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I, I see dead people
I, I-I see dead people
I, I-I, I see dead people
I, I, I see dead people

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I see different day same sick language
You a game, I’m a game of Russian roulette
Pain and Kurk Cobain mixed with Bane
Drenched in purple rain
And I rearrange your prints, cut ya fingers off
Mail ‘em to your sons, kindergarten class
In a Remy Martin glass
note attached sayin Billy, call your dad
Signed sincerely, he really caught it bad
He clearly could not doubt you
The alcoholic induced me in a coma you sweep
The hostile you, see murder, my style true
Basquiat, Reebok shoe
Our guns ain’t coming out if we not shooting
Yours? Yours is coming out with Detox 2
When we shot, woo, we shock
Which one of y’all niggas wanna box the King Cobra?
I’ll mop ya team sober
I’m not stoppin’ till they drop me in a box in a mausoleum
Sayin’: “here lies an artist with an audience broader than Joselyn’s shoulders”
Hip hop played with the flow, related to poem
The greatest to go in, favor Patrone
Maybe record a poem with Oprah and played it back for Raven Simone
Later niggas! (later niggas)
I got a crush on Queen Latifah cuz I had a dream
We gotta fuck on without the Monie love
I’m wyling on these drugs
It’s just me and my team and an obscene amount of girls
You can eat our dust, we playing ring around the world

I said you know, that we are
Some crazy (I see dead people)
And plus, we know (I-I-I see dead people)
That we are (I, I-I, I see dead people)
Some crazy (I, I-I see dead people)

[Crooked I]
Yea, I see ‘em too with my sixth sense
They prowling while I’m browsing through your housing
With the authority to do you horribly
Leave you in 8 sections like fixed rent
While your bitch bent over extending my dick’s lift
Doggystyle literally when she make my cock expand yo
And you barking up the wrong tree again
Nothing’s three-dimensional, different plain of existence
The only role the clairvoyant human being can see me in
My theatrics lean, psychiatrics right
Like these raps getting ghost-written
By somebody psychopathic residing inside of my psyche’s attic
Inspirin’ rap shit that the coke get in
Or it might be acid, constipation
No shit and it might be magic, that’s it!
Speaking of magic
All I need is a package of the Magnums and a thick snow bunny to pull off the illest rabbit in hat trick
I’m throwing verbals at you before my circles slapped you
Hey, guess what I heard
If you anti-snitch it can bring down even the greatest person, that true?
I guess so, go ask Joe Paterno statue, uh (Crazy nigga!)
The instrumental’s looping, I sit in a mental institution
With screws loose in my temple, sending you simpleton delusions
Confusing your views with simple distribution
The lyrics I’m using to abuse you


[Joell Ortiz]
Y’all crazy man, I ain’t crazy man, tell them Swayze man
They think I’m nuts like a squirrel baby hands
Patting the ground, burying my ex-girl’s new man’s left testicle
Next to two stands, yellin’ shady fans
Starting to rescue range of Anadelle painted grand tans
But that ain’t the case man, I’m just tryna save fans from the same damn million and 80 grams
3-80 blam bars while I wipe my Ray Ban’s sunny cuz they can’t mummy
I mean rap, y’all get the point like E.T. back in the 80’s
So ease back when Ortiz rap, it’s the Navy, Air Force, Army in my reese pack
Then an ABC opposition operative robot
Built by the fans who feel yall so not that ill so scream yaowa when your show start
Will devour you cowards, firin’ rounds from high power go karts
Till your entire town’s in a shower and the soap drops
Fuck! Like the last nut who sucked my blow pop
Cuz I’m charming and schlong felt like King Kong’s arm and I pulled twice
Antibiotics, my psychotic is sick
Recite The Bible on the toilet cuz my God I’m the shit
Grab my ipod and it skips
All you hear is the house like sittin’ on Amityville couch sayin’ Michael you a bitch see
See? Pumping with thorozine, I can’t see
Sido, e-mail from horror scenes, see C dog
Thought I see red people like C.C. Sabathia’s scum track
Maybe it’s a whole bunch of dead people


[Joe Budden]
Wonder why he different from these boys
My temperament’s annoyed, Sigmund Freud
Belligerent on Ritalin and Rory don’t
Look for a reason, all sentiment is void
Oh and pencil when I’m coy when I enter and destroy
Watch the tape slow mo and took the stand, face blam
Raised my left hand, spit on the Bible as I approached
Then grabbed the mic screamed it’s over for you roaches
We can close this only thing that make me crazy, they can’t figure out a motive
See I’m bipolar, you minimalize my mental strides
Memorize the track enterprises if I’ve been inside it
My eyes flashes meat tenderized
My heart will arise
If god put my sins aside I swear I’ll start genocide
My funeral should look like a general died
Dog’s there, let the kennel inside
And they’ll say he insane though
Me, I’d agree with that claim though
Peep my angle, but some would say he is an angel
Never gave a fuck, druggin’ way too many in my state of serenity
Keep it, How can man be here the same boat
Aint no chokes read Fantasia with the written rainbow
Peeing, fleeing, the same clothes
It’s just 2012, Lou Ferigno, just blow
Head in a fish bowl
Headed to hell, dipped in crisco
And walk over your eclipse, show me where it is
You have eaten, turned into Al Green with a phobia of grits
I know dudes that never took the fall for they body
Skipped childhood perhaps couldn’t afford an Atari
Record the homie, call Ferrari, try to mawl the real Paul McCartney
You mighta thought this out awkwardly
Not neurotic, this perpetual
And homeboy that ain’t saliva, it’s last week’s Molly residue
That demon I carry is heavy
So whoever said that’s a hard pill to swallow must never met me
My new nickname’s “Approach With Caution”
Owe me money, I resurrect if you approach that coffin
Take my kindness for weakness it would be your last error
Wrote my thin line between love and hate and mascara
Give me gasoline, pliers, cleaver don’t forget the wrench
More oil on his tongue, easier to get him pitched
Slaughterhouse fuck, leaves you, you ain’t get the hint
Basement full of insides, freezer full of ligaments
Let that be a warning if you eager to getting rich
Gut you niggas whole you Febreeze just to rid the stench
Your devoured, work magic with a weapon
And I’m as indecisive as D Howard you bleed coward
Be certain if you see a guy lurking through your blinds and curtains
It’s Tyler Durden, and verbal, can’t merge and emerge as if it’s just artificial insemination
Only here for revenge cuz to him it’s just ventilation
Pissed off and annoyed he was goin’ in incineration
By a virgin menstuating as a nurse continue racing
Truman Show his whole life, watch the demonstration
And that’s one way of fuckin’ the world, no penetration
Don’t know what to make of you
The six sense is equal in life form but way more than unbreakable

The game of the super group is being changed right now, my nigga
House gang, that’s right pops, let me talk my shit before we go off
Alright pops I guess that’s enough shit talking
Ya’know what I mean
Y’all know, right?

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Slaughterhouse See Dead People Comments
  1. Cole Vaught

    Budden the goat

    victor keeps it 100

    Fax kellerman

  2. Unite&fightdammit

    Slaughterhouse.... the rest of y'all get your lyrics right keep up. R i p to the Mumble and trap rappers

  3. Douglas Moore

    Budden spazzzzzzzed out on this track .

  4. dantrel81


  5. Spell Check Please

    Parks hive?

  6. Tito Frates

    bars on bars on bars.... here in 2019 wishin i was back

  7. Von Barnett


  8. Sonar Eskoh


  9. Caleb Rodriguez

    The instrumentals loopin, I sit in a mental institution with screws loosened my temple sendin you simpleton delusions. Confusing your views with simple distribution of lyrics I'm using t abuse you...
    Spittin acid!

  10. anich2011

    Joe budden 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, I'm sure he was served court papers in the studio for killing this beat, the fire department had to put that fire out.... he lost it on this verse!

  11. JewUnit6

    gotta go with ortiz on this one

  12. DJQuick NextLevel

    I Run This

  13. Alexander Burgos

    Joe budden completely took over this song

    Marcus Johnson

    Alexander Burgos Budden murdered shit on god🔥🔥🔥

  14. Robin Benshimol

    I have the truth and it will set US free....Not you Liars...Stay away from my Fucking People..Warning.You Fucked Up So Bad...I am the Derry Queen Bitch..💜💜💜💜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Aaron

    Royce just laid easily one of the greatest verses in hip hop

    randy K15

    You must not listen to alot of music lmao


    @randy K15 lol okay bruh

  16. When Never

    Joe Budden was a *DEMON* on this song, man...

  17. Justin Mason

    What mixtape is this from?? I can’t find it on the datpiff app

    Xolani Sibanyoni

    On the house.

  18. Layton

    I know every word from Royce, Crook and Joell but Joe went the fuck in and I don't dare even try lol

  19. Tyler Dickens

    RIP Prodigy but Joe outbarred him on this song

  20. HangOutLate

    Royce murdered it...

  21. jbquigley2010

    The album was pretty disappointing after this shit

  22. verinb9

    Does ne1 know how I can get Joe Buddens scream at 5:57 as a ringtone? Dopest adlib eva! TIA


    verinb9 they make apps where u can cut tracks and use whatever part you want.. download the song and use mp3 ringtone maker or some shit like that


    @DrWarcloud36 Damn I'm made late I just got this but thanks!

    Yo Batdman

    verinb9 yo Joes verse sounded like he really clocked out of a slaughterhouse!! ha Man i hope these guys reunite soon


    @Yo Batdman ✊👑

  23. Brett Sullivan

    bars. no one is fucking with them. best ever hands down

  24. Wanie Brandon

    THE BAR GODS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Josh Plouffe

    We can close this only thing that make me crazy, they can’t figure out a motive
    See I’m bipolar, you minimalize my mental strides
    Memorize the track enterprises if I’ve been inside it
    My eyes flashes meat tenderized
    My heart will arise
    If god put my sins aside I swear I’ll start genocide

    Goddamm !

  26. boogie56ace

    Joey went bonkers

  27. Mark L

    "doggystyle literally when she make my cock expanyo"! - cocker spaniel.
    crooked is fkn class!! 😂😂😂

  28. Kevin Hernandez

    opposition operative robot damn !!!

  29. Yella Withe


  30. dion smo

    Joeeeey killed it!!!!

    Patrick Pavone

    one of best verses ever

  31. BiegeManta93

    Budden is an insane DEMON. SALUTE.

    Taron Webb

    I could not put it into better words.

  32. Jet Life

    1,2,3 Grind Lloyd Banks PLK

  33. Anthony Shanaman

    Supergroup untouchable


    That Budden D Howard line is just crazy

  35. Aaron Williams

    Honestly whos fuccen wit the slaughterhouse camp

    Aaron w

    Aaron Williams my cousin Chris

    Lex Garcia

    Aaron Williams no one

  36. Jimmy Fidler

    Joell is a beast joe is jus a fuckin animal

  37. Humble K.

    Slaughterhouse slaughtered Lloyd Banks's beat.

  38. Brandon Lopez


  39. WingDMonT

    @PerplexTongue..u might be right, Joe Budden always takes shit to another level.

  40. Enrique Escobvr

    everyone was dope but I can put Royce verse on constant replay. that shit crazy

  41. Newtoschool

    Royce:I rearrange your prints, cut your fingers off
    Mail them to your son's kindergarten class
    In a Remy Martin glass
    Note attached saying Billy, call your dad
    Signed sincerely, he really caught it bad
    He clearly can not dial you HAHAHAHAHA Royce was tough. Nobody was better than anyone on this and his flow was crazy

    Random Name

    My opinion, Joe took this one

  42. Michael McMillan

    Ortiz killed this.

  43. R0m0n3

    Ortiz was beast its a matter of perspective i enjoyed his verse.


    Ortiz nicce but his punchline style get shitted on by Rocye ,Budden and Crooked I all the time.. This isn't 2005 we want lyrics not punchlines..same reason cass ain't as CRACC no more

  45. 889976889

    nasty royce killed this shit

  46. InCloseFighter

    Oh, I know all about Surf. Been listening to his battles for a good while now, as well as that song.

    And the new one he did with Kevin Durant.

  47. Krystal Abbott

    check out joe budden ft surf through my eyes surf is an up coming rapper from Newark NEW JERZYY NIGGAA!!

  48. Mazza Scazza

    the instrumental's looping. I sit in the mental institution with screws loose and my temper sending you simpleton's illusions, confusing your views with simple distribution of lyrics I'm using to abuse you!-Crooked I

  49. Clas D. Poet

    Fuck you

  50. Leon Storm

    1,2,3 Grind Lloyd Banks?

  51. crobofjmd

    speakin of MAGIC all i need is a package of magnums and a thick snow bunny to pull off the ILLEST rabbit and hat took me a while to get that

  52. Demonoligy Depth

    This is really to fucking dope!!!

  53. Joel Perez

    "Box me ill reebok's you" Royce - so clever lol

  54. jorge flores

    homie that aint saliva, its last weaks molly residue

  55. Keep Feeding Me

    PAC FOR LIFE!!! This is fucking poster pussy shit. Fuck des niggas

  56. Explosure Mode

    They come to haunt me! Boo!

  57. Explosure Mode

    I really see dead people!

  58. Shawn Smith

    Slaughterhouse is basicy bringing back Hip Hop how it use to be

  59. bob101234

    no one can tear up a beat like slaughter

  60. reasonthedon

    yo i bodied this beat and just realized slaughterhouse did 2!!!!! check me out!!!Respect!!BARS!!!!

  61. kanyebiglnas9919

    Damn this goes hard, to hell with those 13 haters.

  62. Quin Musik

    Royce and Crooked are 2 of the most underrated MC's of all time.

  63. Sam Bradbury

    @09054450 I wasn't saying he is the weakest you idiot. I was saying whoever said it doesn't know what rap is.

  64. Strange Tamer

    One more thing. Did you miss the part where I called them "lyrical monsters"? Or were you too stuck on me calling this song mediocre, while "insulting" Joe's credibility?

    But I'll be honest. I REALLY don't like Joe Budden that much. I think he gets overrated, and yes, I do think he's the weakest link in the group. Tell me more about how I can't grasp the intelligence of his metaphors.


    Strange Tamer he easily had the best verse on this track..

    Random Name

    Wow ok, he had the best fucking verse on this track how the fuck is he overrated lmaoooo

  65. Strange Tamer

    You make it seem as if I'm calling Joe Budden a weak artist; I'm not. You make it seem as if they are such complex lyricists who consistently deliver subliminal messages; they don't.

    He doesn't go over my head, I promise you that. Besides, even if he did, I would appreciate his music. "He goes over your head" is the most overused excuse.

    I've listened to them ever since the group started, so you're making assumptions because you don't appreciate my opinion.

  66. xXrealmzXx

    He obviously does if you think he's the weakest. Trust me. If Royce, Crooked I, and Joell felt Joe was weak the group would have never happened. Real recognize real. True story. It seems like you just 'listen' to Joe Budden then analyzing what he's saying. Don't take none of Slaughterhouse's verses for face value. Their metaphors are killing the game right now.

  67. HyperSole

    By the way Joey killed this shit

  68. Matt Zicaro

    JOEY!!!! The rest killed it also but Joey got this one

  69. ndwbro1

    Mouse spazed the F out on this track!

  70. remmy ezeabasili

    joe budden is the best rapper alive

  71. remster00

    budden killed this wow!

  72. Tinuola Victoria

    love yall but nah, Banks owns this beat

  73. Mazza Scazza

    My first sense is that this shit is dope! My sixth sense is that I see dead ppl!

  74. anonomou c

    Gustapin shut up you don't know what your talking about

  75. MapmanDex

    I enjoyed the debate haha

  76. InCloseFighter

    Like I said, "I'm Nice" was barely a diss. He gave him a couple of bars, but nothing major to the point it needs to be spoken about. And no, Games track didn't kill Budden. Maybe you have some sort application on your mp3 that allows you hear things differently than the rest of us.

    Oh, and considering Budden and Game beefed BEFORE Game and Yukmouth, kind of hard for Budden to bite when his tracks were already out there. Lulz, try again....

    Keep trying.

  77. InCloseFighter

    Wow, now you're reaching kid. First off, "200 Bars, I'm Nice and Reminder" weren't direct shots. Each of those songs only gave MINIMAL bars at best. Try again. Game's only full diss was "Buddens", but compared to "Game Over" and "Heartbeatology", it fell short.

    So, I say again, what the fuck are you talking about?

    You're trying too hard to make a point. Just give it's not that serious.

  78. InCloseFighter

    Do you listen to rap or do you just skim through it? Killed by the Game? Jay? Lulz, what songs? Because that G-unit/Game beef he had, he wrecked them...thoroughly. And he never had beef with Jay, he made subliminals at best, but Jay never engaged with him. So you don't know what the fuck you're talking about dude.

    And when did he lose to Royce? Again, song name. I'm a fan of both and have damn near all their material, so this song he got killed in, you must have the only copy. Lol

  79. Anthony James

    facts? Your facts is way off. He killed Game/G-Unit in that battle and he and Jay threw bars at each other over the yrs but Budden bested him on pump it up freestyle. Royce?? it wasn't a serious battle so your wrong.

  80. Gustapin59

    Nah not hating, just telling facts. Someone sooooooo lyrical was killed in a rap beef with the game., again with jayz, and also lost to fellow slaughterhouse artist Royce. For such a dangerous emcee he sure gets slaughter in beef quite often.

  81. InCloseFighter

    @Gustapin59 Haterade.....breakfast of champions. Startin' off early huh? I see you fam, I see you....

  82. Gustapin59

    Yeah your right, I guess everygroup needs one trash Emcee to show the fans how good the others in the group are.

  83. InCloseFighter

    Yeah, his debut album WAS fire. He had some ill tracks on that shit.

    I mean, it's okay if you're hating on him....we get it, but don't knock him like he's just making the group bad. I suggest you check "Slaughterhouse on Tour" when they had to perform without him and they equally said it was tough and didn't feel right without him.

    Pretty sure his group recognizes what he brings to the table and how much they all four need each other.

    Their word > yours

  84. MrFirecrackerOne

    You are insane.

  85. Gustapin59

    Hmm, you honestly thought his album "Joe Budden" was crack? hahahahahahahaha Only good to break weed up on. Weakest in the group nuff said.

    Random Name

    6 years later and I still come over here to laugh about how fucking stupid this comment is.

  86. legendlegazy

    he clearly couldn dial you nd real words

  87. Kentainmb

    i laughed so hard when i read this

  88. Tyrone Jackson

    i think it's "Dial" You

  89. AlphaspitzZ

    Joe budden snapped on this fuck what ya heard

  90. Denzel Purvis

    My nigga Royce is a Beast!!! Mail ‘em to your sons, kindergarten class
    In a Remy Martin glass
    note attached sayin Billy, call your dad
    Signed sincerely, he really caught it bad
    He clearly could not doubt you

  91. InCloseFighter

    This dude said, "I'm Tyler Durdin and Verbal Kent mergin'"......

    Wow....this dude has problems.

    I've been saying it for years and I'll say it again, Joey is top 3 in the game. Check his discography, his mixtapes and countless freestyles.....he never fails to bring that crack.



    InCloseFighter crazy how no one sees that.. fucking makes me crazy


    Joe is not human

  92. MrKing8050

    i think Crooked is becoming my favorite from Slaughterhouse

  93. Fabersoul

    4:20 ok joel otriz needs to release his own version of relapse

  94. Bountyyyhunter

    Joey fucking murdered this shit! god damn

  95. J Hearse5

    hell yea Joey a beast

  96. Patrick Lynch

    Slaughterhouse is the shit & they KNOW IT!