Slayer - Circle Of Beliefs Lyrics

Can't explain the other side
Answers lost before their eyes
Violence surges from inside
A state of mind that never dies
Born into a chosen way
Life that doesn't fit today
To die a painful death it seems
Is better than your misery
Contemplating rearranging
Changing all your ways of tinking

Everyday you life seems like
It's pushed into a hole
Acting out another's needs
To rule a soul eternally
Adjusting to another set
Of values takes it's toll
Growing in a lunacy
That plays on your stupidity

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Born without a brain
Helpless is your name
All you do is pray
Living is your pain

Mentally so small you can't
Accept another side
Your point of view a memory
Because it doesn't mean a thing
The resurrection's waiting for
A world without sin
The temples will crumble
While awaiting for it to begin

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Losing is your way
Mental disarray
I can see your strain
You don't want to be saved

[lead: King]

Can't you see no validity
Must control silencing of souls
Slow decay spreading through your brain
Devistate the deviant will dominate

Can't you see there's no validity
Your way is not the only way
Slow decay spreading through your brain
Don't you see the power of the enemy
Tyrrany total supremacy
Control the silencing of souls
Slavery within the entity
Devistate, dominate

Can't explain the reason why
Someone would rather live than die
If dying is the only way
To end a life of mental stains
All your life he's been the cause
A man impaled upon a cross
Pure religious holocaust
If religion dies it's not my loss

[lead: Hannemann]
Percertion always biased Feeding off a fallacy
Your systematic way of life
Decided for you every night
Intentional conflicting words
Avoid solidity
Blinded by the holy light
That constantly consumes your mind

Circle of beliefs
Secrets never keep
Living in a lie
Right before your eyes
Burning in my wake
Souls are free to take
You're following a fake
Everyone awake!!!

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Slayer Circle Of Beliefs Comments
  1. Νικος Στελακης

    Slayeeeerrerrrrrr γαμω την πουτανα μου καί τά μυαλά στα κάγκελα!!!!! Από το πολύ μακρινό 1988 που τούς άκουσα για πρώτη φορά ως σήμερα το 2020 και συνεχίζουμε!!!!!

  2. RememberEddieYork

    It's no wonder Kerry King took some much-needed guitar lessons between this album & Diabolus In Musica. His "lead work" on Divine Intervention - & this song in particular - is really bad. It's like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard.

  3. Jujulos77

    Good use of the flanger.

  4. Sudden Impact Guide Service

    I remember being MVP of the pit at this concert in 94, the 8 ball of coke had nothing to do with it tho...

  5. Mr 420Impeller

    Anyone ever notice how the songs ends similar to Spirit in Black?

    Кирилл Сафонов

    beginning of Mandatory suicide)

  6. Ayaan Bret Mitchell

    Circle of at least 30 million guitar solos in one song. Lmao awesome song on an unbelievably underated album.

  7. Kevin Clayton

    One of the most kick ass Slayer songs of all time!!!

  8. 4142Wilb of 5ths!!!!!!!!

  9. T Y

    Underrated album

  10. William Bates


  11. Blair Chaplin

    They have only ever played this song live once! What a waste of a killer track!

  12. jason showalter

    Dave Lombardo probably Jack's off too to this song like I wish I could do that.

  13. flavio mazza

    Foda esse album do slayer tenho ele em cd original
    Muito massa .

  14. leandro_FC_

    Circle of life.. wait.. no.. its circle of beliefs!

  15. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    LoL every one killing each other to be the most peaceful!

  16. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    Not bad for a band named DRAGON SLAYER!

  17. Milosz Bacholnik


  18. Bill combre

    I wish I could headbang without giving myself a fucking headache.

  19. Solomon Williams

    8====D~~~( o )( o )

  20. Ramiro Villalobos


  21. RememberEddieYork

    The "solo" that Kerry King plays starting at the 1:36 mark has to be one of the most god-awful things I've ever heard in my life.  Talk about fingernails on a chalkboard.  It ruined the song for me.  It's interesting to note that King took some much-needed guitar lessons before the band started working on their next record, Diabolus In Musica.

    François Tremblay

    RememberEddieYork There is tons of good guitarist who go through guitar lessons only to learn boring things... it May sounds bad to you but to me it sounds unique and I love it. I May be wrong but Slayer is not meant to sound pretty or nice or melodic. :)

  22. Amedeo De Amicis

    the best album of Slayer... Paul Bostaph better than Dave Lombardo

  23. Captain Barrett Coldyron

    Divine Intervention is like a forgotten classic. Even Slayer themselves seem to have forgotten it but man I fucking love this album.

    CrazyDave C

    I'm sure I recall some years ago Tom commenting that it's an extremely challenging song to do Bass and Vocals at the same time. I'm no expert, but, that might have something to do with it! DC


    I hear you Sir

  24. kace kace

    yea definitely one of the best

  25. Ben Reese

    9 people are standing in my Killing Field

  26. Blake L

    2:15 chills every time!

  27. 355player


  28. thegame890

    If you want to see this song being performed live, just search for Slayer live Sweden 1995 on YouTube. They played it only once.


    +thegame890 Thanks, man, I always wanted to hear a live version.

  29. Mathijs Ignoul

    You fuckheads, this song made me spill my whisky and thrash the place until medical was needed. Oh wait, I guess that was the point of the song...

  30. Otto Wolf

    This is my favorite Slayer song. Love it!

  31. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    LOL not my loss either.

  32. J Smith

    "Circle of beliefs, secrets never keep
    Living in a lie, right before your eyes
    Illusion is your way, mental disarray
    I can see your strain, you don't want to be saved!"

    J Smith

    I consider this album a masterpiece of discord on the same level of artisanship as Dante's Inferno.  If you read the whole lyric sheet as a narrative, it's about an evil person who leads an evil life, and goes to Hell.  During the story that is told, rationalizations, implications, motivations, and methodology of a life of evil are examined, and profound questions are asked about cosmic justice and divine punishment.  Even a Christian could appreciate it, if one were so open-minded.

    J Smith

    There are also those who say that the album represents a systemic examination presenting the case to the listener that life is a big setup for failure for some people or certain kinds of people, that God is a cruel master who predetermines whether someone ascends or is condemned, forcing the doomed to live out their fates, that religions, mass media, and governments are inherently corrupt and unfair, and the idea, that the railroad which punishes the mentally ill and their victims at once might even go all the way up to God itself, is used to depict the whole of existence as a sick joke played on man by God and Satan.  I am fond of this take on it as well.  

  33. shinomoritaka

    2:58 浣腸、され、しなそう

  34. dekapitatorr

    so underrated...Divine is better than season and south together...

    Christopher Shyers

    dekapitatorr u just might have that one right!!! Hell yeah!!!


    Seasons? Not a chance. South is overrated

    Ja i Muzyka

    It's good, but not like that!

    Jacob Rascol

    dekapitatorr this definitely is a great album but it isn't as good as south of heaven or season of the abysses

    Sean Giron

    😵 that's slaytanic blasphemy brother seasons was the peak of their carreer and sadly lambardos final with slayer

  35. chernobleman

    Beast of a riff(s).

  36. culvardos83

    6 people can eat shit. slaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!

  37. Karamoon

    war machine

  38. tefather

    4 people are fucking dick heads

  39. Angelo Santamaria

    Bostaph is better than lombardo!!

    Scott Buckley

    No your wrong

    Josh Deaththrash

    Lol Paul has no and I mean no power. Why don't you try playing Lombardo songs and then talk.

    Slayer & Liverpool

    Everyone will have there opinion on whos better. But Bostaph put himself among the elite drummers with Devine Intervention & God Hates us All. Some of Slayers best work. But Better than Lombardo? No! Lombardo is the godfather of the Double bass.

    Salvatore Perez

    You may have to go and get your head checked

  40. ITCHYisVegeta

    4 people who visited here, are from the Westboro Baptist Church.

  41. Roasty Toasty

    its suffocating me in pleasure.

  42. I don't suffer insufferable people. VKapatos

    i'm so stoned and it's so much fun haha, every fucking slayer songs rules

  43. flubberflavin

    @Shanksftw My favortite Slayer album.

  44. gReG sKi

    @MrMetalhead75 as my buddy used to say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime, jk you just stumbled upon their best work, but South of Heaven may blow your skirt up too, lol

  45. gReG sKi

    @thewickedclown091 You took the words right out of my mouth. Agreed

  46. Spencer Nelson

    This is a really underated album...

  47. Spencer Nelson

    After listening to every song on this album, the only song I don't like is 213. Besides that, this album owns! FUCKING SLAYER!

  48. heashon2000

    @indianbadass4568 That's fantastic! This should be required listening for all youth.

  49. Jayant Bose

    and this album went on to sell 3m units worldwide at the same time... :D

  50. Ryan Coon

    I fuckin luv this album. My First albm i owned, heard and called my fav. b(^_^)d

  51. heashon2000

    I love the beginning of this song. One breath, and after that, no intro, no bullshit, just straight to the fuckin' point. I also like that they released this album during the peak of the "Grunge" era with absolutely no tendency to pander to the trend. I love this song.

  52. Mikhaijlovich

    People, stop bitching about the production quality's getting old. I don't think it's any big secret that Metallica's Justice album was also a huge production fiasco, yet THAT album is considered one of their best by many. Quit using the quality as an excuse to bash the album, because it really doesn't detract from the music in any way. Divine Intervention KICKS. SERIOUS. ASS.

    ...this happens to be my second favorite song on the album, right behind Mind Control.


    get a grip

  53. HugeT96

    @666godofmetal I heard Lombardo doesnt play Bostaph's work, other wise the band would be playing Killing Fields in every concert

  54. HugeT96

    How can anyone disike this song? For Gods sake, it has 4 fucking solos

    DrewGee 502

    LMFAO 👍


    Greatest comment ever

  55. tandemcross

    im torn between this and reborn as my fav slayer song...... for about 10 years now..

  56. Sociopathos

    This song its so obscure and underrated but still so solid and brutal, its like a bullet of steel crushing your skull...

  57. tiki2188


    nah it's not youtube lol I've heard the actual album.
    Hell Awaits is fine, given the small time budget and time period it's understandable and the quality isn't sooo bad. Here you can barely here the guitars and everything just sounds so bad, unlike anything else Slayer has produced. IDK why this album got messed up so bad

  58. jmiester25

    @tiki2188 is least its not bad like "Hell Awaits".....the quality is laughable

  59. tandemcross

    2 people are... ahhh... they dont know the impact of this album/ seasons/regin... they're lost...

  60. heashon2000

    2 people are FOLLOWING A FAKE!

  61. tiki2188


    To be fair, Dave can actually drum now! I was surprised on Slayer's last 2. Like holy fuck, when did he learn to drum!? But yeah Bostaph was the man. Shame since I don't like those mid 3 albums but Bostaph was a beast

  62. tiki2188

    Decent enough album but the quality is so bad! The guitars are so thin and distant, drums so weak, whole album lacks bite. There's just no power in the music. His vocals are pretty lackluster as well.

    If this ever got remastered I would probably like it better

  63. Will Mryglod

    8======D -----

  64. tiki2188


    Cant vouch for others, or the band, but for me the quality is really off..never sounded like it had any punch to me. I dont really like his vocals, and while I do love wore thin by now. To each their own, I totally get if someone just wants pure thrash but eh...Im just bored by now. Slayer didnt really recover until Christ Illusion but mainly World Painted Blood. Epic album

  65. yeahsee33

    I used to mosh to this song with my friend in his living room on acid in the early 90's!!!! This album and DOA introduced me to how good SLAYER was when I was a teenager.

  66. yeahsee33

    @666godofmetal Goddamn right. This album is perfect!!!!

  67. heashon2000

    @63AIONSON So awesome.

  68. heashon2000

    @pbrskater26 OK then, Chuck Norris is the Slayer of Kung Fu.

  69. pbrskater26

    Ok whats intoresting is I found out that chuck norris is a mike huckabee supporter and he wonts the bible to be tought in our schools! It's kinda fucked up!!! There is a video about it on youtube

  70. heashon2000

    @terryw666 Slayer is the Chuck Norris of metal.

  71. heashon2000

    @666godofmetal You are so correct.

  72. M Hale Gaming

    Tom's vocals are just awsome!

    And I love that album cover

  73. beatles61

    @666godofmetal Quality is quite poor compared to Seasons or South of heaven and it doesn't include Dave Lombardo so they don't seem to play much of the songs live now, it would be like joey of anthrax singing stuff off of stomp 442. Though they did play this song at the big four concert

  74. Jorge Fernandez

    why cant find once slayer playing this great great GREAT GREAAATT song... This was my first slayer's song that i heard.. and is still one of my favorites...

  75. Jordi Rab

    @bloodguiser srry dude but i think this is one of there best album

  76. Fuzzy Figinsky

    i agree

  77. Fuzzy Figinsky

    i agree

  78. deviate101

    oooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuh kick ass song !!

  79. Suavratman

    @anahowana Circle of Beliefs is the sickest on this album...

  80. Suavratman

    This song is just sick! Seasons in the abyss is their best one though... every song on that is awesome... But this song is best on DI ... this is epic

  81. tiki2188


    I cant vouch for others, but for me personally...the music just sounds weird. Like really off.
    Kills the album, which is a shame because a lot of the music is pretty good.

    Also, others I'm sure would love 20 albums of straight thrash but I know for me...the slayer sound got a bit stale by now.

  82. 666godofmetal

    @mazima666 And on what grounds are you able to proclaim that? Do you know me? Do you know what I listen to? In fact, I do own that album, I own all their albums. To be completely honest, I think it sucks. Slayer are my favorite band, I have even seen them live. But that album is complete shit. Mindless riffs, meaningless lyrics, I really wish I could get my money back for it. The only half decent song on there is Exile, and compared to this album, or any of their other albums it sucks.

  83. JohnMetal91

    Heavy/Thrash/Death metal for life, the only real music around anymore.

  84. Antonio Maranca

    canzone stepitosa......grandissimo album....grandissimi Slayer

  85. Brett Ryan

    Damn this song kicks ass, I don't get why people only think the albums up until Seasons were theyre only good ones, they all kick ass

  86. anahowana

    @666godofmetal you said it all.
    this album is such a compilation of the very best of slayer, everytime people start talking about slayer i hear: angel of death, dead skin mask, seasons in the abyss... yeah these are awesome songs but then when i unleash serenity in murder, ss3, gemini,dittohead, killing fields they all shut up!

  87. Daniel Carneiro

    this album is just pure fucking thrash metal!!!!

  88. 666godofmetal

    I will never truly understand why this album is seemingly abandoned by the band and fans alike. I believe it to be their finest album, every song just rapes shit. This is a prime example.


    Tom araya says that it's his favourite Slayer album

  89. Antonio Roblero

    divine intervention is one of their better albums.

  90. waronthechurch

    if religion dies, it's not my loss!!!