Slaughterhouse - Y'all Ready Know Lyrics

Yo, yo, yo
This your man Royce Da 5'9"
This your dude Crooked I
Man, Jump off Joe Beezy
It's Joell Ortiz

[Hook - Joell Ortiz:]
Ya'll ready, ya'll ready, y'all ready know, Slaughterhouse

[Verse 1 - Joell Ortiz:]
Little niggas get your weight up fuck y'all, pay up
My bars just as slick as my dick and both stay up
Nicer than me, say what? Wait up, straight up
I finish niggas right off the bat like a layup
I seen a lot of come, I seen a lot of go
But y'all know where I'm from, B-R double O
You know the rest pimpin', yeah, I was bred different
Here come pops with the NY bop, you know, the leg limpin'
My ice mug frozen till it's stiff
Grimy nigga, might wanna hold onto your bitch
I got a way with women, I faithfully play with women
Let 'em suck on this bottle and pray that I throw a baby in 'em
I might just throw 'em a gold fronts
Pour up a cup of E & J and light up a dro blunt
I was never soft, never saw me flinchin' when they lettin' off
Never had to retaliate cause I set it off


[Verse 2 - Royce Da 5'9":]
Ya'll know my name, bitch, never change up my language
I'm just a rich nigga from a city that's bankrupt
First we take oath
Then I'm pulling turquoise strings in my Lebron corks In Turks and Caicos
I came from wicked chair fame wearin' short sets
I learned that money can't buy happiness
But I decided I'd rather do all my cryin' in the Corvette
Make a dollar, buy a suit
Have a child, and have 'em follow suit
Wavin' that weatherchange things
Make the winter fall, coming through with everything to lose
Taking everything from you know
Let him finish his fall in his draws
And pray that he land on that minute hand in my Hublot
I'm about that Art Of War gospel
That Basquiat Picasso drawing a roscoe
Using the blood of a usual thug who was told die slow
Your money on me, bet it all, you know I'mma set it off


[Verse 3 - Joe Budden:]
Let's skip the small talk and get right to the wealth
Truth is I give a fuck, but it's right to myself
Fuck fame, keep the shit I write to myself
If what I do is therapeutic, man, the slightest shit helps
Made angel dust my freshman year
Gave it a try, cool, little did I knew
Had the wrong meaning of high school
Teachers called him a sociopath and a liar
Fuck them, only went to class for the cyphers
Now I'm gettin' bills for
The same thinking they tried to prescribe pills for
They said I needed a wrench, I'm a loose screw
Vital, suicidal, said I would kill mi amour
Wasn't speakin' in French, said I'd let it off
Never know who or what you might get
Main reason they never want me to set it off
You now dealing with four niggas that's never off
All bets off, so nah, you won't be better off


[Verse 4 - Crooked I:]
Jewish tats arm on my arm like a Semitic boss
Egyptian art hanging, uh, that's my Kemetic cross
Slaughterhouse set it off
Even got bitches wavin' our flag, Betsy Ross
Old school Chevy, the head is off
Decapitated Impala
Heavy lack from the weight of the llama
Still bear arms like a shaven koala
How you thinkin' like a faded neurology student
Is prudent when chasin' a dollar
So never mind, a clever rhyme
I'd rather find a better grind, forever times
Sittin' behind me because I'm ahead of mine
In this era I'm livin' outside of the paradigm
I'm comin' outside with a pair of dimes
Sharon and Caroline
Share a line then they share a 9 inch, never mind
I probably shouldn't even keep going
Cause these rappers keep hoein' with their teeth showing
I set it off



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Slaughterhouse Y'all Ready Know Comments
  1. Domo Jones

    Only went 2 school 4 the chyphas

  2. Domo Jones

    Royce verse tho smh

  3. Skeme 121


  4. Mike Henwood

    Joe budden state of his remarks bout Eminem to me its biting da hand of shady tryn give brother's a hand up a knotch or two .he will Neva b close to shadys lyrical genius

  5. Sharieff Freeman


  6. SlickDawg

    I wonder if premier is just out to make wack beats that will never match his Gangstarr days?


    Why did budden bitch out tho

  8. Yung Chief

    2019 who here??

  9. NotoriousKnives

    Joe Budden has the hardest verse on this song don’t @ me 😤

  10. lusiano749

    Joel ortiz 💪💪💪

  11. Saad Muzzammil

    Joe ruined the Slaughter house.

  12. nate k

    Dopest Lyricists on the planet.

  13. Samuel Leebrya

    Pure hip hop at it's finest

  14. Mozes M

    j Ortiz killed it

  15. Anthony L

    City thats bankrupt...

  16. sosuke kurosaki98

    Shaving kaola

  17. Ismael Rodas

    God dammit man do I miss yall as a group

  18. 及川たいよう

    Premo should have produced the whole album.

  19. Leighton Reed

    October 31st 2019 anyone ?

  20. madizm son

    Goddamn!! 💯

  21. That Which Learns

    Its a shame joe budden had to be such a snake. Had a cool sound. He fucked slaughterhouse too

  22. Gonzalo A.

    Actually when Budden says “mi amor” that’s spanish not french. Anyways it’s a dope line

  23. lifestraight

    Song starts at 2:36

  24. B Sykes Beats

    God damn man, everytime I come back and listen to this song, I gotta replay Royce's verse like 3 times. Smh 🤦‍♂️ Royce is ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥

  25. ¿Kevo Swavo?

    Piano lowkey go hard for just pressing hella keys at the same time(its a sample)

  26. Darrion Reed

    Nice boom bap beat by DJ Premier wish these 4 still were still 2gether with newcomers Snow the product and Yelawolf teaming up with them

  27. Y S

    Music is more hot than Amazon Fire.
    Btw Save Earth and its resources

  28. Brandon Blankenship

    Love this cut. Damn

  29. Anthony WillowRiver

    Royce's verse speaks to my soul, god damn.


    Joe's verse on this track locked in my respect for life.👌👌

  31. Sam Daniele

    Wow.. Im impressed...

  32. Glenn M

    I noticed Royce wasn't wearing a cap 🧢

  33. Abdelrahman Samy

    Only good thing in this song the producing only, premier saved it

  34. Eye,know Me


  35. Greatest Shafer

    Slaughter house kills mumble rap

  36. sreyash gurung

    2.1 M views? something's really ought to be wrong in this world..

  37. Giovon Gallow

    Royce n crook no order

  38. Brian Mc kenna

    man that has 2 b d best rap band ive heard since outlwaz


    Fuuuuck!!! This was their lane!!!! Why didn't this dynasty of lyricism not happen?!?!?!? 😡😥

  40. carlos bozee


  41. Tshegofatso Modikoe

    These guys are the heart of rap

  42. Efecik

    I came here to watch a Value Select video, stayed for the sick ryhmes.

    The other video for those interested:

  43. Pandemonium Workz


  44. • AzzA •

    *Taking everything from you know, let him finish his fall in his draws & pray that he land on that minute hand in my hublot!*



  45. Ahmed Fakhry

    That's more old school that current society can admire :/

  46. Anonymous Anon

    I miss you guys... I MISS REAL HIP HOP DAMNIT

  47. GPRhyme

    We need Slaughterhouse back!

  48. Glenn M

    They'll never be another rap group as Slaughterhouse 🔥

    Richard J. Lopez III

    Forever I'm, ahead of the paradigm. Steppin outside with a pair of dimes. Sharron & Caroline share a line, then they share a nine inch...... Nvrmind.

  49. Richard Nunez

    Bars to build every prison on earth and set all free no cost no fee sticks to my roots and trees to breath lyrics words that’s food to eat feed all in the streets



  51. Hip Hop

    Preem stay batting a thousand.

  52. 1036911242

    shocked that no one mention eminem made this beat

  53. Levi Meyer

    I ment all u guys . Sorry

  54. Levi Meyer

    Crook what u got in this

  55. VALiD 33

    Crook can outshine Eminem. Hes so robotic with the flow live or on track hes a fucking problem to real MCs

    DontWorry I'llWait

    I think Crook is super dope but sometimes he tries way too hard to be clever or hardcore and he just ends up sounding extra lame.

    "Call it carnival clothes, cuz you've been fair warned"...

    That's.. that's just awful lol to be fair, the whole group has that issue tho.

    VALiD 33

    Yeah i agree thats a throw away reach bar....but when he live vocally he destroys anyone spitting....he got a bar...."im smarter than computers that know how to fix they own glitch." Thats genious. He just is too real
    To get the commercial recognition. He aint gna roll with a gimmick. His first big song with death row was boom clap...just doesnt hit mainstream well. Good song. Nit a hit tho.suge knew he could keep up with Eminem lyrically and prolly wanted to shit on dre. But Eminem was a commercial monster. So it didnt work out. But this verse in this song is flawless.

  56. Joe King

    Who ready knows in 2019?! 😎🎶🎶

  57. The Blackman Who Laughs

    One google search makes Crooked's verse way more 🔥🔥🔥

  58. whatudoin1

    joe>joel>royce> crook on this song ,the last 2 are close

  59. Reginald Williams

    Slaughterhouse, please come back and do a full cd with DJ Premier as. Producer .

  60. Tez The Artist


  61. RedReigns Here

    Said i would kil me a moor/I wasnt speakin in french🔥🔥🔥🔥 how many yall know what a moor is

  62. Jeromy Marti

    i used to fck with joey heavy. now i cant stand to hear his voices

  63. Jimmy V.

    Name one beat that Preemo doesn't assassinate. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. F Jeezy

    The Premier formula never gets old.

  65. Charles Gilley

    Dam ya y’all did

  66. Joe King

    Who's listening to this in 2019?! 😎🎶🎶

    Domo Jones

    Right now my G

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    Came here after joe rant about cyhi da prince 🔥

  68. Arjun Kannan

    Who's handling the needle?

  69. Amanda Martinez

    Sees title.
    Takes out pen and paper to figure it out.

  70. Laker563

    Keep making music

  71. Lcarter52

    "I Learned money cant buy happiness but I decided I'd rather do all my crying in a corvette"
    - Royce da 5'9''

  72. T rain

    they go ham.

  73. Russell Mills

    This is hip hop at it's finest and it is a shame that music like this gets slept on when there is trash playing all over the airway's in radio. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017 and watch and leave a like or a comment or subscribe.

  74. Troy Everything

    Royce might be the most underrated rapper of all time

  75. Ian Nihru

    Preemo's chops are legend. 🔥

  76. Deonte Dean

    4 years ago still bang🔥🔥🔥

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    everything is all good till that weak ass hat from Cleveland

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    I had the wrong meaning of "High" school XD

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  80. the fucking backstabber

    Zoe don't forget that I brought you here!

  81. the fucking backstabber

    Super dope!!!


    Dj Pree a MFn...unicorn..

  83. Gvon G.gfunk

    Class was in session mofokers kxing crooked joey tha boss Royce my man 59 jo to the el ortiz plz

  84. A Friend

    This is lit. Damn I could relate to some bars!

  85. Safequeen King


  86. BellaSnow

    wow, wish they would all squash it and get back together. this would be amazing to bring back, this is needed ..too much talent is broken up over petty sh**

  87. Pee Tosh

    This song the shit

  88. All Day

    Joes thought "I'm not making Eminem Money, and things aren;t happening the way I want it too" so he left

  89. Troy Everything

    Shady records dropped the ball

  90. OfficiallyMaSS

    I think I'll keep it a hunnid with this
    I just wish we could have had more tracks like this in their discography cuz they all meshed so well and were in their pockets in this unlike some corny pop song like My Life. I pray for Slaughterhouse to be a thing again. Maybe rebrand it?

  91. Uncle Bae Comedy

    This is a cool track though

    don diego

    Uncle Bae x Shauney Bae "cool", really?

    Uncle Bae Comedy

    Best Describe it then

  92. Marvin Korir

    crooked and Royce are nasty

  93. ver afy

    There's a video for This?? Been bumping this shit in my whip for over a year and never even knew...

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    ‘Said I would kill me or more(mi amor) wasn’t speaking in French” ......Jump off joe beezy