Thank God I don't have to put up with that witch anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Nether Noah

    I now feel like this since my youngest brother decided to wake me up!! I f***ing hate that motherf*cker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nether Noah

    Thank God I don't have to put up with that motherf*cker ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nether Noah

    It’s been a year and I still don’t miss him!

  84. Mceyostick

    Itzeeeel! Itzeeel! 😂

  85. Craig Holmes

    This is good for the soul

  86. YouTubeY2K *

    Fuck Yes.

  87. Bokoyfourtwenty Tabagrong

    fuck ya love this shit.

  88. Glass Dick Jones

    Fuck me! FUCK ME!

  89. Gravy Trane

    When does he say the first part?

  90. April Rohrer

    The heck with people you are great awesome amazing good beautiful no matter what people I am the best of them all I am the best fuck the rest.

    Christy Ashley

    You were good, real good. But as long as I'm around you'll always be second best see

  91. Sarvesh Raul

    So much hate that I love it /,,/

  92. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    Need this for my doorbell.

    Transcendent Sacred Courage


  93. Shawn Chamberlain

    Fuck I forgot how much I like this album....this song and Threshold ........

  94. David Reppin

    I think we can all agree that slayer fell off with this

    Shawn Chamberlain

    You mean, this was their last good album?
    do you mean this album sucked and only shit before it was good?

    Because I would disagree. This album kills and so does Christ Illusion.......imo.....

  95. Pedro

    fuck everyone in this stupid comment session

  96. seaotter 98

    Dude Slayer rules