Slaughterhouse - The One Lyrics


[Chorus: The New Royales]
Sex and drugs and dirty money
On the race to rule the world
You cut your teeth on fame and diamonds
Your time is up now, three.. two.. one
{"One one one one one one one one one one, one" - [KRS-One]}
We number one
{"One one one one one one one one one, one, one" - [KRS-One]}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Y-yea, yeah we them Slaughterhouse rock stars, the pitch is black
We signin every titty out, we goin tit for tat
Now can you picture that?
And how ironic is it that I'm ridin round listenin to Nickelback
I'm back, on a pill
I'm tryin to have Rod Stewart cars, and Ozzy Osbourne motor skills
I'm tryin to have a rich bitch like Paris Hilton
That like to get her ass smacked like Keri Hilson
Haha, I'm the one, who you tryna be?
Nuttin to hide, the jimmy covers up my Tommy Lee
The one, I stage dive to a pot of gold
I'm empty, nothin's inside me but rock 'n' ROLL!


[Crooked I]
Crooked's got a gun
I'm reckless with (Led), Zeppelin instead
Let's get a keg, let's split a mescaline that mess wit'cha head
I'm sexin a lez and her best friend in bed
I love these freak women
Somethin in my denim need a (Kiss), call it Gene Simmons
They wanna ban me like Marilyn Manson
for all the whores in my Baltimore, Maryland mansion
I'm the one who wants to (Spear) Britney
Give Pink some black, put it near her kidneys - here kitty!
I'm the one who always cause an affair
So every time your bitch burp you smell my balls in the air, yeah

[Chorus w/ Joe Budden ad libs]

[Joe Budden (Joell Ortiz)]
Yeah, yeah; see I'm a on-stage rock star (backstage porn star)
Khloe on her (Kar-dash) (Kourtney on the OnStar)
Zo« Kravitz stumblin out the telly in a torn bra
(They dribble on my balls in the whip, now that's a sports car)
Dawg, you gotta see him when he drive by
(Cock-eyed) Have all the (Ladies) goin (Gaga)
Me? I'm more mellow, so I'm lookin for a La La
(You sure? I want a whore, a Gabor, a young Zsa Zsa)
(The one, a (OutKast), I don't need to rock)
So I could put my (Love Below) by her (Speakerboxxx)
The one (Kate Perry try and kiss my wife)
And gave me dome at Katie's (Holme), baby this the LIFE!


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Slaughterhouse The One Comments
  1. Malachi Mahir

    Iz dat tahiri in da last scene with Joe?

  2. William

    Yo Tahiry was in this 3:35

    Agent Situation

    and she's arguing with joe XD what else is new lol

  3. Kenny Cherry

    1st time hearing this unfortunately but I like


    Beats sucks ruining these guys lyrics, should of work with different producers

  5. FlipMode7467

    Black girls make any party turn up

  6. FlipMode7467

    They're all dope but that Crooked I dude is just raw af

  7. FUNNY HOW ! ? ?

    2019 this jam is still ffiiiirreee🔥💪☝💯

  8. Sonar Eskoh

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  9. Grapesandraisens Fireandice

    All of these guys has a really nice hat on.... NHL!$!
    Stevie ray genoch is on thanks!

  10. Sam Ransom

    2019 still got did shit rockin miss good music.


    Sam Ransom same bro, same.

  11. eMdotcomTV

    Tahiry at the end...

  12. Steve22

    every line is like "I'm a rockstar"

  13. Neil Haroldson

    This track is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    If this came out back in the day the mansion woulda been bought and paid for already. Sick delivery. Dirty.

  14. Johnny Lira

    Problem is, they broke as shit rappin about signing every titty in the club.

  15. lazlo the boy

    Eminem x Sway. Budden buggin'

  16. great vengeance


  17. Marcus O

    Crooked murdered this

  18. Tharsan J

    this was a moment.

  19. formerly known as hijodechago

    They manipulated the video so you can't tell budden's red t-shirt shows lady liberty wearing a palestinian kuffiyeh.

  20. Unapologetically Black

    Garbage disposal

    don diego

    Unapologetically Black so do it better, homeboy

  21. Lilc

    so sad to hear that such a lyrical group has disbanded only after 2 albums and 1 ep i wish they wouldve followed in wu tangs shoes!

    don diego

    Lilc right? i didn't listen to rap at that time, so i miss this time but I didn't live it, you know? they had a fucking good chemistry, it's really sad

  22. Silas AZie

    One of my favorite slaughter songs besides WACK MC’s

  23. This Is Boone

    Royce my favorite of the group ;)

  24. The Ghost of Lil Peep

    So dope. This shit reminds of Entourage and what California was like ten years ago. Born in '97, Young Money and Slaughterhouse (and also with Eminem and Yelawolf on shady records as a collective) were the first two rap groups i was a fan of.

  25. Eric

    I had this album on repeat summer 2009, but since this was like the mainstream single, I kinda forgot it existed, it had nothing on the other single "Microphone".

  26. PIE Lieder Musik

  27. Jonathan Macenat

    Is that Eminem @1:20

    This Is Boone

    Jonathan Macenat nope !.

    Jonathan Macenat

    This Is Boone looks like him

  28. Jroc Chill

    Wu tang clan are God's slaughterhouse is next up .

  29. Jroc Chill

    yes the one is epic I listen to it everyday

  30. DobleBOficial

    anyone knows from where they sample that "one"? 00:31

    Raymond Torres

    DobleBOficial 2 words KRS ONE

    Raymond Jackson

    Boogie Down Productions

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    Stuart Keating

    Nothing's up :(
    Always down low

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    this joe and joel combo verse duo was dope asf, highly underated.

  36. iGhost my Tokes

    I like this slaughterhouse over the new sober slaughterhouse

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    I was pissed when this came out lmao

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    Crooks verse is way too outta here.

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    Joe and Joell's verse in kind of like their verse on "Frat House"

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    didnt lupe rap over this beat somewhere?

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    [email protected] title: Slaughterhouse - The One ft. Slaughterhouse

    Pheomix C

    Vinnie Bale I notice that to like there was no point

    Tharsan J

    at the time joe buddens was the biggest artist in the group.

  47. James

    Joe and Joel was funny lmao

  48. LG III

    they all good, but if one was picked as the best, that easily goes to Crooked I.

  49. Dano Nolan

    there's 48 idiots in the world who disliked this video

  50. Lyam Stacet

    fuck yea Montreal Canadians

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    Yo guy,fuck what they say,just have fun

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    everytime your bitch burp you smell my nuts in the air xDDD

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    nice show great boys waw


    gettin that coke money on all angles... I see you Boyz!

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    This video had a ton more views, these guys are freaking awesome!

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    I never knew this video existed. And now I regret watching this video.

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    Haha this is great, love the rock references. How come this video doesn't have more views

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    Nobody says that.

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    Geshwin Moshidi

    joell is hella funny they whole slaughter knows it

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  61. Rean Stanley

    But I dig this vibe from housegang, I would like more fun hardcore shit from my dudes.

  62. Daniel Brown

    Crooked is soooo sick n i'm a huge fan but was weak in Welcome to our house

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    they fucked that sample up! in the best way tho!


    It's fuked that radio don't give them air .. But they play bullshit all fukin day

  65. Axel Defngin

    Great song, but the volume sounds off or something...

  66. Wamuyu Gatheru

    Naked women as a copycat strategy does not always work. Eminem rarely does orgy videos and look at where he is...

  67. John Nishanov

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